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This is a simple test of a long-existing design. Please excuse the crude sketch, and it may be very easy, but anyway: the picture describes five types of a thing. Please tell me what the thing is, and please tell me what the five types of thing are, associating them with each of the five things in the picture.

If you agree that this is a good design, are there other designs like it, of similar simplicity-yet-complexity?
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Reminds me of Trivial Pursuit tee-bee-8ch.
I think it's missing a color though.
isa hot dog, left to right, sky, mustard,dog,ketchup,bun bam solved it
>ketchup on hotdog

it's probably just this autist's favorite anime or something

File: camden font.jpg (57KB, 381x279px)Image search: [Google]
camden font.jpg
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Hey, does anybody know the name of this font, or one that is similar?
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Greetings /gd/

For my school project i'm planning on creating the design for a mobile OS, complete with settings, lock and home screen and some default apps.
I've done extensive research on the topic, but i still can't decide whether to use Photoshop or Illustrator.

I prefer PS, and i'm used to it, but i'm not sure if graphics can be raster or is vector required?
I'm afraid i'll have problems down the line when adjusting for retina and larger phone sizes if i start the project in Photoshop.

Thank your for any help
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Illustrator or Sketch.
Use Sketch it's better than the two for UI design
i knew this dude that used Illustrator for literally all his projects, so you could use that

if you can, there is Adobe XD

File: pop-box.jpg (210KB, 715x468px)Image search: [Google]
210KB, 715x468px
Or at least something very similar, any advice/resources will be appreciated.
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File: Untitled-1-01.png (128KB, 2233x3375px)Image search: [Google]
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Make a bunch of 3 line columns.
Rotate them 45ยบ.
Copy+paste on place and reflect>vertical.
Transparency on multiply or maybe darken.
Put on solid color background.
That's funny that you thought you made ops pic
cheers mate :)

Hey what do you guys think of this. I made for an assignment in my graphic arts class
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without background
Why are video game controllers making a basket ball?
cool concept but yeah its like there are two worlds:
1 - the flat graphic (obviously digital) controllers
2 - the real world wood texture of the court.

maybe ditch the court (or render it as simplified graphic shapes) and give it a more flat coloured cartoony background?

File: ThereHasToBeABetterWay.png (49KB, 1360x471px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey folks,

I was dicking around in Inkscape, trying to make the letter "z", inspired by the vulf font.
It ended up being a "2" but whatever.

The thing is, I've grown reasonably comfortable constructing stuff using stuff that was either directly geometrical or derived from a number of such simple object.
By division, union and stuff. But I don't at all know how to build things that still have a certain symmetry and harmony that are more complex.
As soon as I touch the nodes and try to change them, the balance and symmetry dies.

How you guys create complex shapes while not fucking them up?
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I basically hate freehanding, and either I just suck at it, or there is/are a trick(s).
Are you talking about type or just random objects? I mean why do you want to do that, it's unclear...
Really the question boils down to:
How do I (or really you guys) create complex shapes that cannot easily be derived from well defined objects like rectangles and ellipses.

I've got a project that some of you guys might be able to help me with.

my brother got an old chevy squarebody, and is getting it road worthy to go cruising in. before it reaches that point, it needs new front suspension parts, like tie rods, etc.

heres where you guys come in. I used to use grafitti spray paint on bare metal parts on suspensions of truck we did fleet work on. both as an eye catcher( oh you used the fancy parts!!!, and as protective coating since graff paint is supposed to be a bitch to get off a surface.

this has been 7 years now. which brands would stand up to motor vehicle use the best? im going bright as fuck contrasting colors, this is all under carriage stuff.except maybe the water pump, power steering and A/C compressor, and the alternator.

real contrast sort of stuff.

which brands do you think would work best ofr this, without me going a couple hundred bucks deep into cerakote. I'd like to stick to graff paint for the palette.
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Dude... this is a question for experienced mechanics and restorers.
I am a mechanic. i just wanted to now which is the best graff paint that stays on the longest.

