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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62196453
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rewriting linux kernel in C
Trying to use windows.h to create a gui.

kill me.
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second for programming is hard

How do I get as much skill as he got? I want to be a superhero too!
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>I see you're using GNOME



a gaymur RGB RIG everything RGB or you are not even a hacker

you NEED too make very much typey noises with keyboard, mechanical

next get a black hoodie and you are on ur way to success
>puts ram into microwave
More like super retard

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>still doesn't own an apple product
How long have you Samsung and android peasants been virgins?
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gotta iphone

It's 2017 and iPhones still cant play webms natively.
I can tell from that short webm that video is epic for the win.

who wins /g/?
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Neither. Trackball mice win.
Shame there aren't any good options for gaming, though.
Anywhere easy beat Magic Mouse.

Just installed Windows Server 2012 as my desktop OS.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Your thoughts?
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Better than Windows 10, worse than linux.

Boring middle ground. Probably still spying on you, albeit minimally.
Windows 2008 is better my man.

>Is this browser a meme?
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who are you quoting
Learn to Greentext you fucking autistic brainchild.


Why don't you have an 8K monitor, /g/?
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Because I don't get the latest technology. I wait a few years for the prices to drop and performance/quality to get better.
4k is plenty at that size. I'm far more interested in HDR, high contrast, high refresh rate, and improvements in all the other issues inherent to LCDs (BLB, IPS glow, pixel smearing, off-angle color/contrast shifting, etc.). Give me a good, solid 4k display that does all that. Fuck 8k.

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Really, after all this time, AMD kind of deserve a win, they really delivered with Ryzen.

Now if only they can get the GPU division in line.
>I don't understand market share.
The only thing AMD delivered was a turd, Shill.

What's the best upgrade for my LG G4 phone? I fucking hate having to change phones because I get so comfy with my current one but I need to get a new phone because this one is crapping out and I can't just get another G4.
I don't give a shit about anything as long as it has the ability to remove the battery and shit like that. I use my phone for texting, making calls and playing shitty phone games like Hearthstone.
I've never posted on /g/ before, feel free to tell me to fuck off and figure things out myself. I just thought I'd ask.
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Way for the v30. Comes out soon looks fucking promising
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>Huh, sounds like a nice ph-
>battery can't be removed
God dammit why the fuck is every company opting for non-removable batteries?
>2 year old phone
>crapped out already
Tell me again why I should ditch iPhone? iPhone 6 here going strong, frequent software updates, no issues. I really want to try android but 1) botnet and 2) shit updates are making me reconsider

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How do I know Google isn't watching what I type in Gboard?
Or they are watching Google Photos?
Can they spy on its billions of users with their software products?
Should I change my phones OS?

>asking for a friend
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Stupid Questions Thread
Use a search engine before positing
Sometimes stupid questions get stupid answers
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what is the point of organic life?
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There's already a /sqt/
But the guy put /sqt/ in the name field.
Here's some nice boobs for your trouble.
Did the recent update to google Chrome on android disable keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl + c, ctrl + v? Play store says it updated 9hrs ago.

I realize Brave browser on android is Google Chrome with built in adblock and without google spying, but this is the nail in the coffin for me if true.

All you AMD poor homos BTFO forever.


Look at that score.
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How much is it, around 600W TDP?
You seem jealous.
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>that tdp

Just ripped a DVD, and it looks better than streaming 1080p videos.
>Physical coipies are dead.
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What is compression?
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Comparing shitty web players to personal player

What do you do with this kind of bandwidth? currently preparing to host a Quake 3 server and already finished seeding about 10 torrents last night to roughly 5.00 ratio.
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>20MB/s upload

that's not a lot of bandwidth at all anon...
Not even 20MB/s, sorry. 20Mb/s. Laughable.

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what do you use , what do you recommend to get ?
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i recommend getting a 3d printer
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hahaha epyc!!! you get 9/11 rating points from me xD

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