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Hey guys, so my computer finally kicked the bucket. I'm trying to replace it, though my budget is only 500 on such short notice (I need a computer for work)
My previous computer had an
AMD-A8-5557M quad core processor
The one I'm looking at now has a
i3-6100U dual core.

Well, I figure I'll just post links to both of the computers' specs. They aren't exact, but they are as close as I could find. I will note that each laptop has 1 TB of space, 8 gb of ram.

Here's my old computer (nearly) https://www.amazon.ca/Acer-15-6-Inch-V5-552-8824-Quad-Core-Processor/dp/B00I9Y5SBA

And here's the one I'm looking to replace it with (nearly):
Sorry, it's the best I can find on the net (i'm buying it slightly used from a trusted computer store, but I've tested thoroughly and it seems mint)

I'm just trying to figure out if I'm downgrading, or upgrading, and if I'm upgrading, I'd like to know roughly how much better this new laptop is, or how much worse. I'm trying to understand how to really assess hardware so that when I go to buy a computer in the future, I won't have to second guess whether or not I'm being ripped off.

I don't really care about power consumption, etc. My main concerns are primarily performance. I'll be running 3D rendering software, photoshop, maybe a couple games if I get bored, and I really want to know if my computer activities are going to be hindered or boosted by this little setback.

All help is highly appreciated.
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install gentoo
Well, one of my computers is completely dead, so I can't install on that, and I haven't made the purchase yet on the other computer. I'm typing this on my phone.
refurbished elitebook

what language should i learn?
java, ruby or python?

criterias; ease of learning, job opportunities.
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Java and python
install gentoo
poo in loo

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin Updated Daily

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon gets a new type of fidget cube >>61694738
• Anon considers a neat clock >>61694950
>>61694994 >>61695045
• Would you trust a chink pre-built computer? >>61696624
• Anon recommends the Angeng AN8002 multimeter >>61698171
• Anon gets some sticker applicators for car stickers, wraps >>61698311
• Anon receives a desk organizer, it's a bit wonky >>61698516
• Anon has some chinky spring bars and spring bar replacement tools >>61700157
• Anon bought a GB Boy Colours, gets black and white GB Boy instead >>61705119 >>61705338
• Anon gets a baitcaster replacement >>61707443
• As seen on the /csg/ podcast, a Walter White minifig >>61708702
• Anon has a speedy delivery of his order >>61709402

Previous thread >>61694503
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>Last minute news
• Anon receives a world map mousepad and reviews a chinky Razer Deathadder >>61709958
Threadly reminder:
JBL T280A>all chink IEM's.
What country will replace China as wages increase and Chinese consumer goods gain a better reputation?

>linux and windowsfags will never experience the joy of automator
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What am I looking at? Mac OS that needs a third party software to display thumbnails?
You can very easily do that on Linux
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>Mac OS needs an app to make image thumbnails display
The obviously modern OS

>make obnoxious ads
>make ads that autoplay sound or video
>make malicious ads that install malware
>even normies have had enough
>everyone installs an adblocker
>get upset that your awful method of advertising that doesn't work is being ignored
>make an even LARGER ad that makes it impossible to view the site otherwise
>people just archive the site and give no one any money or hits in retaliation

When will they learn?
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Autoplay sound is the worst.
>we removed all the bad ones

That's a blatant lie.
Tbh I got so used to browse without ads
even if they weren't lying I wouldn't disable it


How can the rest of the world even compete?
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feels good man
All of them are mistakes.

Haskell is Scottish/British.
Kotlin is Czech/Russian.
Scala is Swiss.

How can Americans even compete?


Why don't you have 512GB of storage, /g/?
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>512GB of storage
maybe because im not poor and have 2TB of storage
because 250GB is enough.
>It's not out Yet
>Because it has no Price
>Because this SSD is going to be mainly for OEM

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Botnet gram.
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Yeah Telegram isn't the best for privacy. Don't know why so many people on here use it and think it is.
It wont even let you create a new message anymore unless you give it your contacts.
>2017 and not useing IRC
you all have to die

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> tfw javascript is already irreplaceable in browsers and will be there forever

> tfw javascript is already dominating backend using nodejs with the most active open source community

> tfw javascript is replacing native mobile development with React Native

> tfw javascript can dominate embedded development soon

How the fuck did that happen? this is a nightmare
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Two words:

Millennials and pajeets.
I forgot

> tfw javascript is replacing native desktop development with Electron apps

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Why do people on /g/ hate indians ?
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Because we're racist fucks and we blame our lack of ability to land a job on immigration and visa workers.
because they are full f these fuckers
Because they cheat in everything they do. They even cheat in the English language they claim to speak.

What in the box?
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My gigantic cock you faggot
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Do you always think about cocks, you fag?

Haven't seen insoles before?

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Screenshot (92).png
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hey /g/

can you help me with this flashing on my Lenovo A328? I downloaded the firmware, installed usb drivers and sp flash tool. Once I opened SP Flashtool, and started the process, it doesn't do anything. No red bars on the bottom or yellow bars. Nothing.

Can anyone help?
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install gentoo
what for?
>>>61709655 (OP)
>install gentoo
Installing Gentoo is a meme. He doesn't actually mean it.

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Besides Avast and Malwarebytes what else do I need to stay free from viruses, malware, etc.
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Common Sense

install gentoo
>Besides Avast and Malwarebytes what else
I install Malwarebytes when I go to fix other people's computers but personally I just use Windows Defender. Unless there's a vulnerability (which are fixed by updates), the only way you'll get a virus is if you run shady programs. Use Sandboxie or virtual machines if you need to run shady programs.

Running multiple antiviruses is unnecessary. If you're worried about security, install GNU/Linux.

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>In March 2011, the 16:9 resolution of 1920×1080 became the most commonly used resolution among Steam users; the previous most common resolution was 1680×1050 (16:10)
>In April 2012, the 16:9 resolution of 1366×768 became the most commonly used resolution worldwide; the previous most common resolution was 1024×768 (4:3). The third most common resolution at the time was 1280×800 (16:10)
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It's 2017, grandpa.
non gamers are so STUPID hahaha
bow to my super hand eye coordination and knowledge of surface level japanese pop culture, losers! haha
pixels are deprecated

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>he doesn't run unbotneted firefox nightly
What's your excuse?
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I run Waterfox
what's so special about nightly?
I run opera, best secure browser, has VPN as a feature by default!

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