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What's the best place to live in London? I'm on a six figure job when I move there so i'm pretty open to a lot of places
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Harrow Heights, my brother
Richmond, Barnes, Kew
Depends what you want. London's basically a collection of villages.

Hampstead, Shoreditch, Highbury, Ladbroke Grove are all nice but totally different.

Thinking about going to Nepal and doing this.
Any of you guys have any experience with it? Is it worth it?
Anywhere you would recommend?
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Do you have any prior experience with meditation?

It's gonna be difficult to jump into a full-on retreat with zero prior knowledge of how to meditate.
This has to be the most caucasian thing I've read this entire week
I'm sure pretend meditation and asking the monks to take your picture is easy enough.

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I'll share mine.

>Be me
>Camping in northern Japan
>Sun is rising
>Wake up
>Need to poop
>Start to head to campground toilet
>Notice a side path
>Follow it
>I find myself on a cliff kind of thing.
>Overlooks a beautiful lake, with the sunrise reflecting off of it
>Notice that the spot is quite secluded
>I shrug and crouch down
>Proceed to take a fat shit, while looking at the awesome view.
>Best shit of my life

What are your stories?
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How did you wipe and I hope you didn't just leave your turd sitting there, ruining the scene for the next person that came around.
Tohoku region
I pushed it to the side with a stick. I had Toliet Paper on hand, wasn't sure if there would be any at the campsite bathroom. I threw the toilet paper away.

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pico cao grande.jpg
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Wassup /trv/. In 2 weeks im headed to Sao Tome and Principe. I literally picked this destination because i saw a picture of the Pico cão grande (pic related) and im obviously gonna go there but what else is there to do on this little island that barely nobody even knows exist?
I have a week there and that week i will have the capital Sao Tome as my base but the island is small so it looks like i can just do daytrips anywhere.
So far ive heard that english is non existant and that there are no ATMs, can you provide any other useful information?
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What the fuck is that? Looks like something out of Jurassic Park
I bet someone free climbed that already
Take malaria medication.

Learn some portugese if you don't speak Spanish.

Hi everyone!

27 y/o male from Uruguay here.

I'm travelling to Europe in early November, for 15~ days. Possible destinations include Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and possibly Munich as well (although I'm open to suggestions)

So, I really don't know how to plan this, how many days per destination I should use, etc. and am looking for advice. I'm mainly interested in getting to know some cities, doing walking tours, relaxing a bit. I'm interested in historic stuff but not really in art museums.

I'll be travelling alone and will be staying at hostels. I'm introverted and find it difficult to meet new people, but I guess that's something I'll be able to do in hostels, right?

General advice on locations, things to see, how many days per city, etc are more than welcomed! First time I'll be travelling alone and I have no clue on how to plan this shit
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Do you speak any German?

Forgot to ask about that... I'm quite fluent in english, I was under the impression that that was going to be enough for travelling/hostels

Do workers at train stations, etc in those cities tend to know english?
Can only speak for czech and austrians; Most trainstationworkers speak enough English for you to understand roughly what they want. Most young people speak semi-decent english, some.even spanish. Old people only speak their native tongue.

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Britfag here, I've never been on holiday by myself, I've got about a week's worth at the end of this month rolling over into early October.

My budget is £1000~ and I want an all-inclusive hotel but I have no idea where to go, is it too late to book flights etc now?

I don't even know what I want to do, I just want to go to another country in Europe, sight see but not go to a tourist trap or somewhere with a bunch of clubbing lads and slags i.e. Ibiza.
Any suggestions?
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What are you interested in? You can't just say "another country in Europe" and leave it at that. Art and culture? Food? Outdoors? Sex tourism? Relaxing on a beach?
123 and 5
I was thinking of Greece but I honestly have no idea to be honest, I've only ever gone to a hotel in Cyprus, some camping around France/Spain, and a school trip to Berlin/other parts of Germany before.
I want to relax, be able to see some ruins or history and get some great food.
Just want to know any specific towns or cities that aren't pleb-tier or over run, but still developed enough to give a good time.
I'm not into clubbing or sex tourism.

