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What are good places to do casual drugs?

I'm looking for unpretentious places, where just taking whatever the locals take is a normal thing and not overly dramatized or romanticized. I feel like smoking weed in Amsterdam or doing shitty jungle MDMA at a full moon party is for people who got off their leash for the first time in their lives and think they're so hardcore for doing what millions of people do on the norm.

I've done a few things but I really don't have much experience with drugs. I hear magic shrooms in Mexico are cool but I was in the region at the wrong time and only heard tales of them being sold casually on the sides of roads. Just looking for some interesting suggestions.

I'm up for trying anything that doesn't kill me, obviously wouldn't go for something like krokodil or crystal meth.
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What kind of drugs in particular? If that narrows it down too much then check out Mogadishu, Its a cool little coastal town where the drugs run free and you can do pretty much whatever you want.
Go to Asia for free-for-all benzos, ketamine, (shitty) weed, shrooms, meth, and cheap booze. You can buy it out of the pharmacy in Cambodia at least.. Mexico you can buy opiates and needles out of a pharmacy.. i also bought some ambian.. and xanax. They even sold me OC 40's (Strongest they had).. also good blow down there ive heard.
In Mexico I'd try peyote. Follow all the local rules regarding how to take it.
In India I'd go for the bangs, available at offical government stores in Varanasi and other places. It's just weed the ancient way.
Thailand: opium in the northern mountains. Kratom in the rest of the country. Malasya for kratom too.
Peru/Colombia/Argentina and such, chew on coca leaves in the mountains.
Moroco for the hash in the Rif mountains (Chaouen if you are a pussy and Ketama if you have big balls of steel.)
I'd go to Cuba just to smoke real cigars and fuck caribean girls.
Ayahuasca in Brazil or Colombia, but you risk getting into a Disneyland-like experience designed for tourists.

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That includes cities, places in general, and experiences

Mine, in no particular order
>Safari in Kruger Park
>Visiting London for the first time at 15
>Southern Portugal and Italy for the beaches
>British Columbia for green and lakes
>Saint Petersburg, best city ever
>1 month on the Gold Coast

Also, pic related is next trip
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1 - Kyrgyzstan
2 - Kyrgyzstan
3 - Kyrgyzstan
4 - Kyrgyzstan
5 - Kyrgyzstan
6 - Kyrgyzstan
7 - Kyrgyzstan
8 - Kyrgyzstan
9 - Kazakhstan
10 - Kyrgyzstan

I think that covers it.
What meme is this?
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Going to Zermatt? Be sure to do the newly opened longest suspension footbridge in the world.

Pic related, just did it today.

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So here's a weird question;
Know of any inexpensive tour operators that would take you to historic sites in Zimbabwe, and Rhodesian places?

>inb4 go back to /pol/

I'm just into collecting militaria stuff, and I met a few veterans from the conflict. The guy told me war stories and how his friend was on the Nyadzonya Raid (80 vs 3,000), and I'd love to visit the old sites, but it seems like all the old monuments are overgrown and abandoned.

All tours to Zimbabwe seem like they go to the safari and look at animals, and finding any kind of historic tour is pretty difficult. Anyone done this before? I'd rent a car in Harare and do it myself but I'd rather have a local... I can imagine what might happen if some pasty white American comes along, asking about Rhodesia in rural villages.
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I actually felt more /k/ vibes from you than /pol/.

What's your budget like? Your definition of "inexpensive" might be different from the next guy's.
I'm in the services, so I'm planning on going sometime after deployment - whenever that is, it'll be a while off. I'll have a bit of money to spend and leave built up by then. I'd like to keep it under $4K though, and hopefully shorter than 10 days.

I figure if anything it'll be easier to go, because they don't need to take the precautions of getting park guides and safari vehicles.
*4K excluding flights

I'm basing it off a 13 day safari I saw for about 4500

What is the best maps and navigation app?
Google maps? Waze? Here? Maps.me?
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I like maps.me for foreign travel because you can download the maps ahead of time, so your data plan won't be raped. Your cell phone's GPS radio is separate from the cellular network, so you can still get real time navigation even in airplane mode. The maps are pretty accurate, and they're maintained by the users. The walking directions are good.

