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when will the flat icon meme end
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I don't mind a few companies doing it, but who is telling them they all have to drink the kool aid?
Also, who convinced these designers that a random shadow in the background looks good? It always looks tacky
the shadows are aweful, but i love the simple flat design.

i bet you loved the win7 aero design

File: raat.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
>Band name

>Album name

>Album artwork

Old thread >>287778
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File: housealbum.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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File: housealbum.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Sorry about the size, here's a low res.

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I've seen this pop up here and there over the last months. i can't help but to find this somewhat cool looking.
however, from a design perspective I really don't get the point of hiding letters behind other objects in the scene. what's up with that?

is this a good or a bad design practice? what do you think? why?
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Do what you want unless you have a client that doesn't approve.
To make it look more realistic I guess since putting stuff in front of it doesn't just make it looked slapped on
It makes customer think you spent more time with it and generally looks really good if it's not overused

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So as I am getting more and more into graphic design, I have a few people interested in working with me. My one friend wants to do a somewhat professional agreement with me.

I have been looking around for design briefs and example.
Does anyone here use a specific design brief? Or do you design a creative brief for each client specifically? Or is there a way to make a master one to use each time for new clients?

Thanks in advance.
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uhh you just get the info they give you and make a summary of it ?
like these?
I put this one at the bottom of my initial emails with the client after explaining to them the process and the 40% payment up front etc.

I use formatting in the email so its doesnt just look like a shitty chunk of text though.

(Please copy and past the following into a new e-mail and send it filled out to [email protected] with any other information or questions you have.)

1. Who Is the Target Audience?
(Age, Gender, Places they might already shop at.)

2. What message do you want to present?
(How do you want your clients to feel when they see your brand?)

3. Do you have any competition in the area?
(Please provide any website links for competition here)

4. What designs do you like?
(provide any links you can to designs you like)

5. What makes a design “good”?
(Why do you like the designs you chose?)

6. What designs don’t you like?
(Why do you think these were unsuccessful?)

4. Are there any Specific Instructions?
(features you would like to see in the design)

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Hey /gd/ i am a college grad with a few freelance under my belt. i need a job but lately i feel uninspired due to the wait of getting an actual job in my field. I'm at Walmart as a dept manager, and i fucking hate it. please give me themes, topics, ideas, photos anything. i need to just draw tonight
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Show us your freelance work.
i dont have much to show thats my problem. i need ideas
Create a logo for a new startup called 'My Face When'. The startup is dedicated to helping people with "resting bitch face" learn how to stop looking like such dickheads all the time. Target demographic is stay at home soccer moms who post on facebook 30+ times a day while thier kids are babysat by netflix shows they probably shouldnt be watching.

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I got this to the size I wan't but I can't get it sharp and clean in Photoshop. Can you vector in PS like illustrator?

If anyone can it would be a great help.
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>Can you vector in PS like illustrator?

>If anyone can it would be a great help.
>>/wsr/ is that way

Try using vector magic if you don't want to manually trace it
File: besticoulddo.png (205KB, 3000x923px)Image search: [Google]
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I did what I could.
Hope it works for you. :)
It's a bit less blurry and has less imperfections around the letters.

If you want to know what I did, I simply selected the shape and the text again refilling them with the main colour - this removed the weird shading on the text. Then I removed all semi transparent text borders. The only thing I noticed that changed drastically was the New York text, it got a bit bolder.

how can I make this kind of wavy lines in ps\il?
thanks ahead
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File: wave-w-simple-shift.jpg (178KB, 480x579px)Image search: [Google]
178KB, 480x579px
or maybe similar to this
>create wave path
>move desired amount
>cmd+d that shit til you're happy
can anybody help with doing this in PS?

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257KB, 699x960px
Making a beer label for my brothers brewing project, am being paid in beer so very informal design obviously.

Thoughts? Unsure about adding colour, would probably use a gold-yellow (piss) if anything though.

Haven't kerned anything yet, but nothing stuck out at me without having a proper look.

Black Stout would change to whatever type of brew he's making.
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i like it, careful with the alignment on the bottom text and the side things tho

what about all the needed stuff on the label like X standard drinks, ingredients, etc?
Looks good, I prefer the bottom version. I'm sure you already have but definitely try out some alternative designs/concepts of the piss puddle, since it's an informal project you could have a lot of fun making crude shit.
File: Beer7.jpg (450KB, 697x1694px)Image search: [Google]
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It's just a garage brewing project so my brother and his mates have cheap grog, it isn't being sold or anything.

Struggled to come up with an images in my head of "Piss", had an alternative logo with 2 streams. Don't think I'd want to go any cruder than this though.

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How would I go about making an eye that looks like this in gimp?
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File: eye.jpg (859KB, 995x995px)Image search: [Google]
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Probably like this.

a pupil is not a black sphere - it is a hole in the iris, it should not cast a shadow
Can I get some more info please?

