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>click "save as .PNG" in Adobeshit Photoshit
>takes 5 minutes to save an 18 megapixel image

Fuck Adobe fucking botnet nigger faggots
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get better hardware

i'm using a god dang 6 core ryzen processor

i bet intel has paid Adobe to only optimize for corelets
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>Using CC
>Saving non-line art images as PNG

Well no shit, stick with CS6 and don't save your photos as PNG, what do you need a 36mb+ image for?

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Welcome to /flt/ - Friendly Linux Thread.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Your friendly neighborhood search engine.

$ man %command%
$ info %command%
$ help %command%
$ %command% -h
$ %command% --help

Don't know what to look for?
$ apropos %something%

Check the Wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros):

/g/'s Wiki on GNU/Linux:

>What distro should I choose?

>What are some cool programs?

>What are some cool terminal commands?

>Where can I learn the command line?

>Where can I learn more about Free Software?

>How to break out of the botnet?

/t/'s GNU/Linux Games: >>>/t/769497

/flt/'s website and copypasta collection:
http://fglt.nl && https://p.teknik.io/wJ9Zy
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linux is gay
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Thanks for the bump, kid.
Systemd no longer wants to follow

This seems to have started with systemd 234.
When i go to login via tty it will take he username and password but it will pause for 2 minutes, then checking the log the system is trying to mount that mountpoint despite nothing touching it. It hangs all tty's for 2 minutes until the drive is manually mounted(its a crypto disk i manually open).Am i not using the right switches?

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Ever wanted to know what Perl6 is about?


Long read for a big language, but it covers a good deal of perl6.

My review in one line: it does everything, even things you didnt knew you needed, in its own weird way
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Is that different from Perl5 like people say?
i've totally forgotten about perl6's existence. i can imagine how frustrating that must be for the developers
Justalittle. Last time I did Perl 5 I was like 19, but what I remember was references were a bit of a chore to deal with, haven't had that issue with 6 yet. Then again I am way better than I was.

Anyway, look at some of the thread shit. I've been fucking with Native Call and Win32 API (because I hate fun) also. I am thinking about screwing with grammars next, maybe make a STM8 assembler or something.

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My friend recommended this extension today for Chrome, named AdNauseam that claims to block ads [built on top of uBlock Origin] but it also clicks them. Supposedly having an extension click ads makes it "hidden". How so? If you get 2 ads from same provider in different websites, aren't you just essentially giving them your history? Looks pretty fucking retarded to me. wadduya think
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If I was Google, I would actually invest in AdNauseam. Not publicly, of course. This is an excellent way to dominate the market even harder and stomp out the competition. All you need is to fill the internet with more white noise which others will have trouble filtering. Google, with its machine learning, won't.

The only people who can really fuck over Google are so called blackhat marketers. They are real pros. To generate fake clicks, they have an arsenal of sophisticated botnets and they often use malware on normies' computers. They're not volunteers, they have a strong financial incentive to click-spam their competitors. AdNauseam is baby-tier. Google has seen it all before. It has fought click wars for more than a decade.

So, what do we have in the end? Google's competitors who use outsourced pajeet coders make heavy losses, advertisers just flock to Google because it's the one who can combat click fraud best. Google strengthens its monopoly. Wow, what a victory.

The only thing AdNauseam really does is playing into Google's hands. I am pretty sure the thread is full of Google shills who promote AdNauseam to kill competition and advance their "anti-hate speech" agenda. Every AdNauseam shill can be declared a Google shill at this point.

Those refunds you keep talking about do not even come from AdNauseam traffic. They come from professional blackhat botnets that imitate user behavior and are only detected post factum. AdNauseam doesn't even load the page. AdNauseam follows primitive, easily recognizable patterns. AdNauseam traffic is filtered immediately.

Do you think that amateur AdNauseam fanboys are smarter than blackhat gurus? I don't think so.
It does not work, the ads are designed to be clicked and you will never do any damage to Google.

It is also illegal to click on ads you do not buy.

It is also a scam to benefit Google's competitors.

It is also illegal hacking because you are making fake clicks when you did not actually press the mouse button.

It is also a Jewish propaganda because it is for Google to monitor you ads so they can police your questionable political ideas.

It is also a paid shill shilling for it because Google is paying for it.

It is also terrorism because you are sending too many clicks and the adverts cannot take all the clicking.

It is also a false campaign to make people fall for it and it is a scam.

It is literally a suicide if you click on the ads with adnausememe because it is just like terrorists.

If you click on the ads more than you can afford you are actually benefitting Google and make them money because the money comes from advertisers who paid for the clicks.

It is also against the rule of 4chan to promote a plug in. Because advertisement is not allowed and you should not click on it.

