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thinking of moving to Ukraine, Kiev for a couple of years, have like $15,000 saved up and could live pretty comfy there for a while.

>Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre
439.03 $
>Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre 241.10 $
>Smokes - $1 a pack
>Internet $3.89/month
>Beer $0.60/bottle

prove me wrong that Ukraine isn't the best city to live in for a guy with a low budget.
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Do you have a visa?
Wait until you see the quality of it all.
they don't speak english, you don't know a slavic language
that apartment hasn't been maintained since perestroika, and the price is for locals, 50-100% foreign tax
2 hours of daily sunshine during winter

(off season) odessa is a good place for a westerner to live large affordably, but by the time your visa free period expires you'll want to go home

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/adv/ is dead and /b/ called me a fag

I'm travelling alone for the first time and considering having my first gay experience, saw a couple of ads on CL but it seems like an easy place to get fukken murdered

What do? try going to a bar or tinder like a normal person?

pic entirely unrelated
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Seek professional help
Where are you traveling?
Good fucking god
Apparently 24/7 Thai hooker and hostel fucks threads aren't enough, now we're doing faggot hookups as well.

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I have 1 more full day left in London. Any must do's that I need to take care of?
>Visited Trafalgar Square
>Gotten fish and chips in a pub while completely drunk
>Took pictures of Big Ben
>Sat next to a fat guy who smelled like shit in the tube
>Visited the Belfast
>Visited the IWM
>Had Indian food
>Went to the viewing deck of the Shard
Anything I'm missing?
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Did you visit Buckingham Palace or the park in front of it? I might have missed that, it's worth seeing though.
You could go to Greenwich and visit Cutty Sark and the rolling hills of the park adjacent to the university. I had an extra day and this is what I ended up doing, I quite enjoyed it! Transit there is simple, just Google it.
The Victoria and Albert Museum is fantastic
Also the British Museum. Seeing the Rosetta Stone was very cool.
St. Paul's Cathedral is very fucking neat as well.

I am 30yo single hacker travelling in business, drinking champagne & whiskey cocktails and watching Baby Boss.

Where did my parents failed?

p.s. fuck Qatar airlines for blocking 4chan (and Open/Google DNS).
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making good money brev?
want to get in the sec world and like to travel too.
Got a payout from a cancer of a company bug bounty programme, so was able to afford upgrade. Else going back overseas to slave-off my azpuccy. working with the same cancer of a software.
The fuck is with airlines blocking 4chan? It happens like half the time.

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In my just about 1 decade of 4chin I don't think I've ever posted here. Looked around the catalog and didn't see anything similar so, post the tech and gadgets you've traveled with. I'm going to be backpacking soon and I need more suggestions in case I missed anything. Not obvious things like battery banks and stuff.
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I don't backpack. I fly, stay in hotels with good mattresses or nice pools, or a historical kind of B&B and occasionally airbnb. I travel with a carryon, and a personal item. I rent cars often.

kindle packed with pdfs, music, books (or tablet if not packing a laptop)
phone with battery charger
noise cancelling headphones

ultrabook/small laptop if I want to do a good bit of typing or get work done
2nd phone if non-cdma or will be using a sim card to be purchased
garmin gps if going to be hiking and might need beacon, or doing a car rental where I think cell coverage will be spotty or delayed or maps wont be frequently updated for construction reasons.
Small fan for white noise or needed cooling off. I have a USB fan that recharges and oscillates.
Camera. I use the cellphone mostly for not carrying around the 2nd item, but if I will be doing anything truly special with family reunion/wedding/holiday stuff or low light within restaurants and indoors, I'll pack a higher end point and shoot with the better lens, or go more professional, depends. I have a nice GoPro copycat from china that takes some fun action and sports pics, like going down a waterslide, or sits on the dash for some short videos on fun scenic driving vacations. This is the one I have that wouldn't upset me if stolen:

