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I can't find a thread about this country anywhere, how come? According to many well traveled people it is the most beautiful country on earth.

Anyhow, im going to Namibia in two months time and im sure that /trv/ can help me out and provide some information about this country.
I will be travelling through western South Africa before Namibia and i was wondering if overland travelling between the two countries is a thing? Are there legit buses or do i need a car? I dont want to fly.
Is there anything in Windhoek? Are there any other cities worth visiting for the city itself?
Is your own car essential to get around in Namibia?
Which sites are a must see? Like, there seems to be alot in Namibia but there must be some sites i absolutely CAN NOT miss?
What are the prices like?
Is Namibia better than South Africa for watching animals?

And any other information than the answer to these questions will also be useful.
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>I will be travelling through western South Africa before Namibia and i was wondering if overland travelling between the two countries is a thing? Are there legit buses or do i need a car? I dont want to fly.

South African army did it to crush SWAPO back in the day, so there's probably a way around.

>Is there anything in Windhoek? Are there any other cities worth visiting for the city itself?

Depends. I'd say it's pretty much a lame German colonial capitol. Expect white people and German and basically like being a European-style city in Africa. Worst of both worlds, probably. Germans did a shit job.

>Is Namibia better than South Africa for watching animals?

Do you want to hunt them, or just watch them? Namibia might be easier for trophy hunting. SA has Kruger, but Namibia has pretty much all of Namibia. Rhinos in the south, elephants in Zambezi(Caprivi) in the north.

Namibia has a very high HIV/AIDS infection rate. I advise not fucking anyone, and definitely not without a rubber. Warm up a watermelon or something if you really need to nut.

There's a lot of diamonds in Namibia. You might want to figure out a way to get a couple of roughs out for cheap.

Here's some fun facts:
300+ days of sunshine annually
Rain from under-50mm to 600mm+
Steep central plateau @ 2000m, drops back to about 1000m
Sandy desert, gravel inland, bad water retention
11,800 usd per capita but most of the wealth is in windhoek
55.8% live below 2 usd/day
28.1% unemployment 2014 est
most imports are from SA, most exports go to SA
currency is pegged to SA Rand at 1:1

High risk for malaria and water-borne disease so get your shit and whatever.
As for Windhoek, it sounds like a place where you just spend a night, not chill for a few days i guess.

I just want to watch the animals lol. Any idea where the place is to see a few? I dont wanna go animal watching on more than one/two occasions cause it seems fucking expensive.
Going between Namibia and SA is very easy and does not take long. Great roads. Buses. Cars. Flights. Whatever u want. Stay in Saldanha on the way to Cape Town if you want to do it in 2 spurts.

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Hey /trv/.

I'm planning on traveling alone to scandanavia. Tickets are dirt cheap on winter. However I'm worried about the weather.

Which month is the best to enjoy winter?

November, December or January?
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Definitely not December, I would shoot for early November or late January, it's 24 hour darkness in mid december, and I don't know if you have ever been through that, but it is shitty as fuck.
I'd say go for it, sounds comfy to be honest. Know what you're getting yourself into though. I spent three weeks in Bergen in march in one year, while there was enough sunlight the weather was shitty as fuck. The constant rainy, slushy snow makes it difficult to go out and do things. Dress accordingly, there is no such thing as bad weather on bad clothes.
Seconding darkness and rain. To partially avoid this, go away from the sea. This way you'll more likely get snow, which is much comfier. January seems like best choice, all Scandinavians try to get away on a vacation during November and December

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I'm traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah in October for work for 5 days. I'll be free at 4 pm each day. What should I do? Best food (open to any type)? Best coffee? I like hiking too but 4pm might be too late for much of that. I'll also be alone so don't need anything for groups.
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Also thank you ahead of time for any suggestions.
Good luck getting a tugger in that city, there are only a few asian massage places and they are uptight as fuck.
Definitely not interested in that.

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I want to go to switzerland. What places should I visit the most?
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Visit UBP and get yourself a mostly legal financially secure future.
Lugano. Seriously though Italian Switzerland is best Switzerland. It's like Italy without all the shitniess of actually being in Italy.
Depends completely on what you want to do and how much money you can throw at it.

If you want the typical rick steves >Switzerland experience with all the meme pics better be ready to throw 300CHF a day at it even if you stay in hostels. You can get as good views and stuff for much much less obviously...

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Traveling to Dubrovnik, Croatia for one week. Want to take one average sized small hand luggage bag to fit everything I need for the holiday.

