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Ok guys, this might sound a little crazy but please hear me out.

It's no secret that America is getting a little crazy these days and I'm looking into other options on where to live. I have a nice retirement pension from the military and want to find another country where that has a lax immigration policy where I could get permanent residency.

Any ideas? I haven't made the decision to move just yet, but it's something that I'm seriously considering.
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try france or canada, i got this crazy feeling they would be right up your alley
Lax immigration policies are exactly the reason you DON'T want to move to a place
panama is really easy, if you have a pension of over 1k a month, or are willing to make an investment/bank deposit of 15k you can get residency

ecuador is 25k investment
philipines is 10k investment if you make 1k a month from pension, otherwise 50k

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For people who've taken visa on arrival for Vietnam - it asks for address and family members (on instructions on how to fill out it says list immediate family members), I have neither of these, do you think there will be a problem if I just leave blank?
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Print out a hotel reservation from booking.com or whatever site, cancel it right out if necessary.

There, you have an address and a contact in Vietnam now.

It's better to have your paperworks neat and full, commie officials like that.
It's my home address I don't have, and they for some reason need, along with family members?
How do you not know this.

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I'm visiting this fine italian city tomorow, where should I definatly go ? There's like 250 museums and cathedrales, it's hard to choose and avoid tourist traps.


Also where to eat. And eat what.
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Eat Lampredotto, in the Mercato Centrale.
hahaha lets hope he puked, good job

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so, where is the london scene ?
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In London.

Can maybe be more specific if you are.
where are the hipsters at night
Soho/piccadilly if you want to waste a lot of money like a retard.

If you wanna actually chill, get hooked up with some weed and go smoke on the green at southbank or something.

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Hey guys. In October me and two friends are going to the Bahamas and after that we are planning on a weeklong road trip of Florida. After that I am going back home (cant leave my coworkers unattended...) but they are staying for a week in Miami. We were planning on renting a car (medium SUV, my friend is huge AF and does not fit in a regular car).

I do not have any previous experience wiht rent-a-car and the prices on the internet seems quite high. I was told to consider Enterprise or Hertz, but they are asking for minimum 190 USD for a week or 500+ for 2 weeks.

Am I doing something wrong here or are these prices normal? Also would you consider keeping the car just for the road trip or also for sightseeing in Miami?
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Where are you from anon? And, can you show proof of insurance that would cover your rental, like your awesome geico or allstate policy? That might save you on part of the insurance at least. The friends together roadtrip can also be annoying, because adding a second driver really runs the bill up.

I just kayakcom'd the luxury and SUV category only and saw major brands like hertz and enterprise a little less than your quote, but that is without taxes and all. One trick I do is to find prices on the websites, and then call a location directly. There is sometimes less expensive cars when you pick them up outside of the airport locationsa and vice versa. So...depending where you are staying...you might get a Uber to your hotel on say South Beach, or take Tri-Rail to Metrorail and get closer to your hotel before an Uber, and then do without a car for 3-4 days if you are staying in a neighborhood that you are only going to roll out of bed and drink or swim (South Beach), and then pick up your car at Dadeland location when ready for it.

Miami DOES require a car. You simply cannot do only public transport and ride through downtown, onto Key Biscayne, through Brickell to Coconut Grove, S. Miami and around in the Gables, which are all the places you want to visit/dine/explore. Public transport is both hot and sweaty, inefficient, and at times, unsafe because you are only riding with the dregs of society who can't afford a car in a car-mandatory city. With careful planning it is doable, just not ideal.

One of your roadtrip can and should be to hit up mexican food in homestead, snorkel in Key Largo, drink in Islamorada or take out a charter fishing boat, and then down to Mallory Square sunset in Key West with all of its glorious weirdness. Eat seafood there, explore your literary or gold diving historical bug. A day trip to do swamp things across the Glades and the national parks might be alright too, combined with some Calle Ocho or miami foodie tour stuff.
Sorry I just read October....this is the beginning of the good weather and when the tourists start arriving, so maybe your quotes are higher than the one I just ran. Look at a AAA membership for discounts. I get car rental coupons in every bill, and as well with the Allstate bills.
Dont buy the overpriced salt water taffy off the highway on the coast.

