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>tfw you boot into your arch box after being forced to use windows for the past few days.
is there a better feeling than freedom from tyranny?
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let us know when you break the shackles of your virginity.
Haha truly ebyn buddy :DDDDDD

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> How much data does an average person generate for a social network?
Thank you
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The equivalent for 16USD per year

(Source: Facebook)

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Why I prefer Pale Moon
watching the same vid Pale Moon uses less virtually same ram but less CPU
Both hardware acceleration enabled

Setting: 1080p60fps
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I can only confirm that Firefox 57 loads much less CPU than Chrome.
post screenshot
>20% memory

I want to have proper car security /g/, as I have paid a fortune for my car.

Does a car camera exist where it can connect to a mobile network(4G)/satellite and wirelessly upload the data to my desktop at home? This is so if the cam is destroyed, the video feed will still be alive.

It would also be nice if the camera had GPS tracking, so I can monitor where my car is located at in case it gets stolen.
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I need car security advice!
Ah fuck /g.
Your obsession with the camera idea is profoundly stupid. It's defeated by a mask and will not actually protect your "fortune" expenditure. You admit yourself that you need to plan for the cam getting destroyed! Brother if the cam is destroyed, the car is long chopped up.

There are plenty of small GPS trackers you can buy which work off of a prepaid mobile phone SIM. Spend a few minutes on Amazon. But when it comes to car security, go have a proper security system installed which disables the car when armed. Then make sure to leave nothing attractive for thieves in the cabin and park it in the safest and most visible areas.

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ITT: Tech celebs/journalists/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury.
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Also: Soros, Gates and the fags over Solus OS

why does this shit forces me to use smartphone? is there any way to use 2FA without having one?
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welcome to the future goy
Some 2FA auths use plain SMS.
it's so stupid how easy it is to bypass SMS 2FA

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Let's have a TECHNOLOGY thread

I'm writing a piece about the IBM 7090, the first commercially viable, fully transistorized computing system.

I've been reading through the reference manual and it's fantastic. Most technology today is the result of severe abstraction, excluding all the details that aren't essential and focusing on making things simple for the user. This results in a user completed disconnected from the actual low-level function of the computer. But with these old mainframes, the reference manuals get into how the mainframes work, talking about CPU (the size of a large cabinet) separated into distinct parts that are essentially the control unit and the ALU.
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Commodore computer manuals have pretty much all that. I'm not even old enough to have used one in their heyday, but it's fun exploring these old machines.

Pic related is EBR-I, a classy piece of tech too far ahead of its time.
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ITT we post obsolete tech still being used and why it's obsolete

>Wrist watches
It's been degraded to a fashion accessory, the majority of people just use their smartphone for checking the time these days.
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My watch keeps time even after my phone battery has died
Does your phone not last for more than a day with your regular usage patterns?
Did you not check that before buying?

Doesn't seem like you're making smart purchase decisions Anon.
Would be qt without glasses
This. I have two Casio calculator watches that I've worn unironically because I can't into math.
All smartphones are shit, anon.

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With websites getting shut down from ever getting a proper domain name, with left allowed to dox people without repercussion, it's only a matter of time before an accidentally posted "nigger" or "spic" on 4chan will make you lose your job.

How you ask? Google captcha.
With every single captcha filled Google gets your IP address, page you're on and a timestamp. This information is enough to determine what was posted and by who. Yes, you're the guy with a "nigger" post on /g/, and Google knows it. If that data is "accidentally" leaked, Twatter scavengers will definitely have a go at it. No one with a brain wants this.

Google captcha is only unique in how much of a botnet it is. It is replaceable otherwise.
Thus it must be changed for free as in not-botnet solutions. It's entirely achievable, even eight channel uses some alternative captcha. Here are some of them, I'm sure there are more:

All boards, not just /g/, should come to an agreement on this.

>b-bbbut just use legacy captcha
Legacy captcha is an older version of the same Google recaptcha service. Google still gets the same identification information. It's unsupported and may be shut down unexpectedly, will a harder v2 captcha be a wakeup call then?