Waze is good if you're driving, people post about police speed traps, road closures, construction, etc.

Google Maps is probably the most accurate and well-developed, but doesn't have all the same features of the other two
I use Maps.me
>Very precise maps (use OpenStreetMaps)
>Offline maps
>driving navigation is quite bad (lack of features like avoid paid roads and stops)
>no satellite view

I just installed Here WeGo.
I highly recommend getting lost. Much more entertaining.

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Me and my friend are visiting Budapest in not so long. We have been there once before, but due to lack of research we couldnt find any "hip" and popular clubs/bars/pubs. any of you guys who has suggestions?
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I don't think any third world country is particularly hip
check out the ruin bars (Instant, Fogas Ház, Szimpla, Ellátó Kert, Kuplung, Füge Udvar, Szatyor, Púder, Doboz, Ankert, Corvin Club)
of those are not your thing and want something more elegant, then look into Ötkert, Yellow, Hello Baby, Akvárium Klub and A38
if you just want to get smashed, do some karaoke and hookup with a drunk bitch, then Morrison's 2 is your place
If you want to be degenerate and go drink. There was a hostel i stayed in about 7 years ago. Gandeo party hostel. Good fun, they bring you to good places at night.

Szimpla is cool. The only pub i remember the name of. Very different

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So I'm a literal sperg with no friends living in the UK... it's so bad that when I'm not working I often just sleep through the day out of pure boredom not tiredness.

I've managed to save £15k and have come into alot more money through inheritance (£100k+) and I'm toying with the idea of going travelling because right now I basically live I'm an endless cycle of depression.

However I have no clue about where to start or where to go... I'm thinking of going in January 2018 which will give me a chance to sell my car and possessions because I won't be needing them for a while.

Any recommendations or guidance?

tldr sperg with no friends but lots of money wants to go travelling but no idea how/where
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>I'm so depressed and bored even though I have 15k in the fucking bank and more on the way
How about you drink some fucking bleach you disgusting, rich piece of shit. Send a couple thousand to my paypal before you do.
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don't quit your full life yet and go on a non-stop adventure because chances are it's not gonna be like in the movies, esp not the first time.

i say just start with one holiday first.
go somewhere nice.
preferably a place with things you like to do solo. book them.
any people you might meet are a nice incidental bonus. but don't go expecting to meet 17yo scarlett johanssen at the bar. that's why pre-planning solo activites (and thus going to a place with stuff you want to do) is important.

use the stuff you've lived vicariously through as a guide. the video games, tv/film.
>liked the nintendo wave race games?
go somewhere with jet skiing
>like wrestling?
get tickets for and centre your holiday around a big WWE or NJPW event
>liked into the wild?
go to alaska or somewhere in canada, go to (and maybe camp in) one of the big national parks.
>desperate to have tons of sex?

I'm like you but even worse in that I have no money and several ongoing mystery medical issues. I really want to go places but can't. Maybe in a few years.......

pic related - hopefully it's you after you finally have some fun, brother

Which poverty-stricken shithole did you just crawl from? Even Op's 100k inheritance is only borderline enough for a house deposit.

dude is on the right track. Just take a few short breaks around, see where you like and then go do something longer term. There are still places (that aren't in bongobongoland) where that 115k is over 30x the average annual income,

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Fellow UK anons:
Do you know of any nice (think remote and unspoilt/wild) beaches within 150 miles of London?

Was thinking of driving down there for a couple days in early September...
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If you're after the stereotypical sandy beach, then you might find a few around East Anglia. The South coast is full of tourist traps and people who have spent 6x what is necessary on housing. The closest for properly empty beaches will be either parts of Cornwall (about 260-300 miles from London) or get your ass to Pembrokeshire/Dyfed. You can still get a beach to yourself in one of the most crowded countries on earth if you're prepared to take a short trek.

>Captcha = Walk Close. Oh, fuck off Google.
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If you don't want sand, however, get your ass to Dungeness, particularly the Orford Ness area. It's also the Dog's Bollocks for Urbex if that's your kind of thing. Otherwise, see map...
So specifically the stretch of coast that I was considering is not suitable
Looks like I'm shit outta luck

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Sup /trv/

I figured going to an expensive destination where welfare does not support ethnic enclaves (breeding terrorists using tax payers funds; accepting refugees) is a good way to decrease the chances of getting run over by a Truck of Peace.

