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Just wondering what the times of peak season are in places around the world. I'm going solo backpacking next year and want try land some backpacker/local hotties around the world while seeing the normal tourist/backpacker sights.

Current plan is SEA Feb to April, India + Nepal in April & June, Europe in June + July.

In terms of the US, I've got stereotypical scenes of big ass parties on beaches & busy clubs burnt into my mind by American media over my lifetime which i think would be fun. Just wondering about the US & South America mainly, should I go to Cancun/Colombia/DR in August or stay in the US (Florida/NY/LA) during that time. I'm guessing it's the end of your Summer holidays and you will either be home partying before uni restarts or making the most of your final holiday time overseas.

Once it gets quiet and everybody is going back to uni, I'll likely go and do tourist stuff that is better done when it is quiet season (Machu Picchu, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley ect).

For example, here in Australia most backpackers will go away between December and February as we have uni holidays.

Advice appreciated senpai
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peak in most of SEA is around December-January
in Japan i think it's around Sakura blossoming

I found last time i went (Late feb), it was still pretty good. This time ill be going a tad later (mainly March) but I assume it will still be fairly busy as last time it was after European & US uni holidays had finished but it was still busy.
>should I go to Cancun/Colombia/DR in August

Spring break (the busiest time in Cancun) is in mid March so you will miss that for sure.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the end of summer holidays are like as I've never been at that time.

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travel map empty.png
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Map thread?

Feel free to use the hugely detailed one, too.
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>didn't fill in where I want to go because that would take too long
i just took my top picks, there's a lot more places i want to go but they're lower on the list

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Hey /trv/, does anyone go to American style craft breweries in Europe or anywhere else? I know Europe especially has its own native beer cultures so I'm sure there's not much of a demand, but it would still be interesting to check out if I'm over there.

I remember going to one of the only ones in China a few years back and I had a blast. The beer was really good too. Going to Scotland in a few weeks and wouldn't mind trying to repeat that experience
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There's many microbreweries in the UK and larger breweries also ofc some breweries even have large bars and restaurants within them.

t. Anglo
Look for Cloudwater when you're in Scotland. They're the best brewery in the UK making hazy New England style IPAs.
If you are in France check out the Brasserie de la Débauche, best crafts of the country imo

Brasserie Corrézienne is also solid, as well as Brasserie du Mont Salève and Brasserie des Garrigues

Naparbier is a top tier Spanish brewery as well

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Hi /trv/ I'm from Ohio and wanting a change of scenery, I have 15,000 in moving funds and I don't really have much to move. So, I'll probs live in an apartment with my dog and few belongings but here's the catch I'm gay(but not flamboyant) and right wing. But in pic related what's the best state for me to live in? Thanks in advance!
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>right wing

Definitely Louisiana, it's full of closeted conservatives. Which is not to imply that you are closeted, just that there will be more guys that share your sexual orientation and politics. They just won't be open about it.
Cool cool yea I'm not closeted but I'm not one of those limp-wristed anti-gun peeps. But I own a lot of knives so Louisiana is based.
cubans in s. florida (miami, dade, palm beach) who are older or anti-castro are conservatives and pro limited govt and entrepreneurship. Some of their descendants feel the same. Southwest florida from naples to sarasota has a bunch of wealthier republican base.
It is actually fun to be political in northern virginia, if you are an activist type, you won't find a greater population that actually watches news, reads multiple sources of news, and stays abreast of news and actually likes talking about it.
Alaska is really it's own entity in an unto itself. It is kind of the leave-me-alone state, where people go to just get away. From anarchists to survivalists to outdoors types, I think actually it could be pretty lonely for someone who needed a good social scene to feel alive and normal. If you and a partner wanted leaving alone, an introverted, and more than adequate income, you might love it.

I'm going to Cracow with a friend in Oktober. We've got two and a half days, and haven't thought of anywhere to go or anything to do besides Auschwitz. Any advice?
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wikitravel and In Your Pocket Krakow.
just do the pub crawl, I did it and it was alright
underground jazz clubs near that big tower someone plays the trumpet off of every hour.

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Hey everyone, first time posting here. My family is Romanian, but we live in the US. My parents and I want to plan a trip to see family, but I cant find round trip tickets under $1,800 each. Was wondering if you guys knew any sites with cheaper plane tickets. Any help is appreciated.
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Jesus christ, the first search I did from JFK to Bucharest came up with $600 round-trip on British Air. Whichever one of these things you're doing, don't:
-Search for flights out of an airport in bumfuck nowhere
-Search for flights departing very soon
-Search for flights at peak times, e.g. mid summer or Christmas.
I'm in DFW, but international flights aren't too expensive, right? Maybe the smaller airport. Thanks for the tips anon

I'll give it a look

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So my former boss has invited me to come to China and stay with his family at his expense. desu the idea is a little off-putting. Not China, I'd like to
see that, it's just the idea of staying with a foreign family I find difficult. I get culture shock just from staying at my aunt's house as a guest. I can't imagine how different a Chinese family would be.

