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Any experience ??
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Try being more vague.
Does not being American count as an experience
It's like LIVING in the USA, but not in the USA

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florida mecca.jpg
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I am going to Ft. Lauderdale next year, which cities/ neigborhood in his metropolitan area are nice?
(especially in Broward County)

Do the eveglades have something interesting?

Is Tampa worth visiting?
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dont go
its literally going to be destroyed by the hurricane
florida is a shit hole either way.
Sarasotan here. Tampa is cool, St. Petersburg is much cooler though.

do you like the national parks/visit any?

If so, you'll be vastly disappointed by the Everglades.

also wtf are you coming to Florida for? South Florida sucks, where are you visiting from?
Am an european and been to Jacksonville and Miami for work last year, kinda hated Miami since I dislike the whole latino culture, everglades tours are a granted cringe.
Really preferred JAX even if is mostly a residential area.
Orlando is also pure shit, had some fun chugging beer and listening to the story of a crack/methhead at the greyhound station though.

I live in Bosnia where more of 60%of pop don't work its a small corrupted country.I woud like to go out of my country and live a normal life.Any suggestions how to do that?
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Does your country have a program where you can acquire a foreign work visa? There are a lot of countries that hire foreigners for seasonal work.

Whats your skills?

There are tons of openings but they need a reason to hire a foreigner
Im agricultural-food technician have driving licesne for trucks C and CE worked as a rent-a-car agent and in a parasol factory.I speak english,german,bosnian and another blakan languages cro,serb,slov,etc)

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where have you met the most interesting people?
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morocco and west africa
nicest and most hospitable people i´ve ever met
I mean in general people in north africa are a lot more friendly than what i´m used to (german), but it was on an almost insane level there
whoops i meant west sahara
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I was 19 and In Thailand, very impressionable and Australian.

>late night out drinking on Bangla road
>went to take a piss
>old guy pissing next to me
>decide to tell him a joke I just heard from another drunk guy
>a baby seal walks to a club
>great joke
>start chatting to the guy after he enjoys the joke
>me and my other mates get to know him
>he takes us to a bar his mate owns and buys us a few rounds
>tells us about his family back is San Fran
>shows us non stop nudes of hookers he's gotten with
>see his dick getting sucked
>see a lot of butthole
>he tried to skip past a pic of him and john McCain
>he stops being open about his global exploits
>ask him what he thinks about the illuminati
>he asked "what's that"?
>not suspicious at all
>he gives us his phone number and tells us to look him up if we're ever in San Fran
>yeah sure mate
>stumble back to my villa

To this day me and my mates still reference this man and exaggerate what he could be up to now.

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I'm 18 and live in Utah. I graduated high school at 14 and got a bachelor degree at a pretty good local college. I have a full scholarship to the University of Amsterdam in Biology and I expect to major in Microbiology. Living, laws. cannabis whats special. I'm from a middle-class family so I can afford decent living spaces. I also speak Dutch so language isn't a problem.
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blog somewhere else, faggot
Tfw going to Amsterdam for a couple days tomorrow
so? was there a question?

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I have about $8,000 and I'm really tired of the same old shit here in the USA. Wage slavery, whores, all these fucking taxes out the ass.

I'm not bilingual, I'm not white, and I have a really useless graphic design degree. Thoughts, ideas? I really just want to find a nice cave to live in where I can do my art without interruptions. It's all that makes me happy. I'm a fool to think there's an answer to my question.
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In all seriousness anywhere in Latin America or Asia. I'm pretty much a Turk in appearance (half beaner half sandnigger) so I blend in pretty well in most places.

Europe is fucked. Every major city seems to be getting crowded with fellow shitskins and darkies, and you are no longer a novelty or curiosity. All the right-wingers will think you are another migrant or welfare leech, while the leftists might fawn over you whilst discretely leaving you to your own devices in a comical display of NIMBY-ism. Paris was such a shitshow of disappointment that I have barely any words to say beyond that Europe is no longer fun. Every brown asshole between Morocco and Pakistan is making a beeline for the paradise of welfare that is Europe, so any travel experience will have you carrying the stigma of being associated or misidentified with these dregs of humanity.

Hitler was right.
I like your thread, OP, but I'd say stay in the USA where you have the best chances of being left alone, whilst living a comfortable life. Change location (state-wise) and social circles. Pick up additional hobbies to help with both.
this is just babbling about your life problems and belongs in /adv/
this is just irrational babbling and belongs in /pol/


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Need some recommendations for books. Looking for something I can read on a long layover in an airport. Specifically, I'm going to Iceland and Portugal.

I'm looking for something similar to the Sun Also Rises, though I'm not big on Hemingway. Just something good that engages with the modern culture of either Iceland or Portugal.

Any recs?
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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman is a great read for Iceland
Laxdaela Saga
Njals Saga

They give you a completely different perspective on the places you will be visiting.
Thanks, but I was kind of hoping to avoid the sags or mythology. In hopes of understanding more of the modern Icelander

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Can I - as a person who has lived in the UK for my entire life - start a marijuana dispensary in the areas of USA where the sale is legal?
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So long as you become a citizen and go through the process of obtaining US citizenship, then live in a state where it is legal to despense. Otherwise no.

