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Is there any way to run games at 1080p on a 4k screen on Windows without having a massive blur filter applied to the whole image?
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how the fuck do you think interpolating pixels work?
do you have a brain?

Of your GPU is set to 1080 and it looks blurry then your monitor fucked up.

Shame, because scaling should be easy.
>deactivate scaling
>enjoy your 1080 SHARP AS FUCK image for ants

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I have a laptop, but you can't change GPU and CPU. Why the fuck aren't they meant to be upgradeable? Why do industries solder them onto the motherboard?
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So you buy more
*jewish hand rub

just bought this because of all the fucking memes I keep seeing.

how fucked am I?
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But I'm going to put Linux on it
i bought the regular laptop version, I have to say its pretty comfy, the things about the keyboard are true, quiet and tactile, yet feel great. the screen is good too. only bummer is that you got it for 3x the price i got mine at. otherwise, pretty great linux machine

Why haven't you plebs upgraded to High as fuck Sierra masterrace?
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Because I'm not a faggot.

Also, this is /g/. /fa/ and /lgbt/ are over there --->
>fapped to trap porn
>not a faggot

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Settings > update and security > activation > spam click "Windows"

Put under RAC as BestBuyDemo.

Thank me later.
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who is behind this?
What's the password to RetailAdmin?

Is this a /g/ joke?
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this is a /g/eddit joke
Because I don't get it because I'm not a /g/ /g/uy.
This' got potential.

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WTF is wrong with you?!
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They're not accurate yet. Anyones finger will unlock it. Not secure at all.
I don't want to give my fingerprint to monstrously large corporations.
I got an idea how about you grow up and don't lose your fucking phone like a toddler.

There. No more lockscreen needed ever again.

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Chinese scientists just teleported an object into Earth's orbit for the first time

How can whittu piggu even compete?
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By not publishing false and plagiarized papers all the time.
chinese scientists just teleported a single photon.

wow! star trek transporters can only be a few years away!

btw you're a fucking idiot.

You cannot look at a photon as a single object or an object that can be picked up and places elsewhere.

No "object" was "teleported". A state was copied, like you can "copy" the arrangement of characters to another location by text messaging.

3/10 Made me follow your clickbait.

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Why is Fedora the best distro?
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It isn't, but it is very good.
Short answer : It's not.
cos it has the best in the industry contributing to it? (redhat)

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Have you donated, /g/ ?
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>donating to Jews
goys are truly cucked
le joos xddd
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I'm getting a free trip to Canada this August all paid by Wikimedia (aka your donations)

How does this make you feel?

Don't complain if it's too slow if you get over 1 mb/s.
Fuck off!
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I learned to appreciate my 6mbit connection.
Most people i know have 16mbit, 50mbit, or 100mbit.

But i appreciated my 6k connection for a long time, because i knew the kids in africa only have a 2mbit connection, like you fellow friend.

God blessed me for my patience with a 40mbit fiber glas connection (see pic in next post).

be patient, god will bless you too
>able to get up to 300 mbit/s
>willingly pick the 40 mbit/s subscription instead
I don't need any faster, and neither do you.
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>SABnzbd and Deluge
>Sonarr and Radar
>Optoma HD142x projector

Just replaced my Kodi+Exodus on RasPi with the above, holy shit why have I been manually downloading shitty torrents from TPB all these years? Now I just need to build a new NAS and replace my roommates shitty sound bar.

HTPC General
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Your opinion is void.
change sabnzb to nzbget on a raspi, it's faster
Yea it's pretty fucking sweet.

I recommend you keep an eye on Sonarr with Sabnzbd, you'll see your data usage soar if it keeps downloading incompletes or bads.

And I just recommend not hooking it up to torrent sites in the first place.

Chromecast is comfy as fuck.

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You are given 300$ to increase your knowledge about computer science.

You may buy books, computer hardware, and laptops.

What do you purchase, and why?
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I buy $300 of programming clothes (socks, underwear, skirts, etc) and then just pirate a bunch of books.
I pay pajeet 300 bucks to teach me Java
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buy pic related and just stay in my room and study free resources

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Churchill was right - the Anglos should have gassed them all.
I hope he fucks you Americans off from internet.

Daily reminder, a 14 year old Apple laptop with a G4 processor is miles better than any modern PeeSee

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Nice bait
Is it runs modern software?
>Miles better than any modern PeeSee
Better for what?

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