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Is it actually required to know a lot of math when doing graphic design, atleast when you get an education? I've been doing it for almost 2 years now and haven't really needed it that much, I just always hear people say that I need to be good at it if I want it to work, but I'm god awful at math.

Pic is a little 30min edit I made just for shits.
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Id imagine a decade ago it was important, and two decades ago essential. But now whatever your using can be automatically calculated. Still helpful to know basics though.
If you're obsessive with your layouts, yeah. And you should be obsessive about layout. But even then, it's mostly geometry, fractions and conversions. All of which can be done on a calculator. If you've got solid spacial reasoning skills, you should be fine even if you suck at math like I do.
No, 0% Math beyond the ability to use a calculator

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This is the closest board we'll get to video editing so I have a quesiton.

Which one is better Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas?
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Premiere pro, boi.
there's usually a video thread at /p/ but for questions probably /gd/ or /wsr/

also premiere is better but it depends of what you want to make usually after effects cc is recommended for visual effects

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>GD job interview tomorrow

What the hell do I do?
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something I was told to ask employers at the end of an interview is this:
"Do you have any doubts about my ability to do this job that you would like me to address?"
if they say no, then you should be good, but if they say yes, you have the chance to defend yourself and make clear why you're a fit for the job.
I also assume you have a portfolio for all of your graphics? if not, you can upload everything into a google drive folder and just give potential employers the link to it.
Thanks for this.

Wow, that's good. Thanks! I always usually just ask "What makes your favorite employees?"

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I've been selected to participate in a raster/vector graphics design competition. All I've done this year graphics-design wise was photoshopping shit where shit shouldn't go. What are some decent fonts I should use? What are the stereotypes for what people like to see?
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I hope you have experience with Photoshop. Futura is very popular right now. Assymetrical, abstract shapes, abnormal composition
Meant to type Illustrator
Vector graphics ain't my shit, raster is more my thing. I'll try to stick to the asymmetrical dealio

Can someone please help me by making a logo because I can't afford to purchase one. I'd appreciate all help thank you
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What do you need?
I have an amateur team and we are about to be competing in tournaments. Our team name is "Free Agents". We chose this because we want scouts who are watching us play to know that we are indeed free agents that want to be acquired. So we'd like some type of logo that portrays that
A team for fucking what? Where are you from, do you have a mascot, do you have a general idea for what you'd like representing you (colour wise etc), do you have reference material?

There's nothing more infuriating than someone trying to get free work out of someone else, whilst being as vague and unhelpful as fucking possible.

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Came up with a quick logo concept for a fencing company. Tear me to shreds.
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F. Maybe too simplistic though? It's really just going to be a shitty looking F once you scale it down.
One of the cooler things I've seen posted here in quite a while tbqh. I'm not even a huge fan of "clever" logos but this is a solid idea.

I'd have to see it applied to various things to know how well it will work, though.

Do you have a full version with the company's name included?
not really you retard

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Hey guys, I've been messing with ideas for an album cover for my band. I've painted them then taken photos and done some editing in PS. The decision seems to be split between two covers. What does /gd/ think? Honesty is appreciated. Just for reference the music is kinda garage/punk
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Second design
I like the second one of the car, but without the bottles - why not just have it by itself? the painting is good enough
File: sml3.jpg (128KB, 600x600px)Image search: [Google]
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i do have this version. haven't really edited it but i see what you mean.. Thanks for the critique

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someone help me master this . im trying to do an outline of a logo and its fucking hard
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You can use the first tool to make your lines and curves and whatever.

The second one will allow you to create points on the line you made on the first tool.

The third one will let you remove already existing points.
i can use it to make/race this?

im trying but it messing up

thank you
Yes. The other tool you need is the anchor conversion tool. It looks like a chevron, should be in the pen tool or hold alt with the pen tool out in AI. It makes the curves that you'll need.

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lurker of chalice logo.jpg
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how should I go about creating a logo like pic related? (or any black metal logo)
I mean should I even try to do it in illustrator or should I do it on paper? (I'm way better in traditionnal than illustrator)
How do you decide where you put the non-letter details? How much is too much?
will bump with other black metal logos but lurker of chalice's is the one that interests me the most

>inb4 you can't even read it!
that's the point, and it works.The fact that fans can read it and other people can't makes them feel a very special connexion with the band, wich makes them stay
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Just draw some random spikes and shit on paper then scan and bring it into illustrator. I actually really like this aesthetic despite 100% of these logos being objectively bad
I'd love it if it was that easy
there's not trick but practice, draw the same thing over and over (look for references if you don't know where to put the details) once you're happy with it scan it and follow this tut:


File: FørsteDanskeRige.png (55KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello i am creating the logo for the 1st Danish Reich. I need some help for improvements.
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kill yourself
Add lions
dont make it in fucking paint?

I love cover art.
Post album covers you rly like. old or recent, doens't matter.

pic related, very recent album, joy division stuff reinterprated in a good way imho
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File: a1173025788_16.jpg (87KB, 700x700px)Image search: [Google]
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paper trail by t.i.

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gueys i tryed vaporwave did i doo good??

rate/10 dont be to harsh x3
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man the text pastel green
is that you?
File: green.jpg (89KB, 398x422px)Image search: [Google]
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i already flatten jpeg in paint.net so i used paint bucket hehe
a picture of a friend in HS

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beautiful background with shit face can someone please fix this shit for me so I wont get cancer every time I look at it?
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You better get accustomed to the cancer mate.
File: wallpaper 4 anon.png (4MB, 1600x1037px)Image search: [Google]
wallpaper 4 anon.png
4MB, 1600x1037px
This took literally 2 minutes.

If you are too lazy to do something this simple yourself then keep looking at the cancerous version
>make a nice landscape drawing
>add a stupid human in it


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I made this. How is it? 1/4
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File: berry.png (5KB, 128x174px)Image search: [Google]
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it's aight

bad colors
File: heartcube.png (5KB, 325x350px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 325x350px

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autistic. sorry...
(post in the critique general btw)
>6.71 MB, 2000x3000

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