I basically ruled out all the major western European countries. Maybe Monaco's wealth affords it better protection directly and indirectly. e.g. It is more unlikely that people with a tendency to be radicalized online cannot afford to live in such an area. Perhaps they take their border security more seriously.

I'm not sure. That's why I'm here.
I'd like to know if Monaco is safer due to its wealth.
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It is safe and wealthy. And they will never let in a penniless basement-dwelling NEET like you.
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kuma has seen.png
2MB, 1280x720px
So basically I could recommend it to some wealthy person that I may encounter and not fear that I have given them bad advice?

Can you tell me anymore about what its really like in Monaco? At least I know anon will give it to me straight and raw, unlike normies that would probably just talk it up.

also, i am now a NEET missile
You need to be rich to live in Monaco. It's pretty nice, but if you're rich, it's just one of the many places you will have a place to stay at.

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I see there's a few threads here about France, but none of them address this. I never thought driving rules here would be so impossible - I'm not a native Brit, but living here for work now.

I have insurance and all my paperwork, but do they really expect everyone to have vests, breathalyzers, flares and headlight kits?

A few buddies were planning to head to Normandy for a 3 day weekend, but it seems almost like it would be easier to book a tour from Paris at this point
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I bought a cheap headlight kit but I never heard about the rest of that stuff.

I highly doubt they're gonna do much to a foreigner especially if you show you at least made an effort.
Hi Opee,
French here.
I don't have a headlight kit because most modern cars won't allow you to change a lightbulb by yourself. Not to mention xenon. Not enforced.

Breathanalyzer was a scandal because there is no warranty of effectiveness, after a couple weeks in the summer inside a car it turns to shit. The real reason was because the senators who voted the law were shareholders of the only factory making those. So the law was voted but the gov had to backpedal and although you are forced by law to have one on board, there is no penalty for lack of one. Police won't even bother. Not enforced.

Safety kit (reflective vest and triangle) is pretty much standard and doesn't cost much. Usually they won't ask for it, however if your car breaks out on the highway and you don't have them they can fine you. Enforced if you don't have one when needed. Just buy one, it can really save your life.

Wtf would you need flares for?

What local law enforcement may give you shit for: search for drugs, especially if you are a bunch of 20 something in a foreign, funny looking car. Customs can search you and your belongings thoroughly without a warrant within 20km around a border, airport, Port, station...

Also due to the real danger of brits going Gumball 3000 in France because they couldn't have their license revoked, there have been an agreement that the cars could be seized if caught speeding. If you happen to drive a fast car and are tempted to race it from Calais to Normandy, know that local popo is waiting for you.
I wouldn't fear about police as much about migrants right around Calais area. Especially on your way back to England, no need to be paranoid but watch out when driving under a bridge and such, and keep focused on the road ahead, they are known to drop stones and stuff over cars, or put tree trunks and obstacles on the highways to create traffic jams, then climb aboard stopped trucks to try and go through the channel.
They really don't give a fuck if someone is harmed or killed in the process.

Sadly, if you see a gipsy looking guy in the middle of the road, step on the pedal and make him jump away, do not stop.
If you have room to drive around the obstacle, do so and then call emergency asap on the 112.

Hope this helped.

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Hi there. I am planning a trip to Europe for next summer, I will have a full month of vacation and I would like to know how much money I need to stay there and achieve my plan. Please do not consider the flight ticket to Europe; I have my doubts about the costs after that, once I am in European soil.
Thank you for help, any other tip helps too.

My schedule would the following:
>Amsterdam 3 days
>Take Plane to Moscow stay 3 days
>Train to Saint Petersburg, stay there 2 days, go back to Moscow
>Flight back to Amsterdam, Take Train to Hamburg, 2 days there
>Train to Berlin, 3 days there.
>To Prague (not sure if train or flixbus), 2 days and a half in Prague.
>Train to Bratislava, probably 1 day and a half.
>Train to Budapest and 2 days there.
>To Vienna (not sure if train or flixbus)
>2 days in Vienna
>Train to Zurich (planning to take one at night)
>2 days in Zurich
>Then probably a train back to Amsterdam, sleep one night there and take flight back home.
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Europe is cheap as fuck,

Zurich is shit.

