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Hello /trv/ I have a few questions that I'm hoping can be answered:

Okay, so basically I'm thinking about travelling throughout Europe (From the UK) with very little in the way of money. (Less than 1k~), no real itinerary as such, more just wandering and going wherever I feel, if possible. Is this actually possible? Do people do this?

1. Is it possible to just find work wherever I am (i.e. just find some shit bar work/dish washing job in whichever country I'm in since I don't care how bad the work is) I mean, I'm sure if I approached places and asked for a job/handed CV someone would give me temp work or whatever?
2. Has anyone here done this?
3. Any issues I may run into doing this?

I mean, I have a passport and the spirit... what more do you need, really? I don't mind "roughing" it if necessary a couple of days or whatever, I don't mind the bad, I'll take that with the good... but is this possible to do?

For example, If say, I just hopped on a plane tomorrow and bam, I'm in a foreign country with little cash... I mean, how difficult can it be? I'm sure I could find work, find hostels, shit I could sleep in a tent if necessary, I don't care!

I have literally nothing to lose or leave behind, by the way, so I'm not worried about any of that.

Thoughts on this? Is it doable?
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I'm also aware of "volunteer" programs where you volunteer and are given accommodation and "pocket money" for this.

Either that, or just turn up in X country and look for work the usual way (handing out CV's, asking in bars/restaurants, etc)

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Sure it's doable; you seem to have a pretty good idea of what it might entail. To get work in places like bars, you'd better be pretty outgoing. Hostels are relatively easy to get free accommodation, and perhaps some small change on the side, in exchange for work. Otherwise it's manual labor jobs like fruit picking and carpentry. Take the plunge. Let me point you toward the volunteer sites HelpX.net (well worth the paltry sign-up fee) and wwoof.net

Though I'm curious, are you allowed to do this now? Has Brexit happened yet or what?

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Vacationing in Rome for 2 weeks ... what are the best museums, restaurants, cafes, clubs... what are the best places to visit in Rome?
Really appreciate it thank you!
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Anyone know anything about the best of Rome?
Rome for 2 weeks? Have you been before? Have you been to Europe before? Are you forced to be there for 2 weeks? If so disregard the rest of this, if not keep reading.

Even if you are basing out of rome that is a terrible idea, let me just give you some advice, if you have never been to Europe, do not fucking do this. If you have been to Europe but not to Italy, do not fucking do this.

The max amount of time you want to spend in a place is 3 days. Italy is beautiful, charming, and awesome, Rome is not, it is old, overpriced, touristy, dirty, and disgusting. I would rather kill my self than spend another week there. If you want I can give you a list of far better things to do in Italy.

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HELP guys I'm tryna get pic related a ride from farmville VA/USA where she goes to College to Richmond VA/USA where i go to college to go see an edm show, Im just a 20 sumn millennial drunk at 5pm tryna get laid yall help a brother out if you know of any bus routes or ways to get from farmvile to richmond.
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shes butters
I'll pick her up and fuck her myself. Address?
Lmao ily but fuck you guys

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I just came back from my first solo trip around the eastern balkans, lasted 2 weeks and a half. It was my first travel alone, and I was quite worried at the beginning, since I didnt know much about thta part of europe and even if i'm a rather extrovert and friendly person, I was worried to feel alone or nostalgic during the trip, or maybe just bored as fuck because I had no one to stay with during the trip.

Well, I was incredibly wrong. During the last 2 week, I've met so many amazing and interesting people, visited incredible places, and did some really fantastic experience, it was my best and most interesting trip so far, whitout a doubt. The fact of being alone was never a real problem, rather it was and advantage: I had full and total autonomy on my trip and my itinerary, I could spend the day exactly as I wanted, without having to argue or discuss with anyone. I wanted to do a big deviation from the original itinerary to follow some qtie I found on the way? No problem. I wanted to just spend teh day chilling in the hostel common room and drink beers all day long with the rest of the guest? That's fine. Total and absolute autonomy, so much fun and less stressing compared when you travel with a group of friends or with your gf

Meeting other people wasnt a problem after all: all the hostels I visited where full of other solo travellers, that were (in most of the case) absolutely happy to do some small talk with another traveller, have a beer together, go eat somewhere or just visit the city. Fuck, I even got laid the last day of my trip, with a girl I met in the hostel.

