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Why do printers always demand a fucking bleed?

I've got an Epson inkjet at home and I regularly do borderless A2 prints that look amazing just by using the 'borderless retain size' option when printing. There's never any unprinted parts or cut off details, a 1:1 print every time with no bleed or slug.
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Borderless burns ink, reduces resolution around the borders, isn't always reliable, and would require the replacement of a lot of equipment that's otherwise perfectly fine.
what is so hard about including a bleed with some crop marks? Im guessing the printer is too small. Use a larger one. I have a lot of trouble understanding why this is a problem
only brainlets don't use bleeds

File: tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.gif (76KB, 500x303px)Image search: [Google]
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>Self taught designer for 9 years
>Had 3 jobs at sign places/agencies
>1 job doing all the marketing for a company since start up (logo, website design, business cards, social media, etc)
>Freelancing for the last month, got about 4 high paying jobs so far.

looking at The Art Institute of Vancouver courses and wondering if I should shell out for them or just continue doing what I'm doing.

(I dont think I'm that great, but for my small city and "Low" rates its not bad)

Pic unrelated.
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I Should mention im only 23.

>Inb4 "9" years, 23 years old.

I did start at 15, got my first actual job at an agency at 17, before I had left highschool.
>Art Institute of Vancouver

if you're in Vancouver you can check out VCC or BCIT graphic design courses
Im not, I would have to move. Honestly, anywhere from sask over to the west coast is plausible if there are better recommendations for design schools.

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Dunno if I'm on the right board to post this but i'll go ahead anyway.

I need to make a highscore for my game but the "Show highscore" button doesn't appear, the weird thing is the "Clear highscore" does appear indeed. In pic related you can see on the left another version of Gamemaker, on the right, my version. I wonder if it's either a bug or just that my version of GM is like that, which would be unfortunate.
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maybe try /v/, that's a video game board
could a mod move the thread to /v/?
nope mods don't come here try /wsr/ or /3/ instead of v

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1MB, 2400x3300px
Amateur designer here (5-ish years, no classes) looking to do graphic design odd jobs around my uni for pocket money. How readable/interesting is my flyer?
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I can read it, so 100%?


You've got some conflicting shit going on, like the muted blue palette (which I actually like) vs the neon palette. And if you're going to defend that choice, stop yourself before typing anything because it's wrong.

Next, the two typefaces you went with are not friends. I can tell you right now that you aren't experienced enough to be pairing different sans together. Pick one.

More general nitpicks: Your copy sucks, but you're advertising gd services, not copywriting so whatever. The cut-off border looks like an error in cropping, and in print will look like a mistake in trimming. Your layout is dull and the misalignment on the "shirts logos..." line is wrong. You aligned with the graphic, when you should always prioritize aligning with text. And don't dump full-res shit here. There's no need for it, we're not your print shop. Especially a 1.4mb JPG when all this vector work could have been displayed better and lighter as a 600kb PNG.
File: tutkia sanmako.jpg (36KB, 657x527px)Image search: [Google]
tutkia sanmako.jpg
36KB, 657x527px
readablity is like a 3/10
picture people are gonna at worst be trying to read your body copy at the 4chan preview size while walking, so no, its fuzzy, try something bolder, this is on an a4, no?

it looks very corporate for what is considered an artwank field, try something "different" to catch eyes

"graphic design" is a best a buzzword that people outside of the field do not commonly understand, be more clear about what you are selling

please take your preview images into photoshop or something and trim the fat, why does a 4chan image need to be 3k
File: FmYjcHV.gif (1024KB, 218x228px)Image search: [Google]
1024KB, 218x228px
Idk, muted blue seems kinda boring for the vibe I'm trying to achieve. Reminds me more of something I'd see on a business card, not a poster for 20-somethings. Alternatively, I need something that'll catch the eye of anyone walking by, and my retard brain jumped to bright colors.

It may be a bit much to ask, but why don't the two typefaces go together? Curvy vs. straight? I genuinely have no idea.

Would it make sense to cut all the filler text besides "Shirts Logos Posters" to make room for larger text?

I wanted to be upfront and bold with my idea (instead of starting with a shitty catchphrase or lingo at the top). I figured "graphic design" was clear enough. What's a better option?

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Hi there

I got your contact info through [redacted] - I have this website [redacted] that uses a wordpress them called uncode and I need a few quick adjustments - have a look at let me me know if you are familiar with this theme and your rate. This is basically half done just needs to be completed but the full theme is installed which a lot of word press ppl find difficult. Let me know if this is something you can work on.


> send back overpriced quote and hope for the best
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I won't help you because that picture triggered me.
Go to /b/
Suicidal Puppy is my spirit animal when dealing with silly clients.

I feel like i'm missing something.
I don't really know what to do with te info (date, hour, dj, place) at the bottom.

Thanks in advance!
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Hierarchy man you need to work on your hierarchy
Too white, I would add more particles and make the gradient stronger
i'd agree totally. as well as heirarchy. What needs to be said first? Second? Third? How can they be differentiated effetively? Think space, colour, type, size.

My best advice: don't dwell - do. And don't come up with one option. Make 5 more. Then make 5 more. Sure, use the same idea, but create variations of the same idea. And don't be afraid to make an entirely different concept. As well - get inspired. Look - people rag on using google images but its a great tool to pick up visual cues or hints and to generally just get inspired. If google images existed 50 years ago, you can bet your ass designers would be using it.

And that's what you're missing. Exploration, process, and experimentation.

File: 31391-7eab50b3.jpg (123KB, 1200x799px)Image search: [Google]
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How would someone go about putting your logo for that matter, on a picture as a watermark to protect your copyright?
Like what's the best way to do so.