Ask a Dallas resident anything.
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Why should I go there
I'll break it down into a few points.

If you want to experience Texas Culture, which is unique to the rest of the United States, Fort Worth would be a good visit. They have the stockyard (where they herded cow) and rodeos.

There are a variety of things you can do in Dallas. The Arts District (my fav area in Dallas) have several high-quality museums and theaters for plays. There's several other activities, such as hiking, shopping, live music, etc.

The food scene is great in Dallas. Of course BBQ is one of the most famous foods here. Mexican food is huge here as well, both Tex-Mex and authentic. Asian food is very popular here, believe it or not. We have large numbers of Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Indians, and Japanese living here. You can get great food in the Koreatowns (we have 2/0 and Chinatown.
2 Koreatowns and Chinatown.

Kinda fucked up the typing

My company is pretty generous with vacations, but one rule that they have is that out of all the allotted vacation time I have, one week must be taken separately from the rest. So, with that said, what are some places I can visit for one week and feel generally satisfied?

I've already been to HK, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, US west coast, and most of Canada. I'm not currently interesting in revisiting these locations, I definitely want something new.

I want to avoid large countries (India/Russia/Mainland China/etc.), as I prefer to visit them in long trips.

These are places I've considered:
Can anyone vouch for these destinations? I'm mainly looking for a push in the right direction. If these places are unsuitable for a one-week trip, I am also willing to hear out other countries.
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Right now it's a tie between Taiwan and Italy. Taiwan because it's small enough and I already like pseudo-China. Italy because I've literally never been to Europe before, and I can technically knock three countries off the list (San Marino & Vatican City are technically countries).

Still open to suggestions.
If you want to "Knock " countries out of the list, You might consider belgium. Nice train system to go pretty much everywhere. Holland, Luxembourg, France and to some extend England and germany are pretty close. (More than San marino and the Vatican state)
Food cost in Taiwan is fairly low if you don't mind eating at like family ran shops where they open it in the first floor of their house, also night markets have pretty cool stuff(eats and entertainment) for low cost as well.

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I want to live a life where I can travel as much as possible, I really don't ever want to be returning to my home country, at least for a long time, at the same time I'd prefer to have stable employment rather than having to worry about finding jobs and fucking visas and shit (I am EU though) Sounds like a dream but I know that jobs like this exist. What jobs suit this and what qualifications and experience should I go for to get them.

Pic unrelated: it's from near Brighton Beach
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Btw I literally have no experience travelling abroad except for a fucking school trip to Germany so idk where I just want to travel
It's pretty easy. Speak languages. At least fluent English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. French and German are a good Bonus.

Have a degree in economy or something technical is a must as well.

Believe me, it will give you a life of travelling all year round and good money.
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>pretty easy
>At least fluent English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

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What age did you first solo travel at? And how it did it impact you?
Im 19 years old and completely on autopilot right now in life. I have saved up enough money to easily travel south east asia and I plan on doing it solo. Is this a good plan? Ive never been outside my own country.
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I first solo traveled on a long trip at 23. I had done non solo trips before that that helped me feel prepared, but honestly it's nothing difficult. If you're not some crazy fearless fool, you'll be fine, and if you are a crazy fearless fool, you'll have a great time.

>Im 19 years old and completely on autopilot right now in life. I have saved up enough money to easily travel south east asia and I plan on doing it solo. Is this a good plan? Ive never been outside my own country.
You haven't given us any reason to think it's not a good idea.
I was 27 when I first started traveling. It made a significant impact because I learned how much time I've wasted doing fuck all.

I wish I started when I was your age. Do it ASAP. You might feel a little scared at first, but it's better than letting it scare you for 8 more years like I did. Rip that fucking bandaid.

I kept asking and nobody was interested. One friend thought anything that wasn't a business investment was a waste of money, roommate didn't care because his only interests were getting drunk and he does that here, family is both xenophobic and afraid of flying.

It was either go alone, or never leave and I was sick of waiting.

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