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Whats an easy way to cut this out/ make the background transparant?
any tips or tricks?
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Im afraid theres no real wat to do this easy, just grab the Pen tool and go to town
You can go SELECT > COLOR RANGE and select the background but i cant promise you that it will work.
>Easy tool
Magic wand & cut-out adjustment

>I am a real desginer mode
Pen tool

File: original.jpg (538KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone can imitate this background gradient without the figure? A .psd, .fw or CSS
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File: fail.jpg (108KB, 3840x2160px)Image search: [Google]
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I can't do it
Looks like it's just a radial gradient, if no one's done it by the time I get home, I'll get it done.
Try cutting out the figure with the cutting tool and then smear out the gradient you want over the remainig image, or does this make me sound like a total retard?

File: 1443648815568.png (60KB, 199x197px)Image search: [Google]
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Does graphic design still pay well?
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It does if you do it well.
And if you don't it still pays pretty decent.
it used to. now with the minimalist cancer, everything becomes cheap and 5 minutes on mspaint can redefine a brand new visual identity.

i wanted to make something creative and fussed but no one like that anymore.
dont worry, shit clients will go for shit design no matter what. minimalist or no. if you're dedicated and actually talented clients with deep pockets will come, and they'll be the ones that are willing to invest in brands and designs.

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Is anybody willing to upload their font collection? Some of the fonts in the font share threads are a mess and the links no longer work. It's getting incredibly frustrating having nothing. I lost all mine when my laptop was stolen. Would apperciate a rar file or something, anybody? Please? Desperate here.

inb4 somebody uploads an album of comic sans or some shit haha
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Here anon. I just installed this.


The only trick is to install the fonts to another folder than where it originally wants you to install and then copy and paste them into your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.
I'll check it out thanks :)

you still here OP? if you are post and i'll give you a link to all 1400 fonts on my laptop now, but i can only leave it up for a couple hours

Suppose you have been contacted to design a 1 dollar bill with 100% freedom of choice. What would you do?

Keep in mind that it has to be realistic too.
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monopoly money
File: Fake_Dollar_Bill.jpg (151KB, 1017x521px)Image search: [Google]
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Something like that, but better of course. I will spend more time, hire some people to work with me, ...
I tried my best.
Probably something in similar vein to this.

File: TQBFJUTLDFOTO.png (722KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/,

What's up.

I started making this font a few weeks ago and was wondering what you guys thought of it.

It's intended use is to be implemented into stencils (think Banksy) and the interspaces, which the characters contain,
are there to facilitate the accuracy of the applied paint from a pressurized vessle such as a paintcan.

The picture you were just presented with is actually a photograph of a 3x A4 leaflet, unto which I had printed the letters (in black)
and then stuck together, which is hanging on my wall.

I have "the mastersheet" stored on my drive in a PNG format which was created by scanning in hand-drawn letters and
then editing them with 'photoshop-light' (paint).

Very few of the original letters remain though, as most letters are composites of elements taken from previously created characters.
The "R" as you can see, is simply a "P" with an added diagonal line.
The "P" was created by adding an extra vertical line on the left side of the "D".
The "D" before that was made by vertically inverting a "C" and adding just one vertical line to the left side of it.
And so on.

The bright, intense orange glow which surround the characters was an unintended side-effect of 'jacking up' the intensity as well as the contrast
with the image editing software of an android smartphone.
The intended background-color was obviously white, only I think the bordeaux-red paint of my wall gave it this profound, vibrant and fire-like aurora.

The sentence is the easiest pangram (a holoalphabetic sentence which contains every letter of the alfabet at least once) you can imagine.
They're typically used to present typefaces / fonts, so don't bother with trying to decode it; there is no secret meaning to it.

The "G" looks slightly off, and I'm working on that.
Furthermore the "J" slightly protrudes above the 'X-height', which is making my OCD go really bad, so I'm working to fix that.

Comment / rate / troll.

>Also show your own & compare typfaces thread.
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>The sentence is the easiest pangram (a holoalphabetic sentence which contains every letter of the alfabet at least once) you can imagine.
>They're typically used to present typefaces / fonts, so don't bother with trying to decode it; there is no secret meaning to it.
dude thanks for giving us this very advanced, obscure knowledge

The font is visually okay but there are many problems of consistency (letter pairs that should follow the same model, but dont): in a second I can see E/F, O/D, V/W and I/T. Also the H is fucked up, and the W is really ugly. A good thing are the letter proportions, which look nice.
I also think there are way too many unneeded cuts but that's your choice.
>The Quick Brown
>not A Quick Brown


kek I didn't even catch that

OP, I can tell you have OCD, I used to have this urge to over-explain too, weird

I do like the font though, looks useful

File: Planche Copy.jpg (4MB, 4961x3508px)Image search: [Google]
Planche Copy.jpg
4MB, 4961x3508px
Hey guys and girls.

Making a planche for a school project, but I need some more ideas about what could be added.

If figured you guys probably have some great ideas.

I'm not so good at photoshop.

btw this is not a request for design, just asking for ideas
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File: cavemen-cooking-with-fire.png (886KB, 594x655px)Image search: [Google]
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what are words?
The thing is in danish and they have to be there.

Ofcourse they could be arranged differently.
Am I the only confused by your request? Are you asking us for tips on the design or to add more bulletpoints about Rainforests? Even though only a minority of us knows what the bulletpoints say right now.