Currently this is what's going in my bag:
>Swim Shorts
>Ordinary Sports Shorts
>3 t-shirts
>4 underpants
>5 socks
>Flip Flops
>Light Anorak or Small Umbrell
>Maybe a pair of jeans
>A jumper
>Maybe some washing up tablets
>Ordinary trainers which I will be wearing

Thoughts on how I could improve the super light traveling what should stay or go or what might be worth adding?
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I don't really see the reason for bringing a tablet - you can do everything on your phone. Your bag will be lighter and you won't be worried about having something valuable in your bag.
fair point, I was half and half to take it. So probably best just to take my phone
I would also maybe consider a small hand towel, it might come in handy

Is Romania worth visiting?
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Bucharest and Brasov are great desu
Yes, why not?
The mountains and the food are heavenly.

I will be boarding my flight to Taipei, Taiwan in 24 hours. I've got some questions:

What's the best way to spend less than $10 on food a day?

I will be taking the HSR to Kaohsiung when I arrive. I'm from Florida, is Kaohsiung similar? (aside from weather)

I found a studio apartment in the center of the city (Kaohsiung) for $250/m covering all fees. Am I getting a good deal?

Average hourly rate for a internet cafe/PC Bang?

Do 7/11's really offer the best exchange rate? I keep getting mixed info on this, some saying go to a bank, some say exchange at airport, other's saying ATM's.

Do Taiwanese really love Americans? Will any business's deny me because I'm a foreigner?

Taiwanese women. Yay or nay?
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>cheap food
Look around universities for canteen type food. You just point at what you want, a dish will rarely be more than $2
Other than that, many food stalls in Kaohsiung will be very very cheap, too, the checkbox menus can be a challenge though if you can't read Chinese.
Night markets are more about snacks and you need 5 of them to be full, so more expensive.

> I'm from Florida, is Kaohsiung similar? (aside from weather)
The only similar thing will be the weather. Prepare for a massive culture shock.

Seems like a good deal. Hope it's not grubby.

>Internet cafe
I seem to recall NT$40 per hour. Internet cafes in Taiwan are social places for gamers to gather, not the secluded boxes of Japan fyi.

7/11 ATMs are just about the only ones which charge withdrawal fees, so no. Little difference between airport and bank exchange. If ATMs are better or not depends on what your home bank charges for the withdrawal.

>Do Taiwanese really love Americans?
There are now enough Americans in Taiwan that you don't have much of a bonus anymore. If you speak Chinese you might fluster some a bit more, most burgers in Taiwan can't speak it for shit.

Will any business's deny me because I'm a foreigner?

Taiwanese women. Yay or nay?
Best information I've received thus far, thanks anon
Learn to cook, daytime markets and Carrefour will be your friend.

My fave beef noodle shop:
Gang Yuan Taiwanese Beef Noodle
No. 55, Dacheng Street, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 803
Happens to be cheap, large portions. Around 3-4 USD.

Oh and you might want to get a cheap ass bike, the Center is largely easy to get around by bike.

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Going to be in dubrovnik for a few days then getting on a boat for a couple weeks. Anything must see or do in town? I know nothing about it, friends in austria says its the most expensive place in europe right now lol. I've never seen game of thrones so I don't care about seeing sights regarding that (its all anyone in the states seems to know about croatia)
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It's definitely not the most expensive place in Europe, but it's idiotically expensive for what it is.
Just walk over the walls, take a walk through the hills so you can get a nice view of the town, walk through town at 3-4am so you can appreciate how it should be. Other than that? Just go to islands, beaches. Go to Montenegro as you're so close anyway.
>walk through town at 3-4am so you can appreciate how it should be.
Yes, appreciate the mugging and hopefully the stab wound will remind you of the beauty of dubrovnik for years to come

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Bonjour /trv/

I'm visiting Paris for a few days and want to get inside the quarries / catacombs of Paris and go urban exploring. Does anyone have any recommendations? Has anyone ever done this before?

The catacombs / quarries of Paris are a massive underground tunnel network that is partially unexplored and is host to occasional parties / speakeasies. Of course visiting and exploring any part of the catacombs is illegal unless if you are with a tour group that tours only a tiny section. Can /trv/ recommend me a place / forum / whatever where I can speak with cataphiles who might be persuaded to take on a foreign tourist? I speak French if that helps.

General catacombs discussion thread
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you will need to speak french to really get into it

its become more dangerous of late because of the massive numbers of drug runners who will kill on site

people cant even go to gare du nord without getting stabbed anymore

stick to the tourist spots
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>you will need to speak french to really get into it

I speak french, did you read my OP?

>its become more dangerous of late because of the massive numbers of drug runners who will kill on site

ok so thats a bit of an exaggeration or what? i'm obviously not police or E.R.I.C so would that really cause problems for me?

