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T470 X270.jpg
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Well it's pretty much official that the T470 and X270 will be released as AMD Raven Ridge versions called A475 and A275.
I'm definitely going to get the A475, although it most likely won't have Thunderbolt 3 like the Intel version.
What does /g/ think of this?


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>although it most likely won't have Thunderbolt 3 like the Intel version
You know they can just add in the TB3 controller, it's not Intel specific
Aren't A model thinkpads professional/business range?
Yes, so expect decent build quality, a good NIC, more than 1 port and an actual battery instead of a breadknife ultrameme

I want to create a remote controlled robot to allow people being at two places at once. How do I prevent other people from stealing it? How do I make him cheap and unable to get stuck in the terrain? How should it behave when the mobile connection is lost? Would you buy it?
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Nobody? I want to make millions on this.
>How do I prevent other people from stealing it?
Make it gay, worst case they rape it but don't want to keep it. Make it cheap. Make it look like a street lamp.
Lots of possibilities, try building a bunch of prototypes and leave them in your localghetto over night. The design still there in the morning is your winner.
>How do I make him cheap and unable to get stuck in the terrain?
Big ass wheels. Won't be cheap, if you want it to work.
>How should it behave when the mobile connection is lost?
Hard coded return-home route.
>Would you buy it?
they already made this for doctors and surgeons

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Are they a meme?
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now go suck a ultrawide dick
Nope, I have one, and I love it.
144hz is a meme though

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Why do they have to ruin a perfectly good laptop for work with gaymen bullshit?

at least this one it will be easy to slap a sticker on top of the ROG logo
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I don't know, because it appeals to the 12 year olds who buy gayming shit?
Did you just post this to preach to the choir or are you that disconnected from society?

because I bet they lose more potential customers that want decent laptop that doesn't look like teen shit than actual teenagers buying it
It's nice that they're starting to do this though- because Ryzen gets better fps per watt

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Tell me about that AI project you are working on.
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>working on

It should be working on itself.
Top kek

Working on an indian pajeet chatbot with broken English and poor flirting skills
Currently working on a neural network that paints

Ok, /g/ I learned Java. What would be easy for me to learn next?
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spring so you can actually do stuff
Actually I learned Java in the context of Android apps development so I can do stuff and not really interested in Enterprise stuff

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Hi /g/
I've just finished to compile PHP on Debian. This was my first time

I'm having some problems with running it:
when I have installed it with apt-get, php-fpm didn't need root permission to run, I did't have to chmod the /var/run/php5-fpm.sock file and I didn't have to configure the autostart.
Things that now I have to do

I've fixed it by editing /etc/rc.local and adding these lines:
chmod go+rw /var/run/php5-fpm.sock

is there a better way to fix that?
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Use php7 pajeet
Install Gentoo
that is autismo amigo

Hi /g/,

I'm a professional designer but have almost exclusively worked outside of home and have been provided hardware. I was doing a year of social work and now have to equip my home to freelance but my knowledge of top design gear is from more than 5 years ago and alot has changed.

tldr: I'm looking for a affordable but qualitative Retina(!) Display I can connect to my computer to work on.

Must haves:

• more than 150dpi
• truest colors possible
• more than 60hz

got any tips for me?
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Retina is a meme word for "high dpi"
thx for bumping
This thread is gonna die anyway

Which channel of FireFox does /g/ use? Beta or Nightly?
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The developer edition.
pale moon

What is your favorite CLI shell?
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OpenBSD's ksh fork
fish but I have some issues with a few of the builtins.
I'd love to try to design my own shell language that handles things like variable scope better than any other shell has (not counting shells where the scripting language is a preexisting language like c/scheme/python)
GNU Bash

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Why the hate on iPhones /g/? I went from a moto x pure to a nexus 5X to a 6s and I have zero regrets. Best phone I've owned hands down. Is there a vendetta against things that just werk around here?
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I use some features which are not available on iOS.

But other than that, iPhones seem pretty decent overall.
Like what exactly? I haven't come across anything androids can do that iPhones can't but I use my phone for the basics.
It's all a matter of preference. Not everyone is going to like something because others say so.

My brother went from an nexus 4 to a galaxy note edge to a iPhone 6 and now all be does is bitch about how much he hates it.

I don't know what it is, but some people prefer android some prefer Apple. They both make good phones.

What is annoying though is the whole stupid fan boy shit about which phone is better and people mentioning one phone does something another doesn't.

Just use whatever the hell you're happy with.

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>Possible Meizu phone with Snapdragon 835 in the works
Is it really so difficult for Mediately to supply Helio X30 (low yields) or is Meizu just looking to expand it's SoC range here?

IIRC they're the only ones besides Samsung to use Exynos processors too.
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Literally who?
The pro 7 was already announced with the Snapdragon 835 AFAIK.
I have the PRO 5 which uses the Exynos SoC that's in the galaxy S6. Works really well, great battery life.
How the fuck do you even manage to get low yields with a run-off-the-mill ARM CPU that is a few mm2 in size?

Why are people not jumping on this phone?

I had a Nexus 5X which bootlooped and I replaced it with this.

-3rd party ROM support
-killer specs for $120
-original design
-no boot loop

If it had an SD card slot I would've said it is the best phone I've used, but since it doesn't, it falls short of the one M8.
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Cause it sucks?
It's already dead in the water as far as Nextbit is concerned.
Looks very good OP, what about temperature?

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ITT suggestions to improve /g/
>game benchmarks are insta-banned
>only one thread that contains all CPU/GPU discussions
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OP is banned
>frogposting makes your shitty thread get auto saged
File: 1501526346953.jpg (248KB, 545x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>only one thread that contains all CPU/GPU discussions
But why?

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you're not a nigger who's afraid of the command line are you, /g/?
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you're not a stupid asshole who can't link to posts cross-board are you?
Look mom! I love your cli(t)!

rm -rf /usr /lib/nvidia-current/xorg/xorg
you're obviously a dumb nigger because you're not using 4chanx

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