Not trying to push you off, but I have a hard time understanding your request.

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Hey /gd/
Has any employer you've ever worked at cared about whether or not you took any design higher education? Also general advice for this career path thread
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general advice:
don't do it
major in something else; something related if you want to stick with the art/design field.
make graphic design a side thing and not your full time money maker
Advice is like pennies everyones got several, it's all about the effort you put in. I majored in Graphics Design and after three years I'm the Lead Designer for a corporation. Agency work is really fast paced compared to corporate design (adhere to style guides, make sure everything is in line with the companies identity). Just do it man.
i took a 2 year course in graphic design after giving up in comp sci. Im working as a graphic production artist at a screen printing company. Its pretty easy, but its steady as a 9-5, theres a few times where I get to input my design skills but technique wise its really upped my understanding of vector based art and composition. Especially when I dig through other peoples files and see how they created stuff (usually like retards).

My employer just asked if I had graduated and I said yes, he didnt even ask to see any credentials. But I had a connection from the inside. Moral of the story is make connections, thats the a big reason people go to college it seems.

File: at_class_icon_web_yoga.png (94KB, 908x907px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/
One of my customers needs a new logo for his Yoga centre, the thing is he doesn't want any yoga poses in the Icon. He prefers a simple but strong icon which shows some sort of connection. It's not the spiritual kind of Yoga. Any suggestions?
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Brainstorm - things that bend, delicate but strong, organic, etc.

Now translate the found info into symbols and pair with some nice, clean type.

You are getting paid, we are not.
You're probably stuck with a lotus then, as you already suggest yourself. Good thing is you can do a lot with it, and it's a very graphic flower in itself.

Only other option I can think of right now would be an Om symbol. Not sure if that's simple enough tough.
File: YogaSymbols_Description_large.jpg (19KB, 480x130px)Image search: [Google]
19KB, 480x130px

The Om symbol has been used a lot as far as I know. I found these recently, strength and triskel might be an option. Personally I think triskel is more simple looking.

My sister is following a product-design course, and made the top logo for a fake company she's starting as an assignment. She asked me to improve it (below).

It's for higher-end kitchen equipment like mixers and boiling-water faucets. Thoughts?
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Don't ask about the company name and pay-off by the way, I've got no idea what she's on about with that
Looks pretty good, though I wouldn't put the word highlight 'behind' the word shadow. Conceptually it looks awkward. Maybe add a simple non-text logo in there as well.

I second >>236793

If you could somehow do both -- perhaps a very simple logo that incorporates the H in Highlight, you'd kill two birds with one stone

File: www_full-2354891928508551302.jpg (325KB, 1600x1121px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you help me by drawing in the picture where i should locate vents for my houses airconditioning.
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Makuuhuone = bedroom
Olohuone = living room
Eteinen = hall
Pesuhuone = bathroom
and the one with JK AND TK is kitchen
Wouldn't /diy/ know better?
What kind of system are you even using? What are the laws for airconditioning in your country? Are we supposed to know everything here?

File: deuteranopia-color-spectrum.jpg (19KB, 367x192px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone else colorblind here?
(got rejected by the army because of it. extreme deutan)

do you have any tricks to see color differences better in photoshop or programs alike?
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Maybe study the colours numbers for RGB and CMYK.

I have book full of colours and their corresponding codes, if I could be any help I'll hunt out the name for you.
File: cat.webm (265KB, 486x500px)
265KB, 486x500px
What's a dog doing on the internet?
You have my sympathy, OP.
Can you comprehend reds, green and purples? Can you picture them in your head, even though you can't see them with your eyes?

File: deafheave.sunbather.cover.jpg (907KB, 1400x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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How can I make colors that merge together in a subtle manner, like pic related?

I am using paint.NET becuase I'm a filthy nigger jew and I won't pay for my softwares.

Also good morning my firends
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How the fuck am I supposed to know how to achieve a certain effect with godawful software noone even uses.
there is a tool in paint.net that does that for you, You just choose two colours and bam, so if you choose two colours that are of similar colour the gradient will be quite gradual
Okay, well if I pirate photoshop, will that have better tools when it comes to stuff like this?

File: fuckthishit.jpg (22KB, 552x310px)Image search: [Google]
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I need to start doing graphic design for a project I'm working on, but I have no idea where to start.
Teach me everything you know plz.
pic not related
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File: Karsh_Mies_van_der_Rohe_01.jpg (273KB, 1000x837px)Image search: [Google]
273KB, 1000x837px
less is more
that's all
File: 1443029667861.jpg (32KB, 400x484px)Image search: [Google]
32KB, 400x484px
> needs help
> doesn't state his problems
Do know how conversation?
Don't know where to start.
What software should I use?
How should I use it? Is there a website that can help me learn how to do this?

I'm at level 0 right now.

File: SpringBabby2014.png (517KB, 2000x1982px)Image search: [Google]
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Alright, guys. Despite popular opinion, I think we should start taking a swing at the /aco/ logo for the 4cc. I'm not saying we should make a team or even making the logo official, so calm tf down. I want this to be a comfy thread where we toss around logo ideas.
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File: 1443900000352154418712.jpg (1MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2448x3264px
I brought up this idea to /4ccg/. Just an idea of Korra kicking a soccerball in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head (both of which I can see becoming pretty prominent to the board). Can anyone do a better job?
Since when do boards have logos?
Oh the cup, my head wasn't on straight. Sorry there.

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