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I installed Linux, now what?
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Call Allah, Pajeet.
salam alaikum brother
sudo rm -rf /*

>using a mac pro as a trash can

someone actually found the best usage for a mac
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this shill mustve planted this there. Ive seen his setup with a million RED cameras and apple products, and his space is 2clean for trash to be on the floor at all. He just wants to be part of the meme
well his mac lose to some-youtuber-who's-name-I-cant-remember's Hackintosh with around half the price.

Probably just that.

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More specifically, how long does an iPhone (be it 5 or any other) last?
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how often should ONE buy a smartphone?
how often? when it breaks or stops working completely.
iPhone: 4 years
Android: 6 months

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How do we solve the planned obsolescence problem?
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x220 or t420
Buy the new product before they plan to replace it?
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What technology does /g/ use when they go /out/?
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fuck off falcon
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Get out of here with that smart watch shit

tell me one good reason to use Winspy10 over Windows 7

>muh DirectX 12
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Microsoft disabled updates for Windows 7 on newer hardware.
Easy. Also,
>not taking 3 min to nuke all telemetry and bloat in windows 10
>needing to update past SP1


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So Win 10 is pretty fast to boot in general.
But what is the fastest achievable boot time?
An SSD obviously has a big impact on this but how much does CPU and memory speeds contribute?
Searching around I found someone bragging with a 15-20 sec boot (pressing the power button to actually being in windows). I get a 20 sec boot on an old Core 2 Duo E8500 so that wasn't impressive in the least.
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It's fast to "boot" because it never "shuts down". You cannot power off the botnet. It's always active and always listening.
Yes, well, except turning off fast boot.
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>go pirate a game
>"make sure you disable all your firewalls, antivirus, antispyware, turn off UAC, and run as admin!"
>"those alerts are just false positives goy! Honest!"
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>installing botnet inside a botnet
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>runnning as admin worked for me
>Not having a separate machine for all vidya piracy that has wifi disabled
It's like you enjoy being retarded

pensive is my pepper

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this is almost technology
GIMP is technology.
FLOSS vector images from Twitter is technology.
Freedoms-respecting art built from these FLOSS vector images using GIMP are technology.
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>pensive is my pepper

Today people have been absolutely consumed by their cellphones and other devices. They cant look away from it for more than a few minutes. Why is it that /g/ of all people mostly understand that this kind of behavior is bad and is regressive. People cant have conversations in person anymore and peoples entire lives are on display through social media. Soon enough, this world will be controlled by AI and no one will bat an eye. How do we stop the madness? I am fixing to go innawoods. Why are normalfags obsessed with approval of others? Richard Stallman warns about the social inertia of people MUST have a social media, linkedin, etc to even have a jobs these days. Am I living in the past or is there a way to bring this world back to their senses.
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check my dubs you retarded luddite
Good goy, keep looking at your phone. Don't talk to your peers, especially about anything that would even remotely question current society. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
>>61748177 OP BTFO xd

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What happened with this Email Provider? Someone can expain?
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Openmailbox, a privacy-oriented email provider popular in the Linux community, decided to make changes that, in my feeling, are simply cheating.

For the past two days, their service was unavailable altogether. Even right now, their servers respond with HTTP 502 once in a while.

They offered free email aliases, which now are completely gone from the UI and stopped delivering mail to the respective accounts.

Previously, they had free IMAP access (for Thunderbird et al), which now was paywalled and costs €4.99 a month.

Their web application is currently broken and makes it impossible to send emails.

All of this comes with zero ahead-of-time communication to any of their users, who now need to rely on third-party tools to get backups of their emails.


Use this tool to save your emails locally:

switch to protonmail
Seriously, fuck them. I'm switching to something else. Just hope I can forward my emails without paying.

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I might be retarded or something but I need help.

I want to write 3 apps with C#: A small filetransfer app that lets me send things from my pc to my android, a small instant messaging app and for the thrid thing I know what I need.

My question is what would I need to learn to do the filetransfer and server bits of the first 2 apps. The IM would be on PC only.

Im sincerely sorry if it's a stupid question.
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Shameless self bump.
Basic network socket programming, stream vs datagram sockets and when you would use which.

>from my pc to my android
If the phone is behind a NAT wifi network, you should learn about hole punching as well
Also, see this: http://beej.us/guide/bgnet/output/html/singlepage/bgnet.html

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>Install MPC-HC like /g/ recommended
>Watching a cute anime
>Go to take a screenshot
>Doesn't include the subs in the screenshot
>Even VLC does this
>Need to install a meme codec or program like MadVR

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2b more like 2 cute feet
>watching a cute anime
>go to take screenshot
>program crashes due to dumb bug in screenshot plugin
>install different plugin
>commence screenshotting

>go to take screenshot
>screenshot doesn't include subs
>locate plugin github
>study plugin's code
>gain a greater understanding of what your computer does while simultaneously improving the plugin for yourself and everyone who uses it
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>not using mpv

Hey guys! I'm a doctor and I suspect a patient of mine is recording our irl conversations with his phone for some reason. I wanted to know if there is a way to prevent being recorded, considering he always has his phone with him.

I was thinking about something like a signal jammer but for audio, to prevent the phone from recording something understandable.
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Nothing to hide nothing to scare.
also, what you possibly could say in front of your patient to be afraid he recorded it?
Nothing, but I don't like him to do that, it's weird.
I just wanted to know if there were possible countermeasures.

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meme pixel 2.jpg
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>front facing speakers the only thing they get right
>meme squeeze function
>no headphone jack
>"carrier friendly" phone
>100% locked bootloader
is the Pixel2 DOA?
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That's not the pixel 2, pixel 2 will have an almost edge to edge display.

Render looks like a phone from 2012 made by HTC.
really? looks like a nexus 5x to me.
Pixel 2 XL will have the bezeless display. The regular Pixel 2 won't.

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