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Hello guys

First of thanks for helping a retard out. I finally got holiday and wanna go on my first holiday but im retarded and never done this before.

What I wanna do is go from Calais to Dover, or something similar, i dont care as long as it's the cheapest. Folkstowe is good too. Or Felixtown, or Folksstone however it's called.

But for some reason I can only go a max 1 day? When I try to do 2 days it suddenly gets 3 times more expensive.

Here is the link for the Euro Tunnel: https://www.eurotunnel.com/book/PriceGrid/(1)

Can someone help me out please?
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File: eurotunnelprices.jpg (328KB, 1545x1003px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is what I have now

€95 to go there and back alone with my car.

But if I wanna go back like 1 day later (which would be cool since 1 day is a bit short) prices go from €95 to like €300 minimal.

That seems kinda wrong, what gives?
Ok guys I think they just try to jew you out

like giving out very salty fries for free but as soon as you want a drink with it it cost you 10 times as much

fucking jews this is probably how they get you

how do normies enjoy fucking holidays like this shit? now i'm forced to go on holiday for 1 day otherwise i dont have enough money

well maybe i start with this then and go 1 day and then maybe some other time i go more days if i have saved some money
lol nvm guys i cant even pay for my journey

you need a creditcard and i dont have that since spending money you dont have is fucking retarded

fuck this gay ass fuck earth ive never been on a holiday and never will

fuck you guys too btw for not responding in time

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>The feudal holder of the Manor of Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire, England, has, since the Norman Conquest in 1066, held the manor from the Crown by grand serjeanty of being The Honourable The King's/Queen's Champion. Such person is also the Standard Bearer of England.

I have no idea what any of those words mean.
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Old guy has a house
The only word you could possibly have a problem with there is "serjeanty". The rest follows from context.
>The only word you could possibly have a problem with there is "serjeanty". The rest follows from context.
And, the rest of the wikipedia article which succinctly and efficiently explained the initial post that came with an estate/holding and the legacy all the way to today when the title was passed to the next generation. To me, reading between the lines, I enjoyed the pagentry of the throwing down the gauntlet and making the exclamation that if you challenge the new king that we're gonna fight! LOL. Hilarious if it still happened and yet quite a bit of pagentry. I'd love to see them doing a play by play on video of that moment. I guess QE wont succeed anytime soon to give her grandkids a bit of a nice homelife as long as possible, but I will definitely be 24/7 viewing the event on cable if and when it happens. Looks like the current manor holder and titled person served as top police person there until recently. Good form.

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images (3).jpg
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ok fags, i fell for the PanAmerican Highway meme but i have some questions.
I'm Chilean born and raised so getting to the Southern most part it's not going to be a problem, however i've never had a road trip of big proportions (i plan to go solo, sleep in the car)
so to anyone that has any experience with large caliver road trips (months - years long) how much should i sav for food/ gas?
how do you deal with not showering?
any precaution/ warnings? i will appreciate any info you could give me
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>i plan to go solo, sleep in the car
That's me on every trip I do
>how much should i sav for food/ gas?
you should be able to calculate gas
you'll want at least 1 quality restaurant meal a day for sanity
>how do you deal with not showering?
It's only $12 in American truckstops
>any precaution/ warnings
drive safe. never drive tired or drunk.
>i will appreciate any info you could give me
1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.
Good luck getting through Central America, it is a fucking bitch getting through the hard drug countries, let alone in a fucking car. My advice is to do something more realistic and easy. You have never done this so don't. If you do, make sure to research borders, because if you think that crossing Central American borders will be easy, you are mistaken.

Anyway good luck, you will definitely need it if you do this trip
You are Chilean? Don't you know you can't be out in Central America after dark by yourself? Sleeping in a car would be a terrible idea. Why not take those nice luxury buses? You also must know the gap is closed as well.

I just moved to San Diego from another country.

1. I'd love to check out some of the national parks around California. Any recommendations for good desert / mountain hiking stuff ?

2. Is it worth going to Tijuana ?

3. Somewhat not travel related: What internet plan should I get ? I have no idea which providers are reliable and which ones suck. I don't need anything superfast but I don't want an upload/download cap.

