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OK so i'm working away in firefox and Windows Nigger feces 10 keeps making firefoxes windows and tabs have a stupid black overlay so that I cannot see shit. I have reinstalled Firefox so that is not the problem. How to fix this. Here is a video of what I fucking mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwNbD02CLLE

I'll buy a fucking XP laptop soon.
note to noobs: XP is not slow or buggy: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=NmozkwkZNNY
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err https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmozkwkZNNY
>Actually using windows
You asked for this

>How to fix this.

Install Gentoo

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>be me
>want to buy a gtx 1080 ti for machine learning
>but volta will be 25-33% faster and now i need to gamble on whether it will be worth the wait or not, especially when taking into account price hikes and whatnot
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>machine learning
waifu2x gets boring after a while, gamer.
i'll be using tensorflow my friend :o)

i already have a r9 390 that does everything i need for gaming, but i can't use cuda with it
>gtx 1080 ti
>machine learning

Stop lying and go back to >>>/v/

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Why can't Apple make an iPhone with an HD display that isn't a phablet? Does "Retina Display" even mean anything anymore outside of marketing?
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>Does "Retina Display" even mean anything anymore outside of marketing?
Did it mean anything outside marketing before?
Pretty sure it did at first, but Apple's pretty much behind in terms of DPI and resolution compared to other smartphones now.
Device resolutions and DPI were increasing already at the time, Apple was behind when they brought out the iPhone 4, they just leap frogged the opposition, and then soon after they were leap frogged.

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>Apple Expands Bet on Cutting Edge Privacy Technology
>Differential privacy allows companies to analyze data without learning too much about users

>Differentially private algorithms blur the data being analyzed by adding a measurable amount of statistical noise. This could be done, for example, by swapping out one question (have you ever committed a violent crime?) with a question that has a statistically known response rate (were you born in February?). Someone trying to find links in the data would never be sure which question a particular person was asked. That lets researchers analyze sensitive data such as medical records without being able to tie the data back to specific people.

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>No. He may have simply flipped a coin, answering yes to the question.
But it is still statistically probable that it was the marijuana question. While it may not be evidence, it is enough to convince most people so in the end it basically doesn't matter.

The problem with the example is that it is clear they are asking personally identifying information along with the questionnaire questions. What point is there in asking if they own a blue car unless you are trying to match data to individuals?

Differential Privacy is clearly a farce. An excuse to try and get people to answer questionnaires more honestly by giving the impression their answers will have greater privacy while still being statistically probable to match the personal data.

Of course, this doesn't matter at all because in Apple's privacy policy it literally says they are allowed to do anything they want with any data you give them that isn't considered "personal information".
>allows companies to


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This guy wants to use your computer. He stabs people who use nonfree software.

What do you do?
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welp, I have spotify on my computer. Does he know how to use i3wm? If not, then maybe I'm good.
Or maybe I'll recompile the kernel so to not make it usable for a while kek
win7. i'm getting murder.

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Hey /g/
In the past month I've begun programming. At the moment im learning Java and soon ill start learning Python as I'm a geneticist by trade and within the biotech industry, Python seems to be in demand.

My question is, does /g/ recommend any sites or books that give a beginner a good understanding of computer science?
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Try and unlearn Java.
Why anon?
computer science is a broad field.

Get a book on Discrete Math. We used Rosen's in my program. Then find a good book on Data Structures & Algorithms. The one we used was shit, so I have no recommendations there.

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Why are you not using it?
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Closed source Chromium reskin with laggy ui built in java script.

Because I'm addicted to Opera. Literally cannot leave it.
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just use chrome you hippie

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Don't care what you do. download viruses. access accounts. I have my bank and paypal up. will talk. do anything you want. 623 416 495
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still looking
anyone wanting to?

The UNIX- HATERS Handbook - MIT
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> C++ is to C what lung cancer is to lung

Mild kek
oh fuck off closet!

Alright, why are my boot times shit even though I use this blazing fast SSD?
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only super fast for continuous reading/writing.
M.2 drives are PCIe storage, normal SSDs are SATA storage.

Boot initialization for SATA devices happens before PCIe devices in the POST process.

tldr; SATA devices get booted into first
Your gaems don't load any quicker either.

I found this zippo at the park the other day and im wondering the price range of it because i couldnt find it anywhere on there site or on ebay
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$20 not including shipping
I'm not sure why you posted this on /g/. Appraisals aren't done on here, my man.

If I had to guess, $20-$30.

about 2:50

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What's their end game for all of tech?
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Nothing. It's hard to control what you don't understand.
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>ugh! Anon, there's something wrong with my laptop..can you come down here and take a look at it?
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O-ok, but only for the cat's sake you tranny.
Once again proving that you can't understand computers if you have a pussy.
Youre in my way, roll over and let me sniff your smelly pantie musk penis

What will you do in a week, when unix time starts with 15?
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No one uses Unix, hun. It'll be fine.
Correct, but tons of people use unix time

>spotted the /r/fag

You'll have more fun trolling over at /pol/. Shoo!

How do you guys feel about online banking? Is it more or less of a risk than doing it over the phone?
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>letting a third party hold yourr money
i don't have any money and my parents pay for my internet
>is technology from 1980s safer than technogoly from 1890s
gee i wonder

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