Anyone know what sort of editing has been done to this photos to make the colors and tones look like they do?
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A good camera + Adjustments: Hue/Saturation, Vibrance, Brightness/Contrast
u wanna use masks on his face nd eyes to make him look pretty, in fact fuck everythingelse in the scene just make a mask of his face and adjust the curves so that it looks orangey/purpley thhen put a vinette around the fucking image
its usually more complex stuff like color curves, levels, balance etc.
what most people use are either lightroom presets (think instagram filters) or photoshop actions

hey /gd/, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the CGA graphics / something similar in style was possible to recreate in Premiere / AE. I basically want to make a video look like it's being played off a Commodore 64. I'm interested in any effects similar to this, basically the closest I can get. Thoughts? Anything helps. thanks.
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File: 1488648242650.gif (570KB, 670x551px)Image search: [Google]
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you can convert images to 'commodore 64' easily with aseprite (see pic attached)
but for video i'm not that sure, maybe rendering it with a slow resolution (something like 300x400) and then scaling it to 1k or more and playing the curves/levels etc.
yeah you can do something similar in photoshop with some tweaking, this is going to be for a music video though so it that won't work unfortunately. Closest i've gotten so far is using the mosaic tool and setting it to 100x100, then messing with the colors, but it just isn't the same.

scale down to 320x200 with PAR of 0.75, then scale down to 160x200 distorting, then reduce to 16 colors, then scale up to 320x200 again

for added authenticity make sure that each 4x8 block only uses 4 colors; this will mean redrawing borders

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Hi so, I've been a massive rut recently. Hating anything I try to make. I recently did this for a couple of small streamers for Magic the gathering. I HATE it but they loved it. So, is it just me or am I not a tard and this is awful. (It's been a hobby for about 5 years, I've won awards and shit.)
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I mean, it caters directly to their tastes and their needs, fits the aesthetic, so you've met the brief well mate!

It does look rough, and you are clearly missing out on some fundamentals of design, but that's fine man. Meeting the brief can be more important than having something that looks good on its own.

I'd say pirate some kind of Lynda 'fundamentals of design' torrents and learn some of the rules now that you know you can fuck with them.
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Also I think you would really hate (but then eventually love)

>Meeting the brief can be more important than having something that looks good on its own.

And this, kids, is why nobody value graphic design.

Hey I have a video that I slowed down by a lot and I am amazed at how smooth AE can render frames in between.
However, right now, the motion always "sticks" to the frame it just reached before it continues with the next smooth transition. I'd like the whole clip to be constantly "transitioning" .

So instead of
0.1s FRAME | 0.1s TRANSITION | 0.1s FRAME | 0.1s TRANSITION | 0.1s FRAME
I'd like something like
0.01s FRAME | 0.19s TRANSITION | 0.01s FRAME | 0.19s TRANSITION | 0.01s FRAME | 0.19s TRANSITION
so the whole video looks more smooth. I think there must be a way to achieve this.

What I've tried so far is every possible combination of "Frame Blending > ..." and the 3 different modes in the frame blending section of the clip + activating and deactivating "Default Spatial Interpolation to Linear"

Any ideas?
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Well, you can do that by just chopping your video and keyframing the shit out of it.
I don't think it would look good though, but as long as your source footage is 60fps or higher, you should be able to slow it down to ridicolous amounts.
Also, have you tried using twixtor for this? In my experience it gives slightly better results
thanks mate, I've heard of twixtor while researching my problem, but I always want to stick to the tools I have because it's a shitty meme channel that doesn't really need quality processing lol

The transitions it puts between the frames is actually smoother than I need so I think if the effect was stretched out (only 50% as smooth) it would still satisfy my needs. I can't believe there is no setting for this, like it allows you to perform major fuck ups but doesn't offer a function to adjust the curve like this? Weird :/

About the chopping part: that's a really good workaround actually.. won't go for it because laziness but it would defo work
File: Screenshot (14).png (607KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Screenshot (14).png
607KB, 1920x1080px
> I can't believe there is no setting for this
You need to try the graph editor for than anon

it's pretty much the same thing as the built-in interpolation, a couple more options but the result are pretty much the same

File: K_Polaroid.jpg (821KB, 1027x1096px)Image search: [Google]
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is it feasible at all in this day and age to be employed in graphic design or some related field while using ONLY traditional techniques?

Basically I have a passion for art and am trying to figure out careers, but I have health problems that prevent me from working on computers for any meaningful length of time...
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If you can make cool ass stuff, find a partner? Online portfolios, emails, inspo, and a lot more are done on the computer which without you may not gain traction. I can see an analog designer being a cool niche desu. Just gotta do it right.
>Online portfolios, emails, inspo, and a lot more are done on the computer
I don't have a problem with that, I have close friends and my girlfriend who can help with that stuff. Most of my inspo and knowledge of /gd/ is from books and magazines anyway.

I was just wondering if there was an actual job market for this stuff, or if every employer or client is going to be expecting everything in true, editable digital formats rather than scanned documents or photos
this is an interesting thread

>if every employer or client is going to be expecting everything in true, editable digital formats rather than scanned documents or photos
If you want to be a graphic designer, you'll have an extremely hard getting offers while staying away from the computer. For a client, it would just be a big additional effort and expense to hire you.

BUT if you're really hungry to make it, it's not impossible ! You can be a professional illustrator who does /gd/-related work. You can be a zine hobbyist. You can be a stationery designer (they usually don't use the computer less than others).
The last solution (which i know well because I chose it myself) is to be a fine-art printmaker who does design work tangentially.

If Im being honest though, not being able to use the computer is gonna be a handicap for all white-collar jobs in the world. If you like art, have you considered becoming a painter, sculptor, or a craftsman instead ?

File: 31231231212312.jpg (789KB, 600x1189px)Image search: [Google]
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I need to do a work like this for college.

I dont really have time for experiment with hue/saturation/light/vibrance/posterize/curves right now T_T

any tips guys?
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What are you busy with?
File: 1.jpg (11KB, 320x320px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm working on others works too
that looks sick, the color palette is from the firewatch artwork but the drawings here are really good, wish I could make something like this

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