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ITT: Disneyland/world stories
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>never went
The end.
This is not /co/ related you dumb fucking roastie
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My wife made me go on the Tower of Terror after I'd eaten three Mickey Pretzels plus a large coffee. On the first drop I vomitted and on the second drop I shit myself. My wife teases me about it to this day.

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What are some countries where 18 year old women are attracted to 50 year old men?
Asking for a friend.
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Everywhere, as long as you have lots of money.
No where on planet earth you fucking faggot. No one who is 18 is attracted to 50 year old men without a combination of the following possible issues:
Extreme Poverty
Daddy Issues
Your immense wealth

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I'm going for a week to Rochester, Minnesota this October. What should I do there? Any advice?
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Kill urself
4chan in a nutshell

>Rochester, Minnesota this October. What should I do there?
Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

I was planning a vacation to Sint Maarten next fall. I was there once several years ago and was really looking forward to going back. After seeing photos of the devastation left after Hurricane Irma, I'm wondering if I should be rethinking my plans.

I know I'm not going for over a year, but I think it takes longer than that to rebuild after a major hurricane like this.

Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? If I keep to my original plan, what should I expect the situation on the island to be like this time next year?
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Go there! Cheap prices ATM!
You can help them rebuilding the island.
They'll have it all rebuilt within 3 months dude.
They have serious looting going on there.

Remembers me of my girlfriend ans me getting robbed there. I loved the nature and the airport of the island.

But always keep in mind it's a serious criminal shithole. Also dealing with the police (dutch side) was far from fun.

Looking for advice. I'll try to make this story as short as possible.

I'm an American and wanting to move abroad, either to Europe or Australia/New Zealand.

Recently went through a rough divorce. Wife comes from a wealthy family and was able to outspend me on lawyers. She took almost everything I own, including our son. I was left with just my personal items, car, and $25,000.

I have a Masters Degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management and a MBA from a good university with 10 years of solid working experience. What are my best options? Are there any countries that would allow me to immigrate based on my skills? If so, which ones? Where should I start?

I realize that the process and paperwork would take some time, but I'm hoping to accomplish this in the next 2-3 years if possible. Any advice or input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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With your sort of experience you can find a job in most western countries. Do you speak any other languages?

What exactly are you looking at getting here? Do you want a certain type of lifestyle? Do you want to live near nature? Do you want to travel the world while working short term here and there?

I suggest reaching out to companies out there. For someone who has managerial type experience companies will be willing to sponsor you to move to their country. You just have to find a company. If you work for a multi-national corporation now, see if they have postings in countries you want to live in and reach out to management to make it happen. If you don't then look up these companies, especially American ones which also operate in countries you want to live in. My manager has recently been headhunted by 2 companies in New Zealand, he declined due to family but this is just to say that if you make a name for yourself out there people will want you so start reaching out to people/companies.
NZ and AU both have points-based immigration systems. Go to their websites and do the math to see if you even qualify. Your degree will help. Other factors may help or hinder.

You could also try any of the big countries where there are loads of companies doing logistics and shipping and stuff. Were you working at a major retailer, or at some sort of major manufacturing company?

>Do you speak any other languages?
This is a big factor for a lot of places. In particular for Australia, you will have to learn Australian.
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I hope you are going MGTOW and dont need a second lesson on modern females...

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Will be visiting Bucharest for a week in the end of September.
What I shouldn't miss?
Should I rent a car and go to Transfăgărășan or by the sea?
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From what I remember from a post I made in an older thread:

The Palace in your OP image.
The old center.
The nightlife if you're into that is fantastic.
This tour: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294458-d5994011-Reviews-Tour_of_Communism-Bucharest.html
Stavropoleos Church.
The parks.
The Cotroceni neighbourhoods.
Tea houses with live music.

Check this dude's instagram for some inspiration: https://www.instagram.com/raidenbucharest/?hl=en

Outside Bucharest I would recommend going north towards the mountains. Brasov, Sinaia, Sibiu. All nice places for visiting historic sites and or hiking.
I'm here right now and can't find anything to do

the nightlife is great, but the sights don't really grab me
Most people go north to brasov, tourist centeral

is there some thing I'm missing out on here?
is it just a boring capital city
Have you checked https://www.inyourpocket.com/bucharest?

yippee I get the privileged of living in good ole Gulfport, MS for about 6 months for work. Dirty beaches, shallow murky coast, still devastated by Katrina. What can i do to pass the time?
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New Orleans and be prepared to gain some weight from eating some of the best food in the US, don't be such a pessimistic faggot, if you want to bitch about how bad your situation is /trv/ is not the board. But my advice is to try the food and be happy that you aren't African or some shit
the food is best here by far, love the po boys and Cajun. im pessimistic because it was advertised (at least to me) as a super fun coast city with plenty to do on the beach. But now that im here its vacant because its polluted. Other than New Orleans and Mobile am i outta luck?
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I know a lot about the area, but with your description you can just go fuck yourself buddy.

expect more of that from the locals too, it's a great location but we don't give a shit about our rep, so get fucked and hate yourself. Oh yeah, and be sure to get back home and tell all your asshole friends how shit the place is so they don't grace us with your presence either.

Hello /trv/ I'm going to be flying to Alabama tomorrow in order to bug out for the coming hurricane and i was wondering if it was ok to take a portable rechargeable battery on the plane?
Would it be confiscated or would i be allowed to take it with me?
>The picture I posted is a picture of the battery I own.
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Usually it is fine, only country I've had issues with before is china wanting to do a double screen or ditching of it. in the US they don't give a shit
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ok thanks for the info
I think it's mostly down to battery capacity. Unless yours is some xboxhueg monster that could charge your laptop, I don't think it's an issue.

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why isnt ireland in CANZUK? Also sign pettion would love to see easier movement to travel.
wonder if south africa and iceland will be included?
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You are now aware that this is a site to collect contact info for later fundraising, and nothing more.


>spamming a board with 12 users.
Implying ppl dont lie
why the fuck would iceland of all countries be included?

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hey guys

im planning on going to dubrovnik in early october. can you guys recommend me any hostels (very social ones as ill be going alone so need to make some friends). also any recommendations for stuff to do?
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I stayed in Hostel 365 for U. It's a good hostel, but it's a bit of a walk to the old town. Ubers are cheap though.

Dubrovnik is a very expensive city when compared to the rest of Croatia.
hmm, im actually thinking about spending most of time in Split now instead, any advice for there?
Winter is coming guys! ;0)

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