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Can you guys share some backpacking stories. I'm quitting my job soon to back pack and want to feel the hype
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>me and a couple friends decide to hike near a volcano
>they fall in and die
not worth it anon, just keep your job
Fuck, thanks for heads up bro <3
backpacking can be a real eye opener as to how beautiful the world is. Of course there is two sides and you'll see how horrible the world can be. Some of my greatest memories are from backpacking and so are some of my worst

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So I managed to accidentally book a flight to Sofia, Bulgaria this week

what...what is there to do there?
Is it going to be a headache if I can't read crylic?

I heard Sofia itself is a bit of a wash out, but I'm not sure
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Sofia local here. Why did you book a flight here if you don't know jack shit and you can't properly research on your own?

Of course it's going to be a headache. Other than city center where street names are dual, everything else will be Cyrillic.

Don't be a prick and be respectful and I'll help you with questions.
I was going to book a flight to romania, but I was drunk and accidentally booked to Sofia, hence my lack of research

do you know any resources for pronouncing crylic, my attempts at study have been fruitless and I don't even have a mobile phone to translate.
I will try to get a phrasebook in sophia

do you know the best places for hiking?
which are your favourite citties?

I hear most tourists are greek, turkish or russian so I'm not sure how far english will get me

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I love these threads
Post 'em /trv/
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i just turned 40
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Who /fullhungary/ here?
Mine, updated -- I no longer have a planned trip in the works, but am home from my first trip to Costa Rica.

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>LOL dude I can't believe you went to Thailand and spent THAT much I lived off 1.50 a DAY

>You went to that? You know it's just a big tourist trap man?

>*plays guitar in the dorm*
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I haven't stayed at a hostel before and am planning to on my next trip. How often do these sort of characters actually show up?
I'm going to meet so many of these in Chiang Mai aren't i

What's the absolute cheapest way to get to Europe? I've stayed there for a couple of months before, and I would like to go again to stay with my girlfriend for about three months, but is paying 1000+ really the cheapest way for a round trip? I'm open to any ideas. I'm a burger, in case that matters.
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>absolute cheapest way to get to Europe

Or, you keep an eye on all the low cost flights and book as soon as you find a decent price.
Protip: sometimes packages are cheaper than raw flights.
And I know this is not a very popular concept on /trv/, but travel agent are sometimes able to find cheaper flights/combos than search engines.
Find a way to get on a courier ship.
If you stayed a couple of months, you might be on file for overstaying and turned back.

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I will be in Vienna for 8 days at the end of the August. I will be visiting most of the museums, from Old Masters to Narrenturm. So you can also tell me about what lesser museums are worth, be it a coffee museum or some water creature exhibit.

What I'm looking for are sideshows and ways to avoid tourist traps (if possible). I'm looking for places to eat that are not upscale yet offer tasty food, good desserts, best places to drink coffee since I'm a coffee fiend and already know about famous Vienna coffeehouses. I'm looking for good bookstores, antique shops, board game shops, and any sort of shop selling goods that are somewhat hard to find in other parts of the world. I'm also listening to recommendations about day trips outside city, interesting parks and suburbs, and thrift shops and used goods markets.

Based on this writeup please provide any information you deem relevant. Thank you.
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They have some great whorehouses there, try fkk Babylon or goldentime
that's nauseating

to each his own, but I'd rather visit a museum than be near some crusty syphilitic whores
Lived in Vienna a few years heres my basic input. Museumsquartier is worth walking around and has some pricey cafe options, the exhibitions are pretty hit and miss though but I've been to a few that were worth the money. Walking up Siebensternstrasse behind the MQ has some nice restaurants open at night, generally the 7th and 4th districts are nice areas to live in and walk at night.

From MQ the heldenplatz, stephansdom and Naschmarkt are easy to walk to on foot. Augarten, Belvedere and Schönbrunn are worth visiting imo, subway system should be fairly easy to get around with and the stations should also have a small picture or description of other highlights in the area. Id recommend a tagesticket / day pass which is cheaper if you ride more than 3 times a day if i remember right. The should also be valid for most intercity buses and trams but i would ask to confirm since they change the rules often

Donauinsel is worth a relaxing day, milleniums tower i guess if youre in to shopping.

