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Recommend me some good zites
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someone explain this meme to me

why is it shilled everywhere
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Why are you shilling for it by creating a thread for it?
oh fuck you got me darn!!!

It's a memory safe systems language with no garbage collection. Has zero cost abstractions, functional capabilities, strong typing system similar to haskell.

/pol/ hates it tho.

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So I bought this motherboard two years ago and it fucked up my GPU and the mobo itself. I'm wondering can I still use my i7 on a different board? My DDR3 ram is still working perfectly too. If I can still use it anyone got any recommendations on GPU and MOBO out there?
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>buying meme gaymer products
you got what you deserve
Yeah I know. Still wondering if I can use my leftover pc parts for mobo/GPU.
Why wouldn't you be able to use them?

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Hey /g/ what is the best brand to go with in regards to shelf-top sound systems?
Should I stay away from Sony and Samsung or are they just as good?
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>stay away from Sony and Samsung
Stay away from Sony's low-tier stuff, and avoid Samsung as a general rule.

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will i earn in networking, if i suck at maths and teach myself?
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I am so yes

captcha: arret
Subnetting isn't hard after awhile
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>fell for this

as if installing flash player didn't pwn your system to begin with
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>blindly clicking yes to everything
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Don't worry go- I mean boy, you're completely safe with Intel.
It's automatically toggled, you have to click no

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>red blood cell rupture
>kidney failure
>liver failure

With this information in mind, explain why you didn't switch to Firefox yet.
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>a completely different Chromium
both are gonna fuck your house up.

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Sounds like Denuvo

If I want to start a wiki on a obscure topic, are there better services than Wikia? Either free or paid.

If I wanted to host my own server, what software would you recommend? Are there hosting services you recommend?
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there's shoutwiki.com for wikis
WAMP if you have windows
avoid EIG at all costs

For anyone who does editing of anime and other videos that use subtitles...whats the easiest way to fix subtitles which are not in sync with the video/audio? I'm trying to add subtitles to a classic anime GaiGaiGar which got a bluray release, but nobody has subbed it yet as far as I can tell. Adding old subtitle files to the RAWS, I have this issue:

1. Before the opening song---they are slow by what I calculated to be about 1000ms
2. After the opening song, they are fast...haven't figured it out yet

My point is, I'd have to offset the subtitles in two places---differently before, and after the OP. I'm not sure if the easiest option would be to edit the subtitle files themselves, or if this is something that would be easier to fix in video editing software of some sort?
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Well shit....editing the subtitle files themselves would be hell, I'd have to change the time for each line right?

Is there any way to offset the subtitles in two different locations? MKVToolnix comes with the option to offset subtitles, but only once (overall).
Well, first thing, use aegisub.

Second, work with frames, not milliseconds, it's just easier.

Load video and subs in aegisub

Then shift select the first chunk and shift the time (subtitle > shift times) however you want.

Do the same thing with second chunk.

Pay attention to the audio waveform, it helps you a lot
Aegisub lets you shift arbitrary blocks of lines by arbitrary numbers of frames and/or milliseconds. It also lets you then automatically resnap those shifted subs to nearby keyframes. So it's mostly automatable, especially when you ignore the audio altogether (since you probably don't know the original timer's leadin/leadout preferences and how much leadin/leadout is an autism tarpit) and retime by how many frames signs need to be shifted.

That said, I'd suggest you don't do it, because if you need to be told this you probably don't know how to tell when you've gotten it right. Find someone working on it who HAS timed before, it should be easy timers are absolute dime-a-dozen bottomfeeders, and offer to work with them.

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/g/ newfags

pic related
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phoneposter mongrel

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Go out and buy a Dualband Radio. Buy a TNC like http://www.mobilinkd.com/

Go out and buy at least one OpenWRT/ LEDE supported Router for Meshnetworking.

Low Power devices like at least one smartphone or a small notebook.

Have either an stock of fuel and a Generator or Solarpanels and Wind/Water Generators for Power.

Why? You might want to talk to someone even though you don't want to meet them some time in the future and there will be no other way than this. Don't believe me, don't talk about it, just go and do it. The sooner the better.
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Why not just use a Baofeng on its own?
you want to be able to share data other than just talking about it.

Not a fan of the new f-droid design. Hopefully they'll improve it.
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I got my wife to stop padding her bra just wish I could get developers to stop padding their UI's.
What the fuck is the point of that side padding?

DUUUUHHHHHH Lets make shit smaller for no fucking reason.
This makes me feel good about my crappy UI designs.

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>Own a bunch of Proof-Of-Stake crypto coins
>Own a masternode on some
>Just use my desktop to stake them for right now

What's a good, secure server that I should buy that can handle a bunch of staking coins at once? My shitty AMD machine I had couldn't even handle running a bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum node at the same time and would always freeze.

I hate how these jew exchanges don't let you stake anything (don't talk about POSW, staking never worked on that shit site anyway).

Is it safe to run a cloud server? I don't have a lot of space to put my server and I'd rather just run it in the cloud.

Other idea is to run like 6 windows on a stick since that's small and compact and doesn't make noise but it costs a pretty penny and the reliability is questionable.
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so I have a samesung s6 that shit the bed, I sent into samsung official repair. they fixed the swollen battery its a 128gb variant and now its "QC" passed and I have a 90 days warranty on it.

but I see this promotion on samsung. basically i can turn in my device and get two s8's but some of the terms and conditions are sketchy. my phone is in great condition (s6) 128gb, no scratches etc... should I keep it or trade it in for two s8's
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can someone hlep me out?

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