What am I in for?

Also what must I see and do in China?
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>So my former boss has invited me to come to China and stay with his family at his expense.
Under what pretense? Honestly this sounds incredibly fishy and would raise multiple red flags if it were me.

Anyway - maybe just look into some Chiniese manners/customs and look online to see what sights are around where you will be staying.

Also dont get hit by a car. They'll aim to kill you if they dont succeed the first time around.
>Under what pretense? Honestly this sounds incredibly fishy and would raise multiple red flags if it were me.

They'd been suggesting it to me for about a year and the invitation was finally extended.

He's rich and I ran a business in my country for him and for some reason his family has always really liked me.

I assume it's essentially a thank you.
For how long? How well does he know you? How rich is he?

If he's really that rich, it's possible he did some research on you and maybe did all of this to seduce you to come to China to harvest one of your kidneys, or worse.

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I'm going to Teheran soon. I plan to immediately take a bus to Isfahan, but in order to get visa at the airport I need a hotel reservation. Can you recommend anything cheap? I plan to use couchsurfing for the rest of the trip.

Is it better to take dollars or euro?
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I'd recommend getting a visa beforehand. Where are you from?

I had a travel agency doing this for me. Had to give them a travel description with adresses and telephone numbers of the places I planned to stay at. But I didn't need to actually book a hotel or anything like that.

I'm from Germany btw.

Isfahan is one of the best places ever. Not for the landmarks but for the people. Really.

Have a nice trip! If you have any questions, ask!
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image 19.jpg
375KB, 960x1280px
Isfahan OC
i-is Iran expensive?
i always pipe dream about working in their film industry and marrying a persian qt

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>Be American
>Get Job offer in City you know nothing about
>See their women on Tinder are gorgeous
>Their currency is building strength
>See they won't take refugees
>Beer is literally cheaper than water

What's the downside Anon? What else am I missing about the Czech Republic? How excited should I be?
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Go for it and see for yourself. You might like it or not. Remember that it's still a 1.5 world country so things do not always work they way you're used to.
yea its pretty ok man
If you have good job you will have awesome life. I dont know where in america you come from but Prague will be upgrade to almost anything.

-cheap (this is relative, depends on your job)
-beautiful women
-city itself is beautiful with many landmarks

I definitely recommend. I was living there for 1 year and I would return in instant if I could.

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How do backpackers spend a month just in Bangkok? I've been here for a week and a half and I'm ready to move on now. I'm all Watted and partied out. Luckily I'm off to Japan in a couple of days.

Seriously, what do those types of people do all day to pass the time when they're not partying?
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>do all day
Did you go to Ko Kret? Did you go to the Death Museum in Siriraj hospital? Did you go to Wat David Beckham or Talat Rotfai? Did you visit Vimanmek Mansion? Did you hire a bike and cycle around Ban Krachao?

If you're bored in Bangkok you are bored with life
No (who the fuck cares about a temple with one tiny piece dedicated to David Beckham?)

What you're suggesting are totally minor things to do in the city that still don't justify how someone could spend a month here.

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Should I go travelling indefinitely after my job contract ends?

24 yo
£22,000 savings (came from saving like a motherfucker and also getting grants at uni which far exceeded my living costs)
Already have a degree
Would have a decent chance of getting onto a funded teacher training course once I ran out of money
Some TEFL and a lot of youth work experience

I am crippled by feelings of intense anxiety and feeling trapped by bureaucracy and the pressures of working & renting. Most recently I've been troubled by the thought I am going to die young and that I need to make the most of the time I have. I have had very bad experiences seeking psychiatric help in Britain so I don't want to revisit that. I am currently on a 9 month contract which finishes in May.

Just over three years I did something similar and travelled for 3 months which really helped me calm down and got me out of a bad mental place.

As I said I got all the money from being a povvo at a posh uni and getting grants so I know how to live on barely anything and make money stretch.

Should I just do it? Or am I crazy to throw away all the money I've got?
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>I've been troubled by the thought I am going to die young and that I need to make the most of the time I have.

I have the same dealio dude.

Spend time doing the things you love while you can, don't spend the time you have doing things you don't love.

Not everyone is in the same situation as you, you have money and time up your sleeve, go for it.

Students - Lots of energy, lots of time but no money.
Middle aged - Lots of energy, no time but lots of money.
Retirees - Little energy, but lots of time and lots of money.
I am in a similar place. Planning to visit New Zealand, maybe work there for a bit, while i apply for jobs in Singapore in my field. Maybe visit Hong Kong, Thailand and/or Vietnam before travelling back home.

Where did you go those 3 years ago?

I went round the Balkans and to southern Italy. Spent a while sofa surfing back in the UK. I had tried to kms and needed to do something to lift all the mental fog.

