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Hey I need album/cover arts for an album that's being mastered right now. I have some shitty mock ups and a bunch of inspiration images I can supply you along with the album.. it'll be on spotify and I'm going to promote it heavy so might be useful for your portfolio

I can compensate you if you're really good and wasting time on me. here's a sample https://soundcloud.com/newdarkage/revlon

david at ndamusic.com
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Hey there,

I am looking for any access to the VizRT Software range, but cant seem to find one.

Does anyone know how i might be able to get my hands on Viz Artist & Trio, just to see if i can wrap my head around it. I already work in the field, but my company doesn´t use any VizRT products.
I am looking for a long term alternative to my current employer, and since VizRT is the king in the professional broadcasting game, i want to check it out to see if it is the right move to invest more time into it.
Sorry if im wrong here, but i wouldnt know where else to ask.
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I need a little help with illustrator.
I'd Like to disable groups like in autocad with ctrl+shift+a.
I have three groups like in pic related and i'd like to be able to select freely one element from each group, a set of three concentric squares, then copy, resize and rotate the whole set keeping every copy in the correct group.

For now my only solution is to place every group in a separate layer, thene ungroup everything, do what i want and then regroup. Not very effective considering i have a shitload of those object.
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type "a" for selecting the white arrow then select the object you want to move or resize then type "v" or the black arrow and move it or resize however you want
another thing i sometimes do is to just double click the group and then double click the ocject (isolation mode) no need to ungroup / regroup everything over and over

also i've recently watched a video of a very famous guy who does huds for games and movies and he did something different
he copy paste the element and then on the layers tab/menu the element was marked as a red light on the right then he'll just move the circular red light onto a new layer (without opening each layer and scrolling down)

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Alexa, what are the color of your eyes?
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Alexa are u my friend

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Sin título.png
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Do you guys know where can I download a collection of vector images such as the one in the related picture?

I do not have any designing skills, so I'm trying to create a logo out of a free and non-copyrighted image.

Thank you.
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op check these https://www.pexels.com/

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taken away yur urge to seek out a "true"religion or faith. like its gotten to the point where i just feel like this is all a cool light show ooh ahh type feeling but that it. does anyone else here just take life as it comes and isnt concerned with the final " answers" so to speak
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I'd love answers, but nobody actually has them. Religions just give their hypothesis, which isn't very convincing as they have no evidence.

Psychedelics have not changed my view on this in any way, and I don't see how this thread is relevant.

what is this art style called or can you guys link me to other artists that do similar art ??
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like this also!!
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Will Laren

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Stylish Thread:
Not sure if it fits here but here it goes. Post your stylish themes.
I start with a style I made for 4chan. What do you think? https://userstyles.org/styles/141626/dark-4chan
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Font id please????
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hey guys, i need help! for a draft i want try the typo cabernet jf pro. i don't know i will use in the final version. can anybody upload for me? if i use it in the final version, i will buy the font. i swear!

thanks everybody
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File: cabernet_jf_pro.png (7KB, 165x132px)Image search: [Google]
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Just tested it out for you, OP. No need to thank me!

I see this a lot on early 90s graphic designs, but I could never find the actual term for it. What is it?
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Looks like a funky twist on suprematism
its called memphis.
....memphis? (er, sort of...)

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I want to start an online store for some side cash, I'm pretty good at illustrations but never really put anything out.

How do I protect my artwork, and is there a process where I can legally pull down someone's product if they sell my images?

I'm going to start out with stickers, what's the cheapest method to create stickers en masse?
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Protip: protecting intellectual property as an individual is really fucking difficult. Independent designers get ripped off all the time and often have a very hard time proving it in court to any real result.

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Hi, can someone explain me how to post multiple images in material.uplabs
thanks in advance
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What are the chances of actually getting caught using a font that you haven't paid for commercial use on t shirts etc?
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Slim to nil but if you get caught I hear the fines are astronomical
If you layout the letters then alter the type visually somehow I think it's ok

The Icelandic buss company is holding a design competition for their new buses. They will use the winnings designs on actual buses.

Go to meistaraverk DOT is and make something beautiful.
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am I doing it right?
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we've got ourselves a winner
how much do they pay?
oh, let me guess, they'll pay in exposure.

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