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>buying a new smartphone every 1-2 years

When will you pathetic plebeians wake up? The Bogs use iPhone 3Gs because they aren't dumb. They realize all smartphones serve the same purpose. Unlike you nerds.
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pretty sure 3GS is older than 2 years
gr8 b8 m8
>iphone 3gs is literally 8 years old

So where's the outrage against Apple putting face scanning technology in their new phone? Do you not realize what they could do with the data? I think them making it fail at the demonstration was intentional to distract from the fact that they're putting 3D FACE SCANNING TECHNOLOGY IN PHONES NOW.

>your iPhone is supposed to recognize who you are

Fuck this gay earth and fuck the dopes who are going to stand in line to buy this piece of shit.
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Theres no need to be outraged. That wouldn't be convenient
If you have a phone with a forward-facing camera, guess what, your face is already logged. This is just the next stage, they're normalising what they've been doing all along.
>So where's the outrage against Apple putting face scanning technology in their new phone
Why would people care? They never gave a shit and never will.

Why is it that every single video on youtube will always have at least 10+ dislikes even on the most inoculate content? What's this phenomenon called?
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>browses 4chain
>surprised that tons of assholes, who enjoy being assholes to forget their failures use yt too

Call the phenomenon: Humanity.
or just haters.
Vote fuzzing. Go ask reddit about it.

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This is fake right? Coffee can't be this bad right?
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RIP in peace coffinlake
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oh its real, its real son

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What should I expect?
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literal botnet
If you go to the uncensored wiki, bad stuff. Lots of really bad stuff.
You can buy drugs surprisingly easy.

That's about it

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Turns out there is no such thing and there is silicon there just nerfed somehow.
He suspects there will be 32 core desktop version.

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Fuck you tube celebrities and fuck you
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Now that Iridium stopped receiving updates what other option do we have?
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Internet Explorer
Lightning Web Browser

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Welcome to the botnet.
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Welcome to fighting back.
Botnet masterrace here. i will merge with the botnet soon.
I use vivaldi. It's a chrome clone, but does it send shit to (((gooogle)))?

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I currently have an i7 6700K, due to a few reasons i will have to move to ryzen, which ryzen should i get, is there a point in going with the r7 1700/x or will the 1600 do plenty well, the 1600 is quite a lot cheaper
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>,due to a few reasons i will have to move to ryzen

Lol wut

>is there a point in going with the r7 1700/x

If you plan to do heavily multithreaded shit yes, if not, no
traded my 6700k and motherboard for a vega 56
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fucking kek

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systemD is an init system used in Linux distributions to buttfuck the user space.
Broken by design, its bugs are labeled as WONTFIX by the gay person known as Lennart Poettering.
Kay Sievers, one of the closeted homosexuals behind the messy init system, got headlines in the past as Linus Torvalds said:

>I am fucking tired of your code

The structural and semantic deficiencies in the systemd '"architecture'" all suffer from incompleteness and conceptual mismatch. Despite its overarching abstractions, its complicated transaction and job scheduling heuristics - ordered around a dependently networked object system - create pathological failure cases with little debugging context, that would otherwise not necessarily occur on systems with less layers of indirection.

Further, the unit file options often carry implicit state or are not sufficiently expressive. The approach to logging and the circularly dependent architecture seem to imply that lots of prior art has been ignored or understudied.

But no worries, millenial nu-males, you can file an issue on github or read the binary log.

See: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Linux_kernel_unified_hierarchy_cgroups_and_systemd.svg
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Everyone who had brain and worked for RH left them long time ago and created their on projects.
Leeches like Poettering are just puppets for someone else because they love riding the corporate dick.
If you keep jerking off about how free and open your dear operating system is, why not just fix it yourself instead of complaining about it?
>much open sores
Textbook example that indeed only full autists would ever look at another persons source code, and god forbid actually implement a fix, in practice, it's no better than anything else.

you smell like a beta kekken. I either use manjaro openrc or arch openrc that, obviously, use Open fucking RC as init system.

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>Donald Trump says that the internet must be "cut off" to stop further terror attacks.

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your clown of a president says a lot, and continues to say a lot without having ever said anything meaningful.

gtfo /g/ - sage and reported
>loser terrorists
I don't even
D. Turd needs to go back (into the toilet)

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>mfw waiting for coffee lake to build PC
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>not waiting for zen2 to build PC
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Just go with ryzen. Coffin lake turned out to be a huge flop.
Mfw when they're waiting for Covfefe Lake


Alright /g/ how'd I do?
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You did good.
you wasted money on something that will lose its value within the next half year. you will feel pressured by the market to adjust your system and continue to fall for the consumer bait

you did shit

Speedtest thread
Gotta go fast!
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what is the purpose of this thread? just seems like unnecessary bragging..
You think OP is bragging?
About how shit his internet is?
Yeah look at OP the fatcat with money to afford fast and stable internet

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon realises that you can use paypal on some Aliex stores >>62430279
• Anon got a powerbank and some socks >>62430822
• Anon's SSD is stronk >>62431383
• Chink mint update >>62431915
• Anon finds a nice ebay listing >>62433749
• Every day we stray further from God's light >>62433847
• Anon has postie fetishes >>62433935
• Anon's shark is RIP >>62434235
• Anon joins the Third Reich >>62436843
• Anon got an Orico 2.5" enclosure and a bunch of wallet tools >>62439838
• Anon makes lego great again >>62440072
• Anon's posties hate him >>62440524
• Anon got some knives >>62441258
• Anon got his tea infuser >>62441960
• Cheap Ajazz keyboard on GB >>62442297
• Anon got a Jinhao X450 >>62442396

>Previous thread
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white people lmao
2nd for memes
dead general

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