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Should I learn C#, or will that be dead in four years too?
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C# is gonna be around for a long time. There's untold billions of dollars of legacy code in C# that's not going anywhere because it works and was fucking expensive to build.
please dont go anywhere near M$ languages
I struggled with learning programming, C# was a graceful mid level language that enabled me to learn and understand both lower level languages and higher. Know I make good money working with C# to make games. There's still a ton to learn and it's super versatile. So if you're new to programming or not, I suggest it. Don't use mono develop tho. VS Code or Visual Studios. Both free.

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How do we fix /g/?
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ban text board refugees
migrate 4chan servers from mac os x to cloveros
Get rid of /pol/

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It seems that there is a lot of jealousy going on with the new Skylake-X line.

I just did a bunch of benchmarks with a newly received 7820x 8c/16t CPU and a x299 mobo.

It's fast as heck and faster than my previous setup.

What gives?
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Nice try Intel marketing department
>fast as heck
That's a great benchmark amigo
Price, thermals, OCing issues, mesh/cache changes causing performance regressions

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how do you erase a samsung internal ssd that has windows 7 enterprise and is connected to a domain

i found a computer tower that has the ssd i tried everything and still nothing how to fix
pic related its the computer
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its a dell precision t3500
Give it back

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Without turning this into a blog about my life I wish to live off the grid, however I'm a sucker for tech and do not wish to go full Amish.
This thread is for discussing how one could live self sufficiently (which includes not paying monthly taxes) with the aid of modern knowledge/technology.

The hardest issue imo is internet, that's not something you can steal from your neighbors if you're living innacabin. All the ISPs I can think think of require eternal payments and I am yet to find a good loophole.
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just live in a farm with an ISP nearby
works just the same
Well, you could mooch off of free public wifi if you're within range (or rig up a ridiculous antenna for long range shekelsaving). Of course, the speed, latency, and security take a nosedive (not to mention possible blacklist nonsense). There's also the blackhat approach of cracking a shit router from an unsuspecting neighbor, but that has some serious legal risks to consider.
Thanks for the info, I'll look into it.

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cd ..
>cd code
neofetch for muh threads

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Why aren't you using PGP again, faggot?
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because i cant get it to work with trillian
>can't find a pgp compatible program
are you retarded?
you can encrypt and decrypt plaintext and just send it over trillian
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>Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption program provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication.

>cryptographic privacy and authentication
>on a public anonymous site

Nigger, don't drop out of school.

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Which one, and why?
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Doesn't matter, not like I have friends that would use it with me anyway
all my friends use imessage.
also, I don't deal drugs and don't do anything bad so I have no use for either of these.
I have friends that use dumb phones, as well as friends who get their android phones turned off from time to time.

CloverOS GNU/Linux

Everything broke, but at least I have eurobeat edition

Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga
LiveCD: https://github.com/chiru-no/cloveros/releases
Github: https://github.com/chiru-no/cloveros
Package count: 2474 http://cloveros.ga/s/packages.html
Official IRC channel: #cloveros on Rizon
GPG: 78F5 AC55 A120 07F2 2DF9 A28A 78B9 3F76 B8E4 2805
License: WTFPL
Mirrors: https://uswest.cloveros.ga https://useast.cloveros.ga https://fr.cloveros.ga https://uk.cloveros.ga

Current CFLAGS: CFLAGS="-Ofast -pipe -flto=8 -funroll-loops -floop-block -floop-interchange -floop-strip-mine -ftree-loop-distribution"

Previous threads: https://warosu.org/g/?task=search2&search_subject=cloveros

CloverOS GNU/Linux is scripts that creates a Gentoo image and a packages repo (Binhost) that contains unique USE flags and CFLAGS. It aims to be a fast, poetterfrei, lightweight out of the box desktop.
Github readme might have the solution to your problem
CloverOS wallpapers and memes: http://cloveros.booru.org
Video: https://a.doko.moe/cngnzh.mp4
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well I tried
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I'm running a virtual box of Clover OS and after partitioning it it resting and staring the whole process after

What do?
I installed it fresh and I get to the shell login screen, but when i run startx it goes black then comes back with the errors:
/etc/X11/ blah blah/ - xterm: Command not found
/etc/X11/ blah blah/ - xclock: Command not found

Both repeated about twice

is tor a honeypot?
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No it is not, so please keep doing your illegal activities exclusively through tor.
Seems fine to me. I'd definitely recommend it if you're doing dodgy shit on the web.
The correct term would be honeynet and no, it's just plain compromised.

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$password = hash('sha256', $_GET['password']);
$stringParts = str_split($password);
$password = implode('', $stringParts);

Take that hackers.
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>tfw to dumb to understand what this does
1. get a password as string
2. hash it with sha256
3. transform string into array
4. sort it by character
5. join the sorted array into a new string

so if he gets a password as text, he'd perform the same procedure. and if his database leaks, the passwords wouldn't be cracked. but, if people have access to the code, they can see what he's doing. that's my take on it anyway, i don't use php since it's garbage
You fucking retard. You're gonna get collisions with that shit.

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Some mexinigger just plugged in his phone to my laptop and walked away. What can I do to fuck up his phone? (i.e. brick it or put it into a boot loop)
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what? just unplug it.

what kind of retarded place do you live that a stranger just walks up and plugs his phone into your laptop and walks away?
Kek, that thread again

i'd call you out saying "a thread died for this" but more likely than not you probably just pushed off a(nother?) /pol/ thread.

How do I stop wasting my time on the Internet and vidya and start reading books?
I am so weak, /g/, so weak...
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If you tell me who the girl is I will tell you the secret...
not technology

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Why does a Blu-ray DVD player program for Windows cost more than an actual DVD player?!?

When I got my PC I stuck an after-market Blu-ray drive in the second bay, not realizing that you need a special program to actually USE it. So when I watch a DVD (I got rid of my television), I stick to the old format. But if somebody lends me a BR, I'm fucked.

I ripped a friend's BR DVD to watch using MakeMKV beta in a LINUX VM on said PC, but that has been my only success.

I looked on Amazon and the high end player programs are $60-$70. I'd rather pay $20-$30, but the ones in that price range look pretty iffy.

Is there some option I'm overlooking? Wouldn't even buying a physical BR player and trying to hook it up to a monitor fail because copy protection???
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>Using proprietary media
It's free if you look hard enough...
This is literally the only good reason for piracy, don't get me wrong I fully get piracy, Fuck paying for games and music, but 90% of people can afford them, including me. But shit like this where you need $70 on top of your player and DVD's is retarded.

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"anon, nature is free... therefore, software should also be free. why are you still using proprietary software, anon?"
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because i don't take technology advice from apes
Both are kept locked in my computer, so what's the difference?
Who are you? Sorry but I do plan on switching religions, have a nice day!

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