Good luck trying that though, getting in legally will take 1-2 years and some serious cash. Not to mention the massive amounts of companies that have started or are starting. By the time you get all the paperwork to start a business, have US citizenship, and a license you would be looking 4-5 years minimum down the road.

Yea probably,

They have investor visas and specific schemes for people trying to start businesses

They want people to come here and start job and employ Americans

Something to be conscious of it just got legal in California and there is going to be some major Venture Capital getting pumped into Brands there

Competition is high there and its going to ramp up
I live in Washington my good man. You could probably do it but you'd have lots of competition, and I'm pretty sure there are many hoops you'd have to go through before you'd have a successful pot shop.

Just don't be a cuck m'lord. It's a dog eat dog world.

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I'm traveling south of seuol next week. I'm concerned about recent issues with North Korea. Would you guys go? Thoughts?
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Im flying there tomorrow am nervous but not wasting my money by cancelling it lol. Im there one night then 2 weeks in taipei and japan then back to korea for 4 nights after that so hopefully I dont get blown up tomorrow
Understood..... I'm arriving on the 10th departing the 16th on business . Worried if shit goes down that I'll be in the mix and possible get stuck there or blown to pieces. Haha... All I keep thinking is wow what great timing.
what country are you from?

Looking to go to SEA but I have no idea how much international data is going to be.
Can i just buy a cell phone/ data plan there or am i retarded?
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yea if u phone is unlocked
Yeah usually willmyphonework.net is a good place to check, tons of airports usually sell some pocketwifi device too. Your best bet is to just go get a 100 dollar burner phone and use that most of the time

I want to spend 2 or 3 months in Latin America this winter and improve my Spanish. Right now I'm not fluent but I can probably manage most situations with sign language and planning ahead.

I don't want to just travel around staying in hostels. I'd prefer to base myself in a relatively inexpensive, liveable city with good weather and do little trips from time to time. I guess renting is the way to go? I was thinking of somewhere in Colombia.

Anyone got experience of doing something similar or any suggestions?
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I lived in Colombia for a year, what do you want to know?
There are tons of vids on youtube re living in Colombia. Best research resource.
where were you based?
How easy was it to find somewhere to live and set yourself up? How good was your Spanish?

And anything else relevant, thanks

So I (19 y/o male) want to go somewhere nice with a couple of friends. Basicly party for a week. I live in germany. Any suggestions?
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Huh wat kind of music/culture?
AAA electro/rock/hippie/trance?
There's the obvious places like Mallorca, Ibiza etc. Any preferences?

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Hey, me and a friend are planning on going to Japan this winter, but he's getting sketched about north Korea's recent missile launches over top of Japan and now he's sketching me out.
What do you guys think? Will it be safe to travel to Japan in the winter?
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You don't go out of your basement, do you?
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yes you are fine. The norks won't nuke japan. Japan has no second strike capability. If you start a nuclear war, you target other nukes first, to minimize the counter attack. the whole cold war was built around the second strike scenario, they arn't that stupid to consider targeting civilians in a first strike, you only kill those in retaliation.

They might cause some minor travel restrictions from shenanigans involving flying shit over airports or stuff like that. but they have a thing from guam atm, japan is only at risk of stuff falling short on the way. but look at the map, your fine.

>nice try Kim, but hurting Japanese tourism isn't going to win the war.
Cold War bi-polar nuclear usage doctrine and DPRK nuclear usage doctrine are vastly different beasts because they're oriented around very, very different goals and values. This isn't really the place for it, though, /k/ has a decent thread about the latest test and implications.

大丈夫, Anon. The new device is at least 60-100 kt, so you'll either live or die, nothing you can really do about Kim authorizing a strike. Live your life, and don't be intimidated.

t. trying to take his own advice, I leave for my study abroad in a few weeks.

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Hello /trv/. Im moving to another state but I prefer places like this. As in cloudy woodsy places. What states do you recommend? Colorado and Montana or Maine are my choices. I like small towns too but not completely isolated.
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Forgot Rhode Island
Washington, Oregon, Northern california as in above san fran. Colorado is a lot more mountainy and rocky than most think
if you dont mind snow Wisconsin taint bad

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Do you know 父島列島 (Chichi-jima Rettoh, Father islands), 母島列島 (Haha-jima Rettoh, Mother islands) and 聟島列島 (Muko-jima Rettho, Husband islands) ?
They are located on far south of the Japanese archipelago, almost in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

Chichi-jima Rettoh consists of:
父島 (Chichi-jima, Father island)
兄島 (Ani-jima, Elder brother island)
弟島 (Otouto-jima, Younger brother island)

Haha-jima Rettoh consists of:
母島 (Haha-jima, Mother island)
姉島 (Ane-jima, Elder sister island)
妹島 (Imouto-jima, Younger sister island)
姪島 (Mei-jima, Nieth island)

Muko-jima Rettoh consists of:
聟島 (Muko-jima, Husband island)
嫁島 (Yome-jima, Wife island)
媒島 (Nakoudo-jima, Go-between of bridal island)
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Sorry, I made a mistake.
Mei-jima (Niece island)
If you have an opportunity, please visit there and enjoy beautiful nature and diving!
Do you know that the Chinese runes in your post are completely pointless because if you know Japanese it should be enough with the romaji, and if you don't know Japanese you're not going to pay attention to them anyway?
I'm currently learning Japanese, and I found it a helpful reminder. Don't be so needlessly critical, man.

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