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>at least 8gb
>15" preferred size
>not a poor processor
>can video edit
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cheapest Dell Inspiron 7000 series.
Does it have to be a laptop? A desktop will get you a lot more video editing bang for your buck, even accounting for the cost of a monitor. If portability is a concern, small-form-factor parts are now widely accessible.
>$1000 US laptop
W520 with an eGPU

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Hey inernet people anybody got a mirror or a full download/archive of BB Compendium? It was an abundance of information about hacking, lab information, and other assorted files that was hosted at nope7beergoa64ih.onion but it's been down since 2015. Can't find it anywhere now.
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got a non thumbnail version of that image?
Want this too, have a bump
Found the image off of UnderDir (Undernet Directory) when i searched BB Compendium. It's the only image of the original site that I could find so unfortunately no.

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Did youtube literally JUST change their interface a couple of minutes ago? What the fuck did they do to it? tfw they keep changing it as soon as I'm used to the old style
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made it shit
you can revert to the old one
Please tell me how, anon.
they do it all the time.
Once, they changed the text fonts for youtube and reversed it back within the hour.

Hey /g/ why aren't you browsing /g/ on a thinkpad yoga 11e?
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fuk u.png
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Because I'm browsing /g/ on a Thinkpad P40 Yoga
are you using mactype, my nigger?

Are these really worth it? Is there nothing better than this?

I've had half of them chip a little in storage.
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Oh sorry, I forgot /g/ is full of smelly fat neets who brag about overpriced electronics their parents got them with a credit card.
/diy/ would be a better board for this question, OP.
/diy/ is dead

Looks like most carpenters and roofers out there don't speak english let alone read it.

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Just installed coreboot on my T60. Not only I didn't brick it, it's more responsive now. So, thinking back how it was kinda sluggish using it, does that mean the botnet got me hard or that coreboot doing things more efficient?
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Nice botnet
care to explain?
Image sauce?

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I'm a recent EE grad looking for jobs and starved for projects to do in the meantime.

I have a huge bag of old cell phones. Is there anything cool I can do by opening them up and playing with the circuit boards? They're full of tiny SMD components so I'm not sure what the hell to do with them.
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Do you know VHDL or Verilog? In that case you can join an Opencores project or fork a project there.
I used it in a CpE class once. Never again ://
I am running out of ideas but not giving up yet.

How about starting a YouTube channel where you dissect old electronics and explain the the components were and looked the way they did and how it compares with today?

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Can anyone recommend a good Mini-PC?

How is this?
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the inel NUC is fearly great
Whats your price goal?
What is the purpose of a mini pc? What does it do that a laptop doesn't?

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Let's start the war to end all wars!

Let's settle this right here and right now, forever!


>inb4 MPV is a meme
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MPC is deprecated. mpv if you have autism, VLC if you're an average user.
I like VLC, because it just werks. No need to configure or do anything.
next next, install and I can watch everything I want
>no mpv
>Let's start the war to end all wars!
Why fight for the second place ?

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Any other extensions that I can use to delete LSOs?
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Time to ditch chrome and mozzarella anyway
We need netrunner now!!
Mozilla is very adamant about getting rid of add-ons and extensions that they do not like, ever since the most recent update. All my ad-blockers got taken away and Mozilla would not let me re-install them onto Firefox. All this happened around the time Soros made some large donations to them.

Ever since then, I have ditched Firefox and went with Brave instead. Brave has ad-blockers for days, built right in to run natively. Been about a week now and I have not looked back.

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So, now that Youtube UI looks "merry", why aren't you using MPS-Youtube?

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bo nie
Good taste in content. No sarcasm.
>Youtube UI looks "merry
wut? I just use stylish

>why aren't you using MPS-Youtube?
I am, (mostly for music playlists) but honestly I prefer to see the thumbnails for videos.

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Should we also include AR soon? All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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With vive being sold off and HTC going under is there any reason to not grab a rift?
>With vive being sold off and HTC going under


All I remember is that they said was they're considering different business strategies going forward, with that being one possibility. We might abandon HTC though, LG is making a SteamVR headset and it'll probably be better and come out in less than a year probably. If Valve is licences their Knuckles hardware which I think they will, LG will just be the better package deal too rather than buying HTC now and upgrading by adding on to it.
AR and VR are basically the same sorts of things. These should probably be XR threads, with emphasis on VR.

Those mixed reality headsets are just VR for now, though.

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come on.gif
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>Check the catalog before posting a new thread!
>catalog requires non-free Java to be enabled in order to function
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Shoo shoo free-tard
>fearing the truth
I took the bluepill and I've never been happier.

I need technology to help stave off the suicidal thoughts, anything that can keep me occupied or happy. I've got a bit of money to spend...
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You should buy a GPD Pocket. You can install and play with all sorts of operating systems on it, and if you're a programmer you can even build your own operating system to run on it. It's a fun
toy and even if you don't want to program on it, you can have a fun little linux-on-the-go toy. If you wanna donate some $ that's also cool ;)

Go outside and get some fresh air. Navel gazing will only make you more depressed.

Its becoming more and more obvious the GPD pocket is being shilled.

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>yfw you first discovered Incognito Mode
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>discovered Incognito Mode

Underage b&
A thread died for this
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"Eureka! I've discovered a default menu item!"

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