So, my message to all the people who wants to travel alone but feel nervous or scared about it is to just do it. Of course, the fact that I had a "positive attitude" during the whole trip and I'm not a total sperglord surely helped a lot. So I wanted to share a couple of advices for future solo travellers, and hopefully other people with more experience will keep adding advices to the list
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> to socialize, stay in HOSTELS. Not only it's unbelievably easy to meet people there, but there is a higher chance to meet people more similar to you in terms of age and character. Doing the same in Hotels is way more difficult, and Airbnb are fine, but you really just meet your hosts and maybe some of his friends, and sometimes the hosts just ignores you or stay away from home the whole day.

> be polite and friendly to everyone. If someone new enters in your dorm room, or sit at your table during dinner or breakfast, say hi to him and ask him his name or where he's from, or some other random bullshit. Establish a connection with people, once you break the ice, it's very easy to have a good conversation whith someone else. And if the other person just doesnt look interested in talking with you, then just stop talking and keep doing what you were doing. It's realy that simple.

> it's better not to plan your trip with all the details, booking hostels/hotels or bus trips with lots of advance. I think that one of the best thing about travel alone is to have complete control over your trip. If you arrive in a new city where you planned to spend just a night, but then you really like it and want to stay here more days, it's way easier to do it if you havent already booked your staying in the next city. I had this problem, I wanted to go out of my planned route in Serbia and spend some time in Thessaloniki with a bunch of people I met there instead of keep with my serbian itinerary , and so I did, but doing so I wasted some 40€ of the hostel I already booked before the start of the trip.
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How much did you spend? total
About to go on my first solo backpack for a good chuck of this year and next in a few hours, getting nervous , everything's quite surreal. Wish me luck, OP. You da man

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Lol, sorry for caps.
Okay so I'm in Kathmandu for a few days more, I'm going on a short trek to Gosaikunda Lake.
>Pic Related.
If you're interested I'm rolling out tomorrow most likely.
Split the guide fair? It's 30 bucks a day and the entry fee to the park is 50 USD. I'll pay for food and water. You pay for lodging.
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bump, sorry i want front page for awhile...

Read the sticky on this board. You don't need to bump more than once per day. You will have all of my SAGE if you continue doing so you absolute madman.
What kind of sucker pays for a guide? I trekked all over the country and never once needed one of those scammers

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>been in bkk for 2 months and have 2 weeks left in thailand

>loner type of person and even though i'm a tourist i hate tourists/non locals

i think i want to spend my final week either in chiang mai or phuket, where should i go?

ps never been to phuket but visited chiang mai
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Perhaps kind of a dumb question, but do you want to go to the beach?

I lived in Thailand for a number of years, including a year in Chiang Mai, and I understand why visitors/digital nomads/Thai people love it (it is almost certainly Thailand's favorite city), but there's no denying it's pretty well saturated with foreigners. There are always locals-only neighborhoods, and especially surrounding towns (I spent a month in Lamphun many years ago and didn't see a single fellow farang, although that is no longer as easy to do as it used to be), but you're going to have to spend a long time on rot sii law to get somewhere without tourists.

Phuket is obviously a tourist destination, too, but there are probably more places with fewer visitors than you might expect. Phuket town is kind of charming and most of the city is not that touristed--most tourists are right on the beach, which Nakhon Phuket is not. Patong is pretty ugly and mostly foreign; not recommended unless you speak Russian or want hookers. The outlying islands and southernmost beaches are fairly quiet.

i don't care about the beach, already visited krabi

i think the only reason i want to go to phuket is because i've never been there
In that case, I'd say Phuket city is worth a visit. Chiang Mai has more going on, but Nakhon Phuket is pretty distinctive.

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so me and 3 of my friend came over to ny this morning, we did all of the other tourists do and right now bc we are under 21 we are sitting at the hotel not knowing where to go and what is going on around. any suggestions?
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That sucks, my favorite thing about New York is the nightlife.

