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Hi guys. I recently came across a good amount of money and now I want to move. I have a kind of contract that lets me live anywhere in the world and stil work. So I was thiniking about Hong Kong.

Is it very expensive? What wage do I need to live stabil life (middle to upper-middle class life) in HK. Do they have draconic laws in any area? I come from central europe.

I know this is very general but please contribute anything
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Middle class live 3 generations crammed into 2 rooms apartments in Quarry Bay or Hung Hom.
If you want to live anywhere remotely convenient, expect to pay more than 1000EUR in rent for a shitty studio.
I have lived in serviced apartments from 2004 till 2008. Rent for a 1 bedroom in TST was 3600 EUR. Prices have doubled since then.
If you have rent sorted out, life can be pretty cheap tho. Way cheaper than any western megalopolis of similar relevance.
>Thinking about moving to HK
Literally why?
> Literally
As opposed to...?
Also HK can be fun to live in, it's diverse and vibrant and as I said above life can be pretty cheap.

So literally why not?

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Going to Warsaw for 3 days, anyone who's been before, if you had three days what would you fit into that short amount of time?
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Why 3 days? There is little to do or see there. You will get bored of Warsaw after a day. It's mostly made of dull grey depressing commieblocks.
Download the In Your Pocket guide to Warsaw. The re-built old town is the main attraction, along with the nightlife.
I'm from Southern Poland and I'm telling you: go to Warsaw, see how it really is and stop spreading bull shit. There are many more interesting cities in Poland but Warsaw is still a very good travel destination and there is plenty to do out there. It's also the only real big City in Poland.

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What should I consider when travelling to Costa Rica?
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What sort of stuff are you into?
How big of a knife you should carry with you at all times.
Snakes and spiders

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I got a job offer to go and work in Aachen, Germany. I'm sure there are some German friends here. What's the town like? Is it a good place to live for 12 months? Is it easy to make friends with the people there?

For a frame of reference, I live in Belgium, so I have a decent grasp of what Europe is like. I mostly don't want to move to a boring little backwater if that's what it turns out to be.
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Aachen is Germany's westermost larger city and a college town. It hosts one of the most reputable and biggest technical universities of Germany(22% of its inhabitants are students and there are also a lot of international students naturally). So you will be fine if you don't mind a bit of a gender imbalance. Check out the Pontstraße for bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.

The inner city is pretty, boasting the Cathedral, a world heritage site. Though if you turn the wrong way you might end up in the red light district which still is within the first city ring(Antoniusstraße). The weather is a bit rainy in general.

If you are there during winter, check out the legendary Christmas market which also attracts international visitors. Cologne and Maastricht are just an-hour-long train ride away.
t. Liège bro

I go to Aix-la-chapelle to drink and bang german girls, people from aachen are in bars in Liège all the time. Most of my friends actually attend RTWH.

You're hardly leaving Belgium my friend. If you're from brussels/wallonia, you'll notice aachen is a bit cleaner, and people a little more calm; if you're from flanders, you won't see a difference, apart from language, but everyone speaks english, and written text can be understood easily even if you only know flemish.
source: German who lived there a few years but it's been a while since I did my undergraduate at the RWTH.

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Ian Deck Via 3.jpg
80KB, 960x540px

I am killing time to get my body use to working nights.

I was on the Via 150 thing. Pretty much went coast to coast on the train here in Canada.

Ask me anything you want. I will answer till I go to bed.
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did you do vancouver-halifax?

ether of the northern routes, winnipeg-churchill and jasper-prince rupert?

between toronto-winnipeg was there anything you got off for?

think I might fly east from vancouver and ride it back
>to get my body use to working nights

just start working nights, you'll get used to it. both my wife and i spent time working nights (nurse and medic, respectively). it's not that bad. it's your days off that suck-the first day's always a complete waste.
I worked two years as a night receptionist in a hotel and it fucking killed me. It's not healthy at all, mate.

Anyway I'm a morning person, so it might be different for you. Nowadays I do night shifts every once in a while and it's not that bad, but working nights always... never again.

>it's your days off that suck-the first day's always a complete waste.

Exactly. If you only have two days off in a row you're fucked. It feels just like one day.

Hey /trv/

How do I find cheap flights, like last minute flights or even error fares?
I am from Germany and I am planning to visit Philippines in September.
I checked the usual booking sites, but I can't find anything under 580€
My Goal is under 500.
Are there any tricks?

Also, how to travel cheap in the Philippines?
I have a place to stay in Manila as well as Mindoro somewhere, but besides that I am looking for places to go with a backpack.

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Read the sticky.
Use Kayak and book your flight either:
A) 1 year in advance or
B) 1 week in advance of departure
gonna choose one week in advance!