Low tech and optional:
LED flashlight for emergencies like changing a tire or fire alarm in dark
Whistle or personal alarm on keychain for beach or other sketchy areas but can also be loudly startling for a rabid dog that approaches or actual attention getting.
Bear spray/pepper spray
Blockystar is low tech and can give peace of mind while sleeping and worried about intruders who might have keys to your room or could open a window. Also serves as a nice door holder when rolling in shit in and out of a room with a heavy door or propping a car door open on a incline.
Welcome to /trv/. As someone who posts on just about every board, this is my favorite. I'm not much for gadgets, but there is a rest area app for iphone that literally has every single rest area in America with information on what it provides and sometimes even reviews.
Low tech -- Pack a small kite, or something slightly interesting to play around with as a tool to striking up a conversation.

What do you even do when you are in a hostel? I cant sleep. At all.
Girls are gossipping and laughing bed below me. Girls are typing shit on thier macbooks bed next to me. AC is at fucking 29 ffs and i dont want to go down the ladder to lower the temperature. There is this weird smell in the room. A guy just left after fucking a girl. And i am here typing this blogpost. Never realized i was an autist with virgin walk until today.

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Melatonin and ear plugs.

Or, ya know, talk to people.
You don't have to stay in the hostel all day, m8, you can go out and do shit.
Do you have tips for getting laid in hostels? Is it easy because of people's laid-back attitude so that you just have to socialize much or are the chances to get some rather scarce?

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So yeah whats up poorfags? ;) you allright ? hehe

I'm on a luxury cruise ;) yeah i got a suite ;)

i only VIP travel hehe ;)
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>going on a cruise

Might as well stay home. Travelling for adventure > travelling for leisure
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>be me
>have money
>go to nice hotel
>sit by myself
>watch tv
>order room service
>go sit at the bar with 3 people
>two businessman that look like assholes
>one woman who is mid 40s and
>bar tender looks agitated
>go site seeing
>tour guide is overly polite to me
>tells me the rest of the city is dangerous
>aggressively guides me to the "right" shops and restaurants
>take some photos
>see the poor backpackers trying to be realtravelers
>haha losers, sucks for them
>me and my stem degree
>they don't have a house or a car like me
>haha, losers

hahahaha, good thing i worked so hard
What boat you on? have you got any excursions planned whats on the agenda?

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Bruges Winter.jpg
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25 American male going alone to Bruges end of November for two nights. What do I do? I like food, art, and college girls.
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There are several hostels, the st. Christophers seems pretty nice.
The Gronningen museum is great, they have a good collection of the Flemish primitives, also in the hospital museum you can see some works by Hans Memling.
I recommend the Jan van Eyck Plein, and the st.anne church ; a gothic church with baroque interiors
>I like food, art, and college girls

This is something that a man possessing any intelligence would never say. OP, you sound stupid and pathetic
shut up

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My goal is to live on every continent at some point in my life. So far I've lived in Europe, North America and Australia. My next destination is Asia.

The only difference this time will be the language barrier. I've traveled through countries whose language I didn't speak. I can easily make friends in hostels or through traveler groups on facebook and whatnot. But I've never lived in a country where I didn't speak the language and I don't know where I would start to have a normal life in one. I'm thinking about spending a year in Taiwan and would definitely take up Mandarin courses right away but what would I have to do in the beginning, I wouldn't want to spend the whole day at home alone.
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Everyone can speak English in the Philippines so there's that.
You can't learn anything worth shit in just a year.
Define living
Indonesian is one of the easiest non-Indo-European languages to learn. Or you could live in Singapore.

How does /trv/ sustain his life?
Have you a steady job? In which area? Do you get enough vacation time off?
Just curious, am a 23 yo europoor with a 9hrs/d with 30d/y vacation and sometimes I feel I need moar... Considering asking for unpaid leaves.
>Dickfarm not related
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Cooking man. If you can work a kitchen you can work any kitchen. I could be unemployed in my city and have a job in 2 days just from cold calling.
In a city I'm new to, assuming they can legally hire foreigners I could have a job in a week.
Also I know people all around the world who can help tip me off as to where to look.
This question is asked so often...

