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>tfw you fell for the programmer meme
>tfw you really thought you could work as a freelancer and make a living as a 1337 programmer
i wish i could go back in time and tell myself to never become a programmer cause in 2017 its not enough to get you employed and you will get buttfucked by pajeet

pic related is the reality , instead of html its C++ Java, Javascript etc. if you're trying to be a programmer quit now.
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Nice try pajeet
t. Rajesh
Knock it off you fucking kids. Can't we have a decent tread just for once here?

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We should help GNUnet reach mainstream.
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When they develop mail and IRC functionality
Seriously, it was intended to replace the IP protocol anyway and i2p and tor already have mail.

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Can a failing secondary hard drive cause your PC to run like shit (hanging/freezing/etc)
? I got a S.M.A.R.T. warning that my secondary storage drive was failing and that I should replace it soon, but I have my OS installed on a different drive and yet my PC is running like it's about to die.

If I disconnect the failing drive is it possible my PC will run normally again? I can't figure why the drive that doesn't have Windows on it would make it run badly.
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>If I disconnect the failing drive is it possible my PC will run normally again?
Well then try it. Just unplug the drive and see what happens.

Pls help , im just build my first pc, the BIOS donst start

This red led just keep blinking
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tried reading the motherboard manual? it tells you the problem based on the led blinking
Reseat everything
Pull cmos and wait 5+mins
Read manual
Try sqt or the psbg

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Can anyone tell me how do I install Arch Linux on RAID0? I've been fighting with this shit for ages! Please, I need help! I don't know what to use, FD or LVM.
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/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team

also, install gentoo like any normal person would
You'll have to decompile the installer ini file
Use the Arch wiki. That's what it's for.


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Fuck you
Uhh................. Their design is slightly different?

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Normies guide to raspberry pi
I hate that I get the joke.

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>not using linux with full disk encryption
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>using linux
It's the best for privacy.
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i use this perfume its enough for me

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why are there so many people that know boring regular programming languages but not so many people using digital signal processing languages to make awesome music?
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musicians and programmers are very different people
these are programmers who make music, though.

i get what OP is saying, why aren't there more programmers who go into making creative stuff.

two thoughts, because there is little education teaching it, as well as lower income.

plus most people are not creative. there are more consumers than creators, always. so aren't programmers creators? well they are also extremely logical, right? it seems then that it's more of a choice of logical survival to make an income from programming rather than thinking of programming as an art.

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Is there a bigger meme than DSD?
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DSD is the shit, you just don't know anything about digital audio.
>a single track is 300mb
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Yeah, MQA.

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/mkg/ - is Topre gay? edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:

>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)
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>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
gateron red's if possible
>Form factor
TKL or 75%
i dont care
>Previous/current keyboards
membran shit
These are some of my favourites I think.
Thoughts on having a /mkg/ discussion channel on IRC? E.g. https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=/mkg/

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So I just found out I have a bunch of extra money and I want to upgrade my mouse/keyboard and mousepad. After quickly researching some crappy top 10 lists I'm kind of leaning toward the Hyperx alloy elite board (I don't want to spend 200 bucks for that beautiful corsair sadly), mouse I'm thinking the g502, g403, maybe the deathadder elite? I'm also open to a few others, mousepad I still have no clue, never thought much about mousepads and didn't realize there was so much debate about hard vs soft etc. I'll be buying my first mechanical/gaming keyboard here as I'm a poorfag.

Anyone have any experience with any of the mentioned or other top mice, keyboards or mousepads? Open to suggestions or general information.

Just in case this helps anyone who wants help in what to suggest to me, I use my computer for a lot of general internet use, I play pubg, go through lots of older games (playing diablo atm also) like Rpgs, poe etc, far cry, I play pretty much everything except fighting games and racing games (which I wouldn't use a mouse or keyboard for anyway).
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I got g502 and absolutely love it. I have the rgb variant but the lights are a joke. Got also corsair k95 and it's really great. But way too expensive. I was too lazy to find something cheaper. Besides most of the recommended keyboards didn't ship to my country
Not the OP, but, does the Logitech Gaming Software save your settings to the mouse's memory (e.g. color, macros, etc.)?
Jesus christ, put down the gaymer shit and go to /mkg/. Just don't listen to anyone that uses anything smaller than a TKL, cause they're probably faggots.

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Hi all, I am tryna break into this Roku Express SKU 3700RW or some non-dissimilar device (could return and replace at this point) but am not finding the opening i'm looking for. What I really want is a script which will traverse the list of subscription services and provide verification for them. I know that's probably too much to ask, and I should probably install a private channel which could replicate those services, but for the simplicity of the end user. Open to using venmo for good advice here, not excited about getting into their dev services myself.
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This kind of this is the reason i'm worried about the private channel strategy of solution
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I am expressly instructed that this is possible and that for example a thusly accessed rokuu could be purchased from craigslist, but can't seem to grok this m'self
but i kno this bleongs on /r/ anyway i'm just p shure nobody there gonna have the knowhow

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good luck finding it and then stealing it. it might be fake location.
the fans need constant replacements on the devil ones.

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What went wrong with Google Wave, /g/?
I had an invitagion to the closed beta back then and everybody was hyped about it.
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It was just mental masturbation of a few engineers.
but maybe it was just ahead of its time?
No. It was just overly complex for little benefit. Thats why nothing resembles it today. It was simply cool tech without any good UI or user experience.

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