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i fucked up /g/
i stained my screen with superglue by accident.
any way to clean this?
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Lick it
The kind of chemicals you'd prob. need to remove the superglue would damage the screen. tl;dr kys cuck.
Scrape it off with your fingernail. It'll take a while, but at least you won't scratch your screen.

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What distro does he us /g/ros?
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what does he do in Russia?

Daily reminder that somebody in Apple thought it was a good idea. And somebody else approved it.
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The essential phone has the same thing you know, nobody complained then

>nobody complained then

either we are not browsing the same /g/ or you are just retarded. people shitposted about it and it triggered a good amount of OCD.
Yes we did. It looks fucking hideous no matter what company implements the top notch thing.

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Is there a worse operating system out there, /g/?
Everything you try do beyond playing Blizzard game breaks the entire OS and to fix it, you have to follow Ravsheet Pirjuuts recommendation and do some pajeet command prompt sorcery that I'm not sure even MS themselves are certain about because the operating system is such a bloated, inconsistent POS.
I thought the argument against Linux was that Windows never requires fixing. I spent more fucking time fixing Windows over 2 years than I ever have Linux over the course of 8 years.
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eComStation is objectively worse since it's literally even more hacks upon hacks with less support.
That's about it though and eComStation only exists to service a few banks who didn't want to move their shit on from OS/2.

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>go torrent Tantra for cool ass affects in FL
>open files
I'm sure you faggots can tell me how to install this but the fact that I'm trying to get this shit to work and then finally I figured something out, I was able to extract the first one, but it comes up and it crashes? 2017 and shit is still treated like it's 1998. When will you losers get in the future and learn to stop making shit so overly complicated? We get it, you're smart, but there's no need to show how overly complicated something is.

If you're so smart, wouldn't it make sense to make a program EASIER for everyone to use?
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>being so stupid you can't extract from multipack archive

you should kill yourself OP
If you want easy, pay for the product.
There was like 40 of them. Do you wanna extract 40 of these damn things over and over and get the same things from them?

I get a cracked program all the time, and they aren't this overly complicated. They aren't in sections, they are just
>registery file/crack/keygen/key
>turn on
Most of them anyways. Tantra is hard to find as it is.

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iphone x.jpg
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>(((scans))) your face to unlock
The good goy smartphone
   .     _///_,
. / ` ' '>
) o' __/_'>
( / _/ )_\'>
' "__/ /_/\_>
/,---, _/ /
"" /_/_/_/
/_(_(_(_ \
( \_\_\\_ )\
\'__\_\_\_\__ ).\
//____|___\__) )_/
| _ \'___'_( /'
\_ (-'\'___'_\ __,'_'
__) \ \\___(_ __/.__,'
,((,-,__\ '", __\_/. __,'

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I unironically think that this phone is pretty nice looking

and it definitely has the best specs out of any phone

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How the fuck did the OOP meme become so popular?
Pic not related.
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Private sector uses it. You will understand once you get a real job.
Because it's easier to conceptualize, making it easier for retards.

For similar reasons, Python is gaining ground (only one right way of doing things).

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>Anything but the Moto Z with livermorium mod
it's cheaper too
Stop, if I keep seeing this phone I WILL buy it.
BB still the most secure phone??

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What is your excuse for not throwing out excess cables?

I decided to throw them out, and just buy a new one if I really need one.
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Cables from modular power supplies also count.
its annoying to need a cable and then have to either go to Best Goy and pay a fat markup for one, or have to buy one online and wait several days for it, as opposed to just walking over to my box of cables and getting one.

Invest in a bag of velcro straps so your cables aren't one giant hairball.
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>I decided to throw them out, and just buy a new one if I really need one.
>just buy a new one if I really need one.
>buy a new one
>really need one

See, that's the problem.

When I need the cable, I will need it in that moment.

So that means I'm going to have to get off my ass to a brick and mortar store, where I will end up paying more than £5 for a meter of cable, covered in marketing wank trying to justify to average joe why it costs £10 for their copper rubber spaghetti.


Order online for a reasonable price, but wait 2 days for it to get to my dwelling.

So, I just keep all the cables I can. Hell, I even cut the cable on dead electronics and appliances so I have spare mains wire, plugs, and fuses arround.

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There is some good search engine that ins't a botnet yet? I tried to use SearX but it fucking sucks if you're in a country other then USA.
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Give Qwant a go, https://www.qwant.com/web although, I am sticking with SearX for now since I never search things in my native Language.
There was a thread last week about qwant trying to sell data m8
Oh, thanks for telling me that, I really didn't caught that. I'll look it up in the archive.
Never mind my advice.
Maybe YaCy improved a bit? But it's probably still very shitty.




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>A thread died for this
no, it's available in the archive thanks to the wonders of Yotsuba 3 (registered trademark)

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Rust + Webassembly got me hype for a new slim-OS future. OS design could become just making a nice browser. It's like the JVM but better and good.

Who else has any feels here?
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This is why we cant have nice things.
I have a feel that you're memeing. wasm is in very early stages so there's nothing to get hyped about yet
yes anon, i'm getting good feels about this one too as i graduate next year and this is exactly what i want to get into. Progressive Web Apps is a step in the right direction, wasm pretty much just seals the deal.

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How do I use window system effectively? I recently learned to not maximize windows. What some other advices can /g/ say?
>inb4: install a tiling windowing system
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I like to utilize workspaces/virtual desktops. Split up any multitasking across multiple desktops. It's so convenient. You can do this on Windows too.
Yeah, I do something similar with FVWM, except I use both multiple virtualized desktops and larger-than-screen virtual windows. In addition to this, I have a Perl module I use that enables me to manipulate my windows in a quasi-tiling way so that I can use a lot of estate, without the inflexibility of an actual tiling window manager. All with sloppy focus. I know there's a window manager that does the tiling similarly, but it's not nearly as extensible--nor flexible--as FVWM is. I mean, it's insane how multifaceted FVWM is.

To elaborate, Super+r resizes a highlighted window to 50% screen size and the centers it, which makes sense for certain applications, such as Emacs. And then there's the keybinds for native FVWM functionality like Super+i which just iconifies windows. I have icons disabled, though, so I access iconified windows with a dialogue that left click opens up, but there's also a keybind I have that opens up the same dialogue next to my cursor.

I reserve the second desktop for applications initialized on startup, that I might not visit very frequently.
>I have a Perl module I use that enables me to manipulate my windows
You can manipulate windows size and position from external programs?

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>The new Volta SM is 50% more energy efficient than the previous generation Pascal design, enabling major boosts in FP32 and FP64 performance in the same power envelope.

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oh boy 50% more powerful GPUs

it's not even a question how AMD will recover, because they won't
Who needs FP64 anyways?
it's useful for adult tasks, you don't need it for gaming

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Use a search engine before posting

Previous Thread: >>62436648
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I currently have ubuntu 17.04 installed on my laptop, and after recently installing gnome I can't even login.
The computer freezes completely, only action I can do is force it to shutdown. It also seems to be using 100% of everything as it overheats and shutsdown by itself after 10 minutes.
Any ideas what the fuck is causing this? Computer works perfectly fine in recovery mode.
I have a HD8800M as graphics card, which is no longer supported so I have no amd driver for it. Tried an open-source driver but nothing changed, its still overheating and freezing.
I also hade all things related to bluetooth uninstalled since previously what was causing the freezes (before gnome) was errors with bluetooth starting up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been going back and forth reading threads on AskUbuntu for more than 3 hours now.
All PCs with Intel have a backdoor?
Is it worth defragmenting your HDD?

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