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should i jailbreak my iphone?
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If you want something that jailbreak offers then yes, otherwise no.
I personally don't
what app do you use to browse 4chin?
I don't really web browse on my phone. I heard 4chan has a mobile version.

Bitcoin mining thread?

Got an AMD Radeon RX480 4gb and an AMD FX 8 core cpu @ 4.00GHz. I'm using the Nicehash miner and I get roughly $1.87 a day, but i don't mine all day so take that down to maybe 40 cents. Is my setup good? I'm using my gaming computer because I'm poor. My GPU clicks when under load, but I'm sure that can be fixed with a good dusting out. Give me suggestions if you feel like it, or don't. I don't give a shit anon.
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What do I do to get into mining?.
You need a desktop pc, you need to download a miner, I use Nicehash. Really you should look it up on YouTube, that's what I did. Have fun!
you'd make around 100-150$ per month mining ethereum instead

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Has any one language done more good than this wonderful creation of mankind?

>you just can't handle it's awesomeness, you fine sir
Literally not an argument

There are plenty of languages that have close to what awesomeness of C has to offer, you just need to adjust to it being that much more awesome.

Face it: C is pure godly mana. The fact that stupid people (like me) can use it and bask in it's glory doesn't change the fact that it is awesome by design.
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Are you so butthurt from being told about _Generic in the other thread, you had to make a new one?
I'm personally not giving C a go due to there being no good place to learn it. Also I'm confused on C , C# and C++'s support on Linux.
>confused about C support on Linux
Are you even serious

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>the power of Free Software™
Linux absolutely irreversibly BTFO

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nigger there's already a thread about this and here's your answer >>61472219
>not even part of gnome
I don't even have .NET installed
The fact that so many people still name Linux as the greatest or most significant OS ever only tells you how far Computers still are from becoming a serious way to work.

Contemporary programmers never spoke highly of Linux, and for good reason. They could never figure out why it's distributions should be regarded as good. They knew that Linux was simply lucky to become a folk phenomenon (thanks to Windows). That phenomenon kept alive interest in it's mediocre distro's to this day.

Linux Got really popular not because it's the greatest OS but simply because it's distro's were easy to sell to the masses, they had no difficult content, they had no technical innovations, they had no creative depth. It's a bunch of nice looking UI's with some decent functions.

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I didn't know whether to post this in /mu/ or here...

Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent affordable (as cheap as possible without being utter dogshit that is no better than my cans plugged right into my computers minijack) DAC/Amps?

Sub $100 is a must, the closer I can get to $0 the better though
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Well, 0-100 is a fairly wide margin. What do you wish to emphasize? Cheap or good?

Starting recommendation - the Lepai LP-2020A+ can be had for around $20 and is generally seen as the go-to 'baby's first amp"

Be careful if you go that route though, because you really want to make sure you get one with the Tripath chip. You will often see "Lepy LP-2020A" products along side the Lepai, don't let yourself buy one, they're garbage.
Huh I figured even under 100 was severely limited...

Right now I'd like to emphasize cheap, there's always gonna be something fancier on the horizon I can buy when I have more disposable cash.

The Lepai sounds intriguing, thanks for the heads up too!

100 is limiting, but two things at play here. A) there are a ton of options under 100 because the Chinese make these things by the dozens and B) the quality between a $20-$100 can be pretty big, but you're certainly not going to get the quality of a $500~ AMP.

If you're looking for cheap, then like I said, the Lepai LP-2020A+ is certainly a good starting option, especially if you know you'll be upgrading.

I have one, it's pretty good at driving 2 bookshelf speakers I have. Sound is decently clean at lower volumes, but don't expect to be overwhelmed with heavy hitting bass or anything. It is only a 2.0 channel system.

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Can someone please clarify what cpu spinning speed is and how it affects performance.

Say you have two identical I5's, but one spins at 600 rpm and the other at 800rpm. What kind of difference would that make in performance?

Thanks in advance.
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CPUs don't spin you spastic, a heatsink attached to the CPU will have fans on it which spin.
The purpose of fan speed in that context is to move more air through the heatsink and displace more heat.

CPUs don't normally spin.

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Start using systemd, GNOME, and Wayland right now.
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fuck off
i already am :3
no u

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hey /g/ang, wondering if you can help me out.
i want to set up a hidden camera in my room so i can record myself having sex to watch later. anyone have any experience with this?
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i should mention i've spent a good amount of time on amazon but all the "spy cameras" look pretty dumb
Just have a big ass camera on a tripod at the foot at your bed or even better keep a cameraman on retainer for high quality oc
well, you'd better hook it up to a solar panel or mains, because you'll be waiting a long time for anyone to pityfuck you


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Piriform and CCleaner died long before this
what does that actually mean and in what way will it affect us?
I just hope they don't fuck Recuva or Speccy up.

CCleaner it's pretty unnecessary nowadays and who the fuck uses Defraggler anyway.

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>Secure or shutdown old, unused or unnecessary online accounts
>Harden your OS by minimising vulnerabilities like uninstalling unused software, installing patches and updates
>Back up any important data or do image back up of OS installation
>Consider flashing your router to block telemetry and advertisements from your router or use host file to block malicious domains. See: http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/
>Change passwords
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Or just install nonfree software by the assload cracked by russian keygens and patches.
ok mom but im busy right now
Thank you for reminding kind anonkun!

Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus.

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4chen, loook what i just found
It's better than fucktek onboard shit
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Give it back Tyrone
Give it back Jamal!
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Very good acquirement, ЂAЋEP, i will make sure your slum is untouched for the next year!

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>drink Rauch sour cherry fruit juice
>see this link on the box
>look up, company is Austrian
Why does an Austrian fruit juice company have a website with a TLD of the Cocos Islands?

Also sites with weird TLD's/ccTLD's I guess.
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cc is just a generic registrar, it's co.cc that's cocos ilands.
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ITT we reinvent the wheel
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it's a hover car
You may just be the worst artist that ever existed in this universe.
It's a sphere wheel

this allows parallel parking from the side on, it also makes it easier to exit parallel parks

you're not ready

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Quora /g/ edition

>go to http://www.quora.com
>take a screenshot at a /g/ related question
>post it here and let /g/ answer it
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ayy lmao
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Is it okay to still be using PHP version 5? It does everything I need and I don't want to have to learn a load of new stuff to use version 7. Also version 7 requires Microsoft Visual C 2015 which won't install on my old computer.

What do you think?
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That's what I think
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>Is it okay to still be using PHP


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