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So I've just arrived today in glorious Nippon (Tokyo), anyone have any must does while I'm here.
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Go ask in the Japan general. Your EOP ass doesn't really need its own thread.
There's, you know, a nice way to say that...

OP 00 The Japan copypasta is in the sticky, if you have not read it, check t out.
Thank you I will.

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Hi everyone,
soon I'll go for a journey along the Australian east coast. This will be my first one alone and mostly I'm going to stay in hostels.

Do you have some advice about
1) extraordinary destinations and things to do you've enjoyed very much
2) getting to know people and having fun at hostels
3) how many days you'd recommend to visit Tasmania and the central regions (Uluru especially)?
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Be sure not to miss Airlie Beach. Hopefully it's part of your trip.
Yeah, it looks like a beautiful place. I've planned to stay there for 3 days and to visit the whitsundays once.
Fraser Island

Where should i go in Asia to see the heritage of British colonial empire? 30 days vacation and budget ~$2000.
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Burma Malaysia Singapore Hong Kong
India is great for that
Calcutta and Rangoon for architecture, Darjeeling for tea and in Kota Kinabalu the North Borneo Railway runs a steam train special twice a week

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Don't normally post here, and doubt I'll get any useful information but here it goes.

I'm going to be in Russia for a month. I'll start by staying with my friend(wink wink) in Petersburg and taking day trips around the area. (I got an international driving permit so I might rent a car to hit up some places)
After that we figure we will go to some Golden Ring cities like Suzdal, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Plyos.
Beyond that, we may take a trip to Moscow.

Aside from this, are there any good spots we are missing or that you enjoyed? Hidden gems, or just worthy sites, cool parks, that sort of stuff is all fine.

Just a little information about us: I'm 26, She's 24. She speaks fluent Russian. Neither of us are big partyers but we can partake in some consumption of alcohol in a more "adult" style venue.
Just stating this because in my few minutes lurking here I notice most people are traveling to find the "college kids" or "hot babes" and such. That will not be our case, I'll have the privilege of having a "babe" along for the ride every step of the way from the start.
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Get it, lads, he's going to have sex (wink wink)
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from what I can tell, its no different than the average poster here.

The only difference is, I dont have to awkwardly sit in clubs pretending to have to have fun until some drunken 20 year old harpy with 50 previous partners sleeps with me in a drunken haze.

Anyway its not the focus of the post. You just got a little rustled that you had to go to a brothel to find someone who would touch you.
The focus of the post is actually travel, unlike the generals here which are basically just sex tourists pretending they enjoy other cultures.
>my pure virginal waifu will drop her panties on command for me

I wasn't sure whether to post this here or /adv/, but here goes..

My mom passed away recently and I've been severely depressed. I feel like traveling is a good way to suppress it since I've tried just about everything else.

I've decided to go to Ilo-ilo city in the Philippines.

I've never traveled by myself before. Last time we went to vacation, I was still a kid and it was with my mom.

I need advice. I already bought the tickets and I'll be leaving in 2 months. I'll be taking United Airlines and Philippine airlines.

I'll be there for 9 days. I want to pack light and travel with only a carry on luggage.

Can you bring more than one carry on luggage? I'm bringing my laptop which is kinda heavy since it's a gaming one and the only computer I have.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. How do I make it so that it'll work over there? I have AT&T.

Will my credit or debit card work over there?

I'm thinking of bringing 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants as well as flip flops.

I'll be bringing my contact lens solutions with me. Will this be a problem?
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You can bring one carry on and one personal item. Your laptop counts as a personal item.

Your card will probably work over there, but you may get charged a fee. Check with your bank, also let them know you're going on vacation so they don't shut your card off thinking it was stolen.

Any liquids must be 3.4 oz or smaller, that includes contact solution.

Don't suppress your feelings, don't try and run away from them. Face them, talk to someone about them. Someone important to you died, if you don't deal with those feelings they will slowly creep into every aspect of your life and start eating away at you.

>t. Frequent flyer and person who lost both parents at a relatively young age
Are you a qt? Because if you are just come to Cebu and I'll show you around then sell you to the druggies.
All jokes aside since you're in Ilo-Ilo, find a group trip to Isla de Gigantes, but don't expect the place to be the desert all those images imply, there's a fucking karaoke on the large island, I've never been to the city itself so I can't help you there.

If you went to Siargao/Cebu/Mactan though I can answer any question you might have.
Fair warning, no drugs, not even Marijuana

Bookmark this also willmyphonework.net
>Can you bring more than one carry on luggage? I'm bringing my laptop which is kinda heavy since it's a gaming one and the only computer I have.
It's generally fine to bring one carry-on and one "personal item," which your laptop bag would qualify as. But ask yourself if you really need a laptop for your trip, especially for 9 days. I've done 21 days, and the only electronics I took with me were my phone and my camera.

>I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. How do I make it so that it'll work over there? I have AT&T.
If your phone is unlocked, try getting a local SIM card. Or do what I did and set your phone to Airplane Mode, and leech off the surrounding wi-fi.

>Will my credit or debit card work over there?
Credit cards are almost certain to work internationally. That is practically the whole point of them. Your debit card may or may not work, depending on whether your bank has a shared agreement with international banks.

