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What is the best solution for cross-platform tab management?

The more universal the better, but gotta at least work for chrome.

I've tried at least 4 or 5 extensions so far, and there must be far more, but the lack of a decent solution that ticks all the simple boxes baffles me. I just want to be able to:
-sync. leave my laptop, walk over to my desktop, and see which tabs are open on the laptop (Chrome does this well enough)
-create tab groups: collapse a window full of tabs into one distinct, optionally renameable, container
-sync those tab groups as well.

I do like OneTab except for the glaring fact that it has ZERO sync functionality. If I collapse some tabs on my laptop, they're locked to that computer now, I can't access those on any other machine. Also the UI kinda sucks.

Session Buddy is great, like a more polished OneTab, but at the cost of less quick options (no "send all tabs to the right" etc.), and still. no. fucking. sync.

TabCloud: thought this might be my winner, as it DOES sync, but the UI is worse than both of the above 2 imo, and the tab groups are pretty inflexible - if I open a group on another computer, then close a few tabs for example, then you have to manually make sure you save that group as an entirely new one when you're done, and name it again, before you switch back to your other computer. Some automation here would be extremely welcome.

But tabcloud seems to be the best out of the 3 now. They do have an android "app", if you can call it that, since it hasn't been updated since 2010 and is literally nothing more than a home screen link to their webpage, where you can view but not modify your saved groups because the js is broken or something.

Am I missing something obvious here? Does firefucks sync tab groups? Does it still have tab groups? I hate firefox anyway. Bah, why can't Brave just hurry up and make their shit good.
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bump for this shit niggers
>tab manager for chrome
Lmao,.good joke
Just throw them into bookmarks man, I don't recommend the sync jew though.

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Make web 1.0 sites.
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This is the kind of posts I like mom
Upgrade your single core piece of shit, ned.
>me, on a new martian colony
>string together two rocks copper wiring
>download my website from martian relay satellite within seconds

>you, using your multicore chat machine
>can't even download your 40 lb javascript bloat by sundown
>the shadow aliens come out at night and kill your family

The last three years I have been using TorGuard and not had any problems with it. However, I am aware that it is an American owned VPN services, which could not be the best for privacy in the case of cooperation with authorities if they have a warrant for my traffic. Is there another service that I should consider, or should I stick with TorGuard? Willing to investigate anything that doesn't require renting or setting up my own VPN server. Nothing too risky over here, just torrenting and don't want C&D letters.
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I also want to point out that I searched the catalog already and didn't find anything relevant that answered my questions.
>Willing to investigate anything that doesn't require renting or setting up my own VPN server

This sentence alone proves you have no idea what you're talking about. No fucking shit you're not going to set up your own server. Half of the point in using VPNs is not being able to have your traffic traced back to you because of the amount of other users using the same server.

I kinda forgot to ask the hft guy from yesterday but I wonder what laptops are preferred in fintech?
Do they use Apple memebooks like in silicon valley or stuff like thinkpads and latitudes and such?
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thinkpads all day thats why they still make the fucking things.
Macbooks. They're too rich and too busy to waste time futzing with backdoored chinkshit.
Conflicting statements. Interesting. But that means there is a 100% chance one of them is completely wrong.

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So I've installed Nigthly but I have a problem with 1px white borders when in fullscreen. Any fixes?
My userChrome consists of only one thing:

@namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */

#content browser {
margin-right: -140px !important;
overflow-y: scroll;
overflow-x: hidden;
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it looks disgusting
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When I've enabled Title Bar in the customization options, the 1px border disappeared, but it looks shit

Could this be real...
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>Generic Shopify page
>All privacy policies and about us stuff lists the website URL as the company name, but another page calls them something different
>Contact Us page lists a residential cell phone, and address as the warehouse address, which is all default information pulled from your shopify account
>ultra-discount apple products

9/10 likely a scam, bro.

