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I'm looking to get started on Graphic Design, which adobe program should I use? I can only afford one.

I should mention that I am also a web designer so I'm looking to just get the basics so I can make logos and stuff like that.


I read that Photoshop can do a lot of the stuff that is needed for basic design stuff, like logos and things like that.
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Trying to not flame you here. You're effectively asking "Should I learn to grill meat or bake cake?"

Your question itself implies that you don't know enough to even be purchasing one in the first place, as they are 3 separate programs - each stellar in their own regard, but also very (basically) very little overlap.

But. You did say "one program". so. If you wish to pursue graphic DESIGN, then get Illustrator. If you're more leaning towards being a graphic ARTIST, start with Photoshop.

Ah shit yeah I don't know anything about this stuff, just trying to expand my skills as a web designer. I want to be able to make logos and stuff like that for my client's websites.

What exactly is the difference between a graphic designer and a graphic artist? What do the two do?

I know I could google it but 4chan people are more practical in explaining things
>What exactly is the difference between a graphic designer and a graphic artist? What do the two do?

This is just my own personal definition... but I've been doing this for 20 years, so I feel qualified to give the opinion...

Design is about communicating a brand, a message.

Artist is about communicating an emotion or feeling.

So - in your case - client logos - it's about branding. Go with Illustrator.

How to start using this?

I already know how to use photoshop.
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Start learning how to trace images with the pen tool.
what's with /gd/ and tracing images? i've been working for a living with illustrator for 10 years and i've very rarely did hand tracing.
anyways OP, learn to use curves, learn to edit them, understand colors and color mixing in different color spaces (RGB, CMYK).
i think he meant that you can learn to use the pen tool by tracing images/drawings, i can't think of a better way of learning it (i also have taken a few courses for lettering, illustration etc and every single one recommend tracing sketches)

i've been working with ai for 6 years and i use the pen tool/tracing (with my own drawings/sketches) probably in 7/10 projects

File: tigre.png (519KB, 1150x1150px)Image search: [Google]
519KB, 1150x1150px
i made a thing when i was bored, what do you think / i take advice and critic
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I cant tell what is this it looks like messy triangle shapes all over there are also some shapes that have 4 sides but they are not squares are those callled rectangles or are they those things called paragrams or something you should work harder on your graphic design my graphic design looks better than this and ive only been doing it for like two weeks it takes me like 5 mintues to make a graphic design and ive only been doing it for like two weeks have you just started like two weeks ago i think you did because this is just random shapes and its not even a graphic design of anything just triangles and paragrams oh and circles too but all the circles arent even the same size did you know that some are smaller and some are bigger thats not good graphic design they should all be the same size and not different sizes like yours are just send me a message on here if you need help click on my number on the top of this post it will probably be something like >>308702 and just ask for help because i think you need it i will help you and some day you will become as good as i am but maybe give me just like 20 bucks for my help i am very busy and my time is valuable and it will help you in the future making better graphic designs thanks see you soon just let me know if you need help and i will tell you where to send the money thanks bye bye
>copying other peoples work line for line


Clearly an aspiring abstract artist for something just done in your spare time is amazing.

File: lapis 1.png (80KB, 2400x3600px)Image search: [Google]
lapis 1.png
80KB, 2400x3600px
This is my first try at a minimalist poster.

I hope to make some prints if I get any better.

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Pretty good dude, though the drop could use some work. Keep up the good work!
It's a 10 in my book, but scrap the drop. the drop looks like it was made in paint
is this sonic it looks like acool sonic poster which game is this for do you work for sonic can you please make a game for xbox 360 please that would be very nice and i think if you start working on it now you could get it to me by my birthday if you show this poster to the xbox 360 inventors they will probably give you money to make the game too what are the bosses going to be dont make them too hard though lol my little brother starts screaming really hard when he dies i do too so it would also make me happy too when im playing this game on my birthday please name it something like sonic the hegehog mega turbo and maybe you could put the pink sonic in there too shes very cute i graphic design pictures of her pretty often too theyre really good looking most the time i graphic design me into the pictures with her but i look pretty strong if you put me in the poster too i think my mom and dad would like it and my brother too just remember to make it not too hard cool thanks just make sure its done by my birthday ill keep checking the mailbox or just tell me when its out ill look for it

File: Sem Título.png (23KB, 405x210px)Image search: [Google]
Sem Título.png
23KB, 405x210px
Yo mates. A client asked me to renew their logo.This is the old one, wich immediately causes eye cancer.

The thing is, I don't know what i can do to make it better.

Some opinions and help? maybe some examples?
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shameless bump
>'alerta' com tipo de letra todo bué pontiagudo
>clip art baratinho do sol
>ponto de exclamação com cores natalinos
Começa por aí.
epá eles tinham isto feito e queriam algo melhor, mas está complicado porque tenho de englobar as 4 parter no novo logo, o "Portugal" "Alerta" o Sol e o !

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432KB, 2044x1183px
Hi /GD/, I need help with a base design for my car. How does one go about making backgrounds?

Any graphics designers that could help out and give rough quotes?

Kind of been trying to get this done for the last 5 years but I can't do the design by myself.
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>How does one go about making backgrounds?
just hire someone
How? Well, more like where do I find someone?
File: SexyThang.jpg (417KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
417KB, 1920x1080px
Photo is me in GTA 5

File: Eloise.png (23KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
23KB, 400x400px
How do I motivate myself to keep practicing vector programs?