>people cant even go to gare du nord without getting stabbed anymore

irrelevant, I wont be going via train. unless if you mean there are widely known access points to the quarries there? probably crawling with police if so

>stick to the tourist spots

are you French? your advice is boring and I've already done all of the tourist shit that's worthwhile (musee d'orsay, centre pompidou, balader sur la seine etc)

Thank you for your answers
i did not read your post because you were summarizing the hostory of the catacombs and i dont care

the safety situation is not.exaggerated

WILL you get raped and then killed? probably not

is paris more dangerous than many third world city capitals now? yes, in fact

yes, i am french

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>You will never be a millonair who travels the world with his qt gf

How to live with that feel ?
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>with gf

no thnx man
This. OP has obviously never traveled with a gf. Probably never even had one.
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>Probably never even had one

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What's the cheapest way to get from America to Prague?

What /lit/ should I read to prep for Prague? What language lessons? How many days should I spend there? If I'm mapping out a week long journey, should I hit Prague/Budapest/Munich?


Fill me with deetz.
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Obligatory Kafka post. The guy even has a museum there.
I flew CLT to PRG round trip for 550. It was a 10 trip of Prague and krakow. It was really nice, it was in January.
How did you get from Prague to Krakow? Did you rent a car?

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Hi /trv/,

I think this is my first post on this board, it will probably be my starting point.

I was homeless for around a month, and even tough it was a harsh experience, part of me saw it as an adventure, and i've always dreamed of going in a big road trip without destiny, without money.

I live in Portugal, and my goals are:

>To leave the country (Spain probably)
>To be able to eat everyday (Not necessarily full meals, just what i need to keep on going)
>To find someone willing to go on this trip with me, and i am willing to find him/her on any point of this trip.

To be able to do this i need some advice:
>How to keep myself safe/avoid danger.
>How to find/steal/gather food
>How to deal with the weather
>A logical route to follow.
>Websites / Apps that help in this situation.

My english is kinda rusty, anything you don't understand please just ask !
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Guy, I am a total beginner from Germany but I want to get into hiking. I found the perfect route.


I am currently unemployed and have enough time for an ebin adventure
Let's meet somewhere around the world ! :D
Germany is definitely too far for me as a first destiny
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It'd definitely be cool though to go on some epic quest with somebody you have never met.

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Is Malaria medication a meme? I'm gonna be in SEA for a few months, mostly Laos. I got a three month supply but people keep telling me it's unnecessary and the risk of getting sick from the meds isn't worth it.
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From my experience, if you going to stay in cities and touristic places, you don't really need it. Malaria shots are mostly for people who camps in the forest for a week, or go visit the Amazon on a canoe, rather than the average tourist who just spend a couple of weeks sleeping in hostels and staying in the cities
Thanks, while i wont be going anywhere rural right away, i probably will look to explore some of the countryside in the long run.
Thanks. I wont be going anywhere rural right away, I probably will look to explore some of the countryside in the long run.

>Do you ever hitch hike or pick up someone?
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Me and my brother picked up an Algerian dude somewhere in the Northern Alsace, we took him to Strasburg.

I hitchhiked plenty in Armenia and a bit in Iran and Latin America.
Yeah, it's still rather common in France.
My sister and her friend hitchiked from Paris to Strasbourg once, not that I'd recommend it but it's not an unusual sight
I did it through high school several times a week when my classes where over before the earliest bus, for the 20km between my town and the school.
Never felt in danger
Nah let the cunts pay for their rides they're not better than anyone else if they can afford a plane ticket they sure as hell can afford a bus one

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Books that capture the soul of a country -- any suggestions based on the things you've read and places you've traveled to?
Have you ever been inspired to go to a region after reading a book about it?
I've got a dream of reading one book from every country, but it's hard to know which to choose.
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Uzbekistan : Carpet Ride to Khiva. It's a loose autobiography of a British guy who went to live in Khiva, a small city in an oasis well into Uzbekistan desert. He was working there to open up handmade carpet shops, for some NGO whatever.

He's kind of a RealTravelerTM but his writing is fairly nice and describes well the ways of Uzbek people. He was deep into the local community, lived with relatively close ties to a local family and all that so his outlook is very complete and interesting.

His description of Khiva is very vivid too. I read the book before arriving to the city, and it really helped to understand how the city was layed out, what to see and how to handle people. Also, it was fairly nice - almost emotional - to meet in person the people who were mentioned in the book.
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Never been to Spain but Hemingway The Sun also rises, made me feel like a tourist in post-WW1 Spain.

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