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Is Steam a botnet or a malware? Is there any risks using it?
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it's a proprietary platform to distribute drm content.
don't use it if you're against that.
yes you can get scammed by 12-year-old ruski on csgo
hi its me ur brother

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How long until we can have ARM based computers replacing x86_64 machines?
There are ARM CPUs that can work for a decade on a single AA battery, on the lower end, but higher end ones are very power efficient too. The performance is not too bad either, it's enough for basic browsing, watching 1080p videos, typing out documents. Why do we need a 300$ desktop to do what a 50$ ARM computer can do? There are tons of people who don't need the traditional desktops, which consumer 300W+ power and cost a lot more than ARM alternatives
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Well in once sense they already did for a lot of people, they're called smartphones.

People who are willing to accept a computer that sits in one place on a desk and can't be carried around in the pocket are generally making that tradeoff because they want something more powerful than ARM, which is pretty much always going to mean x86. Not that it necessarily has to be huge, NUCs and shit exist. But there's really no compelling case to make an ARM desktop.
No backwards compatibility. Besides, you shouldn't be rooting for ARM anyway, you should be rooting for RISC-V or J2-J4 to be production ready.
Because I want to be able to upgrade

Home screen thread. Special edition
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Seriously? How do you fail so fucking much with an OS like Microsoft did with Windows 10? Is Linux Mint any good for a complete newfag?
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If you've never touched a linux distro before, go Ubuntu.
do yourself a favor and go for xubuntu, or, if you like it more "poweruser", fedora xfce.
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dont use mint

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A fucking wagon wheel.
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>Computer is becoming a bit unstable when under heavy load
>Just shuts off, no error message
>Try turning off Hyperthreading on old i7 920 to see if it runs a bit cooler and more stable
>It doesn't really help
>Try turning it back on
>It doesn't work
>Now only four threads work regardless of Hyperthread on or not
>Can't afford new CPU because it requires replacing motherboard and RAM as well
>All this happens on my birthday
Why even live
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Stop being poor on your birthday.
Go buy 1366 Ruststar/Elitecorpse/Huanan X58 and 1366 Xeon from Aliexpress.
>Be student
>Have really low rent and bills each month
>Save up money throughout the year
>Feel confident I don't need to work during the summer because I have saved up enough money
>Sudden unplanned events makes me spend most of the money I have saved up
>Only barely manage to pay the bills each month, live on rice and beans
>Too late to get a job to cover since the first payment will only come in september
I already know I am retarded

This is actually a very good idea

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Had my S8 playing music while in the shower. It had cracks in it and now it seems the moisture has gone in the phone. Display constantly flashes weird colours when turned on. (Can see through it and use it sometimes) Can it be fixed?
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so much for waterproofing
Put it in rice
It takes a special kind of retard to take their phone to a shower. Buy a new one goy, drop it in the toilet this time and flush, then report with results.

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where do i go to learn to code

I haven't the foggiest idea of what to do
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You came to the right place. We all can't code and look for sources.
You don't.
Bump. I wanna know too.

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What the FUCK is this? I actually liked the other new logo and now they replace it with a fucking goose?
I need a new browser /g/, help me out.
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It's probably some satanist thing or weird sjw secret cult logo. Mozilla is a bunch of weirdos.
That's not a goose you dunce. That's a Phoenix. Colors are red and gold and it rises from the fiery ashes. Obviously Nightly is trying to say something.
So just a boring, unoriginal cliche then. Still gay.

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>Use Windows 10 daily for years
>still don't know how to use it
>Still have difficulty locating files and programs

What's more retarded, Windows 10 or me?
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Judging by that ifunny watermark, you.
Hijacking this thread.
Is there a Windows 10 Version that comes without an obscene amount of bloatware (like useless Apps/Notifications all day) or do i just install Windows 7 again?
Get off this board if you have to ask shit like that


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Where can you even by the plugs on their own?
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buy* go dammit
change all your sockets to schuko master race.
That's a dumb German plug, not EU

>he keeps using Clover

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Does this app have a mass download feature?
What makes this better than clover?

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install gentoo
Dumb meme being forced on /g/. Even Gentoo is less meme. Install Fedora.
Install Solus, sir. Please

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but what is a decent laptop with a decent screen for under 1000€. No gamer shit or macbooks please, cant afford either.

>usecase mainly for design

Currently looking at Dell Vostros and Lenovo IdeaPads
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any of the brands, the high end tiers, refurbished
refurbished laptops here are a full blown meme..
for example a T420 with the 1600x900 screen goes for 400€+

Its smarter to buy unused and with a few year warranty.
Have a Vostro 15, its pretty damn good. Light, doesn't get too loud or hot, 1080p screen is decent (a bit dim), backlit keyboard, build quallity good (had an issue with some screws tho). Bought one with a I5 7200u, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD for very reasonable price (around 800$ after insane taxes in my shit hole country)

Is micro hdmi the shittest connection ever conceived?
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What's bad about it? My tablet has one and it's neat. Better than needing dongles.
it doesn't stay in, like trying to fuck a 6 ft girl with a 4 inch dick. micro usb is pretty much the same but at least the designers had the intelligence to put teeth on it
I use that shit all the time and it doesn't do that to me.

Could it be your cable? Or maybe you just got unlucky and got a loose port.

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