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How do I find all the females in facebook that lives in less than 5km of distance to my IP?

asking for a friend.
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fuck off rapist
>the first think is to commit a crime
lmao no, retard.
He's not a rapist if he cannot even find women yet.

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I'm gonna do it. My mac qualifies, only thing is I have a maximum of 83% charge. I need to lower that to below 80% in 24 hours.
2nd problem is the backup. I have carbon copy cleaner and superduper installed, the seagate backup plus software and of course time machine, the thing is my mac is tweaked as FUCK, mySIMBL and everything, and I don't wanna redo the configuration all over again. any tips ? advices ? also I am not in my country of origin I live in Japan now. Does that disqualifies me ? thanks niggies
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They won't check just replace it
Buy an external HDD and just use Time Machine to backup your machine. That way when you boot the new machine, when it asks "How would you like to set up this Mac" you can click "Restore from a Time Machine Backup"
>advices ?
>tweaked as FUCK, mySIMBL and everything
install gentoo

sj ded

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Give me 1 reason to have 3 threads dedicated to Linus Jew Tips
Give me 1 reason why mods won't simply move those threads to /bant/
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now there are 4 you fucking retard
Someone at LINUS MEDIA GROUP™ is shilling hard.

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master race
Hi pajeet

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The first big problem: PID 1

On unix systems, PID 1 is special. Orphaned processes (including a special case: daemons which orphan themselves) get reparented to PID 1. There are also some special signal semantics with respect to PID 1, and perhaps most importantly, if PID 1 crashes or exits, the whole system goes down (kernel panic).

Among the reasons systemd wants/needs to run as PID 1 is getting parenthood of badly-behaved daemons that orphan themselves, preventing their immediate parent from knowing their PID to signal or wait on them.

Unfortunately, it also gets the other properties, including bringing down the whole system when it crashes. This matters because systemd is complex. A lot more complex than traditional init systems. When I say complex, I don't mean in a lines-of-code sense. I mean in terms of the possible inputs and code paths that may be activated at runtime. While legacy init systems basically deal with no inputs except SIGCHLD from orphaned processes exiting and manual runlevel changes performed by the administrator, systemd deals with all sorts of inputs, including device insertion and removal, changes to mount points and watched points in the filesystem, and even a public DBus-based API. These in turn entail resource allocation, file parsing, message parsing, string handling, and so on. This brings us to:
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The second big problem: Attack Surface

On a hardened system without systemd, you have at most one root-privileged process with any exposed surface: sshd. Everything else is either running as unprivileged users or does not have any channel for providing it input except local input from root. Using systemd then more than doubles the attack surface.

This increased and unreasonable risk is not inherent to systemd's goal of fixing legacy init. However it is inherent to the systemd design philosophy of putting everything into the init process.

Systemd is not an init system!!
If someone characterizes systemd as an “init system,” you may safely assume that s/he is either utterly clueless or deliberately obfuscating the discussion. Calling systemd an init system is like calling an automobile a cup holder. Not even Lennart Poettering pretends that systemd is anything but the “Core OS” (sic).

What systemd is is an effort to re-create large portions of existing userspace (including login, job scheduling, and networking, just to name a few) inside a single process traditionally reserved for the sole purpose of starting *nix userspace. (Just in case it isn't clear, there is a huge difference between starting userspace (init) and being userspace (systemd).)

At the end of the day, how one perceives this re-creation of existing userspace strongly influences one's reaction to systemd. There are plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons to be troubled by this re-invention of the wheel; they range from the philosophical and aesthetic, to the technical and mechanical, even the purely political and brutally practical.

And that's part of the problem when folks start to “debate” systemd. Very few folks have the chops to think about, much less talk about all of these areas simultaneously. As a result, the discussion becomes fractured and disjointed, in what is literally the textbook definition of bikeshedding. Suddenly, a talking head who's never written a line of code in his/her life offers up an authoritative-sounding-but-utterly-bogus opinion on systemd's maintainability. Add in the fact that folks on both sides (including Poettering himself) act as if name-calling is a perfectly good substitute for empirical evidence, and the “debate” becomes indistinguishable from white noise.

Full story:
Linus Torvalds bashing systemd developers for making kernel developers work around their problems

mailing message:

>Key, I'm f*cking tired of the fact that you don't fix problems in the code *you* write, so that the kernel then has to work around the problems you cause.

>Greg - just for your information, I will *not* be merging any code from Kay into the kernel until this constant pattern is fixed.