Pic unrelated
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it depends some photographers place it where it's difficult to stole their pics but most people place it in a corner with %80 opacity and white fill, just search google images using "photography watermark example" they're all over the place since there's no rules.
File: 1412445002229.jpg (678KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
678KB, 1600x1200px
It all depends on how far you are willing to go. You could just put it in the corner of your photos and hope people don't crop it out, you could also overlay it over the entire picture (the classic approach for companys that sell stock footage/ images), you could also go a bit further and put your watermark hidden in the metadata. That doesn't keep people from stealing your shit, but you could easily prove that they stole it ( given that they haven't modified the picture.)
I see. But is there a professional way to to do so? I mean putting your Logo/ watermark across the whole picture looks like shit and putting it barley noticeably in a corner somewhere is to risky getting it stolen.
So where is the middle of that? The best way?

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What are some essential, even esoteric/unorthodox books to read as a designer?

i.e. if you're into right wing nationalism & survivalism, someone would say "read Evola, Nietzsche, etc".
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bump really wanna hear some feedback
>right wing nationalism
You don't have the slightest idea of what you are talking about kiddo.

Not sure if I understand the question though, want something like pic related?

>bumping /gd/ after 5 minutes
you must be new here
File: 915z6VMvHTL.jpg (851KB, 1701x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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forgot pic

what font is the big M guys
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read the sticky
homosexual sans
its a big French news company (and a bullshit one like The Huffington Post), it must be a specific font

File: Pirates.png (446KB, 900x506px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm making a logo for a small animated series. What I have so far feels too crowded/ complex though. I cannot decide what to get rid of. Ideas on how to improve it?
I also see that the "Pirate Bay" part is kind of hard to read, but I would love to keep that metal on wood look. How do I adjust this?
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0/10 OP. Try harder. Lurk moar.
>"pirates" in the title twice
start again
I am not the one deciding the title, my task is to create the logo around it.

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Hi, can someone give me an invite to publish my work in dribbble.
Thanks in advance
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If you add a link to your portfolio to your profile a mod will add you. At least that happened to me when I had a Cargo Collective page with some still life paintings and uninspired (but not technically shitty) university work.
Is that image done in illustrator?
ok thank, didn't know that
done in after

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Do you guys follow any youtube channels on design? Could you recommend me some?
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bump for interest
here's some i follow
theskoolrocks, itsnicethat, designcourse, fitcevents and uxinmotion
them quads buddy

File: Untitled.png (4KB, 606x89px)Image search: [Google]
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I have a request:

The tottenham collection from this bundle
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also requesting a font without holes.
You're welcome.
File: ssb.jpg (6KB, 387x36px)Image search: [Google]
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Sweet Square Pro Bold?
google searching "sweet square" site:4archive.org was a mistake

File: 1461399052514.jpg (108KB, 718x349px)Image search: [Google]
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A colorblind 'graphic designer' with whom i share the office with just got promoted and he literally cant crop a segment of an image in photoshop.
He cant create an illustrator file that is under 300 mb.
He applied for the job without a single specimen of designing, nothing.
Instead of sending me his portfolio, he sent just his CV, doesnt know the difference.
He laughed hysterically when i told him to freely click buy button for a stock image.
He spent a day trying to mask the watermarks.
Then he went on saying that Corel is far superior and that someone should rig the CTP.
He almost chose a green shade for a fucking kangaroo.
He cant change colors of certain segments of the image.
He steals other peoples designs he finds online, mirrors them and kicks it with a few effects.
Then politely asks me to crop out things from it because he has to 'check something '.
He cant draw for shit, kids with down syndrome draw better with their less dominant hands.
He takes a pencil with him to act as if he is taking 'artistic' notes on it, the boss loves it.
Messy drawings of a title, a box, next to a failed sketch of a package and doodles left and right.
Takes hd pictures of drawings with BED SHEETS AROUND IT and alters the image on the computer, asking me for help every step of the way.
He damaged the drawing pad he got as a gift from his mom that was so fucking proud of her son.
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He knows that i know that he is full of shit but respects me for keeping my mouth shut, buys me beers after work and wants to hang out all the time.
I felt sorry at first, like one would for a chicken in the open sea but to a degree i admire the scam artists.
He scammed the entire company and the german owner without whom i wouldnt even have a job, considering we live in a turd hole of a country.
Yet, i feel insulted not by him but by i dont know who, that he scammed his way into the business and i still suck dick for 5 years in the same spot with no room for progress.
I like the money i get, its more than enough but for fucks sake, he thought the Lamborghini was yellow.
Out of a joke, he once drew in paint a drawing and instead of painting the turd brown, he painted it dark green.
And the drawing was shit anyways, wasnt even funny.
That man will be designing illustrated books for children in a few months.
I cant help but think is graphic designing a joke?
Post a screen grab of his work
I dont have any at home, but ill try to dig up some he (we) did for the supermarkets.

File: Screenshot_2017-05-20-21-52-14.png (268KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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>be me
>start graphic design AS becaise bad at fine art.
>50$/month to live and eat after bills. Fuck yes.
>must work at home or fail
>ADOBE BUNDLE ONLY 20/month first year for students
>fail 3 classes, 5 years later and after moving back in with my parents
>Portfolio class fuck yes
>forced to switch to AAS or drop out.
>9 fucking classes (taxpayer money)
>5 years on SSI trying to win a degree.
>global price raised to 75$/month
>java still exists to ruin video games.

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>meme posted as a screenshot
>incomprehensible greentexting
>loser manages to fail 3 classes
>something something jews

another classic thread delivered straight to your home by the best board on 4chan
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you're supposed to use the pirated shit you dumb nigger-cattle


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