There was this place called Webster Hall where you could get in at 19, but they're closed for renovation. I would have recommended going there, it's pretty fun.
my favorite thing about new york is that it is a roach motel for nee yorkers
Go to Maisonette,its the hottest club right now with a nice scene but might change a bit since its going to be bought by an Arab billionaire
Hercules is also nice but its also a 'gents' club
Bahamas mama is a more tunnel scene crowd filled with yuppies and hipster but still fun
Also dont do drugs unless you know their source

A beginner traveler here going on my first real long trip.

I'll be in France in the Brittany region for 3 months and have only a vague idea of what to do. There are a few spots I know I want to see but I know there is so much more than what I could possibly know. Any advice? Tips or suggestions? I don't know any French, I'm in my mid 20s and am an American from a big city for what it's worth.

I'll have access to a car and a decent amount of money but I don't equate money to experiences, I want to enjoy the country at its roots and whatever past times that don't cost much money. I can answer any questions if it helps. I'll be able to go anywhere in France btw with the car.
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What do you like to do for fun OP? I dont know the Brittany region too well but I do know that Normandy is worth checking out since you are so close. Definitely visit Mont st Michel (castle island off the coast) and plan atleast one day trip to Rouen (principle city of Normandy) to experience the true culture of northern France. Since you are American the beaches and american cemeteries at Normandy are also worth a look.

Dont overlook Paris or the south of France, either. Marseille / Cannes / Nice are all fantastic places to visit in Provence but getting there by car will be a pain in the ass. Tollroads are not only common in France but incredibly expensive, and combined with the price of petrol here it is easy to burn a hole in your wallet. Since money isnt apparently a concern for you its no big deal but you might want to check out car sharing services like blablacar to save money if and when your funds eventually deplete.

>I dont speak French

Work on that. Seriously. Outside of Paris or other tourist traps French people usually dont speak English. You will get so much more out of your trip even if you only have a basic grasp (A2-B1) of the language. I cant stress this enough - French people outside of Paris do not usually speak ANY english. This is not a meme.

Im happy to answer any other questions you have op - I'm also an American and live in France.
>What do you like to do for fun OP?
See cool stuff and drink. I'm not much of a partier but I like comfortable bars and nibbling on food and drinking.

I'll check out Normandy but what should I look out for?

Mont St Michael is probably one of the first things I'll do, what is special about Rouen?

Money is a concern but I will have a partner to share the costs. She is French, speaks French and English, and will be with me most of the time. This is partially why I'm not so concerned about the language barrier but I should be more proactive about learning. As far as the trip is concerned it is more about what I want to see and do and I have never had an interest in France so I don't know what I want to see and do. Stuff that fascinate me are history related, the older the better like castles or old standing architecture. Second would be extremely scenic and beautifully unique nature spots.

I'll look at my duolingo maybe tomorrow.
The older the better?

The south coast of Brittany has a lot of famous megalithic sites, though I haven't been there myself

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Post travel redpills that /trv/ doesn't want to swallow.

>the tourist experience was better when it was more exclusive. Cheap flights and accommodation have opened up travel to the plebs and now all major destinations are over saturated with tourists to the detriment of the locals leading to the cities becoming tourist theme parks e.g. Venice and Barcelona

>While solo travel has it's advantages, nobody mentions the awkwardness of dining alone or the crushing loneliness when surrounded by couples and groups taking photos together and sharing memories. "Happiness is only real when shared" - Chris McCandless

>Immigration is ruining Western countries. Churches that have been standing for centuries are being coverted into mosques. History and culture is being erased.

If the above truths are too difficult for you to accept without becoming abusive and emotional then please exit the thread.
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>OP is a homosexual

Hard truths cut both ways
>awkwardness of dining alone
How old is this meme now? 4 years?
I dined alone and it really wasn't that bad.

The good:
>got seated to a table much faster

The bad:
>table service can be slower
>dishes that are specifically designed for groups are harder to attain (Korean BBQ, yakiniku, hotpot, certain types of casseroles, etc.)

I acknowledge that solo dining has its bad points, but awkwardness isn't one of them.

