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Has anyone knows why this happens?
When i exported an image and a video from the same photoshop file i have this color difference between the image and video. This example is for Facebook canvas.
Do you guys think that is a color space issue? Why can i fix this color difference?
(excuse my english)
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It's a colorspace issue, definitely. Your video is in video rather than PC luminance space.

If you fix it for your configuration, it will instead be overbloomed/crushed for anyone using video luminance space (so most default configurations connected with an HDMI cable.)
How can i fix this in photoshop export settings? 'Cause i worked both pieces (image and video) in the same workspace and saved each one as individual files for animation.
What encode settings are you using on your video?
If you are using the same color space it should be an issue with your video output, prolly due to compression.
Try exporting to something lossless (or close) like ProRes 422HQ or QuickTime Animation

File: timthumb.png (73KB, 199x280px)Image search: [Google]
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hey gd/,
i need this 200$ software that could help me save lot a time and money…

Would appreciate so much if you'll deliver :o ( mac version :) )

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it's called google.
Thanks for your help, i am looking for one of the last version compatible with indesign CC :)
Also, the link for download is going to a 404 page

What are your favorite Graphic Design Youtube channels?

I have 3 i go back to.
But i want to find a few more.
They dont have to have lots of subscribers.
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Forgot to post the link to the first one
Will paterson - https://www.youtube.com/user/breakdesignsco
Second favourite - Graphic Tweakz

File: Designer sketch.png (1MB, 1678x1082px)Image search: [Google]
Designer sketch.png
1MB, 1678x1082px
Third favourite - Designer sketch


File: apart.png (18KB, 904x871px)Image search: [Google]
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Did a little logo for my apartment, thoughts? Bottom picture is simplified representation, door on the left bay window on the right.
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File: apart3.png (30KB, 904x871px)Image search: [Google]
30KB, 904x871px
File: Untitled-1.png (323KB, 2000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
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are those effects overkill? should I give volume to the letters too? am I stuck in 2010?
Second one best. Those effects are way overkill

File: brockhampton-heat.png (242KB, 700x700px)Image search: [Google]
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illustrator, blend.

Loads of tutorials on it but its old af

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How does /gd/ rate the new Swiss banknotes?
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Wow. Fucking gorgeous
I wont be spending these, just gonna keep them in a frame...
They look like church pamphlets. Not saying that's a bad thing - I'm just pointing it out.

File: 1497455770100[1].png (359KB, 457x675px)Image search: [Google]
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What is this style called, and/or how do you create it?

Hardmode: Ignore the nazi. I'll try to find a non nazi version...
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File: wallhaven-468044[1].jpg (327KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
327KB, 1200x1200px

I did a graphic design degree because I thought it was a less loser alternative to an art degree.

Now that I am a graphic designer I want to figure out a way to be a full time artist more than ever.

Most graphic designers can't even draw and they wouldn't be able to do anything without able products to help them.

People told me graphic design is more complicated than it is after studying it I have realised it really isn't.

They just trace things to make logos and stick things together in photoshop.

Most of the logos they make are knock offs of something else on pinterest.

and they act like they are super creative artists when most of the time they just arrange text for signs and restaurant menus and shit like this.

The worst part is they don't ever admit it.

Makes me think maybe I should have done photography or an art degree.

Also they often say stupid shit like

"Designers are the people who make the world look nice"

Yeah some designers do.. A lot of graphic design is just ugly crap that takes attention away from things that look nice like trees and architecture though.

I'm a graphic designer myself... why can't other designers admit this shit?
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File: 41.png (339KB, 684x580px)Image search: [Google]
339KB, 684x580px
Multimedia > graphic design
Tell me more about multimedia.
>"Multimedia" major
literally a fake degree

File: UBI.jpg (58KB, 1772x448px)Image search: [Google]
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The first one is so fucking lit, why did they move away from that.
what if we make a hashtag to change it back to that one and spam the fuck out of ubisoft with it?

drop your a e s t h e t i c photos here
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File: Dual Poseidon.jpg (105KB, 702x564px)Image search: [Google]
Dual Poseidon.jpg
105KB, 702x564px
File: 4373345130_8efe16338d_b.jpg (108KB, 406x1024px)Image search: [Google]
108KB, 406x1024px

File: suicideboys.png (388KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Made this, critique maybe
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What is, "Suicide boy" genre of music?
File: dick.png (551KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
551KB, 500x500px
here's another I made, it's kinda the same style. For some reason I love symmetry. This is a metal bands cover

File: shit icons.png (3KB, 333x46px)Image search: [Google]
shit icons.png
3KB, 333x46px
IMO it's terrible, it feels hollow and empty. They even changed the reply arrow to a fucking chat bubble on tweets

fucking w h a t
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Well their logo cost $15. You expect them to hire a UX/UI designer that isnt still researching if they need to go to school or not for their field?
File: DCX7H6KV0AAgI-_.png (196KB, 568x489px)Image search: [Google]
196KB, 568x489px
It's genuine trash for a whole multitude of reasons, allow me to go on an autistic rant why.

>Profile pictures are now circles
This looks so fucking bad if you made a profile picture around the square, because it doesn't reformat your picture into a circle, it crops it. Look what it did to Microsoft's logo on twitter before they changed it to fit the circle.
>Circle aesthetic
I hate this new aged bullshit rounded aesthetic meme. I thought the whole 21st century look was being square, minimalist, simple, etc. and this whole bouncy cloudy fucking first year design student stuff makes me wanna vomit. It looks awful, especially when it meshes with older designs like Twitter. Again, look at how that circle avatar just wastes space next to the profile bio, which is a nice square. Fuck silicon valley man.
>Icons are outlines
This isn't ENTIRELY bad, but to me it makes the whole thing look really devoid of color. This is what a lot of people hated about the YouTube changes when they redesigned, there was just so much white space.
>Icons were redrawn
They look bloated. The reply icon change is really stupid because it conveys less information than before.
>Lack of color
One of those things you don't realize is good until it's gone. Sometimes on your timeline you'll see things that are either retweeted (green icon) or liked (red icon) by someone you follow. These used to have little icons that were either green or red, but now they are gone for some reason, so that instant realization is gone. It's small but I liked it before. Otherwise it just adds to the whole site looking deovid of color.

tl;dr 2/10 for making me reply, Twitter
I bet the team got $100k/person/year for this and they """analyzed""" it for months before pushing it live.

File: skype_2017_logo_before_after.png (22KB, 1000x416px)Image search: [Google]
22KB, 1000x416px
Microsoft is changing the Skype logo.

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Strip away all individuality from the giant hallow mega-corps with no personality.
S-skype-kun yamete
Seems about right

File: 20170611_233231.jpg (51KB, 318x353px)Image search: [Google]
51KB, 318x353px
How does my design look to you? What could I change?
I dont really know how to draw the horns :(
I am planning on putting this on a guitar so I don't want it to be hard to inlay into the wood.
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Honestly, just print out an actual photo of a deer and trace the outline of its head. Unless you really focus, animal anatomy can be tricky. Easier to just work with an actual image.

File: IMG_6166.png (4MB, 2208x1242px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 2208x1242px
Cant seem to find it
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Time New Roman 12pt
or how about trying to find something similar, you faggot.
Try a typewriter font. Or courier would probably work. Markham too.

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