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Do it.
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Php is nice
>Php is nice
You failed.

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I want to hear a single non meme reason why I shouldn't get an x240 right now and upgrade the screen to a 1080p panel

>tfw there is none
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go for it op.. there is no reason why you shouldn't get one

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How difficult would it be to create your own VPN for other people to use?
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pretty easy:
not hard at all
if you have some hardware to dedicate to it, just grab a pfsense CD and check the "vpn server" box.

It seems like every mainstream torrent site is taken down so /g/ help me get those sweet 1080p movies and tv shows for free.
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ixIRC nigger
As a semi normie (compared to you assholes) idek how to use that site.

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>IntelliJ vs Eclipse

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>he thinks IntelliJ only supports Java

IntelliJ supports fucking everything.
And it's the best IDE for fucking everything.

Why aren't you using PureOS? You do care about your privacy and security right? Ubuntu and Windows obviously don't respect your freedoms.
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is this unironically a white-only os?
because it's pure shit

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>have an 8 year old laptop
>core duo, 3gb ram
>only had to change battery and hdd
>there is still no need to upgrade it

So tell me /g/, why do you give in to your consumerist urges instead of investing your money on a home server or something? Does a shiny fruit in the back of the screen or a red dot in the middle of the keyboard turn you on so much?
The ONLY rational reason to upgrade my laptop is because it is quite heavy (2.6 kg) and has a low resolution. But then anything lighter than that is guaranteed to have shit keyboard for effeminate fingers.
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It's people like you who are ruining the economy
> It's people like you who are ruining the economy
> Having to spend money pointlessly on things I don't need "for the good of everyone"

>he had not enough money to buy a decent laptop 8 years ago
7 years laptop not a single upgrade :^), not even the battery

I'm currently using ESR but it isn't fully compatible with the new version of uBlock Origin so I'm looking to switch.
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That's not Firefox
Who the fuck told you that?

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>firefox addons stop working, images won't even load in their own tab for some reason
>try palemoon, youtube doesn't load properly
>try vivaldi, tab scroll is broken
>look into Brave, it's based on Chromium as well and has no benefit over any of the other browsers
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waterfox, goyim
>youtube doesn't load properly
>tech illiterates voicing their opinion again

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Nice, I've been in the club a solid 30 hours or so now. I've made more business defining phone calls today than I normally do in 3 days. I'm always on the road and I hate holding my 7+ to my face because I get cramps in my hands or have work I need to do with my hands so I just naturally put off phone calls until there's a lull in my week. I pick these bad boys up and started making phone calls almost immediately.

Then I got to thinking why now? Why wasn't I this "on" when I had earbuds and my backbeat fit BT headphones, and besides the novelty factor I think the wire was the biggest issue for the buds and the range and poor audio quality for the person I was talking to for the BB Fits.

Regardless of pair, I would have to fish out the headphones from my bag, untangle them, make my phone call or whatever and try my best to wrap them back up or fish them through my clothes or, in the case of the BBFits, get them off my head and turn them off. Battery life wasn't great and I would routinely take them out of my bag to find them dead from what I assume was them being inadvertently turned on from banging around so I was always very conscientious about turning them off.

I was actually doing chores around my house while I spent over an hour on the phone (on hold and talking) with an insurance adjuster yesterday. Normally that would be a speaker phone thing, which would mean I have to carry my phone with me and when the agent comes back I stop what I'm doing so I don't get the dreaded, "hey can you turn off your speaker phone so I don't have an echo?" I left my phone in my upstairs office while I was downstairs doing my thing. Absolutely phenomenal. No drops or loss in quality for either side. I really didn't think it would be such a game changer, since I've had other BT headphones, but it really is. I would go back to wired headphones if I felt there was value there, but for now, having a car without bluetooth, these are great.
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>Best BT in-ear phone on the market
worst /g/ bait of all time

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what is the fucking point?!

just focus on picture quality, you fucking retards. no one cares about ridiculous resolutions. our eyes can't see the difference

>what should we do with the next gen TVs?
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Your eye not being able to distinguish a pixel doesn't mean it doesn't look better
Higher resolution = higher picture quality
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marketing, stupid normies love bigger numbers! see megapixels...

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>TFW fell for open source drivers
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Chinese drivers*
If you don't get sound, make sure to check "reverse output" or some shit
WFM pussy

I need a new laptop, last one broke. Any suggestions?
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fuck off.

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My 4 year old LG tv just crapped itself... turned off and red power light blinking, static sound, and burning plastic smell. Is it an easy fix or should I just replace it ? I was looking at TCL tvs but I'm not against getting another LG or Samsung... budget is around 600 dollars... Any suggestions for new tv or fix ?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is this DDR 1, DDR2 or DDR3?
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Since it says 1333MHz, I'm gonna guess DDR2, but more information would be handy. Speccy should tell you outright what it is.
DDR3 most likely.
while some DDR2 modules could get up to 1600, most cheap ones topped out at half of that.
majority of DDR3 however is running on 1333
1333MHz 2GB is entry level DDR3

the 13333 DDR2 is also 2GB at largest the only way to know for sure is the PC2 or PC3 since PC3 is DDR3 and PC2 is DDR2

also DDR1 only goes up to 800MHz

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