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Help me. How do I solder this battery spring back into place. I've tried multiple times but can't get a good seal.
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better call rossmann
Install gentoo, friend.
What soldering iron do you have?
What type of solder are you using?
Do you actually know good soldering technique and understand why/how soldering works?

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Why should I use Brave when I can't even use userscripts? Default 4chan is too ugly.

And isn't Brave based on Chromium? How come I can only use the extensions that they allow?
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You shouldnt. Autists use other types of browsers.
Brave is for normies that want ad blocking and https by default. Autistic types that want nerd shit like userscripts should stick to their shitty firefox forks.
Userscript are necessary to block adblock-killers that are implemented on some sites though. Brave does not do that by default.

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Ok /g/, weird question.

I want to use my macbook and my external monitor together, effectively two monitors. But I also want to be able to switch between my macbook and my desktop pc on the external monitor, through OSX - like in the way that I can swipe with four fingers in whatever direction to get to a different maximized page.

Possible or no? Pls no mean :(

Pre-retina 2012 macbook w/ cd drive, and a fairly new desktop. Monitor has only one HDMI in, and a DVI in as well.

>pic not related
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So, you want to control input of monitor trought OSX?
Dont think thats possible mate
Yeah, basically. And really? I wouldn't be surprised, just curious to if it is a thing.

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We asked a hundred people to name something a C++ developer would never say to his girlfriend.
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Because C++ developers don't have girlfriends.
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I have free time

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Give me one good reason why I shouldn't multi-boot five different Linux distros on one machine.

pro tip; you cant
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You're free as in freedom as in free beer to do whatever on your machine.
Why would you want to? Anything you can do with one, you can do with another.
We can give you reasons but you will reject them as "not good" so there is no point really. You cant cure autism with words.

Poorfag here, cannot afford it.
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Search a torrent, took me 1 min to find.
which site? Cannot find it on TPB

You can close the thread

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>letting cuckchan set cookies
set prefs
export prefs
paste into bookmark.

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Programming fags, why don't you make some PC benchmarking software that uses framerates/consistency, loading times and power draw as the scoring criteria?
The current trend of putting silly benchmarks and games on ultra settings is officially retarded in 2017 because ultra settings are basically just a power bug that runs your harder than medium/high but without any real improvement in visual quality.
The shift to freesync/gsync also means that achieving higher fps than your sync range is now bad and the best settings are a target fps of your monitors max freesync/gsync range or if using AMD then setting Radeon chill's minimum to maximum freesync range.

No hardware review actually shows real world usage these days and some software to actually quantify the ideal gaming setups that people use would make you a fortune because it would be used by every reviewer and hardware enthusiast. Seems like low hanging fruit that would make you a millionaire.
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Grow up.
Yes, we already know Ultra is placebo bullshit for benchmarkers/ePeen enthusiasts to jerk off to. Just set it down to very high and forget about it.

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are there any form to force your phone to use the fucking SD card?

my SD card is 14GB, but the stupid huawei phone loves to store everything in the internal card and I can't install shit, because the stupid system updates use 90% of the internal system.

Fucking piece of shit, how do I install a custom rom without all the bloated garbage google apps?
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and why the fuck does android say I need special fucking permissions to write to the sd card I put in my phone
If you have android after 5.0 you can format your card as internal storage
If you root you can remove this.

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Aka Tourist, aka the best programmer at any competition in the entire world. He is from Belarus. Notice that the only thing he needs is a shitty text editor. Notice his posture, and the way he programs. You can even notice the fact that he compiles the code in his head.
Meanwhile spergs on /g/ waste their days comparing which OS is better and which text editor is best, because they want to look "cool" while they do anything else but actually code. I'm pretty sure 99% of the people here cannot code for shit. Prove me wrong. You cannot even anticipate the output of your own code, you just run the code and hope for the best. No wonder most of you all are NEETS.
Go on, prove me wrong. Post something actually impressive you've programmed yourself.
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>completely missing his point

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Is there anything for linux that does this?
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I think there's a gameboy emulator for linux
>>>man ls
man ls

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Is Avast any good? It's been installed on my PC for a few years but does it actually do anything actively to prevent getting malware?

Is antivirus even needed?
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No, don't use Avast. If you're on windows, the security essentials / defender protection is all you need.

Ok thanks, will uninstall. Feels like placebo anyway

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Just look at all the people who've restarted the AI revolution now:
>Alex Krizhevsky - made Neural Networks cool again, now at Google Brain
>Ilya Sustkever - Director of AI research at OpenAI
>Andrej Karpathy - Director of AI research at Tesla
>Ruslan Salakhutdinov - Director of AI research at Apple

All from University of Toronto.
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desu it is all thanks to novidya and ayymd for providing hardware capable of somewhat keeping up with the demands
Slavs are our European brothers and definitely deserve the recognition

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We share great sites.
I will start with news aggregator.
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You can talk anything powered by steam here
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I have to admit that steam in-house streaming works quite well.
Perfect for my GPU-passthrough vm, so I can play windows games while staying on the Linux host
Honestly, I really would be laughing,
if that actually was funny
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Toot toot!

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