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Georgia thread.
I'm going to Georgia in the next week, my plan is to visit Batumi and Tfilisi but I'm open to other place recommendations. Do you have any advice for these two cities? How much should I expect to spend in a week if I'd stay at a hostel but want to eat local quality food and get drunk at least 2 or 3 nights? Any recommendent foods/drinks? How are the girls and night life? Would it worth the bother if I'm not into clubbing etc?
Also has anyone been to One Caucaus fest? What's the atmosphere like?
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I was there in 2015 in old town hostwl in Tblisi, if Georgi is still working there say hi for me (he is a super friendly person and will tell you all about Georgia even the parts he hasn't been but knows from literature) ask for local food places which are super cheap and super good. Everyone was kind of willing to give you directions or advice but beware that if they offer "tours" it usually is very amateurish but it also costs almost nothing that it doesn't really matter.

Ask around with other travellers where they're going since they might know nice excursions. This was how I got to this place: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g1596951-d3321939-Reviews-Nato_Lado_Guesthouse-Signagi_Kakheti_Region.html
They're quite friendly and offer plenty of booze, it's best to travel here with others since Signagi is pretty empty but you can go for some heavy drinking. I walked over a car there funnily enough. Along the border with Georgia and Azerbeidjan there is an interesting walk with some monastery ruins and interesting monasteries.

I also really enjoyed traveling north along the military highway to the mountains as they were very beautiful for (day)hikes.

There were really many places to go to and the ones I mentioned were nice for the price they cost but they were also kind of low quality in many ways but it was onw of the best holidays I ever had because of the friends I made, but that was maybe just luck on my part.

An interesting side travel might be to go to Yerevan by night train (and drink a lot in said train) and explore Armenia for a week.

Georgia itself can bw thoroughly be explored in about 3 weeks in my opinion.

I hope you can use this information as it is kind of unstructured but I'm on my phone so I can't really neaten it up.

Peace, love and let me know if you need any more information.
i'd recommend a day trip to gori (stalin's hometown)
Borjomi has the best water I've ever hand, but Georgian mineral waters in general really delicious! Try em out! Ushguli seems like an interesting place, it's the strange tower village.

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In japan

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Wrong board?

Hey. I'm thinking about doing a volunteering program in Asia. I'm kind of new to this type of experience so I don't know shit. I don't wanna pay for the food or accomodation.

Has anybody done it before? Which countries did you go to, and which do you recommend?
I was thiinking about Thailand or Nepal but really any place will do. Also can someone please link some good websites/ngos/whatever that do this kind of thing?

I'm also not so focused on the traveling aspect, cause I've seen some programs where you just do volunteering work a couple of days and then you basically just do an adventure trip around the country.
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Also forgot to mention it but I'm not a nativve English speaker so maybe some English teachng programs might be hard to do for me
>I don't wanna pay for the food or accomodation.
Noone wants to babysit your ass for free. If you want a picture with shitskin orphans for your facebook page, you have to pay.
There are no volunteer opportunities in Asia that do not cost over a hundred dollars. Most will cost over five hundred dollars.

You will pay the "volunteer" organization their $500 or $1,000 fee, and they will provide you with meals and accommodation (most of the time), as well as transportation to and from the volunteer site.

If you want a "real" volunteer opportunity in Asia, go to Mother Teresa's mission church in Calcutta, India. You just show up and they will give you something to do. You can read more about it online.

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Nothing triggers me more than having to pay to have a simple piss or the occasional shit in Europe.

Why can't they be like Australia and pay 0 dollars?
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Is that why India is so poor? Do they have to pay to poo in loo?
Coming from the US it would be worth it if they are clean. We have so many degenerates in the US that can't figure out how to use the bathroom without leaving it a mess. Sharing toilets with poor people is miserable.

while I hate to pay 40c to use a freaking toilet, I also hate the vile condition of many australian public restrooms

it also discourages willful homelessness

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Vancouverite here.
So I'm probably going to be moving to Lewiston ID to get work experience (company I'm interviewing with is seriously considering me).
I will have no friends/family anywhere nearby there and will probably need to spend anywhere from 6 months to a year there before I can move back home.