>I'm thinking of bringing 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants as well as flip flops.
That's perfect. Hell, you can even do with less.

>I'll be bringing my contact lens solutions with me. Will this be a problem?
So you've probably heard about restrictions on carry-on liquids. That said, generally speaking, if it's for health or medical purposes, they are usually exempt. If you're still not fully convinced, check the liquids policy of EVERY airline and airport you will come into contact with; I cannot stress this enough as there was someone who was okay to bring contact lens solution in one airport, but it wasn't okay in the next. I have no idea how contact lenses work, but if you can make do with less than 100ml/3.4fl. oz., you can carry it worry-free.

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thinking of moving to Ukraine, Kiev for a couple of years, have like $15,000 saved up and could live pretty comfy there for a while.

>Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre
439.03 $
>Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 241.10 $
>Smokes - $1 a pack
>Internet $3.89/month
>Beer $0.60/bottle

prove me wrong that Ukraine isn't the best city to live in for a guy with a low budget.
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Do you have a visa?
Wait until you see the quality of it all.
they don't speak english, you don't know a slavic language
that apartment hasn't been maintained since perestroika, and the price is for locals, 50-100% foreign tax
2 hours of daily sunshine during winter

(off season) odessa is a good place for a westerner to live large affordably, but by the time your visa free period expires you'll want to go home

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/adv/ is dead and /b/ called me a fag

I'm travelling alone for the first time and considering having my first gay experience, saw a couple of ads on CL but it seems like an easy place to get fukken murdered

What do? try going to a bar or tinder like a normal person?

pic entirely unrelated
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Seek professional help
Where are you traveling?
Good fucking god
Apparently 24/7 Thai hooker and hostel fucks threads aren't enough, now we're doing faggot hookups as well.

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I have 1 more full day left in London. Any must do's that I need to take care of?
>Visited Trafalgar Square
>Gotten fish and chips in a pub while completely drunk
>Took pictures of Big Ben
>Sat next to a fat guy who smelled like shit in the tube
>Visited the Belfast
>Visited the IWM
>Had Indian food
>Went to the viewing deck of the Shard
Anything I'm missing?
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Did you visit Buckingham Palace or the park in front of it? I might have missed that, it's worth seeing though.
You could go to Greenwich and visit Cutty Sark and the rolling hills of the park adjacent to the university. I had an extra day and this is what I ended up doing, I quite enjoyed it! Transit there is simple, just Google it.
The Victoria and Albert Museum is fantastic
Also the British Museum. Seeing the Rosetta Stone was very cool.
St. Paul's Cathedral is very fucking neat as well.

I am 30yo single hacker travelling in business, drinking champagne & whiskey cocktails and watching Baby Boss.

Where did my parents failed?

p.s. fuck Qatar airlines for blocking 4chan (and Open/Google DNS).
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making good money brev?
want to get in the sec world and like to travel too.
Got a payout from a cancer of a company bug bounty programme, so was able to afford upgrade. Else going back overseas to slave-off my azpuccy. working with the same cancer of a software.
The fuck is with airlines blocking 4chan? It happens like half the time.

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In my just about 1 decade of 4chin I don't think I've ever posted here. Looked around the catalog and didn't see anything similar so, post the tech and gadgets you've traveled with. I'm going to be backpacking soon and I need more suggestions in case I missed anything. Not obvious things like battery banks and stuff.
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I don't backpack. I fly, stay in hotels with good mattresses or nice pools, or a historical kind of B&B and occasionally airbnb. I travel with a carryon, and a personal item. I rent cars often.

kindle packed with pdfs, music, books (or tablet if not packing a laptop)
phone with battery charger
noise cancelling headphones

ultrabook/small laptop if I want to do a good bit of typing or get work done
2nd phone if non-cdma or will be using a sim card to be purchased
garmin gps if going to be hiking and might need beacon, or doing a car rental where I think cell coverage will be spotty or delayed or maps wont be frequently updated for construction reasons.
Small fan for white noise or needed cooling off. I have a USB fan that recharges and oscillates.
Camera. I use the cellphone mostly for not carrying around the 2nd item, but if I will be doing anything truly special with family reunion/wedding/holiday stuff or low light within restaurants and indoors, I'll pack a higher end point and shoot with the better lens, or go more professional, depends. I have a nice GoPro copycat from china that takes some fun action and sports pics, like going down a waterslide, or sits on the dash for some short videos on fun scenic driving vacations. This is the one I have that wouldn't upset me if stolen:

Low tech and optional:
LED flashlight for emergencies like changing a tire or fire alarm in dark
Whistle or personal alarm on keychain for beach or other sketchy areas but can also be loudly startling for a rabid dog that approaches or actual attention getting.
Bear spray/pepper spray
Blockystar is low tech and can give peace of mind while sleeping and worried about intruders who might have keys to your room or could open a window. Also serves as a nice door holder when rolling in shit in and out of a room with a heavy door or propping a car door open on a incline.
Welcome to /trv/. As someone who posts on just about every board, this is my favorite. I'm not much for gadgets, but there is a rest area app for iphone that literally has every single rest area in America with information on what it provides and sometimes even reviews.
Low tech -- Pack a small kite, or something slightly interesting to play around with as a tool to striking up a conversation.

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