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Web developer here , i need some tips and advice how Design magazine cover , i already read and do some tutorial of InDesign.
Is there more software to Design magazine cover?
And some book about design cover
Any help?
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Mate, people spend months to years studying design thinking, the principles of design, the process, and everything in-between.

Pay someone to do it or it will end up looking like shit. A magazine cover has a lot of moving parts.
Lmao don't listen to this stuck up bitch. Search for (golden) ratios, composition, display fonts, grids.
'stuck up bitch'? you alright dude? something in life bothering you?

design is more than those skills, and it's very clear you're still new to design, but keep studying and it'll click for you soon mate.

File: practice 3.jpg (1MB, 3600x3600px)Image search: [Google]
practice 3.jpg
1MB, 3600x3600px
Does this look too much like a nazi flag?
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File: 6c061.jpg (21KB, 428x336px)Image search: [Google]
21KB, 428x336px
DELIL in a new dress
no, nazis kept their stuff symmetric and correctly aligned.
>wannabe a slayer album cover
>wannabe a joy division album cover
make up your mind

also, if you are going to use those ugly gradients, use a higher color depth so you don't get those scan-line-sort-of-thingy
No, but that doesn't stop it from being pretty awful

File: 1487235020008.jpg (123KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
123KB, 500x500px
Anyone here take the Adobe Illustrator certification test? I'm a rookie graphic designer (in a high school class) but have the opportunity to take it, so I don't wanna fuck this up. I've done some studying, but just want to see if anyone here has taken the test and have any pointers. Thanks.
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there's a course on lynda.com called
Lynda - Adobe Certified Associate Prep Illustrator
i followed it for a while but got bored since i already knew most of what they were talking about- it's mostly for basic tools/workflow. the test i think costs $95 and anyone can take it but the certificate last for only 3 years.
File: 1491082763587.jpg (178KB, 798x770px)Image search: [Google]
178KB, 798x770px
>Adobe Illustrator certification test
File: 1487713258875.jpg (41KB, 585x501px)Image search: [Google]
41KB, 585x501px
I get to take it for free so I don't give a fuck man

File: FB_IMG_1496871799882.jpg (57KB, 745x930px)Image search: [Google]
57KB, 745x930px
Can someone please tell me how can I make this kind of effect using photoshop? Or what should I use to make it?
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I Can't find anything like this using google, but yeah, thanks for ur help
>what should I use to make it?
pic related

File: iOS-11-control-center-header.jpg (73KB, 680x437px)Image search: [Google]
73KB, 680x437px
IOS11 New control center
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File: id240234_1.jpg (38KB, 660x389px)Image search: [Google]
38KB, 660x389px
Fucking gross

File: crit.jpg (314KB, 2048x2048px)Image search: [Google]
314KB, 2048x2048px
"Baskerville 10 Pro" Edition
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File: loneliness.jpg (220KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
220KB, 1000x1000px
"Loneliness" album art
File: comp16.png (499KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
499KB, 2000x2000px
Abstract idea done during a manic episode
File: Comp9.png (77KB, 721x933px)Image search: [Google]
77KB, 721x933px

File: fstoppers-hateps-2710.jpg (62KB, 710x410px)Image search: [Google]
62KB, 710x410px
Is a there a software (or plans to announce one) which could take over from PS?
I really like how easy and quick Sketch is but obviously it has different purpose.
I would really like to see something work similary but having photoshop abilities.
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there are a few affinity shills here but no, nothing compares to ps. learn it.
MS Paint

File: chinese.jpg (214KB, 1200x1213px)Image search: [Google]
214KB, 1200x1213px
Made this today, pretty basic.
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File: front_mockup.png (686KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
686KB, 1000x1000px
I have an online shop filled with designs I made, I won't post the link unless asked to because I don't want to get reported for advertising but here's an example.
Very good, post link pls.
looks sick post the link

File: images.png (4KB, 388x379px)Image search: [Google]
4KB, 388x379px
Hello /GB/
I'm looking to do some small Photoshop shit, but I don't want to pay because I'm a dirt cheap, where can I get it for free?
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a CS6 torrent, like always
I haven't Torrent at all pretty much, links?
If its small, gimp should be good enough.

File: logo.jpg (95KB, 680x400px)Image search: [Google]
95KB, 680x400px
ITT: We pretend to be clients commissioning logos for our fake companies and take other peoples fake commissions for practice.

To start it off. I'm the founder of an electric company named Eurotricity and i need a logo that can stand out on its own but also be incorporated into the company name on advertising.
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File: 1486249027541.jpg (15KB, 199x199px)Image search: [Google]
15KB, 199x199px
You guys are really going above and beyond to get free design work
File: hgRu36yguybcDeZLsZybEA.jpg (50KB, 1146x645px)Image search: [Google]
50KB, 1146x645px
You're welcome. Now send me my fuckin money.

File: ASFKLJNG345.jpg (168KB, 1500x900px)Image search: [Google]
168KB, 1500x900px

Anyone on this board having experience with app design? I'm currently working on an app for a specific demographic. Anything that I should be aware of? I'm in the stages of putting in together before programming it.

Also, has anyone ever made a successful sale of their design?

Thank you.
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Have you got your idea?
Have you done the UX journeys?
Done testing?
Got moodboards? (Type / Colours / Layout / UI)

You have any examples of your work and I can say what to work on / look out for?

If you've got a solid grasp of shit in other fields of design this should be cake.
dont want to show to much. But the log-in screen + everything else is pretty much done ---- as for programming that's for someone els to take care of
moodboard-wise thats pretty much their whole website

File: BehancevsDribbble1.png (63KB, 1200x585px)Image search: [Google]
63KB, 1200x585px
Which one does /gd/ prefer?
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Behance will porbable find you high end clients faster. You should use both though
Neither because I'm a salaried designer and I don't have to constantly churn out shitty crowd-pleasing work just to try and get attention.

May as well be 99designs.

Can someone remove the text across the screen?
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take this shit to reddit.
>take this shit to reddit.
Top kek
File: ok.png (332KB, 539x908px)Image search: [Google]
332KB, 539x908px

File: photo.jpg (108KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
108KB, 900x900px
if someone whos decent at graphic design can make me a vegan profile picture similar to this email me at [email protected]
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im willing to pay btw

forgot to mention
File: pexels-photo.jpg (822KB, 4000x2672px)Image search: [Google]
822KB, 4000x2672px
delete the thread then repost with amounts you're willing to pay in the OP. this thread is now useless, you'll get redirects to >>>/wsr/

File: Logo_260x260.png (12KB, 260x260px)Image search: [Google]
12KB, 260x260px
What were they thinking?
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Good design is everywhere. Bad design stands out.
is this srsly the new logo?
I like it.

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