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1. Yosemite, Big Trees, and Joshua Tree are my personal favorites. Everyone has their own trip planning advice just see what works for you.

2. TJ is fun and cheap. Yes. I've never gone without friends, though.

3. I've lived in South OC and now in Long Beach, Charter and Cox get the job done.

You've made a good choice. If San Diego bores you, LA isn't far and you pass some of the best beaches in the world on the way up.
I loved Balboa Park when I went there. La Jolla Beach was also a fun time. Where in SD are you living? I've got an aunt and uncle who live in El Cajon with their kids.
>What internet plan should I get

All of them fucking suck, but it's fine, because depending on your neighborhood you might literally not have a choice for ISP/cable provider. San Diego must be one of the poster boys for crony capitalism and state-enforced hostage market/monopolies.

Anyways, Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego are the local deserts, but head east along the 8 into Cleveland for some forest-y arid stuff. Once you get through the mountains then you're pretty much in the high desert.

I was in TJ last night, also with friends, on a work/business thing. Had a good time, will go back on my own time, although still with friends. It's a social thing. Immigration on either end shouldn't be a problem, probably, as long as your papers are all in check. CBP might still fuck with you though, since CBP is a failed agency.

Hey /trv/. I want to go to pic related in 678 days. I've got a little less than 2 years to plan.

I don't make tons of money, but I'm guesstimating it'll be about 5 to 7k USD, and I can probably come up with that by then. Not enough to hire a travel agency, but maybe enough to DIY it.

I figure I'll need to know
-some spanish
-Ocean navigation
-ocean meterorology
-how to drive a boat
-types of boats good for ocean journeys

What else am I overlooking? From around Chicago btw.
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You can't and you wont.

17°00'00.0"S 103°00'00.0"W

At least post this.
>You can't and you wont.
Is that because it's impossible or because I'm the sort of person to open a post on 4chan with "pic related"?

It's 1378 miles from the nearest port and 1710 from the nearest continental port.

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Blank Idea.jpg
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Hey everyone on /trv/

First time posting here. Normally on the other nonsense boards. I'd usually throw these kinda questions around over on overland but I always find input worth considering here.

Spend most of my time working for a fleet company building trucks and welding for a variety of over the road and construction equipment.

Looking to put these skills to use building a camper on the back of my truck and taking a year or two off work to explore the sand box that is North and South America via the Pan American highway.

I'm not rich but nor am I broke. Looking to do something interesting before my other half and me start making kids and getting stuck for awhile.

Looking for input on highway robbery, general safety, issues driving something that may just be a 2003 dodge truck but still worth something to a thief. General thoughts on camping along the road and just things to watch out for. Also the quality of diesel going south.

Depending on input I have more questions to ask and more than willing to answer anything.

Happy travels.
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File: Darién_Gap.jpg (125KB, 744x597px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Darien gap has always been a ferry around type deal. A few thousand bucks will take care of it.

I plan on seeing the northen lights this january, can anyone recommend a touring company/location in europe?
what else should I know? Misc advice is welcomed.
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Tromso, Norway and book with Arctic Explorers.

Hotel pickup, all cold weather gear provided, etc.
tromso, norway - expensive as fuck and a little bit touristy, good dog sledding (if you want to drive your own sled with villmarksenter's one day expedition), went there myself in january, was cloudy all the time, expect to pay top dollar for hotels, food, drink and all activities like being driven in a van trying to beat the cloud

kiruna/abisko sweden - cheaper, not as geared up for tourism as norway, supposed to have clearer skies, option of going to the aurora viewing station (up a mountain) in abisko where clear nights are far more likely, thought about going here myself this winter but since going to the nordics was almost as expensive as going to alaska i'm going there instead

if you can drive (in snow) and want to rent a car, you're probably going to get exactly the same experience as any tour company will offer other than them bringing snacks and a thermos of drink as well as looking up the weather report yourself
Iceland, if that's almost-Europe enough for you.

Saw them there in the spring, plus got to see some Iceland.

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Anyone know any alternative apps/sites where I can get train tickets from Budapest to Prague? Trying my luck with Go-Euro (already booked through the app -- but they aren't 100% available in eastern europe) -- I'm also considering skipping prague for another german/western european city, so any suggestions for that as well?