Saint Petersburg is awesome, Moscow is shit.

Berlin is shit

If its winter ull freeeeze.

Euro is expensive as fuck, but life is quite cheap in Europe.

I live in Belgium, AMA
Hijacking this thread
I also have a month in Europe.
Any tips? I'm looking for really good restaurants specifically
About Zurich and Berlin some say are nice. Either way I want to see by myself.
But How Cheap for this trip? How much would you say for the month? 3.000USD, 5.000?

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>Plane only has weird indian and arab movies
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>not appreciating the chance to enjoy movies you probably would have never heard about otherwise
>coming home from Singapore
>only weird sudded films
>screens on plain so shit can't even read the subs
>Japanese airline
>mostly American, Chinese, and Korean movies

>Chinese airline
>mostly Japanese movies
What just happened?

I am intimidated by organizing my travel plans. I'm going to be taking my first solo trip to Europe after I graduate in December and I'll be trying to do it in winter.

I'm especially interested in taking my time with the Baltic countries and will hopefully make time for Prague (at the recommendation of countless people), Croatia, maybe Serbia. If I can, Italy and specifically Sicily.

I'm allotting myself 40 days and my budget isn't totally restrictive but I will be keeping things minimal by staying in hostels and not doing any superfluous shopping or eating out. I will likely be drinking a fair amount, though.

Is doing this in late December/January gonna suck ass? I'm from California and I am spoiled with the climate. I don't really mind cold weather, but if I want to meet other travelers my age, is it going to be harder in a less busy season? Is it even less busy? I like spending time in museums, if that is relevant.

Hopefully anyone else interested in these countries or needing booking suggestions could use the advice as well. I would like to fly by the seat of my pants but I also don't want to accidentally fuck myself. How far out in advance do you all book hostels? I guess my main uncertainty is that I won't know how long I want to stay somewhere and explore until I actually see it. Basically, I'm not committed to getting as many countries as I can crossed off of a list; if I love where I am I will have no problem staying put and really diving into the culture as an observer.
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Bumping for interest.
Well anon, I'll be making the same trip around the same tim so if you want to hangout that's cool. I'm a "non-traditional" student, 29, and will graduate next year.

I'm doing this trip just so I don't go crazy because I'm stuck in Cornlandia for at least another year.
I'm younger but I'm a lagging transfer student so I get ya.

use the fake email in the name if you wanna swap some contact info

don't use that one

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Has anyone here ever worked on a cruise? I am considering trying to work on one washing dishes.

Advice and stories would be super welcome.
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Are you white? Go for it. You'll probably be fine.
Are you not white? Err, how's your American English? Might be okay.
Are you south Asian or Pacific Islander? Never ever go to sea on a cruise line without multiple people knowing where you are and what ship you are supposed to be on. A half Hawaiian friend of mine was hired as a live musician on a cruise boat, the moment they hit international waters the people in charge stuffed him in the galley doing prep work and dishes for 12+hours a day.
Keep in mind that my friend is a born and raised US citizen. He had to beg a sympathetic passenger to ask the US consulate to launch an investigation before he was able to get off the boat after five months.
Quite the story. Got a link to it? That should definitely have made the news.
Not him but there are tons of horror work stories that never reach press.

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How to enjoy a long plane trip?
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in first class
Business-First Class
Getting wasted
Not being a pussy and just dealing with it

All are great options for you and your gay spouse
Download new music. Buy a long book. Netflix offline downloads. A perky or xannie to help you pass out.

File: gear.jpg (46KB, 700x394px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey i've been looking into buying gear for an upcoming trip to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and am looking to do 2 or 3 day hikes. the problem is that i live in a tropical part of australia and finsing the right gear is proving difficult.

I was wondering what sites/stores other anons used to buy gear. to make the thread appropriate for everyone, subject is 'buying gear' all around the world.
where do you buy your equiptment?
do you favour specific brands?
how was it gone for you?
6 posts and 1 images submitted.
oh holy fuck im so sorry i thought i was in /out/
sorry i regular both boards
"Red Fox" in Bishkek has your >>>/out/ equipment needs covered if you want to grab gear locally

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