25 y/o richfag here. I plan on moving to the Philippines and living off of investments. I want to live in Bohol. My 2 main questions:

1. Is it relatively safe?
2. Would the locals be cool with a 25 y/o white guy having a 14-16 year old gf?
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Sure theyd be cool with it. They love beating up foreigners ... best of luck!
Enjoy Pinoy jail
I'm told is like Mexico's but worse
>25 y/o richfag
Not for long

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how long do you guys stay in a country for when traveling?
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At least 2 weeks, otherwise what's the point really

In a country it depends from the kind of trip I'm doing, if I'm focusing on a single country or if I want to see more

About cities, at least 3 days, possibly more. I find it very stressing when I arrive in a new place knowing that in 24 hours I will have to pack my things and move again.
I'd say that a good rule of thumb whether in cities or not. Life is a lot more pleasant if ou are not pacing and unpacking all the damn time.

>what's the point really

There would potentially be instances where I am not, at the moment, visiting a country so much as traveling to see a particular museum, archeological site, national park, event, etc. Might not need to spend two weeks on that.

I could also see myself traveling through a series of countries for 3-4 days each to dip a toe in, to scout out future travels.
And if all I have is a week, not enough to do a country justice, I'll take what I can get in hopes of coming back for more later.

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I'm going to Seoul for ~2 weeks starting this weekend.

Looking for general recommendations but of all:

What's the best SIM card for Korea? And should I order it online here or buy it when I get to the airport?
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There are phone stores literally everywhere that can hook you up with a SIM card for cheap, they just scan your passport so the gov knows who is using the phone. If you're having trouble finding one there's always the I Park mall which has an entire wing devoted to tech shit (instead of taking a phone last time I just purchased a little flip phone and SIM card there).
Not cheap actually, I paid almost $30 for just 1 GB in a month, out of which $15 was the cost of data, $5 was the minimal balance and ~$8 was the cost of a new SIM card.
>an entire wing devoted to tech shit (instead of taking a phone last time I just purchased a little flip phone and SIM card there).

Sweet. That might be what I end up doing. I mostly just need it for calling. I can wait between Wifi spots to use the internet. Plus my phone is not unlocked.

Any other recommendations? I'm staying in Gangnam but I want to go all over the city.

I'm okay with that price if it's convenient.

I wanna suprise my gf and take her somewhere during NYE (pref in Europe), what's the best place/city you've been during New years?
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Prague or Edinburgh, depending on whether you like your insanity fueled by explosives or alcohol.
Germany has Sylvester which is like New years on crack, but it is pretty dangerous and not really that romantic
I'm gonna spend NYE alone at home probably

Why aren't capsule hotels more popular outside of Asia? They're an efficient, unique and cheap way to travel. Most people who have stayed in one have enjoyed it fine. Hostels are super popular, but capsules are not, despite the difference not that big. Furthermore, capsules are a novelty that would attract customers over hostels.

So what's the deal?
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I would appreciate the privacy they give over hostels.
People in Asia don't treat showers like they're optional.

The whole system falls apart when you have dirty backpackers shitting them up and stinking up everywhere
I once slept in one that looks a lot like the OP pic in korea, and I had lbarely 1 cm of clearance when lying down, so I would either bump my head, or scrape my toes every time I switched position, which made it impossible to sleep and uncomfortable. Many of my friends/people I talk to, have had similar experiences so I guess it kinda gives them a bad image around here.

t. 1m87 European man.

If they guarateed they were a little longer (like just over 2m in length), so anyone has space to flex your toes or stretch-yawn a little, they could totally work. Otherwise, In terms of appliances,cleanliness, and ergonomics outside the cabin, the place where I slept was better than most hotels (not hostels) I've been in.
>People in Asia don't treat showers like they're optional.

This is how we know you've never travelled through China and Laos by bus and train.

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So I'm going to be taking my first international trip in the next few weeks and had some questions.

I'm going to Norway for a week and was wondering if anyone has an stories or best practices for an American visiting.

Secondly, this is my first passport and I'm not sure what I should carry it in our if I should even keep it on my person. Any suggestions?
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>I'm going to Norway for a week and was wondering if anyone has an stories or best practices for an American visiting.
don't make it obvious you're american, we're pretty annoyed by you in europe
>Secondly, this is my first passport and I'm not sure what I should carry it in our if I should even keep it on my person. Any suggestions?
take it everywhere you go

also be prepared to spend 20 bucks on a burrito and 40 on a pizza, 5 on a one way bus ticket and 15 on a pint of beer, especially if you go to oslo
I never carry my passport around mate. Use it to get in and out of the country. Norway is incredible mate have fun
If you like the combination of rough nature and advanced civilisation, Norway is absolutely stunning. The fjords, mountains, waterfalls and lakes are just beautiful. The country is really clean, you won't find trash beside the roads. Everything is just really fucking expensive, it's just absurd.

My advice? Rent a car and explore (the southern part of) Norway.