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I managed to get my old intel q8300 from 2.5 GHz to 3 GHz. Now I want to fine tune the voltage but no matter what I select, it doesn't want to boot. If I leave it to normal, it boots fine. Any ideas?
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My mobo is gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G. Thanks in advance.
then leave it to normal
any voltage lower is prob not enough
if it overheats get better cooling, downclock, or max out your fans
>>62335837 set it to at least 1.35v
Those c2q could easily crank at 3.4 and even more. You're probably hav a ram stability issue not cpu

anybody using this?
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Nah, only closedinida
I tried on a Vm but it broke when i tried to update it, i dont get what is the point of that OS anyway
Worst and slowest method of searching, installing and updating packages I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing.

Avoid it like the plague imo, they need to start over and take the Illumos kernel/base base and just roll it with something flexible like FreeBSD ports, dports, netbsd ports or whatever instead of the current clusterfuck.

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Why not?
Youtube uses separate audio and video streams for its higher formats (likely to save space). You just have to mux the two sources together.

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Proofs with mathematical induction
Finite and infinite sequences and their limits
Convergence of finite and infinite series
Basic properties of real-valued functions in one variable
Elementary functions and their properties
Derivatives and integration of real-valued functions
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All of those looks like Cal 1
Ok so if i know my precalculus I can do it?
Yes, you should be fine. It's still a difficult subject though. I remember finding it very hard, but keep at it and then it will be like ABC. But this is more of a /sci/ thread.

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/bsg/ Battle Station General.. hows your basrment anons?
> Also, lenovo thinkpad masterrace
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Apologies for the shit camera. Also, desktop is hooked up to a TV that sits about 4 feet away; I'm not just a shifty man who uses really small monitors.
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bigg all in one.jpg
2MB, 4093x3250px
nice thinkstation

here's my everything

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Windows 7 Ryzen.png
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Does anyone else get great satisfaction from successfully doing something that big manufacturers and retarded forum users try to tell you is impossible?
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No, I really don't give a shit.
impressive. Voltages?
I believe it was 1.38500 but I could be remembering wrong. It's been acting funky when I restart so I don't think it's super stable yet, I might have to tweak it some more.

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So I looked all over the board, and no thread about torrenting, so I come to you guys to help me out with this.

>used to torrent a lot
>never did, nor have I installed anything besides bittorrent
>used to be a fag and only leech, not seed

Nowadays, people seem to recommend using a VPN and whatnot when torrenting, but I'm not quite sure what's included in the whole "safe torrenting" package that I should get before I get back to it. Any help on that?

>tl;dr what should I get when I torrent, besides know which trackers to download torrents from
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Just enable incognito mode when torrenting. There are brain dead imbeciles paying like $20/month for a VPN.
I always icognito mode was kind of a sham, but I'll give it a try. Then again, after so many years of torrenting, I never once got in trouble, so why all these protective measures to begin with?

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Why the fuck is there no mic to usb amp with built in compressor/limiter and basic effects unit???
Has it been tested by the high council yet? https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/618474-audio-interface-low-latency-performance-data-base.html
For reference, I have Focusrite Saffire 24pro .. it has some problems, but when it works well it's ok (bought a TI chipset 1394 card for it also). A equivalent rme babyface is more stable/reliable, but also costs more.

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Colors in KDE look kinda washed-out, just like in windows.

GNOME and GNOME-derived DEs have somewhat "deeper" colors and higher contrast.

I'm on cinnamon, but I want my colors to look like KDE's. how can I do that? does anyone have the default KDE ICC profile?
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>using KDE unironically
>windows colors
>washed out
What the shit are you on about? The bright purples and pinks and greens are so vivid they can destroy your retins in 0.2 nanoseconds.

the darker colos in windows look a lot less dark than in gnome/etc. everything seems brighter (more white-ish). the only DE in linux that has colors similar to windows is KDE but I don't want to install KDE again

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