>This has been going on for *years*, and doesn't seem to be getting any better. This is relevant to you because I have seen you talk about the kdbus patches, and this is a heads-up that you need to keep them separate from other work. Let distributions merge it as they need to and maybe we can merge it once it has been proven to be stable by whatever distro that was willing to play games with the developers.

>But I'm not willing to merge something where the maintainer is known to not care about bugs and regressions and then forces people in other projects to fix their project. Because I am *not* willing to take patches from people who don't clean up after their problems, and don't admit that it's their problem to fix.

>Kay - one more time: you caused the problem, you need to fix it. None of this "I can do whatever I want, others have to clean up after me" crap.


Is there any laptop meeting the following criteria :

-not 16/9
-somewhat modern CPU (ivy bridge or newer)
-convertible with stylus
-below $1k (used or new)

The surface book looks neat on paper, but I've heard it's clunky plus it's expensive as shit
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please help
I'd say X230T but it's 16/9
Non-gpu surface book is under 1k on eBay and still less clunky than most modern laptops.

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You know you've gone too far when even normies call you out, to the point where one of your main user feedback/review highlights is "too many ads".

Fucking terrible
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Who cares about dipshits having too many apps on their candy crush.
>not rooting and blocking ads with hosts file
things always start out good then the moneymen suck it dry.

Arch users confirmed autistic.
>The defendant had to allegedly obtain professional assistance inhis lengthy responsedue to a disability
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Is this that pedo?
Oh god. I had seen this on other threads but I just now clicked it.

It's fucking Alucard. Of course. Also of Rizon fame for being a prolific IRC autist, and known for being the (ex) host of a variety of lewdly named pomf clones.

Of course it's Alucard.
I have absolutely no qualms with the loli for sale domain. I found it comical.

>but muh offensive child trafficking joke!

It's a joke. It's funny. It's relating to a comical alternate anime universe. Calm down.


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intel ceo JUST.jpg
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Took them long enough to realize.

Intel seems to be in deep shit right now and Krzanich piss-poor management certainly is to blame.
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>author is some pajeet street shitter

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So when are you going to join the elite of home server owners?
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Home servers are for plebs.
Colocating your own box is the highest of high tiers.
>Not even using an entire data center in your house.
When I get a home

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Honestly now,

how many of you are actually working in qualified (degree required) developer positions?
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>attempting to gain statistics through anonymous anecdotes
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I majored in CS but ultimately ended up as a recruiter. Now I go to my old University and make all the students feel retarded for not knowing how to program stupid algorithmic questions that they'll never EVER have to tackle in IRL life.

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I bought a phone from GEEKBUYING more than a week ago. Weirdly enough I did not get a confirmation E-Mail.. Or anything like that after the purchase. Decided to wait for two days, then checked my PayPal. The money is gone. I wrote an E-Mail to their customer service.. No answer so far. I don't have a order #, no shipping confirmation, NOTHING.

GeekBuying is legit, right? So what the fuck is going on? I cant even use the inbuilt chat program of their website. Every time I click "live chat" I am redirected to this site: http://www.geekbuying.com/help/about/address/

What is this bullshit? Anyone experienced similiar problems?

I have no phone and dont want to wait a fucking month until it gets here. Should I just cancel the payment via PayPal and order from another seller?

Sry for the blogpost everyone, I am sweating..
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Tried calling the service hotline, the number in China is not even available from European net. LMAO
Just revert the payment and report their website for fraud/scam on Google, Paypal, and as an anonymous tip to the authorities since you didn't receive a receipt.

Not really worried about getting my money back, but not having the phone sucks

I thought you guys knew about GeekBuying? Its pretty big in China IIRC. Im sure if it was a scam people on here would be aware, no? But I see it being posted in CSG a lot.

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I'm using a public library's WiFi and it seems I can't use SSH on it. Likewise Thunderbird doesn't work. Browsing works fine. A brief "click here to accept terms" page appeared and then I started browsing. Anyone know what could be wrong and how I could bypass it? Did they just block all ports besides 80 and 443?
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HTTP tunnel
They blocked all ports besides 80 and 443.
Use a vpn that runs over 80 or 443. Then ssh through that

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Hey g, what's the best Windows 10 version and where do I download it?
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Windows 7 kek
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2MB, 920x880px

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Ugly af
>t. Mr. Poor
That's the ugliest phone I've ever had the displeasure of laying eyes on.

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