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Trying to brainstorm some logo ideas
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start with pen and paper
i thought you guys were against collectivist help
No, individualists are probably your run of the mill libertarian.
Ideas....Something new, we like the fasces hammer....The 6 values and of course our name....But...

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A new publication is launching which is taking submissions of side projects from creatives around the world.

We are launching on the 8th of June with an exhibition of selected work continuing until the 11th, in Amsterdam.

We are looking for as many submissions as possible so please send in anything and everything.

follow @peep_publication on instagram and email your submissions to [email protected]
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gas yourself kike
What you will do, is you will steal all those peoples' work and claim it as your own.
on the plus side, they'll be sued out of existence by Peeps Magazine shortly after

Does anyone know how to do this?

Well I echo that but I want to know if there is more than one wood to create it
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rotate tool

repeat action
Thanks for the suggestion
It's an illision. Simple straight lines, use a grid ;)

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Hello everyone. I spent last weeks doing my new portfolio and CV. Opinions or suggestions?

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CV Cover copia.jpg
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CV Interno copia.jpg
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File: CV Sequenza copia.jpg (2MB, 2500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
CV Sequenza copia.jpg
2MB, 2500x1500px

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What is the best anime character creation software in existence?

I'm working on a visual novel and I need a software that lets me customize everything and create 100s of awesome characters. The software doesn't necessarily have to have males, only females is fine too, preferably with breast slider etc...

The only one that comes to mind is TD Girl but that still doesn't have enough variety I think, or is there a superior version with many mods?

Thanks for your answers.
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Oh and also a Hentai software is fine too as long as I can customize everything like hair color, clothes etc...

I think the mods won't have anything against it if you simply say the name of the software or post link, it's still safe for work.
Do you want 3d models or 2d?
Doesn't matter. Both are fine.

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Hey guys I'm working some art but problem is I don't have a computer so I was wondering if someone can help me out. I need the lines in this image to be black and all the white to be removed. So basically a clear background with the drawing in black. Thanks!!!
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Can't help ya. On my phone. Just dropping by to say that the lines and shapes are secure. That's really good for a T-shirt design. But the right hand side is a tad bit bigger than the left. Also...the head looks kinda inflated in relation with the face. I mean...unless you want to add later like a basket and some rope to make it look like a hot air balloon, I would check that out too.
Yeah I noticed that but that's an easy fix. To be honest I could do a lot better but I just did this real quick to see if anyone can help. And I wanted to make head big. I chose I picture that's exactly what I wanted.
Actually now looking at it. This is crap I'm doing it over.

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So I'm looking at starting a website, but I'm kinda stuck on where to get my logo form. I want it to look professional, so I don't exactly think using a "logo maker" is what I am after as it has limited design features. I'm not very creative myself either.

Are there any suggestions on how I could get a logo.
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Well, you might want to hire a graphic designer then....
brainstorm / mindmap
get references of things you feel related / sketch
or save some time and hiro someone, if you dont have the budget or if you're a cheap fuck make a contest for 50 bucks at namepros or digitalpoint

This may be out of your field, but do you know how much they'd charge?
Doing a contest for 50 bucks, would that logo be mine to do with as I like forever, or could the designer comeback at some later point and try and claim it for themselves?

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I've been into gd for a long time, even studied it in high school (multimedia) I'm good at using existing works for inspiration and then base my own designs on them... I want to be able to come up with new stuff but I think I lack creativity.... are there any ways to improve my creativity? Besides taking shrooms or acid that is. Any advice is welcome!
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try reading a ton of fiction fantasy type books maybe comics,manga/anime thats what i do its pretty good and sum of the more popular cartoon network shows adventure time,steven universe,gravity falls ect
I don't know if you can induce creativity, but going out and experiencing life can be inspiring
Wouldn't recommend fantasy books or weaboo trash. Develop your own creativity through your perspective on life experiences
besides from what the others said you could train yourself, just get a sketchbook and pencil, and try to draw something everyday even for only half an hour a day (it doesn't have to be pretty or even original as long as you make it your own) after a few months you will be way more creative for sure.
i didn't even know that was a thing, a few years ago i wanted to make a logo for myself so i started drawing very small random shapes on an old notebook and before i knew it i was filling an entire page every couple days with original designs, now i have around 100 pages filled with crazy designs and lots of unique shapes, illustrations and lettering or typepography attempts.
also watch this:

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I'm currently working on a dictionary of historic slang, and I wanted to gather some feedback regarding my page layout and the structure of my lemmata.
So far I feel like I'm doing a quite good job presenting words, their meanings and their source, aswell as etymology (on this page currently only mannequin has one).
I'd be thankful for any feedback.