If any of you click on the adverts I will call Google police and they will hack your IP address and make you delete your adnausememe because it is illegal software. And a scam.
Don't fall for the AdNauseam meme. It's a dud, and it's a Trojan horse. If you already used it, you wasted your time: Google doesn't lose a cent. Yes, Google refunds money. But none of that money comes from Google's own pocket. It's the money paid by advertisers in advance: part of it is simply returned for fake traffic, most of which comes from competitors attacking each other and is ditched early on. Now, who takes the hit? Small site owners whose ads you're targeting. Google loves punishing them for "bad traffic", when some asshole simply click-spammed them. On the other hand, Google turns a blind eye on big kike sites like major news outlets.
Don't underestimate the ad industry kikes. They'll just come up with more sophisticated, sly and Jewish kinds of ads that will fuck up your internet space even more. Google won't suffer, major kike sites won't suffer, but small NEET-owned sites will. Don't be an ass, let the little guy earn his cent. All ads are geared towards normies anyway, not you.
AdNauseam claims that its goal is to protect you from surveillance. That's a totally false premise and a lie. There's nothing easier than to stop getting tracked: all tracking is done through cookies and associated accounts. Just don't stay logged in to your Google account and use Private/Incognito mode. Or use cookie cleaners. As simple as that, you're not tracked anymore. The real goal of AdNauseam is to push its agenda. And it pretty much exposes you, too.
The creators of AdNauseam are literally SJW Marxist Jewish homos and trannies, this is not an exaggeration. You're basically taking part in kike wars and serving as a voluntary promoter of a yet unannounced product. It's their 4D chess. Now, what happens when AdNauseam clicks on ads for you? Your IP address, the whole information about your location is passed down there. You're not only not saved from surveillance, you're being surveilled on repeat. Do your math. Using illegal terrorist software will land you in jail.

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Guys. I think the iPhone X is based on Steve's head
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>Apple wasn't content with just naming the Steve Jobs theatre after him.
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rly made me thnk...

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A new report in the Australian media is touting the benefits of having biometric implants, microchips embedded under the skin, calling it "something from a science fiction movie."


The mainstream media continues to push “biometric implants,” tiny microchips upon which personal data is stored that are inserted under the skin, as a matter of convenience that is “something out of a science fiction movie.” Take, for instance, this new report from an Australian television station:

>From opening doors to riding the bus and paying for lunch, subdermal microchips are the way of the future for people embracing a digital future. Remi Baker and Mitch Hunter from PHD Media are two early adopters of the microchip technology. “We don’t need any ID cards, we don’t need any pin codes, we don’t need any access cards or anything so we can live a much freer life,” Mr Hunter said. The microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice, sits beneath the skin. Data from your bank card, LinkedIn profile or even your medical history is cloned on to the chip which is then implanted in the hand. Using the same technology as tap and pay cards, the chip can be used to do anything that has been programmed on to the chip.

The report even suggests such implants can save lives, if a person has stored medical information on it.
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>make life easier
So does cutting off your little toes
The Equifax hack will only convince more people, too.
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download (1).jpg
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Google isn't that bad guys, come on...

look what it can do!
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>Supporting the botnet
>Still using the botnet
Wow! An incomplete version of "man basename"!
name ONE other search engine that does this.

ill wait.

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Leave Hokkaido alone, disgusting grass-eating gooks.

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>University uses Oracle PeopleSoft for the student records system
>Fucking awful to use, web interface is a total clusterfuck

Does Oracle make a single good product?
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They bought peoplesoft in order to get a foot in the erp-market which is 90% sap.
Had it at perotsystem, shit was horrible in every aspect
No enterprise software is good. Its designed - if its designed at all - to generate consulting fees, and its sold to CIOs and other managers with kickbacks and hookers, not on technical merit or user benefits.
So true

this thread is to discuss ;) neofetch, desktop environments, desktop environment setups and technology around linux, macOS, windows, TempleOS and *BSD desktops ;) do NOT post your rice just to show off your rice ;) do NOT ;) post ratings for other users' rice ;)
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Hey /g/. I am doing a build for my girlfriend as a gift. She mostly plays league of legends and wants the option to play some more graphically intensive games in the future. She also mostly just wanted her computer to be cool looking. Here's what I have so far. What can I improve? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JcV9gL
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Get an unlocked i5 for a 270 board, otherwise that's just wasted money
6gb 1060 over a 3gb 1060 always, there's more of a difference than just memory

Otherwise its nice, id go for a 500w seasonic 80+ gold rated PSU though
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replace the keyboard and mouse with razer goodies if u want to!

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Do any console have a real working jailbreak?

In my country I can get either for about ~$220 for Xone or ~300 for PS4, but each game would cost me ~$65, so yeah, 4 games is more expensive than the console itself.
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>being a poorfag
>unironically wasting your life playing vidya
shove a $100 gpu into the computer your using now and pirate everything, the low end gpus just slot it without having to replace anything
Actually my parents want to give a birthday present to my little brother and they can't afford 2~3 games a month.

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I work as a UX designer for Microsoft Windows.
No, we don't design our stuff in powerpoint.
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That's fucking atrocious.
That is one of the worst UIs I have ever seen, the fucking definition of form over function. So I guess my question is
lies, microsoft doesnt hire any ux designers

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Why doesn't /g/ like Atom?
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no 32bit support
It's a web browser that tries to be a text editor.
Im white

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>mfw everybody's bitching about some new $1,000+ phone I can't afford so I'm just sticking with my shitty S4 that's on life support and watching the world burn
for once, it feels good to be a poorfag. seeing all these richfags get butthurt for once is genuinely satisfying.
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Actually yeah
I can afford it, but it's an Apple product, so I ignore it. Not an Android fanboy, but Apple and their OS has yet to do anything that impresses me.
my moto x 2014 is doing fine, battery life is shit but overall it werks

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