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Does anyone here have any experience with doing this kind of stuff who could help a guy out? I've tried using those "one click root" apps, but none of them work.

Using a Samsung Galaxy SOL (SM-J321AZ)
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unlock bootloader
install twrp
flash magisk or supersu

if you can't figure this out you are officially a moron
Get a job and buy a proper phone, not some 3rd world-tier Samshit
>Rooting my Android device
is your Samsung phone out of warranty, PAJEET?

Root only if it is. Samsung will refuse warranty if you ever rooted their devices.

Just judging by your choice of a phone, you're from some shithole so don't lose the precious little warranty you might have, Pajeet.

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Anyone have a working openpose build for MMD files?

Also general discussion on live tracking software
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Post your favorite Linux distro and your beard

I'm using Gentoo
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Those are fucking pubes.

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Hey /g/
Can you do me a favour and try to decrypt this cipher I made?

Firstly, I assure you that it actually does mean something.

Secondly, I created this cipher as the base of some encryption software I'm working on.

Thirdly, you have one hint to ask me for. The first serious question (that doesn't give away what it says) will be the only one answered unless I deem others necessary. THE KEY WORD CAN BE ASKED FOR.

If enough people reply to this saying they give up, I will reveal the message, however the process will NOT be revealed. If you can figure out the message, I will reveal the process.

Just a game for you guys, but a serious test of the security for my cipher. I chose to test it out on here because this place seems to have some pretty serious minds.

Cipher is as follows:

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1. give key word
2. saged

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Systemd destroyed by Register reader
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systemd development.png
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could you post link

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old news, faggot
99.95% of users won't be affected by this

I want to get an xperia z3 phone. Just wondering if anyone has one. Does it still work? Run smooth with new android OS?
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>pic related
post 'em. 2000x internet points if amd.
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How to avoid this company?
No hardcore
>just ditch everything friend
help, but really legit alternatives.
I already ditched Chrome, but i have Google drive and gmail and not really sure where to go with that
>inb4 own cloud solution
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Protonmail as a Gmail alternative. Not sure about drive.
>trusting bergjuden with your data
ReCaptcha is a problem on this site.

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How can I properly write an erlang program that divides 10 by a number and then returns the result, and monitors the process at the same time, exiting and starting over if 0 is entered?


loop() ->

0 ->exit({divisor,die,at,erlang:time()});

_ ->io:format("Division Result: ", [ _= 10 / _ ]), loop()

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Unless you're going to work for Ericsson, what's the point?
use codeblocks ffs
Using _ matches any value but does not bind it. just replace _ with X. Starting over is what supervisor should do. Learn OTP and fucking basics of the language.

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I was given a HP Laserjet 5, it works but it gets paper jams regularly. It's also insanely heavy. Is it worth trying to repair the problem or should I just throw it away and buy a nice new printer?

Pic related; its test page
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new inkjet printers are like $25 and the ink is cheap as dirt.

HP LaserJet 5s will last until the end of the world. I've got some of them deployed at work and they're fucking amazing. Network it, put it behind a print server and it'll 'just work' forever. Never had an issue with them, frequently have issues with modern printers and their LCD interface meme or their WiFi NFC Print-From-Your-App meme.

If you want to never buy a printer again, fix the Laserjet 5.

Has apple become too out of touch?
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>Eyes burning

>laser printer doesn't print, error and toner LEDs on
>ask my colleague (she/her) who printed all morning whether she read some notification
>"yeah, it said toner low earlier today"
>"and what did you do then?"
>"I just clicked it away and it kept printing, so I did nothing about it because it kept printing."
>internally facepalm but play it cool to not upset colleague

>ask other colleague (she/her) whether we have spare toner cartridges
>"I think so but I'm not sure if they work in that printer."
>she shows me some HP inkjet cartridges
>"that's not a toner, those are ink cartridges. toners are those huge cartridges, you know, like last time we had to order a toner cartridge."
>she gets defensive and won't talk to me for the rest of the day

robots take over please.
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Bitches just want shit to work so they can do their hour of work for the day before they just get on Facebook
Damn dude, that's a pair of ballbusters
To be fair, I've seen plenty of dudes at least this stupid. Thanks university helpdesk.

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I have two monitors, one 144Hz and one 60Hz. Everything feels nice and smooth on the 144Hz monitor, like dragging windows around, typing text, selecting text and whatnot. But on the 60Hz monitor everything feels so much slower. Is this because of the different refresh rates? Or is there a bug with my 60Hz monitor?
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It's the refresh rate. Earlier this year I bought a 144 Hz screen for my gaymin rig and have been using it since. A few weeks ago I tried to play a game on my gaymin laptop with a 60 Hz screen and it took me quite a while to realize that it wasn't somehow broken because of how choppy and sluggish everything felt on screen.

The only way to truly convince myself that 60 Hz was this bad was to change the refresh rate on my 144 Hz monitor to 60 and sure enough it felt like shit.
But it's so weird because I had been using the 60Hz monitor as my only one until yesterday and i thought it was fine and looked smooth. And now everything feels delayed whenever I type something on it instead of on my 144Hz monitor.
It's placebo. The human eye can't perceive more than 24 fps.

I want to get into TV shows/movies. What a good 50" for my bedroom so I can get cozy in bed with TV. Looking at best buy and this tv
Thoughts? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-50-class-49-5-diag--led-1080p-hdtv-black/4807601.p?skuId=4807601
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>gaymur manchild
get the fuck off this board
I've been using a 48" Insignia TV for two years now with zero problems. I just recommend you squeeze a little bit extra money and get the 55" instead. Always good to go as big as a screen size as you can.


There's also a 55" Toshiba with Chromecast built in for the same price.

Seek mental help.

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