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Hi there anons, I am going to be traveling to ireland in september for an internship (ERASMUS stuff).
I was wondering about some things:

1: How much would I spend on food monthly if I am really looking to cut the costs;

2: Since I'm into metal music, are there any venues/Bars/Pubs that I should visit?

3: Is there something that I should really know about Irish people?
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What city will you be staying in?
I'm going to be staying in cork

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What have you heard? What is your experience w/ Nashville, TN? I'm genuinely curious.

>Grew up here
>Athens of the South
>TN is beautiful
>Great weather
>Booming economy
>TN has the lowest taxes in the nation
>Rich in music, history, and culture
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Visited there once, seemed like a cool city. I was kinda on a no drinking kick so the nightlife was boring. Once you leave Music Row it seems like there isn't much to do.
East Nashville, Franklin, Madison
wtf does that mean to me?

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My family and I are traveling together for Christmas, but don't want to get allahu akbared (it will certainly happen somewhere).

What are some good (and safe) holiday spots we could visit?
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Stay at home, it's the safest place.
Rural South Dakota. Guaranteed no terrorists there!
Take a boat to the middle of the pacific ocean. Then sink the boat. When your bodies hit the bottom of the ocean floor, you'll definitely be safe from terrorists.

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I have a 15 hour drive through Indiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi next month (57 and 55). I'll be alone.

What do you guys do to stay awake?
How can I consume caffeine without stopping to piss all the time (no bottles or such tricks)? Any solid foods with caffeine I should try, like a protein bar with coffee in it or something?
Is there anything interesting to stop at near Memphis or along I-57 and 55 that you know of?
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Do you have any time or budget restriction?
If not, I would rather do it in 2 to 3 days with regular stops to eat piss and sleep.
If the highways I have driven in CA and NV are any indication, American roads are pretty boring and no amount of coffee, music and podcasts will prevent that.

1. Leave after breakfast on day 1.
2. Drive until lunch time, unwind.
3. Choose next interesting stop
4. Spend night there, explore nightlife
5. ????????
6. Repeat until you reach destination

Audiobooks and Podcasts. They will keep you alive.
Frequent road tripper here.

I stay awake by stopping regularly to stretch, walk around and piss.

I don't try to tackle more than 10 hours in one haul, not worth it.

If I get sleepy I pull over at a rest stop and nap.


Anyone in Tokyo right now keen to do a day trip to Aokigahara and the ice cave tomorrow?

Yours truly,
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End of the line for me I guess
Japan general

Unless you have spent all your money please don't end it yet family
im in tokyo right now.
I bring the rope you the wobbly chair?

I'm planning to go on a trip to Europe...
>already booked
>I leave in 2 weeks
And I've realized I have no idea how much shit costs in Europe. How much is shit over there? Like to eat food, nothing fancy but obviously eating out. How much are alcoholic drinks and shit? Do I tip or not? How much is a train ticket or renting a bike or some shit like that? How much is an energy drink? What other expenses should I expect? What's the price of a hostel? How much is gas? How much is other shit like souvenirs and shit? I want to see the Louvre and other fancy French stuff and shit like that.
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>how much are alcoholic drinks
between 50 NOK, 2€ and 80 RSD

>do i tip
yes, no and maybe between 0-15%

>how much is a train ticket
somewhere around 3 CHF and 16000 RUB

and so on
>How much is shit over there
I'm Lucky to live where we are allowed to shit for free.
Only the occasional public toilet will make you pay to release yourself. Shouldn't be more than 0.50€.

Enjoy Europe OPee, it's a beautiful country
This man is a liar

Shitting prices are double what they used to be. At least 1 euro. Toilet paper dispensers cost extra now because migrants steal it all to barter with.

I've decided that I am packing up my belongings, going to some rural village in Cambodia with poor drinking water, and setting up a charitable water distillation plant, just a small one. But I need advice.