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>been hitchhiking in Japan for some months
>on the road for a couple of days
>been sleeping in a tent in local parks like a true 野宿
>it's 35C outside and in lugging around 40kg of gear
>sweaty, stinky, sticky
>have resorted to baby wipes and deodorant topic stay somewhat non-smelly when in cars
>finally arrive in Tokyo
>frantically book the last room in a capsule hotel in Shibuya from the shitty wifi they're offer at convenience stoves
>go check in
>receptionist gives me the stinkeye due to my degenerate bum looks
>drop off my luggage
>take a fat shit
>go take a shower
>put on clean clothes
>smoke a cigarette on the balcony while enjoying a vending machine ice coffee
>snuggle into my air conditioned box
>type this out

Good travel feels thread
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holy shit what the fuck autocorrect
I guess if you are enjoying yourself...
To me, being dirty, outside, cleaning with baby wipes, eww. I'd have some skin infection or backache in your place. I also would be more conscious about offending people with my appearance and smell.
im super jealous op
i plan to do something very similar to you in japan
travelling w/ minimum things is my idea of travel

So I'm officially on a one year sabbatical from work and a week today I am leaving from Western Canada to do the Pacific Trail. Can't fucking wait guys. Everything is bought, prepped and ready. Anyone here done this?
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try >>>/out/ ?
Will do!
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missing hiker.jpg
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Best of luck bro. I presume you have hiking experience? Stay safe and don't end up like the other autists who went looking for adventure.

Is Dublin worth visiting if you can't drink alcohol?
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Is Maldives worth visiting if there.s no beaches?
I you can't drink alcohol blow up the the pub for fun mah nigga
Why can't you drink?

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I'm 21, from Germany and I'm gonna be in Edinburgh for a few days at the beginning of September. I don't drink and was wondering what the highlights of the city are? I'm a weeb so if there are any great weeb-stores I'd like to know about those as well.
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lol don't think there's any weeb stores mate, just go to Japan and go crazy

Go up to the castle, see the cannon fire at 2pm (I think) everyday, go to the museums and go up to Arthur's seat
There's a weeb store in Princes Mall that you can go visit. Plenty of Japanese Resturaunts too like Yo Sushi or Wagamama or Sushiya.

Visit Dynamic Earth, Aurthers Seat, and walk around the centre
If you like hiking, there is a small top called Arthur's seat, which gives you a good panorama of the city

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how do you meet people when traveling?

>tfw no social skills, no friends
>people always talk about the people they meet when traveling, and adventures they go on with these people
>talk about their relationships while traveling
how do I meet people and make friends?

i'm staying at an airbnb on my upcoming trip. should I go to bars (and clubs) alone? talk to random people at tourist sites?
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i'm worried someone will ask me about the people I met while traveling. and I'll tell them that "I didn't meet anyone"
If you stay in hostels, ask if you can join your bunkmates for the day or invite others to see what you are going to.

Usually people gravitate to the same 8-10 things in a city, there's a good chance where ever you want to go, they have their eyes on it too. The hardest part is working up the courage to ask.

My first trip I was really shy, my most recent one was much better though, all I did was introduce myself as much as I could with everyone in my room and join in the hostel events.

>should I go to bars (and clubs) alone? talk to random people at tourist sites?
Yes, you can do these too. Most people are traveling at tourist sites so you have that in common already. If you go to a bar sit at the counter, sometimes people will start a conversation with you.


>i'm worried someone will ask me about the people I met while traveling. and I'll tell them that "I didn't meet anyone"
So say that then! I would add "I didn't meet anyone because normally I am very shy". You have now opened up a little to someone and possibly made a better connection, people usually respond well. You can add after, "I am using this trip to try and be more social".

No shortage of people to meet when traveling but remember meeting x number of people is not a requirement of a good trip.

I'm really attractive so it's never a problem for me, but....GOOD LUCK MAN

Is it possible to take third class trains, buses or any other means of land transport from Shanghai all the way to Lisbon? I'm mostly worried about navigating the Middle East. If it's not feasible without extreme danger, what is the shortest amount of air travel I could accomplish it with? Is this a fucking stupid idea to begin with?
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Yes, it would be rather easy. Just take the train to Beijing, then take the Trans-Manchurian / Trans-Siberian to Moscow and from there, it should be pretty straightforward.

But why?
Do it by bicycle!
>middle-east dangerous
Here's how you navigate from the middle-east onward
There, great views and quite safe. I'd actually consider Turkey the most dangerous part of this trip

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