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I've started calligraphy recently, tried out a few fonts
Looking for new fonts, which font should I try out?
(I have a lamy vista w/ an 1.9 stub nib)
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Get a pack of pilot Parallels

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I need a town or a big house inside of this shape
Can you help me?
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sure, $ or /wsr/

Any draftsman here? Don't really know which other board to post this on. What's the job like, and is it a stable way in terms of income? I mostly want to specialize in electrical and electronic drafting, though I don't know how it will turn out. I need some advice.
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I had to take drafting as a civil engineer. Your best bet is to try to get into electrical for buildings. There are some very specialized AutoCAD packages for it. You're probably going to need to learn electrician stuff/building codes. I also had to do some electronics drafting. I imagine most electrical engineers do that themselves because the drafting software is also design/logic testing/prototyping software so it alll gets rolled together.
Is the job outlook ok? Or is drafting becoming obsolete?
well it varies in architecture firms. Small offices, pretty much everyone but the principals drafts one way or the other, due to the lack of manpower. On the plus side, for juniors out of school, it allows you to do other tasks other than just drafting.

On medium size offices, you can start out drafting and have the opportunity to move up if you so choose, but many people don't want to be stuck as draftsmen.

In corporate offices, juniors for the most part are stuck as draftsmen, or pigeon-holed. You rarely will get the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder unless you like drafting or you move on to a different firm.

Drafting is still going on strong but you will hit a ceiling quickly if you want to make a full living. At the basic, you must know Autocad, but Revit is already coming on strong as an industry standard. It is easy to learn but the learning curve shoots straight up really fast once you actually work on a project, since they are rarely simple boxes.

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does somebody know how to achive this effect on adobe illustrator, i can't find any tutorial on youtube or google, pls help
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print out the middle one 5 times, wrap them around a clear balloon, take a picture, trace it in illustrator

Need decent quality polyester canvas to print off my designs on HP inkjet wide format. Any good places to buy in Edmonton?
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mona lisa art in calgary. sorry edmonton sucks

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Indie edits thread 7u7 i start <3
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this is garbage
u type cutely
want to go out?
add me on steam
This is not vaporwave, its trash.

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hey /gd/ I've been in business for over 10 years now, what do you think of my merch?

look me up, toomuchmetal

Rate me 5 starts on fb toomuchrockforonehand
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Yikes that's horrible
sounds like you're trying to ruin someones business by shitpost and claiming its yours.
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I love cuz this basic athletic posturing you've established here, even a subtle iraq reference, I'd rather see a lot more detail in the rest of the designs- but the ladies stuff is still great;that's how novelty sells. I guess you'd be making Milwaukee proud? Just frame things a little more like paintings.

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Witch house..?
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macabre? occult? doot?

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I want to create retro low poly art. How do i accomplish this? in Cinema or autodesk?
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you mean 3ds or maya?
maya is great but it takes time to learn, c4d is easier for beginners and there's even a a tool called 'polygon reduction'


also try >>>/3/ next time
c4d remove the phong tag and your done.

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Hey guys here's my new logo for our island country maybe we can make this into our flag
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It's amazing, very avant-garde. It's a stunning commentary on the graphic design scene.
10/10 would fuck to death and cry at funeral. Then do the same to OP so he could never make a lesser symbol.
I want to say this might be the, or one of the best graphical work i've ever seen in my life.
Crazy how the internet works

Sup /gb/

Which are the torrent sites that you use the most? I need to download DaisyDisk for my laptop.

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Dude just get the trail version
it has almost every feature except one. If you want to delete something you can just use the "show in finder" feature and move it to trash.
ez pz

For any in house graphic designers on here, whats the usual turn around time per client? I understand this is vague and will vary depending on what it is you're designing but if you had to estimate what would it be?

I'm a graphic designer for a business to business nutrition supplement manufacturer. Majority of the clients just want their already existing label/packaging designs revised to be FDA compliant but even if they want an entirely new design I can usually finish it in a couple of days. The problem is after I finish, I still normally have to wait weeks for the product formulas to be approved. This means I can't technically finalize the design because I don't have the supplement facts panel information.

I like my company and my job isn't bad most of the time but I just want to work somewhere where I can design all day, not wait on paperwork. Would my best bet just be to try applying for design studios? I understand theres always going to be waiting in graphic design when it comes to clients but I'd rather be waiting on something thats in the clients control.
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I've done a bit of work here and there involving FDA/nutrition labels. My experience was the same as yours - approvals and final tech/copy was always fucking slow to arrive. It seems like a lab or something was involved in the approval(?)... I'm not sure. But it did take days to get the ok.

Wasn't the only job we had at the time though, so I was working on other projects while we waited.

yeah, we use a few different labs so it depends. Sometimes I can fill my time with other projects but, especially lately, the design revisions are so minimal. I have a stack of clients I've been hounding for their art files and they basically blow me off. So right now if I'm not waiting on supplement facts, I'm waiting on clients to follow up with needed files. The company is small so its just me and my art director in the design department and she doesn't get on my case but my other boss doesn't understand. He'll just come to my cubicle like 3 times a day asking if I'm "banging those labels out" so I always leave something open on my screen so he shuts up. It's not even that I'm trying to be lazy, there are just some days where there is literally nothing I can work on. And I can only follow up with clients so many times before they ask me to stop.

anyway, I'll probably go back to fixing up my portfolio and I'll just start sending some resumes out. at least in the mean time its decent pay.
I know this feel, if you're really desperate for something to do you could try to find something else to do when design work is scarce. Bit of a can of worms though, sometimes there's no design work needed at my workplace so I end up doing data entry type shit all day

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What are some ways to find easy quick jobs on internet just to make a couple bucks ?
I thought about creating stuff for creative cloud but I don't really know what to do that could be useful. And maybe something like Fiverr? I haven't tried Fiverr, I don't know about it
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Another one falls into the pit. Nice knowin' ya, mate.
the trick to fiverr is making something useful that appeal to lots of people and that it doesn't take you longer than half an hour to make (for example drawing cartoonish portraits or making logos fast)

for making fast money it depends of how good you are (there's digitalpoint contests, nameproscontests, designhill, 99designs) i would say maybe try at freelancer.com since there's lots of very different jobs daily, if you have a portfolio its easier and you'll make more money, if not then join a contest just be smart on the ones you pick.
Why so? I'm asking how it is, I haven't tried yet

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somebody link to me where I can download all these programs
also I'm not spending money, so if there's an alternative for the adobe ones, lemme know
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pirate bay?
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How do I break into the graphic design field at a younger age? I'm 18 but I'm trying to get the ball rolling

Pic related, first digital drawing I've ever done
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>Do some art
>Come up with shitty but artistic portfolio
>walk into design firm/sign shop
>request job
>say I know nothing but I know this is what i wanna do with my life give me chance
>boom, job.

Thats what i did at 17. Been freelancing for a while now since i felt the pay wasnt good enough anywhere i went. 24 now btw
How's the pay now? Can you survive?
Well its supporting my wife and son so...

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