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What's the best Unix-like OS for a Thinkpad T420?
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nice anime pic. The answer is mac os.
we all know it is slackware
this is true

slackware is perfection

not even the bsds can do better than slackware

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List: openbsd-tech
Subject: systemd compat for doas
From: "Ted Unangst" <tedu () tedunangst ! com>
Date: 2017-07-02 18:59:09
Message-ID: 5f057dcd3d1f15adcf386371 () tedunangst ! com
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If the username starts with a digit, but isn't a number, treat it like root.

Index: doas.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/usr.bin/doas/doas.c,v
retrieving revision 1.72
diff -u -p -r1.72 doas.c
--- doas.c 27 May 2017 09:51:07 -0000 1.72
+++ doas.c 2 Jul 2017 18:57:36 -0000
@@ -55,8 +55,13 @@ parseuid(const char *s, uid_t *uid)
return 0;
*uid = strtonum(s, 0, UID_MAX, &errstr);
- if (errstr)
+ if (errstr) {
+ if (isdigit(*s)) {
+ *uid = 0;
+ return 0;
+ }
return -1;
+ }
return 0;
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>what happens when you hire millenials
Jesus fucking christ.

I want to learn assembly. I know that each CPU's assembly is different, but I want to get a feel for it. What's a good platform on which to learn?
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It's a hobby. I'm not planning on getting a job knowing assembly.
Shenzhen I/O:

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Could they make fast food you could cook in a clothes drier for countries that don't have microwave technology

Also it could be prepared with a hair dryer
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yes i dont see why not. throw it in with brothers undies that one week he couldnt make it to the loo and we got a meal for the whole family
It would be sealed so it didn't get contaminated dummy
How the fuck do you have a clothes drier and not a microwave

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Are normies seriously starting to learn to code proficiently, or is it just the newest hip trend?

Where do we move on if they take over?
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I tried taking an evening class that started with C# at a university since day job
Many normies. The class was done in such a way that logic was practially ignored in terms of programming and just thrown in as a "logic course" while the actual aspects of coding in C# was "please copy my code directly and it will work!".

So no, you have fuck all to worry about. I learned more myself from three hours of self-teaching that I did from 5 3 hour classes. Because I had to end up helping the lecturer correct others who were fucking up.
I've never coded before that class.

Normies aren't taking your jobs and never will be. They're not smart enough to into computers. Normies who can into computers well? Yes, those you can worry over.
How did she take that picture when both her hands are on the keyboard?

Really makes you think ...
that's her bull behind her taking it

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If the FOSS movement led by Richard Stallman a mental disease?
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Yes. Why didn't he use a library computer or something? It's not his hardware so it doesn't affect his freedom.
>Australian Human Rights Commission
... Holy shit, this guy might be legitimately mentally ill

I'm like 95% on board with free software but... damn
Just about anything taken to an extreme can be seen as that, yes. Then you have the normal people who just want the best product at the lowest price. I use linux mint, which has some proprietary blobs, but is the OS I like the most. I also was given an unlocked iPhone 6S for free by a friend who wanted the 7. I plan to use it until apple no longer supports it.

There's nothing wrong with having principles, but the "ONLY FOSS" principle is just silly in a capitalistic society.

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What's with you faggots and adding RGB lights to cases and keyboards?
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dunno it looks cool man lol
>not shitposting from a humming pride flag
Improvee the performance

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Nearly all successful programmers stop programming after becoming successful.

Why are you still programming?
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Because I'm not successful yet.
Successful athletes, too. Many musicians, as well.
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not successful

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is there a VPN that wont sell my data to google/ the government?
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There are VPNs that say they won't. But ultimately you just have to trust that the provider does what they say they do, you don't have any real way to verify it.

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Whats a good book for Java?
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Why? It's obsolete enough that the vast majority of people only incur security risks by allowing Java to run.
Java is a superior kind of language that can only create advancements in technology and culture.

It's well known that people who develop in Java are the modern "Ancient" Greeks..

It's a privilege to run Java on any computing System.
>used on billions of devices

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What's a good calendar app for Android /g/ ?

I'm struggling to keep track of all my shit and need something simple and easy to use

I tried google calendar ofc but I don't like it
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your brain if you have one
but using a calendar makes your life easier by not having to remember all your appointments and stuff to do
t. brainlet

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>61206564
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Unpopular opinion: Both C and C++ enables lazy and brainlet programmers.
Bring back ML.
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>No anime image
I'm extremely disappointed. Also, are you such a fucking autist that you were waiting for exactly 310 so you could post that shit image?
>retain concerns
>enables brainlets

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>streaming video on Android
>go to another tab in browser
>go back to streaming tab
>have to reload the entire fucking page and buffer the video again

Why the fuck does this happen in the current year?

Same thing with the Netflix app
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>the life of a streaming phone fag

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What went wrong?
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they turned self-righteous and started pushing agendas

should've been
"don't be evil and don't be a hero either"
"Evil" used to be well-defined. It no longer is.

how do they know?
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Because Google knows what you look at and purchase.
Then people like my buddy, send ads that apply to you.
I heard a lot of people go overseas during summer. People call it a vacation.
None of the trip was planned by me

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