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Has anyone developed a material to replace plastic garbage bags?

Something cheapish, strong, biodegradable and nontoxic?
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yes but they're expensive hence nobody bothers using them
Have you ever tried googling this?
If so, you wouldn't be asking this question.
Look up, literally anything made with hemp.
You want to bag yourself while saving the world? Good on ya m8

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>bolt A/C window unit to PC case
>crank up to maximum cold
>low temps

Is this a viable cooling method?
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yes, but it's also a waste of energy
> Is this a viable cooling method?
Server rooms are cooled like that.
dumb frogposter

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>One large screen for everything
>Multiple smaller screens

Which one do you prefer, /g/?
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Single large screen, I don't really like having the bezel between screens
One small-medium sized screen because I'm a manlet. ;)

>PC hooked up to single 55" TV
>Chromebook open for discord/web browsing while gaming on the TV


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Everyone know how to run wine on raspberry pi? No using ExaGear, I don't want pay for it :/
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Literally kill your fucking self.
Just run Windows on it. If you want to run wine inside of linux for some reason... fuck off.
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It's pretty simple, you just need Qemu for translation and x86 Wine with compatible x86 Linux libraries. There are guides online.
I used to do it far back on PowerPC Mac's and Android phones, when Android first became a thing.
ExaGear is far faster though, they use the same method, but they actually put time and effort into optimizing it, what nobody else has bothered to do.

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Twitter announced that you can activate the “night mode” from the web, iOS or Android

Twitter announced that it is now possible to activate the “night mode” from the web, iOS or Android, with the aim of reducing eye fatigue. You can activate this night mode through twitter.com, by clicking on the profile photo and then selecting the night mode from the drop-down menu. According to the social network of 140 characters, to disable this mode , simply click on the night mode setting again. Source http://www.twaralo.com/twitter-launches-night-mode.html
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I've had night mode on Android for months
This is not your local useless tech blog, retard
>large multibillion internet company finally releases the feature that used to be a standard in the 90s
>stocks quadruple

Okay. Maybe next year we'll be sending "tweets" longer than 140 UTF-8 chars, and bring it somewhat on par with late 80s BBS.
>Twaralo.com is one of the Leading Website from India


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Do you believe in The Singularity /g/?

Do you think it will happen in your lifetime?
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I believe we will never achieve it, we will run out of natural resources before we do (at least the required natural resources to continue advancing in computing)
I think its very unlikely.
Why do you think that?

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What's the most elegant way of implementing insertion sort with Java?

public static int[] doInsertionSort(int[] input){

int temp;
for (int i = 1; i < input.length; i++) {
for(int j = i ; j > 0 ; j--){
if(input[j] < input[j-1]){
temp = input[j];
input[j] = input[j-1];
input[j-1] = temp;
return input;

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That's not insertion sort you retard

Need help on your homework I see

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Is air cooling a meme?
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No seriously , i wouldn't use water to cool pc , chances are high for low budget liquid cooler to brake , or get a high end gayming cooler ,
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>Is air cooling a meme? Obvious slide thread is obvious
Fuck off pal

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Now that custom watercooling is actually affordable is it no longer a meme?
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nope it's still a meme
doesnt it run the same temps as air cooling anyway?
Air cooling runs between 50c-80c
Water runs at 20-30c

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i bought a $3000 thinkpad, it loads the 4chan captchas in one trillionth of a split-second!

did i make the right choice /g)?
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Only if you installed Gentoo
>spent 3000 shekels on a memepad
>won't spend three fiddy on a pass
Only if you have libreboot in it.

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cirno cooling.png
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When will liquid cooling for desktop builds die?
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When will shitposting brain-dead-retarded questions on /g/ die?
When better commercial way to dissipate heat shows up.
Big air?

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TL;DR anyone have a tip for how I should build my next setup? Also Stories on how you've killed computers

The other day I was in the middle of my last 20 turns of a GalCiv 3 game, and my computer shut off.
>huh, must have gotten fatal error or too much up time
Let it sit for five minutes, starts up again no problem, checked all my drives, checked taskmanager to look for a virus, started my avast scan, within 4 minutes of boot it crashed again. Figured it was overheating, so i opened it up and checked my fans/coolant. Coolant was hot as fuck, fans were fine. Looked at my heat sink. Solid fucking mat of compacted dirt on it. Took it out, cleaned it thoroughly with a toothbrush and my air compressor, put it back together, booted it up after letting it cool down for about 10 minutes. Thing worked fine for about 15 minutes this time, then sudden shutdown. Checked coolant lines, they were cold, and now I have no clue, because I scanned my download folder, my x86 files, and steam/mod folders which are my usual suspects for viruses and nothing came up. So down to my point, my video card is fine, my processor is fine, but I now need to fill out my new computer. I have the GTX960, and a slot for a second card
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Did you check your power supply? What wattage/brand do you have and when did you buy it? PSU sounds like the most likely culprit
Well luckily my computer fuck ups were always pre-setting it up so nothing else but my motherboards were damaged.
I know someone who browses /g/ so I hope he doesn't pinpoint me out from this
>buy motherboard
>get excited
>open box
>huh a pin is bent
>try to straighten it with a credit card
>no avail, bent more
>take it back
>"yeah sure it shouldn't have happened"
>wait a few days for the new one to come in
>take it home on the train
>get excited open it up then and there on the train like some sperg
>take of CPU cap
>"yess all the pins are fine"
>kinda run my finger around the metal plate because I like the feel
>train rocks
>bend pins
>oh no
>oH NO
>get angry at home, maybe I can fix it with the card trick
>history repeats itself
In the end I just ended up selling it on ebay as a fully working, fresh board with the cap. Someone somewhere bought a faulty motherboard and probably fried their CPU or smthn. I should note I am much better with computers now and haven't bent pins on a board since but that was my experience.
Thats exactly what I thought. Its a 600 watt Corsair I think, maybe EVGA

>browsing for a new lappy on eBay
>check laptop categories
>only two of them
>PC Laptops and Netbooks (and literally every single laptop that isn't a MacBook, including shitty Chinese Android laptops)

Why is this?
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>New laptop
>From ebay
That's your problem op
"New" as in new for me.
The site is shit for laptop buying, period, use a non-shit site.

How do I play synthesia with a pc keyboard?
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you don't, you dumb frog

Assuming it uses MIDI, you need something to translate keyboard input to MIDI signals. That was the first thing that came up with google.

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>type in long password
>press '\' at the same time you hit return
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>manually entering passwords

Just kill yourself. Retard.
>using passwords
Nothing to hide nothing to fear

>storing passwords

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