What can I do out there so I don't die of boredom/homesickness?
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Well, do you like the outdoors or not?
I love the wilderness and camping, but without anyone to share the experiences with, seems like it would get old pretty fast.

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You guys probably had this thread a thousand times but i'm still asking
All my friends are back to work and i have three weeks to kill, thinking of going somewhere but i'd be alone or have t do of those planned tours

Do you guys travel alone or in group ?
If alone, how do you even meet people to go with you ?
I mean i live in a very touristic city, i go out regularly but i have never ever hung out with random tourists et's be honest

I'm not worried at all about safety i come from a shithole but still i'm just afraid i wouldn't really meet anybody
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I feel bad about being socially retarded until I see people like OP hyperventilating at the idea of being separated from a social setting for more than 24 hours. I'm glad I'm not tied down to other people's needs and limitations.

Also, does anyone know where that pic is?
It's not like i've never been alone for a long time before you know, but those aren't exactly great memories
So do do you just stay alone the whole trip and go sightseeing then ?

I mean i keep hearing "yeah you should go abroad and meet wonderful new people" and so on propaganda, but in real life tourists are always in groups
I concur whole heartedly with this post.

The pic is in Slovenia.

Hi, I'm visiting Berlin on the 22th this month. I'm especially looking for an underground wave/techno scene (Specific places).

Any recommendations/adresses?

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Just take 400 micrograms of LSD and go lay out in the street. They will find you.
They exist, but you don't deserve to go to them. I arrived to Berlin and went to a witch-house meetup in a rundown building on the eastern end of Prenzlauerberg, got some cheap keta and E, and kept going til next afternoon. The people that were there are not the type to beg on the internet for advice. They just sort of showed up
Whoa m8 you're so fuckin hardcore lmao

The catalog didn't have a specific Spain travel thread (the existing one belongs in >>>/int/), the two Portugal threads are dying, and there are no threads devoted to North Africa.
If you have questions and answers regarding:
>Spain (mainland)
>Basque country
>Balearic Islands
post them here.
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OP starting it off
>29 y/o f + 30 y/o m
>Relatively seasoned travelers
>Free from 20 Sep to 02 Oct
>Planning on Spain/Morocco
>Is it worth it do do both countries and/or Portugal?
>What is the best way to superpack the itinerary?
>Tips, advice, costs?
The initial plan is to take a flight from NYC to Seville, work our way south toward Morocco, then work our way toward Malaga, finally to take a flight back home. We are counting on the first day and the last day effectively being for packing and travel. Politesage
I think it's a shame to try to do all that in just 10 days. Don't underestimate travel times in Morocco.

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Can someone explain to me how the hell airlines decide their connecting flights?

I want to go to Tokyo on a Japanese airline, like ANA. The closest major city is Seattle, Washington, but it's far enough I don't really want to drive. Seattle has direct flights through ANA to Tokyo. Flights from here to Seattle are regular, short, and cheap. However, if I try to get a ticket from my city to Tokyo, every single option has me bouncing from Dallas or Denver through some retarded endless hoop until finally getting to Tokyo 40 hours later. I could buy separate tickets, but I'd have to worry about re-checking through security with my luggage and delays and what not.

Is there any possible way to get this streamlined flight itinerary on one ticket? Could a travel agent do it?
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Just asking, but why are you so intent on flying ANA?
Why would you fly United if you didn't have to?

These flight plans are just so fucking retarded, absolutely none of them route through the major airport right next to me.
>These flight plans are just so fucking retarded, absolutely none of them route through the major airport right next to me.

Then I guess you're flying United....

I've been thinking about doing some sort of "outdoorsy" vacation in Siberia. Has anyone been there that could provide some insight?

Thanks in advance.
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sorry, not really.
i'm doing transiberian express thingy in a bit and will be hiking along lake Baikal.
make sure you read up on tick borne encephalitis which is prevalent
Go to Canada or Alaska, the same outdoors, cheaper, safer, and more fun. Siberia is hardcore outdoors shit.
get an old school uaz

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