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hey /g/
I usually just lurk and don't post much, but I was hoping for some advice with a virtualization problem. Basically my motherboard doesn't seem to support it. My processor should though. Unfortunately there does not appear to be an option for it in my BIOS.

I have a 6700K processor. The only information I've been able to bet about the motherboard is that the "manufacturer" is "Notebook" which doesn't make much sense, and the product is listed as: P870DM2_DM3. The serial number and version come up as N/A. I've been told that a driver update might add virtualisation, but I haven't been able to find any additional drivers. I also tried calling the manufacturer of the laptop, Origin, and the only info they were able to give me is that the option should be in the BIOS... which it isn't. Couldn't get the type of motherboard they used out of them either. I've been told I might be able to do something called flashing my BIOS. but it is likely to brick my system. I bought this laptop as a development platform, but if I can't emulate target devices, that makes testing rather hard.

Also I can't run android emulators, and I'll be honest, I really want phone games on my PC too. :P

Is there a workaround for this, or am I just screwed /g/?

>pic unrelated
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Search intel virtualization technology in bios.
If there is no option try updating the bios.
If there is still no option change your pc.
>Search intel virtualization technology in bios.
It does not appear to be listed, and I don't see an actual search in the bios.
>If there is no option try updating the bios.
Where? I can't find any information of where that firmware would be, if it exists. From what I can tell the motherboard is probably proprietary specialized aka non standard shit put in by my lapop manufaturer. Can't find a bios update. The product number above is all the info I have on it and it returns almost no search results and nothing relevant.
>If there is still no option change your pc.
I'm a broke AF college student... guess I'm SOL if it comes to this... Spent the little cash I had on this one hoping it would last through college until I got a career.
Seems to be a Clevo P870DM2

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spigen case s7.jpg
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Is there are any transparent case that will not have a shitty yellow tone after a couple months of use?

I was also considering the Rhinoshield Crashguard, but i've heard some people complain about lateral buttons becoming stiff to press, and putting the thing on and off is a bit scare since the phone bends a bit, even tho i've seen reviews and it doesn't look that complicated.


You don't seem to even need screen protection with this thing. But I want to be sure it will not be a pain in the ass to press side buttons and to put on and off. Anyone has it? it's definitely better than cheap ass transparent cases that will look like shit in no time, or having to sacrifice the back of your phone by covering it with some case.
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>using a case
Not everyone is an autist that stays inside 24/7.

This is insane, 15 ft and it's brand new with no screen protection.

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You can see here the share of drives alive for by certain count of days. Every curve is the share of drives which have lived the certain date. The shaded areas are the 95% confidence intervals. For additional fun there is no labels, try to gues the manufacturers and brands yourselves.
The dataset is by Backblaze + additional data from other sources.
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On the first pic the drives are splitted by rating bins. We see that the more is the rating, less is the drive life.

On the second pic the drives are splitted by brand. Try to guess which are the most reliable brands!
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If you wanna know the details about the models of each brand, here they are.
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And here are the survivabilities by the vendors.

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Press F to pay respects
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forgot link
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Paint died with Vista.

I'm a stupid bitch in regards to linux but I'm bored of ubuntu, what would /g/entooman recommend for me
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fuck gentoo and arch, build linux from scratch

Debian testing.

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alright. i'm installing linux

which one do i get?
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Windows 10
arch will familiarize you with the concept of linux

people will usually recc a distro that gets out of your way and just werks for new people

but i think that's wrong because it doesn't encourage proficiency and you'll end up breaking it

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is there a Common Lisp equivalent to being "Pythonic" with Python? Meaning there is a single preferred method for accomplishing a task in most cases. I'm new to CL, writing out classes for common objects I'll have to work with but wondering if I'm too stuck in my ways and leveraging CLOS too much when I should be attempting to write things out as functions.
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I don't know about any kind of official style guide, but if you read enough CL books, then you'll get a good idea of how to do things. Maybe read through some CL programs on GitHub and see how people do things in the wild, too.
I've been reading through practical common lisp as well as looking at a few github projects to familiarize myself with asdf. Seems like the culuture is as lot more 'just do it your way' which I guess I'll grow to like

Lisp does not enforce a style. In Lisp anything goes.

that's the point of lisp. it's not for pajeets who would otherwise just be using Microshaft Excel to edit CSV documents

Hey /g/, what is your opinion on 2nd hand laptops?

I've been looking for a laptop for collage and I found some pretty sweet deals, stuff like a Lenovo x230t with 8gb ram for 270$.

Would you trust buying a 2nd hand laptop? what would you look for when buying one?
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>what would you look for when buying one?
bed bugs if you're in america
If is a establishment selling, I trust. If you're buying from a person, I don't buy until I test.
Not american.
Buying from a person, I will ask for some hands on time with it but what should I check in those couple of minutes I get to try out the laptop.

parsing shit right now... i'm sure i can simplify this

i am checking for combination types
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This is disgusting
Looks like java, just use javacc if you want a parser.
What exactly is this being used for?

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>Is up to the employee to decide
Yeah, for the introductory period. 2 years later they'll ask in interviews if they're comfortable with an RFID implant that 95% of the company agrees to and your app will get tossed if you say no.

>Have a nice day

No thanks. I'm morally okay with it but realistically it's not something that should ever be forced.
over my dead body
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The future? More like THE BOTNET

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Should I be worried?
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Just don't eat your laptop
>implying you will ever reproduce
Only if you live in California

>1080p IPS monitor
>1080p IPS phone
>$150 IPS tablet $200
>$200 laptop
>TN panel

Why don't cheap laptops come with IPS displays?
I don't want to buy an expensive laptop with a GAMING CPU and GPU when all I need it for is word processing and watching videos.
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>1080p IPS monitor
>1080p IPS phone
Where you fucking faggot?
why is akko such a booblet?


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That application allows you to watch and search youtube videos with
no restrictions
no browser
no X-server


What do you think guys? Will youtube stop witht their gay UI changes on their website now that there is an alternative or will they change their API again to fuck everyone in OpenSource community once again and block us?
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>Will youtube stop witht their gay UI changes on their website now that there is an alternative

Of course. They'll revert the changes right away because they design for a handful of autistic gentoomen and not the normie masses.
>going to YT so much that you even realize what the changes are
I went there when I saw the first thread and I went there again right now. I can't see what changed.
They reverted their last UI change as it made the site slow for everyone.

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will it die soon?
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No man's sky will just fade and be forgotten. No worries.
Yes. Sell now, goy.

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Are external hard drives more prone to failure due to hardware issues or because the are exposed to more physical shocks?
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Because they're made of parts that are low quality or didn't make it through QC quite as well.
IMO it's mostly user-induced failure, like moving it before the platters stop spinning.
Generally, external drives are more susceptible to vibrations because they aren't in a case on thr floor, they are on a desk in a tiny enclosure and every little bump of the table transfers at least some energy into them, which adds up over time (years and years depending on how cautious you are). Some people actually do take them traveling and then are surprised when they die and think it's because of the hardware itself, rather than their rough handling of it. In reality, many external hard drives are just internal models slapped inside a little casing, like a lot of WD drives.

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