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I hate the wageslave life, when our lives are so fragile and short and because there's so much of this beautiful world I have to experience.

How do you deal with this, /trv/? Are you guys just rich ex-wageslaves that haved saved enough to travel, or do you just travel every now and then ? I'd rather not put off actually experiencing life until I'm in my Twilight years. 40 is the absolute limit I would be willing to continue working and whoring my time out for other people.
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I work seasonal jobs that take me different places and then I travel for leisure in-between jobs.
Wageslaving is a compromise you made. Luckily, in contrast with real slavery, you can still make amends with yourself and live the life you actually want to live.
Stop being a wageslave and work another job, boo hoo you may have to do something a little tougher for some extra money

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Has anyone ever traveled with a couple before?

I usually travel alone, but a friend of mine and his wife have expressed that they would like to tag along sometime on one of my adventures. My next trip, I'm thinking about going to Sint Maarten in the Caribbean to watch aircraft land on SXM's short final (I'm a pilot so I get off on this shit). Plus, I'm going to get scuba certified so I think it'd be fun to go dive out there. So, I invited my friend and his wife along, and they seem like they might come. Only thing is, did I just third wheel myself?
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Seriously, you'll end up being the third wheel a lot and if ANYTHING goes wrong it will be awkward as fuck because A or B might want you to take sides. You'll constantly be getting dragged around to places that they want to go and you'll probably end up making situations awkward for them and you. Lastly, if you end up wanting to do something alone chances are good that either they will want to tag along because "that sounds fun!" or "oh come on anon we came together as a group we should do things as a blahblahblah".

It usually almost always ends up biting you in the ass when you travel with another couple, unless you are doing 2 groups of couples.


So I should make up an excuse.. what should I say?
Just say you can't make it had some personal thing come up or what not.

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Hey /trv/, do.any of you have experience using tinder while traveling in South East Asia?
How safe is it? How do i know if the girl I'm chatting to is sincere or a prostitute? Or that dangers of getting lured into a roberry?

>I'm not a sexpat i just want to bang cute asians
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every time at the end of my vacation, I get several great matches no matter where I am. Just in time to return home where I get zero matches.
If they have a ton of instagram photos on their profile they're probably real.

Prostitutes will usually say who they are in their bio. It saves time for both her and potential Johns.
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>have tinder in us
>white blonde hair blue eyes 5 foot 9 150lbs extremely fit
>swipe in the US get maybe 5% success rate on matches and im not being super picky
>get tinder plus and switch location to bangkok
>swipe super picky only choosing 8's and up
>80% match rate.
god damnit /trv/ guess im going to bkk

Hello /trv/. Have anyone of you travelled on a luxury train before? What was your experience, is it recommened?
any idea which trains have the best prices compared to travel length?
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just do it in a country you like. it is more expensive than flight in almost every circumstance, and the only places ot wont take less than a day to cross the country are china and russia
do china have luxury trains? read that the golden tsar does trips from moscow to beijing on a 21 day trip or so but its incredibly expensive.
Sleeper train is often cheaper than flight + hotel (+ meals when provided).

OP I did a high-end~ish train trip in South Africa with Premier Class trains from Cape Town to Jo'berg. Highly recommended. Staff was really nice, food was good and the atmosphere was great.

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Meine Arbeit schickt mich nach Antwerpen. Ich habe eine woche und das wochenende auch. Things to do? see? I like ww2 shit and bier.
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Why are you randomly typing in German? They speak either Dutch or French in Belgium, depending on the region you are visiting. Dutch and German are totally different languages. You look like a total dumbass, anon. Anyway, I've never been there myself, so I can't answer your question.
By the way, Antwerpen is in Flanders, so they speak Dutch there.
>hmm, I really want to show off how much German I learned
>I know! I'll post in German on 4chan!
>And then I'll switch back to English, to show that I am bilingual
>Man, everyone is going to think I'm so smart and cultured

Any experience ??
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Try being more vague.
Does not being American count as an experience
It's like LIVING in the USA, but not in the USA

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I am going to Ft. Lauderdale next year, which cities/ neigborhood in his metropolitan area are nice?
(especially in Broward County)

Do the eveglades have something interesting?

Is Tampa worth visiting?
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dont go
its literally going to be destroyed by the hurricane
florida is a shit hole either way.
Sarasotan here. Tampa is cool, St. Petersburg is much cooler though.

do you like the national parks/visit any?

If so, you'll be vastly disappointed by the Everglades.

also wtf are you coming to Florida for? South Florida sucks, where are you visiting from?
Am an european and been to Jacksonville and Miami for work last year, kinda hated Miami since I dislike the whole latino culture, everglades tours are a granted cringe.
Really preferred JAX even if is mostly a residential area.
Orlando is also pure shit, had some fun chugging beer and listening to the story of a crack/methhead at the greyhound station though.

I live in Bosnia where more of 60%of pop don't work its a small corrupted country.I woud like to go out of my country and live a normal life.Any suggestions how to do that?
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Does your country have a program where you can acquire a foreign work visa? There are a lot of countries that hire foreigners for seasonal work.

Whats your skills?

There are tons of openings but they need a reason to hire a foreigner
Im agricultural-food technician have driving licesne for trucks C and CE worked as a rent-a-car agent and in a parasol factory.I speak english,german,bosnian and another blakan languages cro,serb,slov,etc)

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where have you met the most interesting people?
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morocco and west africa
nicest and most hospitable people i´ve ever met
I mean in general people in north africa are a lot more friendly than what i´m used to (german), but it was on an almost insane level there
whoops i meant west sahara
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I was 19 and In Thailand, very impressionable and Australian.

>late night out drinking on Bangla road
>went to take a piss
>old guy pissing next to me
>decide to tell him a joke I just heard from another drunk guy
>a baby seal walks to a club
>great joke
>start chatting to the guy after he enjoys the joke
>me and my other mates get to know him
>he takes us to a bar his mate owns and buys us a few rounds
>tells us about his family back is San Fran
>shows us non stop nudes of hookers he's gotten with
>see his dick getting sucked
>see a lot of butthole
>he tried to skip past a pic of him and john McCain
>he stops being open about his global exploits
>ask him what he thinks about the illuminati
>he asked "what's that"?
>not suspicious at all
>he gives us his phone number and tells us to look him up if we're ever in San Fran
>yeah sure mate
>stumble back to my villa

To this day me and my mates still reference this man and exaggerate what he could be up to now.

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I'm 18 and live in Utah. I graduated high school at 14 and got a bachelor degree at a pretty good local college. I have a full scholarship to the University of Amsterdam in Biology and I expect to major in Microbiology. Living, laws. cannabis whats special. I'm from a middle-class family so I can afford decent living spaces. I also speak Dutch so language isn't a problem.
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blog somewhere else, faggot
Tfw going to Amsterdam for a couple days tomorrow
so? was there a question?

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