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Hey /trv/

I'm planning a trip to S. Korea starting in Atlanta, GA with my fiancee, her best friend, and our two year old daughter. Money is very tight around my house so I don't have a giant budget for this trip, surprise surprise. We're planning on departing on May 30 and staying until June 21. We're trying to figure out the best way to get over there and back for the least amount possible. So far I've been on Momondo and a few other sites like it. Momondo has given the lowest price by taking me to the citiair travel website. I've found a price for sub $3000 there using various airlines. I get psyched out using that site though because every time I load a new page my antivirus gives me a warning for malware so I'm hesitant to use it.

Do you have any tricks, tips or suggestions on how to get the lowest fare possible in a safe and legit way?

Is $3000 a good price? Most of the other prices I have found were in the $3500 - $4000 range.

Are there any airports you could suggest flying into that could be less expensive? Last year we traveled from ATL to MXP (Milan, Italy) because it is the least expensive airport to fly into in all of Italy. (Costs us around 1300 round trip for three weeks and we left baby with her grandpa, not this time though)

Just in general, what do you think is the absolute least expensive way to get there? We will more than likely rent a car once we arrive (use public transit if not) and this is not a very big country to begin with, so driving to our destinations (wherever they may be) is absolutely an option for us.

Thanks in advance /trv/elers.

Any information is appreciated.
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Korea can get pretty rural, just take the L and fly into the airport closest to where you are staying. If you want to lessen airfare get a credit card that earns you miles when you use it, I flew to Korea and back for like 30 actual dollars because of that. The cheapest way to travel would be by train or subway.

>so driving to our destinations (wherever they may be) is absolutely an option for us.
You won't need to do that unless you are out in the countryside, if you are in Seoul or virtually any city in Korea the subway and taxis can take you anywhere. There is a train that runs through the entire country as well.
Nice 30 bucks with points sounds amazing. Bu tI don't qualify for a credit card so that's not really an option for me right now. I'm basically looking for the least expensive way to actually get to the country right now. Set aside what I'll be doing when I actually get there. I just need to get there first lol.
The best way, as far as I know, is to book it early and that's it. Cheapest airports to fly out of are located in California (SFO and LAX come to mind). What matters most is where you are going in Korea and what time of year you are going. Holidays and summer will be more expensive than fall or spring. You're on the right tack, May will be a little expensive but still a decent time to fly and you are far in advance.

A month in Korea is a very long time to spend there, just so you know. Also if you are this tight on money maybe Korea isn't the best choice. There isn't a whole lot to do and the good stuff is expensive like shopping, eating, clubbing, and touring. A flight to Korea is a 16hr flight and considering you have a 2 year old that will be a pain in the ass. If this is a dream of yours don't let me stop you but I would seriously consider other options. I'm 18 the prime age in Korea for fun shit like clubs and bars and I was with friends, despite all of this I got bored after the first week.

Just a warning, if you still want to go, by all means, do it. I had a great time, excellent people and food.

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So I haven't been traveling much recently, so I decided that I need to do something this winter. That got me thinking about how the weather/climate influence people's travel plans. Like how in the winter, many people choose to travel to a warmer climate.

I'd like to rent a cabin in the mountains or something this winter when it's really snowy, and just hunker down and relax and read or something.

What do you guys think would be a fun place to travel mainly for the weather?
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I've traveled to Europe in the winter before. As an Aussie, snow is a bit of a novelty since we don't get much of it, but I was sick of it by the end of the trip.
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I love deserts. I grew up in a forest, which is why I think the bare, elemental nature of arid climates gives me hardcore frisson. I'd like to travel out to the Sahara during sandstorm season just to see what it's really like. I've experienced a sandstorm from inside a car, but I want the full-on, sand-in-your-vagina hollywood experience.

I've done the cabin thing a few times. My fiancee and I spent the southern hemisphere winter in pic related down in NZ. It was nice. Sometimes I even had time to stop tending the fire and relax.
My parents are snowbirds, meaning they live in Canada is the summer and mosey down to Florida for 179 days in the winter.

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Never too soon to start planning.
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As someone who doesn't know much about Mexico, is this eclipse path passing through anywhere particularly safe for a gringo?

I went to Oregon for this last one but I was surrounded by folks yipping and hollering for it. Next time I'd want to get somewhere really remote.
The only safe places are the resort towns like Mazatlan. Who knows how it'll be in 2024 though. The State Department just issued a warning for US travelers to mexico.

I'm looking at Arkansas. Lots of rivers and lakes to go out on and the weather should be nice in April.
Hmm. Well I've been to everywhere on this eclipse path except the Mexican part. I won't do Texas because they'll be far too many people. Also avoiding the north east for same reason. Even Indiana will probably be full of Chicago folk. I'll probably view it in Arkansas or Missouri. Some dumb people but they keep to themselves and are kind and the land is beautiful.

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