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What is the process to removing stuff when you google your name?

I've done the following

>deleted accounts
>set linkedin to privacy
>request removal from google on search image searches

how long does it take for google to update?
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enjoy getting on NSAs shitlist.
If you already googled it you're on a watchlist gl
Just use Tails and also don't use it on your own network

you should be fine


When will it end? How do you fight these when some HD CCTV cameras have started using IR cut filters, with "true day/night" cameras even having a mechanism where the filter can be engaged and disengaged depending on the situation?
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It turns out that China is already working on implementing this on a large scale.
>facial recognition in China
Must be a pretty powerful piece of tech, since there are a billion of them and they all look the same.
Time to get ir blocking sunglasses.

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What the fuck does libre mean?
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plural of libro
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It's french for free as in freedom or liberty. It's better than the english word free which is used to mean not cost anything and that's not what free software is about.

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>Spend 500 dollars in a monitor
>it has flicker
why? why don't you buy a flicker free monitor?
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>Spend and extra $100 on a
>he didn't buy LG flicker-free series cheaper than memeBenq or Asus
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pls be bait

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What's the best Lua IDE?
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ZeroBrane is shit and Decoda is windows-only therefore shit
Using IDEs for scripting languages is stupid anyway

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This guy is such a meme. No offense for previous achievements but he has zero idea what he is talking about when it comes to new stuff. Basically everything that comes from his mouth since 90' is random trash talk.
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Like other guys who got ridiculously wealthy from once in a lifetime opportunity. That is really OK. But that's it, once in a lifetime. They keep shit talking for 20 years afterwards about everything while they sit on their ass and get even more wealthy. Who cares, how much do they gave away when they are still greedy as fuck. Cancer of the tech industry.
I watched that video. I don't think Bill Gates even comes up, it's just a bunch of uniformed shit thrown together. Strangely, nobody in the comments pointed that out. I even like crypto but that video is clickbait.
Bill Gates also didn't see the value of the internet before 1995, and was convinced that Microsoft's traditional OS licensing model would win out over the iPod / iPhone / iPad.

His ability to see into the future is questionable at best. Even Microsoft's monopoly was more or less a happy accident; the real heroes were the BIOS clone makers that made IBM compatibles possible.

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nice thread
install gentoo
>two computers one monitor

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Here's a question I was debating in my head, /g/:
Would you rather have a Quad-Core without HT/SMT, or a Tri-Core with HT/SMT?

For this discussion let us assume that IPC is identical.

Generally speaking, fewer cores = higher possible clocks. However, it is my assumption that a difference of only one less physical core would not make a huge difference in terms of possible clock speeds.

On the other hand, physical cores > logical cores.
With applications becoming more and more optimized for higher thread counts I am personally leaning towards favoring a 3C/6T over a 4C/4T.

Any thoughts?

Pic mostly unrelated
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Depends on if it's Intel or AMD, because AMD's SMT is 25-30% more efficient.
Threads just organise the data being fed into the cores to maximise efficiency,so it really depends on the workload.

If you want an idea of if you would benefit from more cores or more threads you need to analysis every piece of software you plan to run on a case-by-case basis.
Virtual cores have about 25% the performance of a physical core.

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There is no info about the chipset how can I discover?
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?chipset? its a soc. the only info would be on intel's J4205 page.
no chipset information

What more do you want? A datasheet for the cpu? You might have to ask intel for that.

Previous thread: >>61280629
What are you working on, /g/?
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First for Freedom: License your work under the GPLv3+.
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I'm entering uni soon but the CS courses available to me are all taught in python
99% of all intro to CS courses are in Java or Python

looking for a new distro of Linux to use on my netbook thats easy, lightweight and customizable so far ive used debain, mint and ubuntu.
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>looking for a new distro of Linux to use on my netbook thats easy, lightweight and customizable so far ive used debain, mint and ubuntu.

Clover OS is your best bet new friend
is the community on the irc nice?

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meet the free software gang
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Ik the penguin is linux but could some one shed light on what all the others are
>from left to right
idk that dolphin is
I think Wilbur (GIMP) is the one behind Tux. Also the seagulls are OpenOffice, why they included those idk, it's been dead for years.

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What will Trump do about the gooks manipulating the RAM and SSD prices?

With price fixing and buttcoin miners, are these days the worst time EVER to build a new computer?
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Nothing. The only thing he can do is whine and start a trade war. Trade wars INCREASE consumer prices, and countries slap tariffs and import bans on each other.

Now fuck off back to /r/The_Donald
nothing you retard

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Rate my idea that could seriously be the next big thing:

Tentatively titled Ami:

A social network app that helps local people get involved with each other in their community, by effortlessly connecting like-minded users together by using a variety of features:

Hangout: A central feature that'd be used broadly from users wanting to play local sports, to finding a church buddy, to college kids needing a study-buddy, to romantic singles, to people searching for a new friend, to musicians needing to connect, amongst others. This will occur from separate users selecting specific categories that'd connect each other.

Local user-driven economy: Users can make real currency by setting up their own services, to something as simple as sharing something and charging for it - perhaps video games, books & movies, to yard equipment, to temporary rooms, etc. Requesting service for free will be used by anybody wanting specific help in something - from car issues to yard-care, etc.

Groups: Creating groups will allow users to stay connected with like minded people, allowing users to engage in larger scale hangouts, or engaging in discussion through chatting and questions. Joining groups can be done openly or invite-only.

Events: A feature that will display local events for any particular desired category, allowing users to find local activities to connect with. These will be created & broadcasted by groups, local services, and individual users. Adding a bulk of events to your calendar & sharing events with fellow users will be amongst the main draw.

*A real life currency tipping system will be available as well which can be taken advantage of by users sending money for a service from the aforementioned economy feature, to donating to a start up charity, to tipping artists and anyone in between.
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0/10. There's nothing here that doesn't already exist in already well established forms.

If this is the best you can come up with, you should give up entrepreneurship right now because you don't know what you're doing and you don't see how unoriginal you are.
I'll bite
I see ideas but no implementation
You didn't mention one framework/library/ect. that you plan to use to accomplish any of this
You are aware that ideas are useless right?
Do you even know how to make anything?
Can you name individual apps that have some of these features and explain how they did it?
Why doesn't Craigslist work?
Why doesn't Nextdoor work?
What are you doing differently to attract people to your app?
Will you moderate your discussion areas or let the people do it?
I could keep going.
The point is if you had tried even an 1/8 of your "idea" you wouldn't be here shitposting you'd be out there learning
>another social network

try coming up with something original next time

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