File: bepis.png (223KB, 700x700px)Image search: [Google]
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I took the liberty of photoshopping a cold, refreshing can o' Bepis as no one else decided to. It's high quality I guess
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>not matching can curvature
>not paying attention to the can's lighting
>hur dur high quality

kill yourself
Gonna need some ketchup for these harshbrowns you're slingin' over here
Can't handle the 4chan parlance, good sir? Dost thow needeth some of these nuts? TROLL FACE TIP MY FEDORA TO YOU SNOWFLAKE

I fucking hate graphic designers

Graphic designers are just people who know how to use adobe products

They just photobash things, and "draw" logos and shit in illustrator. (usually just putting circles and other shapes together)

They then go around acting like they are talented and creative people when most of them can't even draw.

But guess what, my a friend of nmy girlfriend made her own business cards and they looked fine. She is a nurse not a designer.

Why did I choose do a degree in this shit again? I feel so stupid sometimes.
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/gd/ is not your personal blog.
All of this is true but fuccbois will never admit it. It's essentially a con job. However, what I think it makes it the worst is the community. You'll find the most pretentious and egotistical people in this industry.
>But guess what, my a friend of nmy girlfriend made her own business cards and they looked fine. She is a nurse not a designer.
Post them

File: test.jpg (50KB, 643x486px)Image search: [Google]
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How to do it?

I have a pic with a blank sheet of paper where I want to add a handwritten note to "proof" I am real. ;)
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dl 'hand written' fonts
on photoshop add the text you want on a new transparent layer
place text on top of the paper
scale it down and use the transform tool (ctrl+t) and right-click perspective (distort by dragging the edge points till it fits the perspective of the photo/paper)
lower the opacity and right-click rasterize layer if some part of the text needs to be deleted
do NOT use a font
Yeah I'd say just hand write what you want - either on a tablet or paper and scanned in - then slap that shit in

File: Bump er stick er 6.4 bw.jpg (718KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Bump er stick er 6.4 bw.jpg
718KB, 1920x1080px
Just made one hundred 2.25 x 4 inch bumper stickers. The same dimensions as 9 by 16 YouTube videos. Planning to place them in grungy bar bathrooms and lamp poles that already have bunches of stickers on them. Not on anything that is kept clean, nice, or tidy. Thoughts?
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do you take constructive criticism ?
damn right.
it fucking sucks.

Is there a way to get a free lynda premium account?

If not, what are some other free alternatives to it?

I'm interested in learning more about Davinci Resolve, C4D, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator

Any help?
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cgpeers + utorrent
this, you can create a new account on monday
qbittorrent (or even deluge) are way better and won't use your pc as part of a botnet (plus no ads)

Good, thanks anons.

How does cgpeers works?

File: hoodie.png (488KB, 753x758px)Image search: [Google]
488KB, 753x758px
I need something almost as simple as this design or you could suggest me any other designs to print on a hoodie, color of the hoodie will be most likely black, help please!
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Genuinely from the bottom of my heart, fuck off and harm yourself.
What the fuck?
I hate this so much

Hey can anyone help me out?
I need to draw a portrait of this girl (pic related), however, every time I try to do that, it looks like shit. I work in Illustrator, so maybe some anons can give me tips on what to do/how to do it?
Any help is appreciated.
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File: Profile_x2.jpg (619KB, 4000x2345px)Image search: [Google]
619KB, 4000x2345px
OP here, this is (one of) the final result(s)
Ideal work, WTF do you want?
>>>/ic/ search for beginners thread also google illustrator tracing for tutorials

File: IMG_4891.gif (148KB, 2500x1794px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone here have any experience with gd at RIT I hear they have good gd but I find I get more honest info in place like this
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College dropout here
Did 3 years at RIT
The professors are alright for base core classes but as soon as you get past that it's mostly shit.
Unless you are prepared to spend 4 hours sitting in a room using garbage design speak while a self-centered asshole professor will just grade you based on what they like sure, go for it.

IMO just fuck right off and get into STEM. Design will be dead in the next decade but CS and everything else won't.
>IMO just fuck right off and get into STEM. Design will be dead in the next decade but CS and everything else won't.
CS and everything else will be dead in the next decade but design won't.
Fixe'd, don't thank me

No idea what RIT is

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