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Why is Canada not in the top 10 most visited countries? It's leagues better than Australia, China, or Russia.
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The other countries are just more popular and Canada is far away for everyone except Americans (who themselves don't travel abroad much in general).
unless you're american it's pretty far out of the way, if you are american you can stay home and see something similar

other than montreal-ottawa-toronto and calgary-edmonton you need another flight to see multiple cities

tourist season is may-september, winter sports are one of the few reasons to come out of season, when it's warm and sunny in canada it's warm and sunny everywhere in the northern hemisphere

not a budget destination, rental car or hotel is almost $80usd a day,
cabs, alcohol, restaurants are all fairly expensive
This. In Europe basically only richfags travel to Canada, and mostly for long stay like academic years or shit.

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Which places are a must to visit around the area?
Anything I absolutely need to know about the area in general? Such as tipping because here in flipland establishments actually have service charge included, most if not all huge hotels have huge signs against tipping.

I'll be staying on Woburn from October until November.

Top of my head, the places I want to drop by:
Ivy league campuses, anywhere I can snowboard, anywhere where I can hike and camp for a night (White Mountains?), New York just so I can say I've been to NY?

I enjoy staying /out/ so there's that. Pic unrelated, will just post beaches I've been to so maybe you guys might want to drop by the Philippines too.
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too early to snowboard, places don't build up enough base until december usually
Tipping is standard, 15% is pretty normal.

There are plenty of hiking opportunities in the White Mountains, you can find detailed guides online talking about difficulties and other various things and pick something you like best. Many good ones are just up I-93 from where you will be so it's not a huge journey. While you are in the area, you should definitely check out Mount Washington. It's open up until November and is definitely a unique spot in the world. If you are coming in early October it will be peak season for foliage, a common way to enjoy it is to drive down the Kancamangus highway, using the various stops along the route enjoy it.

As for cities, NYC has it's place and is definitely impresive the first time you walk out onto the street and see the massive structures around you. That said, if there's nothing you have planned to do I'm not sure it's worth the time and effort personally. But that's up to you. I would definitely check out Boston though. It's much different than NYC but there is still too many things to do there and it's right next to you.
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Oh shoot! How about late November? Because I will still be there until November 30. I'm looking at Nashoba Ski Valley right now since it's pretty near.

Got it about tipping! Thanks, also I'll be there mic October so hopefully fall still has something left for me.
I've added Mount Washington to my itinerary as well, I want to camp at a new spot every weekend.

Will also definitely drop by downtown Boston multiple times, I heard craft beer is huge in there so which bars or pubs should I visit after I get off of work?

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Hey Y'all

I just moved to South Carolina from up in the great white North. I was living in Vancouver Canada for about 5 years but then my family moved down here and I landed a good job in the Charleston area. I'm wondering what are some things I need to do/see within the state.

I'm missing the mountains dearly but I bet there's some good hiking around here. Does anyone know of any good trails or anything like that? What is there to do in this state?

I'm a new comer to the Southeast so I'd love to get a feel for the local culture and all of that so any recommendations you guys could give on things to do would be cool.
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Oh addendum. I do have a car an am willing to travel around the state and possibly to Georgia if anything cool comes up. I do work on weekdays but for long weekends I could probably spend the night outside of the Charleston area if need be.

I just want to build myself a little check list of things to see and do in the state. My job right now is only contracted for a year in that time I'll be applying for grad school programs both within the state and in other states (and provinces in Canada). So I want to make the most of my time here since it may only be a short window.
Upstate south carolina is arguably more depressing than the actual rust belt tbqh
Well good thing I'm not upstate than man. What's so depressing about it? Nothing to do up there and everyone is out of a job or something?

The area around where I'm at is pretty pretty I just don't know what to do with my free time here.

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Any stories of just spontaneously traveling abroad? Maybe you just needed to get away or there was a sudden shift in plans, etc
How did you deal with it? How did it work out?
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are you trying to osyche yoursef up?

the only prep involved is having the money and maybe a visa depending. just do it fag
I had just got fired from my job and decided to stop putting off travel and go to Alaska. It worked out pretty well, I met cool people and saw beautiful things. Beforehand I had this image in my mind that if I traveled I would just get to the hostel and wouldn't know what to do, have an anxiety attack, freeze up and just stay in the hostel. But I was able to push myself through it.

Still, I wish I had planned how to deal with my anxiety/stomach problems beforehand as they made things a bit annoying. Bottom line is know yourself and your limits.
>browsing /trv/
>see thread about dude who drove from France to Afghanistan and back
>dude asks if anyone is retarded enough to join him for motorcycle trip through West Africa in 3 months
>said he'd found his idiot
>end up spending >3 months in Africa instead of 6 weeks like intended

Wasn't bad.


Had a £30 budget. For College.
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Looks great. Should fit your commute perfectly.
P. sure that's a replica of a Margiela pack
>Margiela pack
Can't seem to find any that replicate this bag and bloody hell why do they run for a grand?

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I am located in the over-taxed state known as Massachusetts and wanted to see if any travel-fags know of any abandoned buildings to explore.

>pic unrelated
>just some fat fuck
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Buildings in Mass.? Or is elsewhere OK?
NE area would suffice.

Thanks for the reply, anon.
MA is ideal, but am willing to take a drive.

Will post pics if anything interesting is to be found.