From what I can see vectors are a lot more work for less results compared to drawing with something like SAI.
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great work as always champ
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598KB, 634x844px

ITT: We post ONLY vaporwave OC, I'll be dumping a few.
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File: moshed_2017-4-15_6.10.50.jpg (285KB, 1098x604px)Image search: [Google]
285KB, 1098x604px
File: AABT.jpg (323KB, 1070x589px)Image search: [Google]
323KB, 1070x589px
File: PST RGB Scanlines.jpg (278KB, 1070x589px)Image search: [Google]
PST RGB Scanlines.jpg
278KB, 1070x589px

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Rate my business card /gd/. just fuck me up like I know you can.

Post yours. I'm curious.

These are already printed and being used by the way obviously with my real info on them.
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File: 1494380082821.jpg (49KB, 674x562px)Image search: [Google]
49KB, 674x562px
I would reposition the "JC" and put way more down within that frame. Also maybe not in a bold font, that makes it a bit hard to read on first sight.
Keep in mind how the result will look like and not where the outline of the letter is while editing it.
Remove the black border around the brown part. Your info a tad smaller and more into the corner.
The banner thing also smaller, you need more empty space. And overall that grey border around it seems unnecessary.

Also is "Keep il Simple" intentional? You should do what your motto says honestly.
And since when is almost a square a good format for a business card?

By the way, the colors make it look like the business card of a chocolate store or something.
Its a front and back vertical card. Not a square. the grey border is because I just took a screen shot of my AI file for the purpose of this post.
File: fdsafsdaf-01.png (23KB, 667x1125px)Image search: [Google]
23KB, 667x1125px

I'm sure you guys get this quite a bit, but I'm looking for a logo design, I'm willing to pay, someone just paid me like $60 on venmo for editing a video for them, so I'd be willing to just transfer that $60 to you for making a simple logo. I'm redoing my website (just a smugmug, but it'll do) I have an upcoming photography show, and just really need to get everything updated. With that being said...

The logo I want, should just be a simple logo, probably convey that I'm a photographer

I would prefer it to be square

Two versions, 1 with just the logo, and another with the logo and my name next to it.

I will also need the illustrator files to get screenprinted shirts and a hat for myself.

I would prefer the logo to be in either pure white or #1e1e1e dark grey, and possibly with a red #7e0404 accent of some sort.

For my information, this is my instagram instagram.com/kazcanning , I'm just going to be using my name KazCanning.

Maybe it doesn't even have to convey photography, just sleek and nice looking like this other photographer I like, his logo is at the top left http://www.lik.com/

I trust that you guys can make something good, I usually like the designs I see on here. If you're interested, you can just leave a low res jpeg or a watermarked one, and we can exchange info for the delivery and payment. If you have any additional questions, I'll be on the thread to monitor.

Thank you
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maybe leave an email i'll might contact you with some proposals.
Sorry, I'm not in the financial position right now. I'very just got that $60 bucks that I can play with right now.
If you're the guy that messaged me on IG, I saw it. I'll email you in a little bit. I'm traveling right now, so Im just seeing this stuff right now

File: 1495209257369.png (204KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
204KB, 512x512px
>open a huge successful design agency's logofolio
>nothing but wordmarks
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so post a link
I'd be pissed if I hired them and spent thousands of dollars only for them to give me fucking text that looks standard as fuck. And not to mention they forgot to capitalize her name

File: taekwondo_zonatletica.png (172KB, 1800x1800px)Image search: [Google]
172KB, 1800x1800px
So I just made this as my first graphic design job. I charged $50. Am I overcharging?
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That's hella cheap for a logo,
Normal price for a logo as far as i know would be between 100 and 200.

It looks pretty good actually also!
Agreeing with this.
You could've charged at least double for it.
As you first it job it probably was the right thing to do, because you don't have a portfolio yet
dude don't shortchange yourself. a lot of work goes into a logo from conception to drafts and finally the finalized piece. some clients will try to wring all they can from the arrangement by sending you back to the drawing board numerous times only to pick the very first design you came up with.
with that in mind, try charging at least 150 if you're new, and as you get more established, go 200 to 250.

Hey guys, I have been getting more and more interested in learning UX/UI design lately but I don't know where to start. All my professional colleagues and friends do printed, package or web design so I don't really know where to start. Anyone here who is working in the UX/UI field mind telling me where I should get started to learn? I have read articles online, and they are all divided between "take a class online" or "just read and learn". Also I assume CSS/Html are a must, correct?
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File: Lynda.com.jpg (123KB, 1128x904px)Image search: [Google]
123KB, 1128x904px
File: 1024x1024.jpg (62KB, 1024x712px)Image search: [Google]
62KB, 1024x712px
Start trying to recreate webpages/splashpages you like via Photoshop/Illustrator. Yes, learn CSS/Html; you can take apart free layouts to get the idea.
Thank you Anon! that makes sense!

File: cry.jpg (202KB, 828x1104px)Image search: [Google]
202KB, 828x1104px
Hi guys. I'm a Art student from Turkey and ı wanna be internet artist please check ma works and send feedback me.
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File: internetart.jpg (5MB, 3508x2480px)Image search: [Google]
5MB, 3508x2480px
File: incikupe.jpg (4MB, 1835x2151px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 1835x2151px

File: narkisim_narkisim.png (19KB, 1008x474px)Image search: [Google]
19KB, 1008x474px
Whats your favorite font?
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File: narkisim_regular.png (14KB, 636x295px)Image search: [Google]
14KB, 636x295px
(mine's Narkisim)
File: ScotchModern.gif (51KB, 864x576px)Image search: [Google]
51KB, 864x576px
Looks just like Bodoni

atm mine's Scotch Modern.

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