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>friends and i are planning a trip to see every country in the world
>it would be like a 2-3 year trip, just a complete hiatus from normal life to see everything
Any tips or advice to give me, /trv/?
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Great plan. How will you do a few of the really dangerous or hard to enter ones?

>equatorial guinea
>saudi arabia
not op but Syria is ok if just Damascus, the other 3 are so easy that I'm not even going to comment. The main difficulty I see would be Yemen. For North Korea and Bhutan you'd just need money.

But to the point: stupid idea.
You'd end up doing a lot to do nothing in the end. 2 years to see "every country" would give you roughly 3,5 days in each of them. It'd be a shame to waste so much travelling time on that. Besides it's been done before countless times and will not impress anyone, you won't be a "seasoned traveler", just someone with the means to finance such a trip.
My recommendation is to be more inventive and set some more challenging and interesting goals if you're really going to travel for 2 years and appear to have some finances for this.
Yeah, we've taken that into account. We're gonna try to tie it so during the waiting to get cleared to enter them, we're gonna do others.

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Im in Frederick, Maryland for training purposes for 3 weeks. Ive already been to Gettysburg and Baltimore. Gettysburg was not worth it in my opinion and Baltimore's inner harbor was pretty cool. The rest of Baltimore save south of the innerharbor was worse than what The Wire depicted.

Im going to DC this weekend for the first time. Is there anything thing to see besides the plaza what do the locals do? i might do some thrift shopping too because i running out of clothes?
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Baltimore is a pretty good Aquarium, I liked it and I'm to be honest I usually hate shit like that.

As a Midwestern man I found that one neighborhood with everything sort of smushed together with old fashioned looking buildings to be charming and very East-coasty, wish I could remember what it was called.

West 'Ballimer' looked Liberian af.
You can't go wrong with Georgetown nigga, hip relaxed place. Alexandria is pretty cool too.
If you like clubbing go to DuPont circle Saturday night.
I'll be around these days in case you have more specific questions.
I'm from baltimore. Trust me when I say get as far away from baltimore as possible. It's time in your life you'll never get back

Hey /trv/ I'm going to oktoberfest next month with 5 friends from Friday to Tuesday. Only 1 of us has ever been to Germany before and I want to get the most bang for my limited time there. So far we have this planned

Friday: Check-in, haufbrauhaus, Bayern match, go out afterwards
Saturday: Completely open to touristy things because Oktoberfest is going to be packed
Sunday: Reservation at Kafer tent for lunch and tent hopping
Monday: Open to tourist things
Tuesday: Open until 2pm

Do you guys have any suggestions on places and things to do in Munich or for oktoberfest in particular? any help would be greatly appreciated
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Get wasted, eat pork knuckle and vomit it afterwards
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One of the most visited tourist goals is Eisbach (they call it 'surfing') and another one the Chinese Tower in the English Garden.

Starting a business in a few months.

I won't be able to travel anywhere for a few years after I start my business, so I decided to go for 6-8 week vacation (and maybe look for cute fiance' to move back with me to Califonia).

The best deals right now are to Europe, and i have tons of choices (0 choices for southern Europe).

Most of the cheap flights 500 roundtrip, are to Estonia, Latvia, all major cities in Poland, Austria, Germany, Fance, England, etc...

I am kind of interested in Austria (supposed to be nice, cheap and welcoming to rich people), and I heard Hungary + Prague are right next door (and this is the land of my favorite porn categories catfights and glamour girls).

How cheap would it be to live like a king in Austria, Hungary or Czech compared to Riga, Taillin, and Saint Petersburgh?

I have heard women are super friendly in Russia, but I am a bit worried that I will still be a schmuck in Austria, and not a western god.
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I am Estonian and I can honestly say that Tallinn isn't going to turn out any cheaper than most of the places you have mentioned. I don't know much about Riga or Saint P though. Having just visited Prague, I can warmly recommend it, beer is dirt cheap in both restaurants and stores (about 1.40$ for a pint) and compared to Tallinn, the meals in Prague are almost always cheaper by 1/3. Just my two cents.
Are the wages lower in Czech than Estonia on average?

I have only heard great things about Estonia (economically / financially), but have heard it is "boring" basically Finlands Mexico without the beaches.

My father might be doing business in Finland soon, so it would be kind of nice to see Estonia (their E-Citizeship is kind of cool. I can open a bank account, and they encourage immigrants who want to start businesses).

Are Latvia/Lithuania much cheaper than Estonia?
Hungary is probably (a bit) cheaper than Czech Republic.
Austria should be by far the most expensive (relatively speaking, it's about the same as Germany, so for tourists usually cheaper than, say, France). And yes, it is very nice, in fact one of the most beautiful countries in Europe! By the way: Both Budapest and Prague are just about 2-3 hrs from Vienna by train.

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