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Press "F" to fire Raja

Every single product he's been managing at AMD has been a total flop. RTG is a massive drain on the rest of the company.
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F...uck off.
480 and 580 are great budget cards. Not sure why was the Vega so delayed, even now we see that FE was launched too early, with abnormal power consumption and shitty performance.
Goddamnit, they did well with Ryzen, can't they do well with Vega?

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Just installed emacs for the first time. I've been using GNU/Linux as my main OS since 2004 and I have never tried emacs. I fucking love it, fuck you vim fanboys for making me think emacs is hard. It's intuitive, easy to use, it has sane key bindings and the learning curve is nowhere near as steep as it is for vim. Vim is the text editor equivalent of flogging yourself after crawling through broken glass. Fuck vim.

Now I need to some extensions for emacs. I don't do coding/programming but I do a lot of writing. What are some plugins for dictionary, formatting, LaTeX, spell check, and general word processing?
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what disgusting terminal emulator is that
borderless urxvt

Should I buy a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone?
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if you want to use your phone for office stuff like typing, yes

otherwhise no
I want to use it for typing blogs on image boards and writing massage parlor reviews.
Also I want to shitpost all day at work but look like I'm working.

I am thinking of buying a good gaming laptop, budget cc 3k euros. A friend suggested ASUS ROG G752VS-XS74K , so what do you think is that ok or have you another suggestion?
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Gaming laptop is gay
>3k euros

why settle for some shitty asus.
Buy regular laptop for 500e and spend 2.5k on monster desktop

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What kind of kikery is this ?
https://www.faceb 00 k.com/agricool.co/videos/866384010182377/

Will you grow your own food anon ?
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You have to go back.
i have all facebook servers blocked in my hosts file.
It's the future mate Aerophonic vertical farming m8. Saves land so we can find a better way to destroy it.

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Alright, I've apparently been living under a rock because every time an issue concerning corporations and social media comes up, all of these personalities refer to themselves as "content creators", and refer to whatever they make as "content". When did this trend of adapting insufferable jargon lacking in personality become the norm, even for those who take stands against corporations?
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it's how people pretend they're actually making something worthwhile instead of admitting they just make shitty youtube videos
They like to say it because it sounds more professional than "youtuber".
Bros, this is like calling myself a "software guru" or a "code artisan". It's just pretentious buzzwords.

>PC is offline as usual. This time maybe two days.
>Prompt: Restart for updates
WTF I was last online on the 16th, and updated then. What, and how did it dl an update?
Is m$ pushing scheduled fake updates to make users feel better?
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>This time maybe two days
Meant for a few days, and no WiFi card installed.
>It's not botnet!
>how did this happen?
OP here, nevermind I figured it out :)

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I have been using a cracked win 10 but yesterday after 6 months give or take of usage I was hit with an activation message(couldn't contact company server etc). Does anyone recommend a good activator that isn't a virus? I noticed the typical torrent sites all had fresh versions of activators uploaded today so something must have changed and new activators are going out. Does anyone recommend one? What is the deal with the KMS Pico? I thought I recalled someone saying it was bad to use previously and cant recall which activator I had used. I don't even know how this happened because I was using windows 10 insider.
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Install windows 7
Then use daz loader
Make a USB upgrade kit to 10
Use it on the w7 you installed with daz loader
KMS Pico
After activating win 7 with daz loader, there's a genuine windows certificate file that you can copy. You upgrade to win 10, and copy over that certificate file and you'll have a genuine copy of win 10. Complete directions are floating around somewhere over at mydigitallife forums.

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Is this the largest scam in the history of human kind? I've been in contact with probably a million of computers without a single one being damaged due to electrostatic discharge. Heck, I haven't even had a single occurrence of electrostatic discharge.
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ESD don't have to be visible or audible to do damage, you'd have no idea until the thing stops working.

That said, ESD is less of a problem in recent years due to better shielding and ESD protection. This was a major concern years ago, but still poses a relatively minor risk today. Better safe than sorry, especially if you're working on someone else's shit for money.
It really depends on the environment. In some places static electricity builds up really easily and there is a real risk.

This is rare though.

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Is Computer Science a good degree to get at uni? Is there a better tech degree I should be pursuing instead?
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Electrical engineer
No. Almost everyone wants to be a "Computer Engineer or a Software Engineer". They are like sand. You can find sand everywhere.

Study a trade and you'll be well of with that if you have the brains to get it to a level where you can earn up to 6 figures.
Medicine. Anything computer related will be automated.
I'm a pharmacist femanon, btw :3

I switched from Windows to Linux and im already having difficulties.

I have an 120gb, that i formatted and installed Ubuntu Mate on it, and another 1TB HDD with 3 partitions.

After I installed linux, I was unable to mount the second partition on the HDD.
This is the error I get.

Did I lose my files?
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>I switched from Windows to Linux
Linux hasn't done anything to your files. Most likely, windows broke the filesystem and linux can't interpret the broken bits.

Tried doing what it says?

I cant reboot into windows because I formatted C and have limited internet connection and cant download a windows image

What do you use your phone for and what apps?

Audiobooks: smart audiobook reader - 2$, has fast forward and lots of useful little things
Books: Not sure what the default is, but sometimes I'll read a short PDF on my phone
Music/podcasts: SoundCloud and Default Music player - looking for something superior, please rec
Productivity: Emails/ To-Do list (currently use color note, open to suggestions)
Video: MX Player (doesn't support AC3 sound or some shit? cant play some pirated tv shows, pls rec something that does)
Social media: fb, messenger, insta, snap, twitter
Alarm/clock/timer: default android ones work great imo
fitness: Stronglifts 5x5 (looking for something that lets me make my own workouts), C25k (couch to 5k)
Youtube is still my most used app on my phone.

Also looking for interesting games to play. I liked Mario Run.
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MX Player, AndStream
>Social media
Clover, Overchan, Dashcgan, Falling for reddit, Opengur
Timely or Clock+ on FDroid
Newpipe, Skytube
Pixel Dungeon, everything from moitititi, john emulators
these games look interesting
>2 clocks

iOS users will never be able to do this

Inb4 iCloud, depending on internet for backup is stupid.
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Who gives a fuck?
You will when you do irreparable damage to iOS and won't be able to unfuck yourself
Wow, amazing

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I'll start:
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But does it really whip the llama's ass?
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>no mousewheel volume
>no album art
>stupid auto-hide OSD
>no stats
Plebeian, you mean.
>>no mousewheel volume
>what is input.conf
>>no album art
by default it shows album art u mong
>>stupid auto-hide OSD
>what is mpv.conf and pseudo GUI
>>no stats
the fuck does this even mean, there are a million stats scripts in lua for mpv

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I need a laptop for college and I've decided to purchase a gaming laptop. Here's the two laptops I have in mind.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06Y4GZS9C/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498817726&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=predator+helios+300&dpPl=1&dpID=41v2oytxs9L&ref=plSrch

Asus laptop

Which one do you think will have better build quality? Better parts and performance? Should I choose the Asus because it's a more reliable company even though the graphics card is 3gb vs the 6gb in the Acer?
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it doesnt matter how much vram you have when youre bottnecked by thermals anyway
Gaming laptops are always a waste of money and make you look like a man child.
I'll be traveling a lot too and I won't be able to use my gaming PC. I'm looking into purchasing a laptop cooling pad in hopes of lowering the temps

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