>b-bbubbut just get a pass
Pass is not a guarantee against the botnet. It only disables captcha input. New users are not protected against the captcha whatsoever, it may take time for them to decide to get a pass, until then they are put in danger.

>bb--bbbut any other captcha will make the pass worthless, hiro will never allow that
A pass doesn't just bypass the captcha, but also reduces wait times for posting and gets around country blocks. These features cannot be emulated and will still have as much worth as with an alternative captcha. Not to mention a section of users use the pass as a donation mechanism, without expecting return. An alternative captcha cannot hurt pass sales.
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just use another website
>With every single captcha filled Google gets your IP address, page you're on and a timestamp.
How are they doing that? Maybe instead we should attack their gathering abilities.
An IP address does not equal a person. Next.

Please help me with my PC, i made a good chose? any improvements?
here is the list: https://www.pccomponentes.com/lista-de-deseos/olMvZPsONQwxsR
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will z370 motherboards support kaby/skylake cpus? we already know it'll be the same 1151 socket

i'm aware that they'll make changes to z370 to support 6 cores, so clearly a hexacore won't work on z170/z270

the reason i'm asking is because i have a 6700k on a mediocre z170 gigabyte board (z170m-d3h) and i'd like an upgrade to something more solid. should i get a good z270 board now or wait for z370?

everywhere i look on google they mention that the new chips won't work on the old boards, but no mention of the other way around
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i fucking knew it, nobody knows, neither does intel. intel is kill
Why not just wait it out for Ryzen 2/Intel 10NM desktop parts and get a brand new platform with actual performance gains? Its pretty obvious LGA1151 is almost dead, and spending 100+$ for no performance gains seems stupid,
i don't fucking need performance gains
i was on a xeon L5420 for many years before jumping on a 6700k last year. those aren't "performance gains" you're talking about. I need better system stability and connectivity, which my board isn't too great with. it has a retarded m2 slot placement, legacy pci slots, no usb type c port, crappy cooling on the vrm

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I don't see any reason that I should be forced to work with black people in the tech industry.
These ooga booga niggers are lazy, don't know shit about tech, somehow managing to was hundreds of thousands of dollars on education like the leaches they are. Even in the workplace they manage to be a waste of time and resources because you have to explain everything to their chimp brains.
They need to go back to working in cotton farms or collecting welfare stamps, it's the only two things these types of people have been useful for. Better yet, ship them back to Africa so they starve to death with their species.
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I too don't like diversity and sjw evangelism but if you want a proficuous career (or a career at all) then you have to hide your power level.
>They need to go back to collecting welfare stamps

You do know where welfare comes from, right anon? Do you enjoy giving black people your own money for doing nothing?
Comrad, you may be right, but this board is not the place for it. Please, take it to >>>/pol/ or >>>/po/

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Does anybody remember bumptop and also cubedesktop
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Dumb frogposter
Anime posters are even worse

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is my chinkpad going to die?

windows got a total freeze, absolutely nothing worked except the mouse cursor, i had to shut it down by force.

after the reboot, i found this particular error among the others from the force shut down. do i need to change the CPU or something?

ram is fine, tested it with memtest for serveral hours and not a single error was found.
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That exception is raised when the shittop can't take any of your cum anymore on its keyboard.

We've all seen how awesome Google Timeline looks and how cool it would be to use it, however you can't really because of course it's Google. As long as that's on basically everyone (Google, gov't, insurers, etc. etc.) will know exactly where you are and where you've been.

So is there something similarly cool that you can self host on a server or phone without draining the complete bajezus out of ur battery (looking at you Oruxmaps)? Preferably not using Google Loc Services cause that sort of defeats the purpose... Does something like this even exist?

- selfhosted, no 3rd party bs
- not too big battery drain
- should look decent, easy UI
- should work automatically, always in the background
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I don't understand the appeal of having a complete map of where you've been on your daily commute.
Well it's mostly for holidays but I could use it for work really well for example
I guess those are the only moments you get out of your nest.

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