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Im in need of a good wifi solution, I have a 3,000 sq ft home and the router is on 1 side of the house and my bedroom is on the other.

Should I get a mesh wifi, or just a router that has maybe a little bit more powerful antenna than the one I currently have. If so what suggestions do you guys have?
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just get literally any other router with wifi and bridge them then put one on Channel 1 or 2 and the other on like channel 10 or 11

Get another wifi access point silly, your house isn't a circle I take it so you need to shape your signal.
A single router centrally located would probably be enough.

Mesh systems are too expensive, i'm waiting for the 802.11 protocol to mandate mesh functionality in the next few years and make it part of the standard so you're not restricted to using a single manufacturers access points or routers.

ZS5 has great sound quality, but they fall apart with the slightest breeze. I use my ZS5 in bed to fall asleep but wake up with the headphones stuck in my ears, disconnected from the cables. Moving even a bit, pulls the cables out of the headphones.

The connection is too loose.

How do I keep the cables connected to the plugs?
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Are those better than the ATE?
>falling asleep with iems

lol idiot

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Why have all attempts at a FOSS smartphone failed, /g/?
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because FOSS is a suicidal business model
Im waiting for the tizen z5 to buy.until then i use leanage os without gapps but with fdroid exclusively
because our society functions on a market economy, and products rely on commodity production in order to improve and become popular.

I finally took the PC pill and I have the parts to my first one on the way. The only thing I have left is buy a monitor. Here are specs

>Ryzen 1200
>GTX 1050 Ti
>8gb ram

Now, I don't have anything very impressive. Should I buy a 60Hz or 144Hz monitor? Staples currently has a 24" 144Hz monitor on sale for $230 which doesn't seem terrible. If it would be a waste of money though, I would just get a 60Hz.

>inb4 not your personal tech support

I've asked on other sites and they have not been much help. They were mostly bashing my shit build
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It sounds like you should get the 60Hz. A 144Hz would be better for working up toward in the future but this doesn't look like an incremental upgrade build. You spent a lot of money on entry-level components.
>Ryzen 1200
With that shit you can only stay on 60hz anyway
75hz with g-sync

1200 eurodollars to spend.
Would also nerd it for vm, hololens development, general videofaggotry and desktop publishing/graphic design.
What is your advice?
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t. phoneposter
right tits are better desu

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Ungoogled Chromium vs Pale Moon
Which one is better and why? For speed and privacy/security. I'm trying out both right now and not sure which one I like better.
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Download icecat binaries and compile it in your machine. Don`t trust anything you can`t compile yourself.

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>using a shell other than bash
for what purpose?
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I use PHP as a calculator
Because zsh is bash + path/command completion/correction, where instead bash just tells you to fuck off.
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because of improved tab auto completion
because of improved history

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>Waterfox in placebo tier
>Firefox in excellent tier even if it sends your data to Soros
>Whole fucking God tier

0/10 one of the worst baits I've seen
it's 99% true
What version of Safari has a black icon?

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>sitting in public space, Uni for instance
>laptop open -- just lurking /g/ or doing something else equally unproductive
>girl comes over and sits in my peripheral region
>instantly open atom and start hammering at keyboard with intermittent pauses during which I study my screen contemplatively while rubbing my chin

Honestly do this all the time to impress girls with my programming finesse, and it works practically every time.

How about you guys, though? Anyone else do it? Post your success stories.
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>go outside
>bring my Thinkpad
>enter local coffee shop, get a cup and a piece of cake
>open my Thinkpad
>start programming
>people walking by are whispering and calling me a "fucking weirdo"
Is it because of my Thinkpad?
Nah, probably becuase of you MLP t-shirt and anime body pillow.
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Why do they even bother putting right shift on laptop keyboards? I'd much prefer full-size arrow keys.
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reminder best way to browse the internet is with arrow keys and page up/down
SO OP is left handed

I'd rather have every button of this height. There's no reason to have square buttons, it's just a crippling tradition.

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>leave parents for a month
>they spend 4 grand on WiFi speakers
Just think of the reciever/speaker combo they could have bought
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Oh the pain of having parents with too much money and not enough brains
my grandparents gave me their old Yamaha NS-1000 monitor speakers they didn't want anymore because they're so big :3
>>they spend 4 grand on WiFi speakers
Oh, boo-fucking-hoo, your parents bought an in-your-fucking-opinion-less-than-perfect product with their money. Cry me a fucking river. I'm still holding on to my HP 350G laptop and I have to use Gentoo to not have massive lag because my dad thinks a Core Duo with 256MB of RAM is still good enough for everything.

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What in tarnation...
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so basically if you are like me, and don't use AA, vega is amazing? woah
>Vega FE
>Vega 64
>Vega 56
Stupid names in hindsight.
>Vega Content
>Vega Compute
>Vega GTS
Far better names considering that Vega56 is the only one that can actually perform for vidya.
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Fuck off


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Hello 4chan, hoping your knowledge can help me.
Transferred to a new school, and one of the classes require us to take the tests at the testing center using Respondus LockDown Browser.
Is there a way around this browser, can I make them think I'm using the browser yet still be at home minding my own business?
Thank you in advance, any help would be appreciated.
Not sure if this is the correct board.
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Just don't bother, respondus does a pretty good job at locking down any attempt to work around it, almost malware-like to be honest.

Some google-fu will get you what you want. VMs don't work, i've tried.

Also, nice try Respondus, you aint gonna get any help patching your shit software.
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It's just not worth fucking with. I had to use it for some tests at home, so I ran Respondus on my desktop, and cheated my ass off with my laptop.
HAH no. This shit might as well be malware. It can determine if it's in a VM, it won't let you take a test if your IP address doesn't match the assigned range, and the prof can take control of your webcam and see your screen while you're taking the test.

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Hello /g/
After playing tech support for no charge whatsoever for my uncle's for more a decade, he decided to be a good soul and got me a pre-packaged HP desktop as a gesture of gratitude
Should've asked me before getting something tech-related, but can't blame the old sport

Anyway, it's says on the product info that it is an HP 406 G1 MT Bussiness PC, so I'm probably guessing he got me a PC form his workplace. It's got Intel core i7 4770 CPU @3.40 GHz (8 CPUS) and Intel HD graphics 4600 (shows 1792 MB approx in dxdiag)
So, what's the verdict? What things am I capable of running with such an configuration? Can you guys suggest me a good mid range graphic card as well
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FYI it's not "8 CPUs." It's a CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads, or 4c/8t. Say it that way so people think you're not braindead.

I think that's actually brilliantly generous of him. It's a solid machine. As for graphics cards, look at Logical Increments online to figure out what's in your budget. You'll see builds with modern i7 processors there to serve as a benchmark, though you'll want to probably aim more for the Great-Superb tiers.

Old sport did you good.
Oh I forgot to give you non-CPU/GPU advice.

Find out what the maximum RAM for that motherboard is and see if you can stuff some more in there. Also get an SSD. I'm sure it's lacking in both of those departments.
Get a 1060 6gb and you'll be good. Didn't know HP had pre built with a CPU like that.

>pic related is an actual Firefox nightly logo

Is mozilla fucken retarded?
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How do I change it?
Uninstall firecucks and install a proper browser
I like it

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