First, are people in Cambodia charitable? Could I survive by just asking for donations to keep my water purification plant running? The costs would be minimal, I only need enough to pay for my apartment rent and ammenities, the equiptment I can obtain with my own money.

Second, how much money should I bring incase I need to fully support myself for up to 6 months? Is $5,000 sufficient?
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Do you actually know what the fuck you're doing? Have you done this before?
I have traveled all throughout Latin America and the US as a semi-professional treasure hunter, so I know a thing or two about primitive living.
In addition, I've been researching and testing different forms of water purification for the greater part of this year, wanting to be able to help.
The thing is, once I fly out there, I'd like to stay. I'm willing to take a month to find a suitable location, I'm just unsure about the lifestyle and culture of SE Asia, as I've never been outside of North or South America. I can only assume it's a slightly culturally different version of other 3rd world countries.
I guess more than anything I just would like to know what constitutes a small donation in a country like Cambodia?
In the US, you might toss a few bucks or your pocket change into a jar passing by, but if a person if providing your community with clean drinking water at no cost, you'd be inclined to donate more.
Conversion rates aside, what should be expected, if anything, as a donation in Cambodia? There are many factors in play.

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Travelling to Los Angeles in 2 weeks with wife. We are looking for a 5 to 8 day bus tour through california , grand canyon and las vegas starting from los angeles.

Are there any tours which are not a scam operated by chinese scammers? (taketours, tours4fun are all scams)

I know guided tours are for the worst scum of tourists but none of us can drive a car and we never been to the USA before so right now a bus tour would be our best option I guess.

Any ideas, travel agencies welcome. Thanks in advance.
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I know you're looking for a bus tour, but it would be much easier to just rent a car and do the trip yourselves. Or name a price and maybe I'll drive you around, I'm just a couple hours away in San Diego ;)
why are chinese tours scams? i've never done one.

t. chinese person in california

Thats why

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I've been staying at hostels for years and I need some advice about something, It's probably not a big deal but it's been gnawing at me

>be me
>stay at hostel a week on and off while I day trip
>only two employees, I get along well with one of them
>I often do the dishes while I'm sitting around, cook for whoever is there.
>only the one I get along with is working this one day, and he's "working" sitting on his bunk
>some guests come in looking for him and I go fetch him
>then some more guests come asking about the check out time and I tell them; because I know; because I've been staying a week.
>second hostel guy sees this and asks the one I get on with to give me a telling off for doing their job and risking the guests hearing the wrong thing
>I overhear this, because they are five meters away
>the one I get along with comes out and tells me I'm overstepping the mark
>tell him I get it, point made.
>then the second one sees fit to come out and berate me "you don't work here" "I know you're just trying to help" "you could mes everything up"
he really was quiet rude, and I was offended not only that he didn't just tell me himself
but that after sending someone else to tell me he felt the need to tell me himself again.

Was what I did really deserving of that?
at the risk of sounding like a dick I am a paying guest, and I was just trying to help, and nobody had warned me before

I always try to help people out where I can, and I'm worried now that my efforts are generally misplaced
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You are way too agreeable, you're probably the type of person who goes to crazy lengths to help other people while your own life is not so great. If you're still fixated on that little conflict you're probably overly emotional as well. I was just like you, what helped me understand what I was really doing was a book called "No More Mr. Nice Guy" that made me realize I wasn't actually doing these things to be nice. You think that there's some sort of "social contract" where if you act ridiculously polite and motherly then people will give you what you want. It's repulsive behavior and the staff was right to tell you to stop.
that i a very strong opinion and not at all what I expected.
I am a deeply unhappy person, that is why I try to be nice to other people; and while I suppose it's true that I expect something I think everyone does that to some extend and it's not like.

how you make the leap to considering that repulsive I'm not sure.
> I am a deeply unhappy person
THAT is what needs attention, not hostel guests and dishes and other things that are someone else's job. Work on that depression my man, there are many paths you can take to fix your life but trying to get value out of other people by bartering with charity is not one of them.

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