On /lit/ I was kindly told to ask on a board related to design, so please don't send me there.
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Actually not bad mate, great effort. There are a few easy fixes that could really improve it.

a) The gutter (space between the two columns) is a bit small, this makes the text looks crowded. Decrease your font size and increase the gutter.

b) Boldening the word doesn't really present enough hierarchy. Use indents, outdents, line breaks, colour, or a combination of all to further delineate word from definition, right now they read all mushed together.

c) Having '434-471' and '14' in the same alignment on the page can confuse people looking for the page number. For technical documents / dictionaries, page number centered!

This is a great idea, I love it. I suppose the only thing I'd say is that in the case of etymology I'd put the country/place of origin in some form of highlight, I.e:


Thanks for the excellent feedback!
>increasing gutter and decreasing font size
I'll try that
>The boldening is actually just to make it easier for the eye to find the main word of a Lemma, while blurring out the rest. Thus I will keep that.
>alignment of pahenumbers and lemma numbers
you are right it is confusing. I'll however not change the alignment, as I like it when the numbers are close to outer corners. instead I will put them in brackets like for the Lemmata
Good idea. I'll use an all caps font for that!

New samplepage coming soon.

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What does /gd/ think about the cover.
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Should have gone to specsavers
File: kendrick lamar humble.jpg (209KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
kendrick lamar humble.jpg
209KB, 1200x1200px
His single Humble has better cover art.
Should have used that instead.
fucking ugly

File: Adobe_cs6_logo.png (34KB, 282x282px)Image search: [Google]
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Where the fuck can I find adobe CS6?

I've been using CS5 for 6 years and I'm about to get a new computer, but apparently CS6 isn't available anymore, and now you have to pay a monthly fee to use Adobe products.

How the fuck do graphic designers get photoshop nowadays? Do they all subscribe to that ridiculous "creative cloud" shit?

Fucking hell.
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Torrent + VPN yo...
use gimp
you can get all adobe's cc's or cs6 at rutracker.org just make an account for accesing the download

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tiny feel.png
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what's going on here?
I like it OP, good post.

Why is everyone on /gd/ so pretentious?
Constructive criticism is always good but from what I see here the majority of you seem to think if its not [x] style of design its garbage.
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That's the way most of the art world is unless you become a big shot and have to suck up to everybody

>Also that image you posted is shit
I am wondering if their criticism is about preferences or facts.

Sometimes people just don't like it, it is just like Penis. I like my penis and women like my penis but when you have a bigger penis, some men just get upset and talk shit about the shape of my penis.

My point is emotions in graphic design is a bit retarded desu, because you are using a program to create. It is 100% made by something as unfeeling as a computer. Non-organic and non-existing.

The only human part is the human error and we call that style. not sure, if I am going to the right way in Graphic Design tho.
Human error is not design anon
>Bragging about penis
>Implying that you can't create emotion in digital art
It doesn't matter what medium you use, as long as you are skilled enough at your medium you can convey any kind of emotion you want

Is this logo halfassed or wat
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Black text in a bordered box. The execution look good but the idea was expired 4 years ago.
That's what i thought too, i'm no graphical designer but i'm trying to get something going to give ideas to a designer. I'm a photographer/videomaker and this logo is for a multi-media association.

I read and watched some courses by Michael Bierut and really dig the way he thinks about his logos.
I'm trying to get something that would be modified with it's context, using negative or positive space as a window for contextualisation.
Sorry if im not clear, french goy here
Feel free to shit on me and give advice

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Post websites/logos/designs that inspire you
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