We have different ways of traveling and saving for it. Some of us have seasonal jobs and travel the rest of the time, some of us have jobs that involve travel, some of us go on working holidays, some of us are corpo-bitches like you and work all year for that 2-4 week vacation, some of us work for years living a simple life and then quit work to travel.

Also, something that's not really popular here for some reason is that you don't need much money to travel. It's just that you have to prioritize travel over a normal life. You can save up a bit and then hitchhike, sleep in tents or couchsurfing, eat only enough to sustain yourself, and you can travel for under $5 a day anywhere in the world really.

I recently went on an unpaid leave at my job (I can do so for up to 10 months) and went to Australia on a work-holiday visa where I worked and traveled around. It was worth it.
I'm doing an internship as a doctor for a year, 25 yo, currently 5 months in and i finish next march, i'm taking a month off in december which i intend to travel in to ethiopia and maybe djibouti, i don't get paid alot relatively to where i live (get paid like 2k usd a month), my father still helps me out because rent is almost half that money which helps me save money, after i finish my internship i might travel around asia and latin america for a number of months.

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I'm ready to move. How can I land a job immidatley after finding a state?
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uh... apply?
Good luck getting an apartment without having a job
You should probably have a job offer before you move.

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*
Please try to refrain from asking questions about prostitution.
Japan's sex industry is almost completely inaccessible to foreigners who do not speak Japanese.
What is available can generally be found in the following links

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1292337
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Why are all the hostels I'm looking at say that no rooms are unavailable from December onwards?

Do they just not let you book this far in advance or because it is around the holiday period?
I like to go hiking and pine forests get my dick hard af. Where can I go first, except Fuji?
>We will contact you by this week regarding the next steps. Please wait for our contact.
>this was emailed to me on Monday
>right before NK launched that missile
the anxiety is real lads. The next email is supposed to let me know when to go and get my passport stamped and they haven't sent it yet.

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I'm looking forward to move there. I have a very fluent spoken english as well as native in spanish, and also advanced japanese. I would like to permanently settle there, but to apply for a Visa i would need to have a job offer there first. Where is a good place to start applying? Any Kiwi willing to help? I have a degree in social comunication and 6 years of working experience.
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A better place to start besides 4chan would probably be the NZ government to find out what careers/skills are in demand right now.
You automatically don't qualify, sorry.
To have enough points for a visa, you have to
Have an in demand degree.
Check out SWAP. They do NZ working holidays and can help you get a working holiday visa which you can turn into a skilled migrant one later. While you're there for your year you could apply for jobs in your field and see if you get any bites.

Venice thread. What did you like the most?

Also, is sleeping in Mestre an acceptable solution? I hate hostels, and can't find anything that doesn't cost an arm and a leg inside Venice.
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You'll pay less but it will be a pain in the ass because of the public transportation, which also costs a lot. Plus full bus+ some rains that will come in this period is not a combination I would recommend
Venetian here. Yes go sleep in Mestre, Venice proper is very expensive. Bus tickets are €1,50 and you can take a bus from anywhere within the city limits and the tram with the same ticket. There are also various pass solutions if you're staying a few days.
i never realised there were people that stay in venice for more than one day

Is it safe? What to expect? I seriously have no idea what I'm getting myself in to.
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I spent 10 days there- sure its safe enough but I was advised not to do too much walking around at night time. You will most likely get stopped by police atleast once and they will go through you belongings - watch your money very very sharply !!
Thank you. I will go with a group so that should at least increase safety by a bit. I'm still nervous though because the travel advice from my government says shit like "kidnapping are common" and "violence against westerners happens regularly".. I traveled to less than perfectly safe counrties before (lived in Colombia for over a year) but still it makes me nervous to read.

How did you enjoy the country in itself overall? Any other advice or anecdotes?
They are heavily investing in promotion this year with virtually all major travel YouTubers/bloggers etc. going there. Take a look at some of their videos to get a feel for the country. Personal fav is Brandon Van Son, was there like a month ago or so

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