Plan on going to Frankfurt - Munich - Budapest -Prague - and Rothenberg ob der tauber (in a 3 week span in fall this year) -- only Frankfurt-munich and Budapest are currently the sure destinations and the last 2 are sort of flexible.
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just show up to the station and buy a ticket, there's several trains a day and its doubtful you'll have to wait

File: Rodeo_Drive_LA.jpg (854KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can you live in L.A. if you can't drive?
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yes. but you have to be very rich or very poor.
>can't drive
No, they won't let you. It's on the entrance application.

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Hey anons, American here, going to Rio de Janeiro next week, thought you could give me some tips
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Pão de açúcar (Sugar loaf mountain) and Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer) are great.
The city on the other side of Guanabara bay, Niterói, is worth a visit.

The beaches are good, but make sure to check in tourism information centers which beaches waters are cleaner while you are visiting.
Wear cotton, Rio de Janeiro weather is very hot.

Tourism in the favelas (slums) is a terrible idea.
I'm thinking of going to Brazil during the yearly Carnaval in February. Should I go to Rio or São Paulo? Is it a good idea to go all by myself?
I did and it was my 1st international trip not too bad of course I should say i'm a brown manlet and blended in well. Just be smart and don't carry expensive stuff I had a back up phone for example.

Zona Sul is the gringo/expensive side I stayed in Centro/botofogo area was fine walking at night of course would have been nice to have some friends to hang with. Had a lot of fun though and made some Brazillian friends.

File: Tel aviv.png (1MB, 1200x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tel aviv.png
1MB, 1200x630px
How is tel aviv?
I am a gentile so I am wondering if visiting there at all would be an issue.
Also advice welcome.
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is that picture tel aviv?
Yes, its the marina.
bit like a spanish med city, but instead of drunk northern europeans you get jews from everywhere
other than dealing with airport security my only concern would be running out of money
locals wont treat you bad for being a goy, the real observant jews who do that to everybody less pious then them live elsewhere

if you're interested in the country as a whole it's a welcome diversion as a party town
but it's probably not worth going to the country just for tel aviv

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heading to bangkok for 5 days been a couple times now to thailand, but have only really seen the city while around bangkok. want to get anyway from town. anyone done the river kawi tours or treks?
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last time i was there i tried to get into the Ghost tower - 60 story abandoned hotel that never got finished in the 90s when Thailand had their financial crisis been sitting there since, got into parking block and around basements but the dudes there wouldn't open the locked stairwells and the cable bridge on the side has been cut. Good view up there and heaps of graffiti on the way up.
File: ghost tower.jpg (440KB, 951x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ghost tower.jpg
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Hi there
I am in Philippines now, Bohol isl, and I need a friend to travel with. I will stay here aprx half month more and then I want to go to Singapore or Indonesia. Join me.
About myself: 22yo, fem, rus
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post feet
Do you want to travel to Australia afterwards? I'm going to be in Bali at the start of November and then going to Australia to travel around the west coast. Join me if you want.
I need a visa for Australia, I don't have

File: IMG_1617.jpg (3MB, 4032x3024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm planning a trip for next summer and was thinking about spending 5 weeks in South East Asia but I would be going sometime between may and June. I was wondering since this is the rainy season is it worth it to travel during this time ? Or does anyone have any experience traveling during the rainy season?
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I returned from nepal two weeks ago (If it doesn't fit to south east asia then sorry) from the chitwan national park.
Every 30-60 minutes it started to rain for 5-10 minutes like there is no tomorrow, then it suddenly stopped like it never happened. It was fun as hell until I returned and I heard that a flood hit the area and they needed to evacuate the tourists.
Thanks, ive heard similar stories in about the rain starting out of no where and coming down like crazy for short periods

Hi guys,

So I just finished uni and have some free time till around mid October.
I've been thinking of going on a backpacking/hiking trip for around a week, probably in Europe, something that doesn't require too much of driving except for the first/last days.

any tips or ideas for cool tracks/routes?

Thanks in advance!
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I have never hiked, but I think you might like Norway.
Maybe the GR20 in Corsica.
Haven't done it but it's around 16 days of hiking

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