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Found some pretty cheap tickets mid-september to Lanzarote. I know it's a bit late to go on a holiday this year but I haven't had time before.
What's the weather usually like at this time of the year? I would like to spend few days on a beach and catch some sunshine that I never get here in NI
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20°C the whole year (dunno how to convert it in F), good beaches, qt girls and hashish for 5 bucks. You can circle Lanzarote by walking in less than 2 hours
hmm thanks, 20C doesn't seem like a lot though. I was expecting more considering how far south it
99% of restaurants will try and screw you over one way or another. Just be vigilant and call them out on their bullshit

Would like to go to Ireland for a few days.

Anyone know where the cheapest knit aran sweaters are, as I'd like to bring some home as gifts, or is it all expensive like the rest of Britain?
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>like the rest of Britain

>like the rest of britain
tourist shops
if you want authentic you're gunna have to go out west, to the aran islands, or at least galway/mayo
good luck kek
Spend a few moments learning how to tell machine-knitted from hand knitted. Even if you don't. You don't want to be sold the former at prices appropriate tot he later.

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I came to Vietnam 2 weeks ago.
This place is really great to travel.
The beautiful scenes there are many,
The dishes are also rich.
If you have ideas to go to Vietnam then I suggest you do it.
This is a dish in Vietnam that you can not ignore. Grill.
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I was thinking about going this winter. Did you spend more time in the city or countryside? Any pros/cons of each?
bump, also interested
I spent a couple of weeks with a 13 friends in 2014, it was pretty sweet. The country seems to cater very well to western tourists and there are tour operators (and scammers) everywhere.

my girlfriend wants to vacation in Italy or Greece. is it safe?
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For who and from what? It may not be safe as in your gf might be seduced by local guys and cuck you.
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In Italy, you will be safe.
In Greece, your girlfriend will be safe.
its funny because greeks have been practicing sodomy on the regular for the past 2500 years

'Sup nibbas

I live in Quebec, Canada. Life's very easy there and I would love it if it wasn't for the fact that at every winter there's snow, a lot of it. I'm basically searching for a country with these requirements :

1. No snow, it must be a hot country
2. I need to be able to find a minimum wage job as a tourist
3. Must be a country where people speak english or french

If anybody here have any idea tell me I'll be very grateful

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Reunion Island.
French, hot, tropical lifestyle, strong under the table, cash in hand culture in every field (farming, construction, bartending...), easy to find a house to share with hippies so no paperworks https://www.leboncoin.fr/annonces/offres/reunion/?th=1&q=coloc

Not that I recommend doing it, but it seems down your alley.

Do I need a work visa even for the shitty jobs (Mconald, cashier) ?
Lol Quebec sucks dude.

What are your thoughts on Guatemala? Been here for a month now and

>a lot poorer than south america
>trash everywhere
>people will try to suck out the money out of your wallet
>hostels are usually more expensive than cheap hotels
>loads of couples, almost no under 21 year old backpackers
>at least in august almost no annoying americans
>food is dirt cheap
>chicken busses are fun
>guns and machetes everywhere
>shit israelis have been successfully contained and stay in their own hostels, almost no overlap with normal backpackers
>clear defined tourist trail with easy options to go off the beaten track
>indigenous women can be qt
>nice variety in attractions, volcanoes, carribean, jungle, colonial cities

Overall I think it's a fun place to travel to but not as good as South America.
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I have gone twice. It was an even bigger tourist trap the second time. If I go third time I will get out of the cities to explore. I imagine it will be poorer and more destitute, though I may as well see the real side if I make it a third time.
Hello anon, did you arrive on august 2nd or 3rd? I remember you opened a thread time ago. In what places have you been already?
Any cheap beach towns?

Met a hippie couple on couchsurfing and they offered me a job at NoCal trimming weed. Is it legit? or Ill end up being screwed?

pic is inrelated... it is Istanbul
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I don't trust hippies. not because they're mean, but because they're stupid. Do they iniw the people running the grow op? There are still a shitload of illegal grows in Norcal that the feds are slowly shutting down because they have no permits.
Its probably legit. I live in Norcal(Sonoma county) and know a bunch of people who trim sometimes for extra money. It's a shitty job and your hands are gonna be sore af but if you need quick cash there's always places looking for trimmers. Weed is extremely lax here
They know the owner but he is actively looking for people. They told me that I have to have a tent and a tarp because its up on the mountains. plus food and water supplies for 2-3 weeks.

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Studying abroad for 3 and a half months in Spain what should I have in my suitcase before I go.
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Where are you from OP?
From the states got any advice on what utilities I might need to get that won't be available when i get there. Also anything to expect about the culture that might be different.
No vengas, rico privilegiado de mierda. No eres bienvenido aquí.

Redpill me about Jerusalem Syndrome and similar travel related mental health problems.
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I did experience it (well, not psychosis, just a very strong "presence") when visiting the Abrahamic holy lands, from Sinai to Bethlehem I passed by land. For me, it was the Bible coming to life that did the trick. Everything was described quite well and it was just as I had imagined it, seen it in films and Church wall paintings.

Jerusalem specifically - the feeling was strong as well. It is well preserved and seems very authentic, I'm sure this part contributes.

I can see how people who are mentally unstable can be knocked off the wagon by such places.

Pic related, Bethlehem
On your next trip you should visit Taos New Mexico and feel the bzzzzzz man.
I had no idea this was a thing until now. Religious people truly are mental.

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