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'Sup nibbas

I live in Quebec, Canada. Life's very easy there and I would love it if it wasn't for the fact that at every winter there's snow, a lot of it. I'm basically searching for a country with these requirements :

1. No snow, it must be a hot country
2. I need to be able to find a minimum wage job as a tourist
3. Must be a country where people speak english or french

If anybody here have any idea tell me I'll be very grateful

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Reunion Island.
French, hot, tropical lifestyle, strong under the table, cash in hand culture in every field (farming, construction, bartending...), easy to find a house to share with hippies so no paperworks https://www.leboncoin.fr/annonces/offres/reunion/?th=1&q=coloc

Not that I recommend doing it, but it seems down your alley.

Do I need a work visa even for the shitty jobs (Mconald, cashier) ?
Lol Quebec sucks dude.

What are your thoughts on Guatemala? Been here for a month now and

>a lot poorer than south america
>trash everywhere
>people will try to suck out the money out of your wallet
>hostels are usually more expensive than cheap hotels
>loads of couples, almost no under 21 year old backpackers
>at least in august almost no annoying americans
>food is dirt cheap
>chicken busses are fun
>guns and machetes everywhere
>shit israelis have been successfully contained and stay in their own hostels, almost no overlap with normal backpackers
>clear defined tourist trail with easy options to go off the beaten track
>indigenous women can be qt
>nice variety in attractions, volcanoes, carribean, jungle, colonial cities

Overall I think it's a fun place to travel to but not as good as South America.
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I have gone twice. It was an even bigger tourist trap the second time. If I go third time I will get out of the cities to explore. I imagine it will be poorer and more destitute, though I may as well see the real side if I make it a third time.
Hello anon, did you arrive on august 2nd or 3rd? I remember you opened a thread time ago. In what places have you been already?
Any cheap beach towns?

Met a hippie couple on couchsurfing and they offered me a job at NoCal trimming weed. Is it legit? or Ill end up being screwed?

pic is inrelated... it is Istanbul
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I don't trust hippies. not because they're mean, but because they're stupid. Do they iniw the people running the grow op? There are still a shitload of illegal grows in Norcal that the feds are slowly shutting down because they have no permits.
Its probably legit. I live in Norcal(Sonoma county) and know a bunch of people who trim sometimes for extra money. It's a shitty job and your hands are gonna be sore af but if you need quick cash there's always places looking for trimmers. Weed is extremely lax here
They know the owner but he is actively looking for people. They told me that I have to have a tent and a tarp because its up on the mountains. plus food and water supplies for 2-3 weeks.

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Studying abroad for 3 and a half months in Spain what should I have in my suitcase before I go.
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Where are you from OP?
From the states got any advice on what utilities I might need to get that won't be available when i get there. Also anything to expect about the culture that might be different.
No vengas, rico privilegiado de mierda. No eres bienvenido aquí.

Redpill me about Jerusalem Syndrome and similar travel related mental health problems.
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I did experience it (well, not psychosis, just a very strong "presence") when visiting the Abrahamic holy lands, from Sinai to Bethlehem I passed by land. For me, it was the Bible coming to life that did the trick. Everything was described quite well and it was just as I had imagined it, seen it in films and Church wall paintings.

Jerusalem specifically - the feeling was strong as well. It is well preserved and seems very authentic, I'm sure this part contributes.

I can see how people who are mentally unstable can be knocked off the wagon by such places.

Pic related, Bethlehem
On your next trip you should visit Taos New Mexico and feel the bzzzzzz man.
I had no idea this was a thing until now. Religious people truly are mental.

Hi guys. I recently came across a good amount of money and now I want to move. I have a kind of contract that lets me live anywhere in the world and stil work. So I was thiniking about Hong Kong.

Is it very expensive? What wage do I need to live stabil life (middle to upper-middle class life) in HK. Do they have draconic laws in any area? I come from central europe.

I know this is very general but please contribute anything
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Middle class live 3 generations crammed into 2 rooms apartments in Quarry Bay or Hung Hom.
If you want to live anywhere remotely convenient, expect to pay more than 1000EUR in rent for a shitty studio.
I have lived in serviced apartments from 2004 till 2008. Rent for a 1 bedroom in TST was 3600 EUR. Prices have doubled since then.
If you have rent sorted out, life can be pretty cheap tho. Way cheaper than any western megalopolis of similar relevance.
>Thinking about moving to HK
Literally why?
> Literally
As opposed to...?
Also HK can be fun to live in, it's diverse and vibrant and as I said above life can be pretty cheap.

So literally why not?

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Going to Warsaw for 3 days, anyone who's been before, if you had three days what would you fit into that short amount of time?
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Why 3 days? There is little to do or see there. You will get bored of Warsaw after a day. It's mostly made of dull grey depressing commieblocks.
Download the In Your Pocket guide to Warsaw. The re-built old town is the main attraction, along with the nightlife.
I'm from Southern Poland and I'm telling you: go to Warsaw, see how it really is and stop spreading bull shit. There are many more interesting cities in Poland but Warsaw is still a very good travel destination and there is plenty to do out there. It's also the only real big City in Poland.

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What should I consider when travelling to Costa Rica?
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What sort of stuff are you into?
How big of a knife you should carry with you at all times.
Snakes and spiders

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I got a job offer to go and work in Aachen, Germany. I'm sure there are some German friends here. What's the town like? Is it a good place to live for 12 months? Is it easy to make friends with the people there?

For a frame of reference, I live in Belgium, so I have a decent grasp of what Europe is like. I mostly don't want to move to a boring little backwater if that's what it turns out to be.
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Aachen is Germany's westermost larger city and a college town. It hosts one of the most reputable and biggest technical universities of Germany(22% of its inhabitants are students and there are also a lot of international students naturally). So you will be fine if you don't mind a bit of a gender imbalance. Check out the Pontstraße for bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

The inner city is pretty, boasting the Cathedral, a world heritage site. Though if you turn the wrong way you might end up in the red light district which still is within the first city ring(Antoniusstraße). The weather is a bit rainy in general.

If you are there during winter, check out the legendary Christmas market which also attracts international visitors. Cologne and Maastricht are just an-hour-long train ride away.
t. Liège bro

I go to Aix-la-chapelle to drink and bang german girls, people from aachen are in bars in Liège all the time. Most of my friends actually attend RTWH.

You're hardly leaving Belgium my friend. If you're from brussels/wallonia, you'll notice aachen is a bit cleaner, and people a little more calm; if you're from flanders, you won't see a difference, apart from language, but everyone speaks english, and written text can be understood easily even if you only know flemish.
source: German who lived there a few years but it's been a while since I did my undergraduate at the RWTH.

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Ian Deck Via 3.jpg
80KB, 960x540px

I am killing time to get my body use to working nights.

I was on the Via 150 thing. Pretty much went coast to coast on the train here in Canada.

Ask me anything you want. I will answer till I go to bed.
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did you do vancouver-halifax?

ether of the northern routes, winnipeg-churchill and jasper-prince rupert?

between toronto-winnipeg was there anything you got off for?

think I might fly east from vancouver and ride it back
>to get my body use to working nights

just start working nights, you'll get used to it. both my wife and i spent time working nights (nurse and medic, respectively). it's not that bad. it's your days off that suck-the first day's always a complete waste.
I worked two years as a night receptionist in a hotel and it fucking killed me. It's not healthy at all, mate.

Anyway I'm a morning person, so it might be different for you. Nowadays I do night shifts every once in a while and it's not that bad, but working nights always... never again.

>it's your days off that suck-the first day's always a complete waste.

Exactly. If you only have two days off in a row you're fucked. It feels just like one day.

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